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Chapter 35: Shui Yao’s Heart

Chapter 35: Shui Yao’s Heart

Ye Shui Yao’s sight wandered around and she looked again at her younger brother that she was familiar, yet also unfamiliar with. His appearance was still the same as before but it was a bit more mature from the one from her memories. He was still very handsome but he had lost that air of delicateness and feminineness and he exuded a type of indescribable sumptuous and elegant temperament, and his demeanor exuded courage naturally, which gave off a feeling that he held others in contempt, as if he had never attached any importance towards other people, but strangely, he didn’t let others feel enmity towards him. His two eyes that were originally full of depression were now as deep as the ocean, and under the touch of his gaze, it made her have a strange feeling of wanting to get lost within the depths of his eyes.

“Who taught you?” Ye Shui Yao looked away, she looked at the finished painting again and small ripples formed in her heart. She had been painting since she was a child; she had painted enough mountains over the period of 10 years, and under her hands, she had already painted countless of tall mountains. And with just this painting that he finished in less than 1 minute, it unexpectedly made her feel that the works she had finished over the years were unpleasant to the eyes.

“I learned by myself! The idea behind this painting is actually very simple, but sister just haven’t discovered it yet.”

Successfully knocking on the door of her heart, Ye Wu Chen pulled up a chair, unceremoniously sat down, and held Ning Xue in his arms: “This is Ning Xue, she is my adopted little sister. Xue’er, greet your older sister.”

“Big sister, hello….. My name is Ning Xue.” Ning Xue lightly waved her soft little hands and shyly smiled.

Ye Shui Yao had an indifferent expression as she lightly nodded, and her sight fell on Ye Wu Chen’s body again, trying to decide whether this man was the same with the younger brother from her memories.

“Sister, are you unsatisfied at having been born at the Ye family?” Ye Wu Chen suddenly asked without even thinking. But these words stunned Ye Shui Yao and she looked away afterwards, her eyes gradually became blurry and she didn’t know that to think.

“Whether it be sister’s courtyard or her room, even though they’re very elegant, their design is extremely simple, but this should be a deliberate request of sister right? Sister doesn’t have any makeup and perfume on her body, doesn’t wear powder on her face, and she doesn’t even wear any jewelry. So it’s only natural that my naturally beautiful sister, a fairy transformed as a human, simply doesn’t want these secular ornaments, and her being born as the only daughter of this wealthy family is a bit abnormal. And furthermore, sister even has such a big courtyard with maids and servants, I wonder if sister likes peace and quiet or just like living in seclusion?”

“I’ve been missing for a year as well, but sister isn’t even the least bit concerned about me. Maybe if those shouts weren’t loud enough to let sister hear them, sister wouldn’t even know that I’ve already returned. Sister also seldom talks to our parents and even neglects her relatives, so sister must definitely possess heavy things on her mind.” Ye Wu Chen secretly muttered: “In our world, this was called psychological barriers, a serious focus of mental illness.”

“How many women have tried climbing up to riches at all costs? For most women, becoming a maid of the Ye family would be attractive to them. But sister had been born standing at a position that most women wouldn’t even dare to look at, and now……. I think that there’s nothing that can touch sister, sister rejects her own identity and power within Tian Long Country as one of the Ye family and wants to lead a simple and peaceful life, but she sister’s identity is destined not to change, so you could only feel depression in your heart, and over time, your heart slowly closed up.”

Ye Shui Yao gently closed her eyes and sadly said: “I didn’t expect that the person that would be able to understand my heart would be you.”

“That’s only natural, because we’re brother and sister!” Ye Wu Chen laughed and said, just like how a good younger brother would.

Ye Shui Yao didn’t speak, flashing a pair of beautiful eyes like a pool of crystal clear water, they were lovely and touching.

“1 year ago, I suddenly disappeared from the Ye family, if one isn’t a fool, one can see that there’s a force aimed towards my Ye family. Not mentioning what this force is, if I had truly died like that, the result would be; there would be no one besides from sister to continue the future generation, but sister isn’t only a woman, you’re also famous for being an ascetic with a pure heart, with no one else to continue the future generation, it’s simply impossible to not receive support from the Ye family, thinking about this in this way, who would benefit the most?” Ye Wu Chen casually said.

Ye Shui Yao slightly narrowed her eyebrows, and her lip gently opened: “You mean…… Little Yun?”

Ye Wu Chen didn’t reply, and continued talking instead: “So in the end, who’s targeting my Ye family? At the present in Tian Long City, which person doesn’t know that the Ye family is contending against the Li family and the Hua family, and that the Ye family and the Lin family are usually on bad terms, not long ago, I talked with an old man that lived in seclusion for the past 15 years about the affairs in Tian Long City, and he told me that within the few strong powers, the strongest were the Ye family, but he didn’t even mention the Lin family, this means that the Lin family didn’t even enter his eyes 15 years ago, but they developed this quickly in a mere 15 years, and now whether it be in financial resources, power, or prestige, they’re already strong enough to contend against our Ye family, So in this case, what is the force that is supporting the Lin family? And why is the Lin family’s development this rapid? And they’re even intentionally provoking our Ye family, are there really no reason for all of this?”

Ye Shui Yao: “……”

“Now, even though the Lin family’s Lin Kuang have also achieved a few meritorious military achievements, they’re still extremely far off when compared to our Ye family. And after, Lin Kuang’s daughter, which is now the Lin family’s family head, Lin Zhan’s younger sister, Lin Xiu became the present queen, the Lin family also continued rising, yet the speed of their rise is still a bit too fast, but if the imperial family is behind them and is sparing no effort in pushing them, then this would provide a lot of explanations.”

Regarding the basic information about the Lin family, Ye Wu Chen casually asked when he and Wang Wen Shu were walking towards his courtyard, and because he’s Wang Wen Shu’s “son”, she naturally answered all of his questions.

Ye Shui Yao’s eyes shrank slightly and she flatly said: “What do you want to say?”

“I’m saying that, the Ye family’s power is extremely big, but they don’t know how to keep a low profile and exercise restraint, they don’t know that their high achievements usually gather jealousy to the owner. At the present, the Ye family barely holds one third of the total military power in the entire Tian Long Country, and they gained even more prestige by producing two valiant generals within two generations, no one can compare to them and even most of the soldiers would be proud to serve under the generals of the Ye family. Because the Ye family is this powerful, how can the emperor remain calm? If I were the emperor, I would hide behind my title as the emperor and the first thing that I would do would be to suppress the Ye family. This is only natural because the Ye family is too powerful, and even though the Ye family is loyal and have performed countless of outstanding military services, he still can’t fall out with them, therefore…… he helped a family rise to power and contend against the Ye family so that they would lose their independence, and afterwards, he would use a quiet method to control the Ye family in his hands, and this would be the perfect result.”

Ye Shui Yao: “……”