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Chapter 38: Xiao Lu

Chapter 38: Xiao Lu

The young master asked questions after questions, Ye Qi had stayed with his body half bent for so long that his back was aching. Ye Wu Chen nodded satisfiedly, he would firmly remember these few names and their characteristics, and Ye Qi’s last words made his heart beat ferociously.

He had almost finished asking what he wanted to know and Ye Wu Chen was going to let them retire when they suddenly heard the sounds of light footsteps outside the door, Ye Wu Chen could hear that the footsteps were cautious and even had hints of nervousness.

Very quickly, a small and delicate figure appeared in front of the door, it was a girl who looked like she was about 16 years old, she was wearing a green cheongsam, and she looked elegant and graceful. After seeing Ye Wu Chen, she hurriedly bowed her head and gave a small bow afterwards: “this lowly girl saw the small young master, I am called Xiao Lu, the madam told me to serve the little master and the young lady Ning Xue.”

Even though they were separated by a few steps, he could hear the small maid’s heartbeat going “thump thump”, he couldn’t help thinking uncomfortably: “it’s not like I’m looking for someone to slap, why is she so afraid of me?”

Ye Qi and Ye Ba’s hearts went cold, they wanted to cry but they had no tears. The Ye Mansion’s youngest, cutest, prettiest, cleverest and most lovable maid had actually been sent to serve the little master…… they were finished, they didn’t have any chance at all, and tonight, they wouldn’t be able to count how many of their brothers would be crying. For a clan’s young master, what was a maid’s biggest purpose? It’s to warm the bed, warm the bed AH!

“Oh? You’re dressed in green and your name is little green? Don’t tell me that your sisters are also named little purple, little red, little yellow…… and little white?” Ye Wu Chen smiled while asking.

(TL Note: Xiao Lu = little green)

Seeing that the little master didn’t have a violent personality like she had imagined, and that his voice had a warm and gentle feeling to it, Xia Lu’s timid and worried heart finally calmed down, and she secretly began to look at the little master in front of her, after 1 look, she suddenly felt her heartbeat accelerate, because she had never seen such a peerlessly handsome man before, Ye Wu Chen also smiled and looked at her, when his gaze touched her, Xia Lu suddenly felt as if she was electrocuted, her heart felt as if she had bumped into a deer.

Ye Wu Chen’s appearance and noble bearings had a fatal and destructive power towards this young and inexperienced girl and had resulted to the first awakenings of love.

A woman only needs her face to conquer a man, but she couldn’t use these words on a man with a better body.

Xia Lu had just entered the Ye family a month ago, this was the first time he saw the Ye family’s young master Wu Chen, before this, she had been serving Wang Wen Shu everyday, and she had won her affection. Therefore, she sent her favorite servant girl to serve her son.

“Don’t call me little master in the future, just call me young master, because I’m the only young master in the Ye family, ok?”

“Ah…… Yes.”

“Well, I’m going to have a rest, you may retire now. Oh, by the way, Xiao Lu, tell the madam that you’ll be moving to the room next to mine, Xiao Qi and Xiao Ba will also move here, so it will be easier for me to call you in the future.”

The three persons gently left the room and retired. Ye Wu Chen stood up and walked towards the bedroom and put Ning Xue on top of the huge bed. Ning Xue sighed happily, she suddenly threw herself on the soft bed and began rolling around the bed, accompanied by her lovable laughter: “Wow, what a big, soft bed, it’s really **!”

(TL Note: wtf is censored there? Was the bed indecent? Wth)

Ye Wu Chen showed a satisfied smile: Xue’er can sleep on it everyday in the future, do you like it?”

Previously, she only slept on tree leaves on the damp and cold ground, after Wu Chen had brought her back, they slept together on the hard wooden bed, while they were traveling to Tian Long City, they occasionally stayed at inns, but they sometimes slept outside. This bed would only be ordinary to the eyes of this rich family, but it was this little girl’s paradise.

“I like it, I Love it!” Ning Xue’s tiny body lied on top of the bed, she felt so comfortable that she almost didn’t want to move, this was the first time she had completely relaxed after accumulating a lot of fatigue while they were traveling, her whole body wanted her to sleep: “Brother, I want to sleep, hold me……”

Wu Chen took off her shoes, exposing her jade like little feet. At the same time, he kicked off his own shoes, lied on the bed and embraced Ning Xue, he gently sighed, his whole body was exhausted. These days, he was really tired. Not only because of the journey, but because his heart were also full of hesitation. He didn’t in the past, but since he appeared in this strange world, how could he truly calm down.

“Xue’ er, we have a home.” He closed his eyes and whispered.

“yeah……” Ning Xue answered sleepily.

“Xue’er, do you think I should continue pretending to be sickly? Or should I pretend to be a bossy young master?”

“As long as it’s brother…… Xue’er likes it. But, Xue’er doesn’t think brother should get sick……”

“Ah, since Xue’er doesn’t think so…… then I’ll make it widely known…… my character, it’s really hard for me to endure.”


“Ning Xue’s nose moved lightly and her breathing became constant, she had already fallen asleep.

“Fame, silence is a hundred times more difficult to endure, even though this is a strange world, but how can I remain a nobody? Since fate sent me here, then before I leave, I’ll make the entire Tian Chen continent remember my name!”

“Little master of the Ye family, you had been despised by too many people, now let me justify your identity for you. If you’re under the nine springs, you can thank or hate me from there.”

He had a self-confident smile on his lips, he erased all of his distracting thoughts and gradually fell asleep. He felt as though his blood destined him to be a lonely man throughout his life.


“Young master, the madam is calling you to eat dinner.”

It was afternoon, a girl’s gentle voice woke him from his sleep, Ye Wu Chen opened his eyes and quietly got up, he nodded at Xiao Lu to retire, and then he gently shook Ning Xue to wake her up.

He didn’t know how long they had slept, the sky outside was already a bit dark, so it should already be after dusk. Ye Wu Chen led Ning Xue, and let Xiao Lu bring them to an excessively luxurious dining room.

On that evening, the cloud of gloom that hung over the Ye family had finally disappeared, and they welcomed his return with a “reunion dinner”, of course, this “reunion dinner” was a custom of Ye Shui Yao, many people were only engrossed in eating, such as Ning Xue and Ye Wu Yun.

The mood on the dining table was surprisingly friendly, “The whole family” felt joyous and harmonious, every face had various forms of laughter. Even though Ye Wu Chen still didn’t call them his parents, but they were still very respectful, and acting as a very promising son, Ye Wu Yun also greeted him with a smile, as if the slapping incident never happened at noon. Ye Wu Yun were still acting as if he were peaceful and gentle, he was very intimate with everybody, and he was even a bit humble, he seemed as though he completely didn’t care about that slap on the face.

The most frightening thing wasn’t a mad dog, but a dog that still wouldn’t bark even if it had been beaten with a stick. Ye Wu Chen’s eyes were half narrowed as he looked towards Ye Wu Yun, but Ye Wu Yun just had a smile on his face. Suddenly, Ye Wu Yun’s smiling expression became completely frozen, because in an instant, Ye Wu Chen’s gaze made him feel as if he were looking at an extremely poisonous snake. But after that instant, that feeling completely disappeared. He became startled for a moment, but he thought that he was just hallucinating.