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Chapter 36: Ye Qi, Ye Ba

Chapter 36: Ye Qi, Ye Ba

“The Ye family is so loyal that their loyalty can never be doubted by the imperial family, and it’s even more impossible for them to even think about replacing the Ye family, but the royal court are constantly scheming against each other to try and take the title of the emperor. And with the Ye family, if I were the emperor, I definitely wouldn’t be able to rest in peace. Of course, these are only my baseless suspicions and it might only be a delusion.”

After listening to him speak with a smile on his face, Ye Shui Yao didn’t know when her sight fell on his face, and she became a bit bewildered. After a while, she slowly said: “Are you really little Chen?!”

Ye Wu Chen showed an innocent face: “Of course I am, don’t you even recognize your own brother? Look at the back of my hand, these are my marks, and just recently, I was also forced to test my blood…… Oh, that’s right, sister probably still doesn’t know that I’ve been in a coma for a long time and that I’ve been saved by senior sword deity and he taught me a lot of things. When I woke up I couldn’t remember my memories from before. So today is also my first time seeing sister.”

Ye Shui Yao became stunned again, his face had a light smile, and her eyes suddenly became entranced, Ye Shui Yao quickly looked away and asked indifferently: “Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I know that sister actually already knows about this. Because they’re too loyal, your father and grandfather never thought about these, and even though sister already knows about this, sister can’t talk about it because even if you tell them you would only suffer being scolded. Therefore you simply showed no interest about our external affairs, but you’re still worried about the future of the family, and you gradually began to resent yourself for being born in this family, and began to yearn for an ordinary quiet and peaceful life.”

Ye Wu Chen secretly shook his head, does she actually think that her so-called ordinary life would truly be beautiful? If she had been born in an ordinary family, regardless of anything else, with just her appearance, she would still be unable to have a peaceful life and she would be forced to become a plaything in someone’s hands. But it’s only because that she was born in the Ye family that she was able to live this kind of peaceful life. Ahh women……

“Sister should already know this right? The blood of the males in the Ye family had always been matchlessly powerful but I didn’t inherit the good genes of my predecessors…… and the traits that I got instead were numerous illnesses and disabilities, this is a bit strange. But sister and I afterwards, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything no matter how much we try hard, truthfully speaking, this is also very strange. If I were the emperor, I could also make this happen, a few random drugs could easily accomplish this if I want, Sister what do you think? Sister should be glad of your own cold personality, if sister had outstanding abilities that could match with men’s, their target wouldn’t only be me.”

After speaking for more than half a day Ye Wu Chen was rather quite thirsty, he gave Ye Shui Yao a faint smile, he carried Ning Xue and stood up, and walked outside the door afterwards: “I’ve already disturbed sister today so I’ll come back on another day, if sister also misses me, you can come and visit my small courtyard anytime.”

“Have you told grandfather about this?” Ye Shui Yao asked.

“No, I won’t use my mouth to tell them, I’ll use facts.”

She kept looking at his back until he disappeared from her line of sight and Ye Shui Yao gently sat down afterwards, her heart that were originally as calm as a serene lake now found it hard to restore her tranquility. After sitting quietly for a long time, she mumbled: “Is he really little Chen……”

She thought about her brother that were originally bed-ridden all year round, his body was frail, and his character were extremely weak, she thought again about how he displayed a sumptuous and elegant appearance just a moment ago, each and every one of his words had struck deep within her sealed heart, she became anxious and she shook her head, her eyes were fixed at the painting he had finished just a moment ago “Sea of Clouds Mountain” and she didn’t move away for a long time.

Ye Wu Chen and Ning Xue returned to their small courtyard, Wang Wen Shu weren’t waiting for them, but rather two persons with respectful expressions, they looked like they weren’t even 20 years old yet and they wore the black clothes of servants, after seeing him return, they immediately came to welcome him and bowed: “Young master, Young lady Ning Xue, this lowly servant is Ye Qi and this is my younger brother Ye Ba, the madam sent us to follow you in the future, so we will definitely obey the small young master……”

“Call me Young master, I don’t like being called ‘small’. Furthermore, you don’t need to call yourselves lowly in the future, are you really small?” Ye Wu Chen flatly said, he ignored them afterwards and pulled Ning Xue towards the study.

(TL Note – “Are you really small” – it’s a pun, it’s hard to explain but basically, “lowly” in Chinese contains the character small.)

“Yes, yes” Ye Qi and Ye Ba panickedly answered and compliantly followed. No person at the Ye family doesn’t know that this small young master is no longer that sickly master and that even his personality had hugely changed, after he had returned, he threw a slap at the young master, so he would definitely be difficult to serve, when Wang Wen Shu had called for them, they could only complain incessantly within their hearts. Now that the small young master had said these words, how would they even dare to say half the word “No”.

Ye Wu Chen sat down while holding Ning Xue, and Ye Qi promptly served him a fragrant cup of tea, he smilingly said: “Small…… Oh no, young master, your cup of tea.”

Ye Wu Chen nodded and drank a mouthful, the fragrance of the tea permeated the air and gave his lungs a pleasant feeling, he couldn’t help thinking that the wine of this world was horrible, but the tea was a bit similar to the tea from his memories. While he drank, he casually asked: “Ye Qi and Ye Ba, where are your hometowns and what were your original names?”

Once a male enters the Ye family, they could only use the surname “Ye” and the names are numerically ordered, but a maid doesn’t need to change her name. Ye Qi bowed first: “Answering the young master, this lowly…… Xiao Ba and I are from southern Cheng An City, we are blood brothers, I was formerly called Yang Dianfeng.”

(TL Note – “names are numerically ordered” —->> Ye Qi = 7 , Ye Ba = 8)

Pffftt ~~~

Ye Wu Chen spurted out the tea that were rapidly flowing down his throat, it splashed on Ning Xue’s face and even all over her clothes, he hurriedly put his cup down and helped Ning Xue wipe off the tea while he was violently coughing and even his tears almost came out.

Ye Wu Chen’s exaggerated reaction made Ye Qi feel nervous and he apologetically smiled in a hurry: “Let young master laugh, because father chose this name, i wish I could officially change it in the future, but now…… I am honored to serve the young master, this is almost the luckiest event of my life.”

“How about Xiao Ba? What was your name?” Ye Wu Chen shook his neck, finally removing the discomfort in his throat.

“Answering master, My name was Yang Gaofeng.”Ye Ba hung his head.

3 black lines appeared on Ye Wu Chen’s forehead. Dianfeng, Gaofeng, what a powerful style of naming, unfortunately, their father was surnamed Yang.

Yangdianfeng, Yanggaofeng, how much talent does their father have to choose names like this.

(TL:Note Yangdianfeng = crazy sheep/ epilepsy , Yanggaofeng = insane lamb)