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Chapter 37: 4 Gods of Tian Chen

Chapter 37: 4 Gods of Tian Chen

Ye Wu Chen waved his arm: “Leave me; I’m fine for the time being…… Oh wait, I need to ask you a few questions.” Ye Wu Chen suddenly thought of something and called them.

“Young master, you asked?”

“What’s the name of the current emperor?”

“This is……” the two brothers glanced at each other and they stood up and began to stammer: “Young master, the emperor’s name is taboo, we……”

“I asked you to tell me, and no outsiders will hear of this anyway.” Ye Wu Chen looked annoyed.

“Understood, The emperor’s true name is…… Long Yin.”

“What about the previous emperor’s?”

“Long Zheng.”

“Oh?” he secretly thought that, Grandpa Long was actually called Long Zheng. He was also considered a cynical person, he hadn’t even reached his middle ages yet when he renounced the title of emperor and gave it to his son, he didn’t want glory and riches and he lived in seclusion in the north, he detached himself from worldly affairs so that he could be free from the vortex of power struggles.

Long Yin, although he hasn’t met him yet, maybe he’s qualified to be the emperor and he probably has a bit of ability. But Long Zheng Yang, even after refining his heart for 5 years, he should still have a few things left on his body. Although he sincerely addresses him as his younger brother, if he becomes the emperor afterwards……

Ye Wu Chen was a frighteningly talented person in his past life, he had already accomplished terrifying achievements on the four arts, and on the verses of his poems and songs before he was seven. and he was even more proficient in the ancient and modern human history, summing it up, no emperor could possibly become friends or brothers with another person in the true sense of the word, otherwise they wouldn’t have a second ending. Even though it’s fictional, within <>, Qianlong and Wei Xiaobao were originally a pure pair of brothers, but in the end, Qianlong still killed Wei Xiaobao —— Although Wei Xiaobao used a plan to escape.

“Then I’ll ask you again, Since the Tian Long imperial family uses Long as their family name, Does that mean that a dragon truly exists within our Tian Long Country?” Ye Wu Chen asked.

The two brothers, Ye Qi and Ye Ba, had their eyes wide open, this thunderous question that Ye Wu Chen asked wasn’t light. There were rumors that the young master had lost his memories, but this memory loss was really too much.

“Oh? Has someone seen it yet?”

Ye Qi shook his head: “No one has ever seen it before, but legends had been passed down since a long time ago. The Tian Mie Volcano is said to be the hottest place in the Tian Chen Continent, ordinary people can’t even go near it, let alone enter it. There were originally many experts that believed that they would be able reach the dragon fruit within the heart of the volcano alive, but they were all buried within it.”

“The hottest place…… the fire element there must be extremely active.” Ye Wu Chen whispered to himself, and suddenly asked afterwards: “What area has the most concentrated Ling Qi on the Tian Chen Continent?”

“Most Concentrated Ling Qi?” Ye Qi and Ye Ba had blank faces.

“Say it like this, which areas on the Tian Chen Continent are relatively more dreadful, for example; areas similar to the Tian Mie Volcano.”

“The most dreadful places……” Ye Qi scratched his head, while thinking he said: “I don’t know that many, but I heard that North of Tian Chen Continent, The Cold North of Cang Lan Country is extremely dreadful, furthermore all kinds of Ice ferocious beasts covers the area, an ordinary person would never dare to go to that place, there’s also a legend there about the Xue Nu palace, there lives inside someone known as the medical god, Xue Nu, which is why many people seeking medical treatment also go to that place, but they all freeze to death.”

“The Dafeng Country is said to have a huge cliff that stretches for dozens of miles, which is called Duan Hun Yuan, it’s said to be bottomless, the Dafeng Country once tried to measure it’s depth, but no matter what method they used they couldn’t touch it’s bottom, a few people used a long rope to climb down but they all disappeared in midair, when people pulled the rope up, the rope would simply be empty without exceptions.”

“The South of Kui Shui Country has a place where someone would die if they enter, a land of the lost, in the past, even the Kui Shui Country sent a Heaven level expert to enter it, but he didn’t come out afterwards. Legend says that countless of incomparably savage ancient evil beasts wander inside.”

“These are all extremely dreadful places, however.” Ye Ba interrupted: “when it comes to the most dreadful of places, nothing can compare with our Tian Long Country’s Devil’s Tower!”

After mentioning the Devil’s tower, Ye Qi also nodded and his face showed how terrified he was: “The Devil’s Tower is just a few miles west of Tian Long City, within a small black forest, originally, Tian Long City were used as a prison for a few powerful criminals, but ever since 20 years ago, 4 god level experts of Tian Chen Continent subdued the woman of the divine wrath and locked her up in the Devil’s tower afterwards, it was then when that place became the most terrible out of all the dreadful places….. One day, the guard that was originally guarding the tower suddenly bled from all over his body, while bleeding he said ‘they’re all dead…… they’re all dead…..’ and his body suddenly exploded afterwards…… after that, no matter who entered there, they would never come out or they would come out and bite anyone that they saw, and would also die before long. Nowadays, everyone in the Tian Chen Continent knows that forbidden area, let alone going in, no one would even dare going near it, if someone is going eastwards, an ordinary person would rather circle around a farther road than pass through those dark woods.”

“Was that woman on that day really that terrible? What does she look like?” Ye Wu Chen asked interestedly.

“I don’t know because, besides from the 4 gods, all the people that knew what she looked like had all died.” Ye Qi hung his head and answered.

This was the second time Ye Wu Chen had heard the name “Woman of the Divine Wrath”, the first time was when Chu Jing Tian had told him, the two pieces of information that he had received weren’t that different, but it made him more and more interested to the “Woman of the Divine Wrath” that everyone was afraid of.

“Now tell me, who are those 4 god level experts?” Ye Wu Chen picked up his teacup and gently fed Ning Xue tea.

“This…… The 4 god level experts, one is from our Tian Long Country, the sword deity ‘Chu Cang Ming’, legend says that during the time when Tian Long Country were in a crisis, the sword deity held the Cang Ming sword in his hand and went to the frontier and laid out an array, the power of one man had intimidated an army of a hundred thousand into retreating, Nowadays, the Dafeng Country doesn’t dare to lightly offend our Tian Long Country, The sword deity is an unforgettable legendary character in our Tian Long Country. Another one is the Wind God of the Dafeng Country, Chao Yang, he’s been entrusted with the life of the country, because he had promised to protect the Dafeng Country’s imperial family for a lifetime, an assassin had never appeared in the imperial palace during the past few years, but the Dafeng country regrets that he only wants to protect, he doesn’t want to obey orders, and he doesn’t want to stand on the battlefield.”

“There’s also the Cang Lan Country’s ‘Xue Nu’ from the Xue Nu palace, she’s not only the best medical god, she also possesses a god level expert’s frightening strength, rumors say that, if she waves her hand, she could easily freeze an enormous army. The last one is from the Kui Shui Country, a person called Wu Qiaocui, but there are very few rumors about him, he ordinarily comes and go without a trace, as if he was a ghost. No one has ever seen what he even looks like.”

“The 4 god level experts originally doesn’t contact each other, but because of the extremely terrifying woman of the divine wrath, the 4 had finally worked together, they subdued her after fighting for a whole night and used the devil’s chain to seal her off…… Oh, young master, the devil’s chain came from the Southern Emperor sect , it is said to be a strange ancient object, it can seal anything and only the Nan Huang Sword has the ability to cut it.”