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Chapter 39: Night Visit

Chapter 39: Night Visit

Above the dining table, Ye Wu Chen talked about his previous experiences, he roughly told them everything, after dinner, Wang Wen Shu pulled him aside to ask questions, especially about when he almost lost his life half a month ago. Ye Wu Chen effortlessly told her the story, without any flaws, and by the time he returned to his small courtyard, a crescent moon already hung overhead and stars covered the night sky.

Xiao Lu, who had been eagerly waiting for his return, finally heaved a sigh of relief, while blushing, she said: “Young master, the bath is ready, let me serve the young master in the bath.”

At this moment, Xiao Lu’s hands were clenched at the corner of her clothes, and she was unconsciously twisting, her head was hung low and she was afraid to look at his eyes, this was the first time she would serve a male master in the bath, her heart was nervous. Ye Wu Chen shook his head: “No need, I’ll be fine by myself.”

Xiao Lu let out a heavy sigh of relief, but for no reason, she felt an inexplicable sense of loss in her heart. “Young lady Ning Xue’s bath is also ready in my room, I should serve young lady Ning Xue in the bath…… May I?”

“No, I like washing Xue’er. Xiao Lu, there’s no need to call us for baths, wash yourself and go to sleep early.” Ye Wu Chen led Ning Xue to their room, he closed the door and locked it afterwards.

Xiao Yu’s eyes widened, her small mouth hanged open, and her heart beat rapidly….. could it be that the young master actually likes such a small child……”

“Is the water hot?”

“It’s a little bit hot.”

“Well, look at brother.” Ye Wu Chen submerged his hand in the water, his palm flashed with a faint blue light, and the temperature of the water began to fall.

“Is this ok?”

“Oh, it’s good now, he he he.”

The pure white dress of unknown materials laid quietly on the bed, Ning Xue stood, compared to her petite body, the “enormous” bath was too big, the water only exposed her small head and her petite snow white shoulders, her eyes were closed as she enjoyed Ye Wu Chen’s hands wandering around her body.

“When it feels cold just tell me.”

Ye Wu Chen’s hands slid across every inch of skin on her body, her skin felt amazingly smooth. This wasn’t the first time that he washed Ning Xue, but each time that he did, he would discover that her body were always spotless, and were as smooth as soft jade, maybe taking a bath was unnecessary for her.

Even though it was night, the room was still as bright as day, hanging on the ceiling, two huge white pearls were releasing bright light, but the light wasn’t blinding. The Tian Chen Continent naturally didn’t have electrical lights, these glowing beads weren’t the legendary treasure of heaven and earth, known as night pearls, but rather a type of top level light magic lamp. Within the rare teams of magicians, having a light magician was very rare, their magic had no attacking capabilities, and they only possessed simple healing abilities. But in the Tian Chen Continent, light magicians were recognized for their magic lamps. During the day, they can compress and inject light elements into a special object, allowing them to release light for a long period of time, and these objects would become strange magic lamps.

The more powerful the light magician, the longer the magic lamp would be able to release light. Of course, ordinary people couldn’t afford such things, like the one in Ye Wu Chen’s room, it could release light for a month and it was only used by a very small number of people.

Ning Xue looked like a cursed spirit, with a cursed face, but she possessed a flawless fairy-like body. Her skin was snow white, her waist and hips were as slender as a willow, her body looked extremely petite; yet her lovable breast faintly protruded on her chest, they looked as tender and fresh as a newly peeled bamboo shoot, her peaks that were slightly sticking up had droplets that were about to fall at any moment, those two dots looks so tender and red as if they were small pink gems, yet those droplets still remained crystal clear.

Ye Wu Chen’s eyes only held love and appreciation without any traces of lust. He and Ning Xue enjoyed this kind of intimate feeling even though they’ve been only been together for a short month, these two people both didn’t have a past and could only rely on each other, they even experienced being separated by life and death, and now, they already shared everything with each other.

“Brother, you’re always giving me a bath, why do you never allow me give brother a bath?” Ning Xue looked upward and asked.

“Because I don’t need to take a bath.” Wu Chen gently played with her petite and tender buttocks, and replied with a smile.

“Don’t need? Why not?” Ning Xue had look of curiosity, and she lightly flicked her long white hair, scattering small pieces of gorgeous white shadows.

“Because brother’s body automatically removes all kinds of filth, so I’ll never be dirty, even my clothes will never be dirty.” Said Ye Wu Chen while he removed his right hand from Ning Xue’s body, he put his hand on the surface of the water and his palm flashed with a faint red light and released heat, making the cold water turn a bit warm.

10 minutes later, Ye Wu Chen picked up Ning Xue’s naked body from the water, wiped her thin body dry, then put her on top of the bed and covered her with a thin blanket.

“Brother, let’s go to sleep……” Ning Xue spread her flawless arms, signaling Wu Chen to embrace her. Sleeping within his arms had unconsciously became a habit for her, moreover it was a hard habit to drop.

Wu Chen put her arms back into the blanket, then touched her small face afterwards and said: “Xue’er, wait obediently for brother. I need to do something first, but I’ll be back soon.”

“En, brother, be sure to come back soon.” Ning Xue nodded very cutely, her eyes lightly blinked, but she tried very hard to not let her reluctance show on her face.

The night wasn’t deep, the people on the Ye Mansion weren’t sleeping yet, most of the rooms were still bright with the light from magic lamps or oil lamps, plus the crescent moon were still suspended in the sky, under the night sky, the Ye mansion were covered with a layer of brightness, so that they wouldn’t be incapable of seeing the surroundings.

Ye Wu Chen quietly walked away from his room, the small courtyard was very quiet, only the room next door had sounds of flowing water, Xiao Lu was probably taking a bath. His feet and his body flashed with a green light for an instant, and he quietly leapt onto the roof, his body was as light as a feather and he fell like a piece of leaf. After he landed, he looked like a flash of white lightning as he dashed wildly along the roof towards his target.

There’s a specially designed clothing for “thieves” and night stalkers known as “night walker”, not only are they skintight for mobility, they’re also as black as ink, after putting on the clothes, a person could blend in with the night and become hard to detect. But wearing a strikingly white night walker —— there’s either a problem with his mind, or he possesses extreme self-confidence and arrogance.

At this moment, with his body dressed in clothes as white as snow, Ye Wu Chen was obviously not the former.

In this world, this was the first time that he had displayed such astonishing speed, while he was running, a faintly discernable voice echoed from the depths of his consciousness……

“…… Our power can give us a powerful body and countless of magical abilities, but the first thing that it bestows us is an extremely high speed, you must not underestimate speed, in the world of martial arts only the quick are not broken, even though I was only on the first layer of strength, but when I relied on the speed it gave me, even people with strength far surpassing mine were rendered helpless. So, when your power is not strong enough, be sure to make good use of your speed, because not only will it help you against surprise attacks, but also with dodging storm-like attacks, when you’re confronted with an enemy you can’t contend with, you could still perfectly run away…… Even though our speed won’t increase significantly faster with the increase of our strength, but when we reach the peak of our power, we’ll be able to manipulate space, at that time, we would no longer need speed.”

This is what I named “Wu Chen Spell” what is this power?