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Chapter 48: Shattering Wind Blade

Lin Xiao's hearing was excellent, and with deliberate attention to the sound, heard Hua Shui Rou's answer, with fondness in his heart. He faced Hua Shui Rou faint smile. Hua Shui Rou looked away in surprise and pulled her head down, a cherry colored blush painted itself on her cheeks.

Lin Xiao's reacted to the girl's shyness, his heart filled up with endless satisfaction. He could not help himself since the first time he noticed Hua Shui Rou's infatuation because not only does she have beauty that could bring a country to ruin, but also the feminine gentleness that men could only dream of. For years now, he would go secretly every few days to see her without her knowledge. Hua Shui Rou had known for a long time that her future husband is the eldest son of the Lin family, yet today was their first meeting.

A small plaintive sound could be heard. Hua Shui Rou was stroking a bluebird perched atop her shoulders. In a small voice she said, "Little Qing seems a bit hungry too.”

This younger brother is quite skilled but still beneath my own. “Young brother just had two matches, is there a need for you to rest?” Lin Xiao courteously said.

He replied with a straight thrust from his sword.

Lin Xiao smiled, his right hand extracted a flexible sword from his sleeve, have no trouble brandishing, to obstruct the short blade of Leng Ya: “Since it is this way, I, Lin Xiao will pick up this small advantage.“

Though vigorously holding his sword in parry, the vibrations that reverberated throughout his short sword almost caused him to drop it. He declined to retreat even one step, and his complexion shifted to something grave and stern. His strength lay on his superior speed, an expert at lightning fast movement who excelled in undermining the defenses of his opponent which lead to an instant killing blow. However, the opposing side created a situation in need of an open confrontation, he didn’t have the favorable position he needed to utilise his strengths.

Lin Xiao smiled slightly, his right hand wilfully swinging his sword. The sword in his hand already wove into a closed and tight network of blades that captured Leng Ya’s entire boy, the whole audience unanimously cried out in surprise as well as in cheers.

At the side where the descendants of the Long family were, two old men were intensely surprised, one of them exclaimed: “Young Master Lin already has the strength of a middle rank 10, now he has reached the peak rank of 10. Furthermore, there wasn’t even the faintest signs of his reaching his limits, he has truly unbelievable talent.”

“Good Power!” Ye Wu Chen’s eyebrows wrinkled, his eyes wandered completely away from the body of Hua Shui Rou and locked itself into the sword inside of Lin Xiao’s hand, following each movement of the blade.

Within the span of several breaths, Leng Ya already been transformed to such a state, his body suddenly jumping a few meters high over Lin Xiao. Lin Xiao’s sword was there awaiting his arrival and thrust at him. Leng Ya’s body abruptly twisted upwards, the blade of the sword almost cutting through his chest. After his foot hit the ground, he rapidly fell back, separating himself from the reach of the sword and coldly looking at Lin Xiao with pitch black eyes that flashed dangerously.

Leng Ya gripped both of his hands into his blade’s hilt, shifting from a single-handed grasp to that of a dual-handed one. Lin Xiao once again waited, his long sword pointing forward, his face showing a flat smile. After a moment of silence, Leng Ya’s feet abruptly slid through the ground; the movement of the blade in his hand was like a rapid dance, and his blade completely disappeared, locking his opponent tightly in Qi. Moving his feet rapidly forward, his movements had no discernible pattern, and a shadowy silhouette swiftly breezed through and it seemed like Lin Xiao was being charged at from multiple directions.

Lin Xiao tightened his hand, his eyes narrowing, his body made no other movement. The swiftly moving silhouette suddenly vanished, and a silver bright light exploded into a line that shot out at his right rib.

Lin Xiao’s feet made no movements, his hand lightly trembled, and his long sword suddenly transformed into a flurry. Afterwards, there was a soft sound, “Ding”, the point of his sword accurately piercing the top of the short blade. In an instant, Leng Ya broke off, then retreated five steps back and then stood firm. The black short blade dropped from his hand, “ding”, onto the ice cold floor.

