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Chapter 34: Ye Shui Yao

Chapter 34: Ye Shui Yao

Ye Shui Yao’s and Wu Chen’s courtyard were only separated by a wall, but it was somewhat beyond Ye Wu Chen’s expectations that the front courtyard’s layout was actually much more simpler than his, on the bare ground, there was only a stone table which was surrounded by 4 chairs, and at the side there was a clean pond, within the pond, there was a slanted green lotus, which were budding, and apart from that, there weren’t anything else.

And furthermore, it was too quiet here, as if there weren’t anyone staying here.

Ye Wu Chen looked around, the corner of his mouth revealed a warm smile, and he led Ning Xue towards the lightly closed room in the middle, and afterwards gently pushed open the door.

“Get out!”

He had not yet entered when he heard a cold and emotionless voice from inside, it became quiet again afterwards and there weren’t any other sounds.

Ning Xue stopped walking and questioningly looked at her brother, and afterwards Ye Wu Chen lightly pulled her inside. Ye Wu Chen walked without hesitation, as if he didn’t even hear that cold voice.

A faint fragrance of a woman gently brushed on him, Ye Wu Chen lightly inhaled as his eyes swept through a girl’s bedroom, and afterwards, he looked towards the back of the room and he saw a girl. She wore a blue dress that was long enough to cover her legs, her dark and gorgeous hair was casually draped over her shoulder, and she had a slender waist and a delicate figure, her tall figure wasn’t any shorter than Ye Wu Chen’s.

Ye Wu Chen couldn’t help secretly gasping in admiration, she was truly worthy of being called one of the 3 most beautiful girls in Tian Long Country, he had only seen her back but it was enough to stop time. She was only 19 years old but she already had such a figure that would be difficult to find in other women. Although she seemed a bit thin to Ye Wu Chen, but her height…… using his memories to calculate, was around 175 centimeters.

At this moment, a white roll of paper was spread out in front of her and her hand was softly painting, she heard the sounds of footsteps but she didn’t turn around, and she coldly repeated: “Get out!”

“Is that all you have to say to your brother? You didn’t even know if I was still alive for a year, but my sister doesn’t even want to welcome me, and is asking me to leave instead. Ah, it truly saddens this brother.” Ye Wu Chen admired her gently like a jade, she had a white, proud, and slender body that exposed half of a tender, snow white neck, as he bitterly said. He couldn’t call other people as his parents, but calling her sister was very easy.

The girl’s arm stopped and she finally turned around. Ye Wu Chen could finally see her true face, and for a moment, he suddenly felt that the world became brighter, it was as if a stone was thrown within the lake in his heart which caused countless of ripples. Her face was incomparably delicate, her eyebrows were slender and she had a beautiful body, her majestic eyes looked at him as if she was gazing at the earth from above, it was as if she was a fairy overlooking this mundane world. Even though her light blue dress was slightly too large, her chest still prominently bulged, Ye Wu Chen couldn’t help staring for a moment as if he had a heart attack.

But the anger covering her cold face weren’t thin and she was releasing a cold and distant feeling. Even though she saw her younger brother that were believed to have been dead for a year, she still didn’t show the slightest amount of happiness on her face and her delicate eyebrows narrowed instead, because a man had never entered her room before, not even her brother and father. And furthermore, she had a strange feeling as her brother stood in front of her; it was as if he was completely different.

“It’s good that you have returned, now get out.”

She glanced at Ye Wu Chen and Ning Xue, looked away afterwards, and after coldly saying a few words, she turned around again. Even Ning Xue’s snow-white hair and spoilt appearance didn’t even attract her eyes; it seemed as if nothing in the world would be able to make ripples in her heart.

Ye Wu Chen shrugged…… his mother had talked about his sister, but this sister could be compared to an ice sculpture, and furthermore it was even hard to melt.

He couldn’t help remembering what Long Zhen Yang had bitterly said before, even though he was the prince, Ye Shui Yao never even glanced at him.

At this moment she began to paint gently, her paint brush moved as if it was dancing and a magnificent mountain peak appeared on the paper, she drew each peak from the base of the mountain to the summit, from the bottom to the top of the paper; a steep cliff completely occupied the scene. This was only a 19 year old girl but regardless of her strokes or the luster of ink, her movements were already on the boundaries of a great master. Under her hands, the mountain peak came to life and it exuded a majestic atmosphere, if a person were to look at it, he would feel as if he were in front of a mountain himself with his head raised in admiration.

Ye Wu Chen couldn’t help secretly shaking his head; even though she had skillful brushwork, it lacked a spiritually moving air, and even though her painting looked extremely real, it was a bit rigid. Perhaps this was true for most people of the world and even his fairly like sister wasn’t an exception.

“Women often love to paint flowers and rivers but they rarely like to paint mountains, a proud and Majestic Mountain may not be right for you, if you yearn for the peaceful mountains and a secluded life, your brother can take you sightseeing, there’s no need to stay in your room and focus on painting.” Ye Wu Chen gently said and shook his head and sighed afterwards: “Sister even though your painting skills have already reached perfection, and there are few people that can exceed you, but…… unfortunately, your artistic conception is far from satisfactory.”

Ye Shui Yao turned a deaf ear to him and her hands continued to stroke but her eyebrows lightly narrowed for a moment.

Suddenly, a shadow flashed in front of her, and a pair of soft hands already covered her right hand, she unconsciously pulled out her hand and she almost coldly called out, but she found out that her paint brush were already in Ye Wu Chen hands, she didn’t know when her table had been covered with a piece of white paper, hiding her unfinished painting.

“When painting a mountain and a mountain peak, if you draw the earth and the sky, you won’t even need to paint the complete picture of a mountain.”

As he was talking, his right hand had already began to sway rapidly, his sight hanged low, his expression was tranquil, and he had a faint smile on his face, Ye Shui Yao became entranced for a moment, and unexpectedly didn’t say anything, but when her sight fell on the painting, her eyes became filled with shock.

Ye Shui Yao’s eyes suddenly released splendor, he didn’t draw a mountain and a mountain peak and he only drew a faint outline of a sea of clouds looming over a mountain summit, but people couldn’t help imagining impressive high ridges and peaks due to the spectacular clouds, compared to her paper completely filled with the mountain peak, it was simply a complete picture of a majestic mountain, the difference in artistic conception was truly as different as the sky and the earth.

And the whole painting, he only took less than a minute!

“The secret of the form of the mountain is in the edge of the clouds, it’s better than a steep 10,000 feet! To paint a mountain, you must first paint the clouds.” Ye Wu Chen slightly smiled, he moistened the paint brush again and returned it to Ye Shui Yao’s hands afterwards, and at the same time, his palm automatically stroked the back of her hand. Her hands were as tender as snow and warm as jade.