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Chapter 33: Premonitory-Power of his soul

Chapter 33: Premonitory-Power of his soul

“Chen’er, this is the small courtyard where you used to stay, and in the future, this is where you and Ning Xue will be living together.”

It was a large courtyard, there were more than a dozen amply sized rooms, and there were also a long pavilion, a pond, a small garden, fruit trees, and a grape rack filled with everything they needed. It would be very difficult for an ordinary wealthy family to have a home such as this, but this was merely one of the many courtyards of the Ye Mansion.

“Even though you’ve been absent for a year, mother still visited and cleaned it every after several days.” Wang Wen Shu had a happy face, for her, cleaning that room was a form of happiness.

“Chen’er, this is your bedroom, the bedroom and the study is connected, but you rarely went to the library before. However, mother knows that was only because of your poor health.”

After opening the door, Ye Wu Chen became quite surprised. The courtyard was rather simply decorated, but the interior was very luxurious, even the hanging wind chimes were absolutely extraordinary, it was the first time Ye Wu Chen saw this kind of pure antiquity and even Ning Xue’s eyes were wide open, her shining eyes constantly flashed with splendor.

“Ning Xue will sleep in the next room ok? I’ll go and get some people to clean it again.” Wang Wen Shu lightly bent down and asked. She knew that this girl looks after his son and had even saved his life, so she naturally also loves her, and even wants to adopt her as her daughter.

“No need, me and Ning Xue will be fine sleeping on a single bed.” Said Ye Wu Chen.

“Eh…… Ah? A single bed?” Wang Wen Shu hesitated at first, but afterwards, she stutteringly said: “Chen’er, you…… you probably don’t have that kind of hobby right?…… this is……”

“Being fond of a woman’s body doesn’t matter, which man isn’t romantic?…… But, Ning Xue is really too small, she’s only about 10 years old…… this is practically committing a sin AH!” Wang Wen Shu was drenched in sweat, and she subconsciously looked at Ning Xue. At this moment, Ning Xue’s innocent eyes were curiously looking at her panic stricken expression, and she couldn’t find any signs on her body that she had been defiled.

Wang Wen Shu became secretly relieved that it was just her misunderstanding, they probably didn’t have a home before and they probably slept outside, so they became accustomed to snuggling against each other…… My pitiful child. As she thought about that, her heart couldn’t help but turn sour, her expression quickly changed and she said: “It’s all right, Ning Xue and Chen’er can sleep together in this room.”

Ye Wu Chen secretly wiped his cold sweat. He could see in her expression that she had already removed her previous thoughts.

“In that case, wait for a while Chen’er, let mother clean the room first, and then you and Ning Xue can have your first good sleep in a while, it must have been so long since you and Ning Xue had a good rest and ate properly…… Oh, I just remembered, mother will get you some snacks.”

“No need to hurry.” Ye Wu Chen called her and asked: “I heard that, I should also have another sister?”

Wang Wen Shu nodded and rebukingly said: “Yes, she lives at the courtyard next to you, but she’s used to acting cold, she knows that chen’er has returned but she’s still unwilling to visit, ahhh, this child. Do you want mother to bring you to your older sister?”

Even though her voice was rebuking, it didn’t show much on her face, as if she was already accustomed to it. Although Long Zheng Yang had already told Ye Wu Chen that the Ye family’s only daughter, Ye Shui Yao, had a cold personality, but she didn’t even came to meet her younger brother that had been lost for a year, and she didn’t even show her face, it seems that her coldness was really a bit excessive.

“No, Ning Xue and I will go visit ourselves.”

“Well, that’s ok. Mother will prepare some refreshments first, a few people came by again.” Wang Wen Shu had just finished speaking but she had already hurriedly gone out.

Come Xue’er, We’re going to see a pretty big sister.

Ning Xue lightly said “En”, she slightly bent her head down and allowed him to pull her small hands.

“Xue’er, what are you thinking about? Did brother say something bad?” Ye Wu Chen walked with a smile and said.

“I…… Brother, I will only get you in trouble and I will only drag you down.” Ye Ning Xue hung her head in shame, not daring to raise her head and look at him, whether it was the conflict with the little princess or the conflict with Ye Wu Yun, she knew that it was all because of her. Even though it seems like she’s only a young and simple girl, her mind was much more mature than other girls of the same age.

“Nonsense! How would that be possible, Ning Xue is the most important person in my life, so how could you possibly be a burden? If you say this kind of thing again, I’ll definitely be very upset.”

He knew that if he took Ning Xue by his side, the color of her hair and her face would definitely lead him to all kinds of troubles, this was why he originally left her behind, but now, he no longer had any thoughts about temporarily separating with her, he’d rather keep her by his side and protect her from any hardships, even if he had to do it using any means necessary.”

“But, because of me, brother hit his own elder brother, all because of me… …”

Ye Wu Chen stopped walking, he crouched down and held her face, and whispered: “Xue’er, you are the closest person to me, how can that person possibly be my brother? furthermore……” Wu Chen disdainfully sneered and continued talking: “He actually lured me into hitting him on purpose, because he’s pretty shrewd, he saw how important Xue’er was to me, and he thought he could provoke me into hitting him, so I rewarded him with a slap in the face.”

“Not brother’s…… brother? But……”

“Not only him, everyone here isn’t my family. Do you still remember what grandpa Chu had said? I had been in a coma for 10 years, but the young master of the Ye family had only been lost 1 year ago, so how can I be their lost family?” Ye Wu Chen slowly explained to Ning Xue, he wouldn’t, and doesn’t need to hide anything from Ning Xue.

“That’s…… Brother is lying to them?” Ning Xue asked in a whisper.

Wu Chen smiled and said: “Yes, I was lying to them, because Xue’er and I need to have a home and an identity, which is the only way that I can take better care of Xue’er and search for my past self. And consequently, fate gave me this identity from the Ye family, but I will also do a few things for the Ye family, because as it looks right now, the Ye family is facing a huge crisis.”

“Brother’s past? Brother how will you find your past self?”

Ye Wu Chen’s brows slightly twisted, he thought for a moment and said: “Xue’er, do you believe in premonitions?”

Ning Xue blinked, not knowing how to answer.

“1 month ago, during the first time I saw Xue’er, at that time I had a strange feeling —— if I didn’t find you and bring you back, I would regret it forever. Half a month ago, I previously felt that I would encounter a large calamity, and afterwards, I really almost died. At the present, Long Zheng Yang and i…… that is, your brother long and I were talking when I heard him mention the Ye family, at that time, I had a strange feeling that I would definitely use a type of special method to join the Ye family. All of these came true…… and whenever I try hard to remember my past, a voice tells me that if I could handle the power within my body, which I named “Wu Chen Spell”, and if I could train it to the highest level, I could find my past and return to my original family. These strange feelings sometimes appear and sometimes they don’t, it’s illusionary and it seems like it comes from the depths of my soul. I haven’t lost that part of my memories, this is a special type of power called ‘Soul force’, I can use this power to manipulate my own or possibly even other people’s souls, and even peek at their memories or alter them, maybe even this amazing premonition is another form of soul force.”

Ning Xue blinked, she didn’t really understand, but the anxiety and guilt on her face had already disappeared. Ye Wu Chen softly said: “Xue’er, brother’s matters, you must keep it all a secret, ok?”

“En!” Ning Xue nodded: “I will definitely keep brother’s secrets and I will definitely won’t tell anyone.”