Above the arena there were immediately sounds of exaggerated cheers following echoes of praise. Lin Xiao somewhat regretful said: “You study assassination skills, which rely on speed and hidden stabs, its power in the face of frontal attacks becomes useless. Now in open confrontations you have no advantage. I won in this competition over you because of an unfair advantage and not because of my martial arts. The outcome of the battle is already clear.“

Lin Xiao observed Leng Ya suddenly give out a murderous air which surrounded his body densely. He lowered his head and gave a roar, unexpectedly with his bare hands he charged at Lin Xiao, Lin Xiao gave an expression of intense focus, without choice he brandished his sword on his shoulder, but his eyes immediately shrunk because in the hands of Leng Ya arose a strange green twinkle. In a moment of absent mindedness, the movement of Lin Xiao’s hands momentarily stopped. In that moment the green light passed through the sword that he held, and thrust itself towards his chest.

Lin Xiao was almost unable to escape this danger, although his body was unhindered, the front of his clothes were scratched and riddled with small holes. In his hand, the long sword was already chipped, the only thing remaining was a broken sword.

Earlier, when Lin Xiao used his sword which shook Leng Ya’s entire body and even made his Qi and blood churn. Now once again he exploded with power, but he couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity to unleash an attack. Leng Ya was a man whose pride couldn’t allow him to lose, but there wasn’t even the slightest injury on Lin Xiao. On the contrary, he deflected Leng Ya’s flying weapon, but he wasn’t willing to give up.

Lin Xiao sighed and felt regret after seeing the sword his his hand breaking. “What an incredibly sharp weapon, it should have a famous name.”

Leng Ya, though the short sword inside hand was only five inches long, all over the body was a strange cyan color, flickering under the sunshine in cold rays of light. At this moment, the Chairperson suddenly alarmed said, “Shattering Wind Blade!”

Very few people knew the name Shattering Wind Blade, but the words of the old man created confusion within the entire arena.

“Who is Feng Zhaoyang!”

“Feng Zhaoyang? The Gale Nation’s War God Feng Zhaoyang!”

The arena was in a uproar. Who didn’t know this name within the Tian Chen continent? Who did not fear this name? During that time, He and Tian Long’s Sword God Chu Cangming were both exceptional talents, not even touching his middle ages he already reached God rank, and even entered the God realm earlier than Chu Cangming. The people of Tian Long country were not hostile upon hearing this name. It was because the Gale Nation once brought help to Tian Long country when facing disaster, several times they were almost close to drowning in disaster. It was well known by everyone that Feng Zhaoyang was the protector of the Gale Nation.

“The War God Feng Zhaoyang on one hand held the Beheading Wind Blade, on his other hand he held the Shattering Wind Blade. Now why is his Shattering Wind blade in your hands, Who are you? What do you wish for in my Tian Long City!” said one of the earlier old men beside the Long Yin.

Leng Ya kept silent, both hands holding firmly over his blade, faintly shivering.

“Are you from the Gale Nation?” Lin Xiao asked with furrowed eyebrows.

“it’s no wonder your attacks were so fierce, it seems your purpose for coming to my Tian Long City isn’t so simple, Humph!” Lin Yan abruptly stood up, his complexion grave and stern, his posture showing he wanted to jump inside the fighting arena.

Long Yin’s complexion began to sink: “Let us first ask what is his relationship with the Feng Zhaoyang!”

“Yes, I will wait first before seizing him”

“Wait a moment!”

Lin Xiao waving his hand towards their direction, then narrated: “Your Majesty, Second Grandfather, at this moment there has been no result to this competition. Is it possible to allow me to defeat him first. If the competition of Tian Long were to suffer and discontinue because of one person from the Gale nation, wouldn’t outsiders laugh at us. Besides, earlier he injured a number of people from our country, if we cannot beat him fairly, wouldn’t people look down on Tian Long country. After defeating him, your majesty and second grandfather can once again continue dealing with him any way you want.

Lin Yan fell quiet while Long Yin nodded and smiled: “What you have said is right, we shall depend on you then!”

The voices of the audience echoed throughout the arena: “Young Master Lin, you said it right!”

“That’s right, we want to defeat him by showing our strength fair and square, let the Gale nation know of my Tian Long country’s godly might! Let them be sincerely convinced of our strength!”

Ye Wuchen secretly sneered: “Borrowing the wind to take the opportunity, with a few words, this meaningless competition has changed into a fight for the dignity between countries, and if he prevails over this afterwards he will receive several times over praise and popularity for his victory.”

It seems he would have to figure out a way to get to the stage since this opportunity has presented itself to him. Hahahaha, he chuckled mischievously.

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