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Chapter 49: Measure for Measure

Lin Xiao pointed the sword on his hand at Leng Ya and said: “Let’s begin. Regardless of your purpose, let’s finish this match first. This might be the last match of your life. After all, you people from the Gale Nation are not welcome here in Tian Long. You shouldn’t be here!”

Their swords unleashed from their sheathes, and sliced through the air without contact. Then both swords clashed heavily against each other. The collision produced a clear ring in the air, the sound of both swords interlocking. This time none of the swords snapped off, and the clash only left a deep notch. Lin Xiao rebelliously waved his wands, the tip of the sword suddenly flashed into a faint white beaming light, shooting straight up to the unprepared Leng Ya’s right chest. Leng Ya backed off two steps and quickly sealed the blood to prevent it from flowing out.

Realising he had been defeated, Leng Ya felt great remorse. He felt regret that he flashed out his sword too soon and had to suffer this consequence. This time, he would not have the chance to escape.

“Sword… sword energy! He must have used his spirit level strength to flash out sword energy!” an elder beside Long Yin exclaimed.

“Even though it was faint and not fully formed, it was still sword energy. He might just ascend to a spirit level in a very short time. His strength will surely surpass all levels!”

“Brother Long, please help look after Xue Er.”

Ye Wuchen took a last grasp at Ning Xue’s little hands. He got up smiling under the astonished gaze of Long Zhengyang, then proceeded to the tournament stage in a steady pace.

“Victory and defeat has already been determined. If you continue your wound might rupture, and based on the location of it, this may even endanger your life.” Lin Xiao simply remarked, then turning around he said, “Your majesty, second grandpa, victory and defeat has been set, please issue your order.”

Everyone fell silent, but while anticipating the cheering sound of the surrounding people, the voice of a young man suddenly echoed.


The voice was hardly audible, but it seemed like it had the strength to penetrate into the ears of each and every person present. Everyone’s gaze focused on one moving shadow slowly approaching the tournament stage because it was obvious the voice came from this person.


“Seems like the young master of Ye family who had just returned home recently… Oh! It’s him!”

“Is it the sick son of Ye family?”

“That’s right, but I heard he disappeared for a year, after he returned his illness has been cured.”

“What is he doing? Doesn’t he know what’s the situation here?”

Discussion erupted all over the place, most of the people looked in interest for someone who dares to interrupt this kind of situation. How would this end if he didn’t really have reasonable grounds to disturb this situation?

“Chen Er!? Why is he here!” Wang Wen Shu stands up in excitement. Ye Shui Yao, who had been serene all along, flickered a tearful wink in her eyes.

Ye Wei and Ye Nu looked at each other, their facial expression were exceptionally identical, but at the same time they restrained themselves not to say a word.

Ascending to the top of the tournament stage, this was Ye Wu Chen’s first time to appear before a large crowd. The young master Ye before had difficulties going out, so much that for a long time he had been totally forgotten. This time he was smiling while standing in front of the crowd and triggered a large amount of whispered conversations. Because no matter what, his appearance and personality traits have evidently surpassed Lin Xiao in such a short time. A perspicacious person would be able to see that every time he set his gaze on Lin Xiao, there was always an implication of discrimination.

Is this person really the young master of the Ye family who was despised by everybody before?

Before anyone could ask questions, Ye Wu Chen already faced Long Yin, and said first, “Wu Chen is here to see Your majesty the emperor. Wu Chen has returned home for 3 days but hasn’t had the luck to meet your majesty. Finally, I have my wish fulfilled. Please forgive me if I have acted rudely. I have some questions to ask Your majesty and master Lin.”

Long Yin didn’t react in anger and instead chuckled and said: “The Ye family has been loyal to the country, but almost lost their beloved son. Now that you have been found then that’s worthy of a celebration. I’m extremely happy and was planning to personally visit you. There’s no harm if you have questions to ask.”

“Wuchen thanks Your majesty’s kindness.” answered Wuchen in a very courteous manner, then he asked: “Wuchen just wants to ask, for this competition, is there a rule not to allow participants from other states?”

Long Yin shifted his gaze to Lin Yan, and Lin Yan replied: “There’s no such rule.”

“Then is there a rule in the competition wherein if there are casualties, then there’s a need to investigate?”

“There’s no such rule!”

“Then has this person caused any harm to our Tian Long nation?” Ye Wu Chen’s gaze shifted to Leng Ya.


“That’s strange. What crime does this person named Leng Ya commit that you need to take him away?” Ye Wuchen asked in a puzzled look.

The Lin family and Ye family did not get along very well, and naturally Lin Yan didn’t give Ye Wuchen a friendly look. He raised his eyebrows upon hearing and said angrily: “What the meaning of this young child of Ye, is it possible that you’re providing a cover up for this person from the Da Fong nation? What’s the matter with you, Ye family?”

The statement sparked anger from Ye Nu. He stood up, but before he could react, Ye Wuchen expressed his anger ahead: “What’s the meaning of this master Lin? We, the Ye family have been loyal to the nation ever since and have provided heroic contribution. Everyone in the Tian long nation can attest to that. Who doesn’t know that we the Ye family have been loyal for countless of generations. In those years, it was us the Ye family that had saved the Tian Long nation from deep calamity. In those years, we stood guard in front of the entire nation. We killed the most people from the Da Feng nation. In those years and even until this day, we the Ye family is what the Da Feng people feared the most… and not your Lin family! Who are you to doubt us Ye family, you don’t have the right to question us! I respect you as an elder, but I have to ask you… What is your motive? What hatred do you have that permits you to utter such malicious words!”

Ye Nu’s anger completely disappeared in an instant. He stared blankly at Ye Wuchen for a moment and then sat down slowly.

“Chen (son), that’s good!” Ye Nu’s face exposed a rare smile.

After 20 years of peace, people easily forgot about the war of the past. They forgot the outstanding military service that the Ye family had provided. These words caused Ye Nu to recall the blood-soaked battles from the past, his own lack of fear for death. The corners of his eyes were moist, and as people noticed they started to recall the catastrophe Tian Long had endured. The Ye family pledged their lives to save the nation, repeatedly using their powers to rescue the nation. Their military service reputation was unquestionable, no one had the right to doubt! If there wasn’t a Ye family, no one would know if Tian Long could still even existing in the present. And also because Tian Long had the Ye family, the Da Feng nation had been defeated time and again by them and couldn’t easily offend the Tian Long nation for a period of 20 years.

Ye Wuchen’s words which demeaned the entire crowd left no trace of this, but instead from the recounted outstanding merits the Ye family contributed, people concluded: Tian Long exists because of the Ye family. The Ye family is the Tian Long nation’s pillar. What is the Lin family to compare? Who are they to judge the Ye family!
Some people in the crowd shot an angry gaze to Lin Yan.

“You…” Lin Yan has a finger pointed to Ye Wuchen, his beard stood up (he felt shocked), and he was left speechless.

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