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Chapter 32: Conspiracy

Chapter 32: Conspiracy

“Young master, the entire Ye Mansion knows that you have a gentle, tolerant, and kind personality, not only to the Ye family, you even treat the servants as your brothers. Most of the time, the old master ignores the matters of the Ye family, so over the past few years, who handled the matters of the Ye family? It was you! But what has that small young master accomplished? Previously, all he did was lie on his bed and eat, even I looked down upon him, and he would’ve been better off having a clean death. At that time, the young master worked hard all the time to take care of him and the Ye family, and now that he has returned, he slapped the young master just because of a trifling matter, truly ungrateful… …”

“Shut up!” Ye Wu Yun angrily interrupted him, and afterwards, quickly glanced around, then whispered: “Little Wu, I know that you are angry about my injustice, but younger brother Wu Chen is the only scion of the Ye family after all, he will become the only master of the Ye family in the future, And I…… in the end, I’m nothing more than step father’s adopted son, and no matter what method I use or how much I work hard, I can’t change that fact. Otherwise, grandfather wouldn’t have told me to be patient with him when younger brother Wu Chen slapped me in the face. But after all, they are a family, and I…… I’m only a stranger AH! So, this is not strange and it is only natural.”

Ye Wu Yun shook his head and his mouth exposed a helpless and bitter smile, but he immediately erased it, and he smiled and said: “However, to have this kind of step grandfather and step father, I’m already very satisfied, they rescued my life, gave me a home, and now I have all of you as part of my family, even if I sacrifice my life, it still wouldn’t be enough to repay them, so what more of this little grievance.”

(TL Note: be careful not to confuse Ye Wu with Ye Wu Yun.)

Ye Wu felt a little sour and he felt wronged in place of the young master, the phrase “You are all my closest family” made his heart tremble. When he was apprehensive during the time when he was being hired as a servant by the Ye family, he had never been the subject of rumors among the servants and had never been insulted, oppressed, or even beaten and scolded, because he was a follower of the Young master. Ye Wu Yun wasn’t like an ordinary son of a noble which was overbearing, lazy, and bossy, but rather, he was very capable, calm, and good-natured, it was extremely rare to see him scold a servant, even if the servant made a mistake, he would show a smile to encourage them. During the times when they were taking a leave to visit their relatives, he would secretly send them several times more money to take home to their families. In his eyes, servants weren’t servants, but a part of his family instead. Ye Wu could always clearly remember that year in autumn, when the family went out to admire the full moon, Ye Wu Yun called and gathered all of the servants, and afterwards, they put a table and ate moon cakes, at that time, he didn’t know how many of the servants cried as they ate.(TL Note: Mid-autumn festival reference)

Ye Wu were convinced that he was the world’s best master, and that being able to follow the young master was the luckiest thing that happened in his life, so he gave him his complete loyalty and he would willingly follow him to the death. Previously, when he was outside the hall and he heard that Ye Wu Yun got slapped, he almost couldn’t help recklessly charging to his master and falling out with the small young master.

He firmly said: “Young master, you can rest assured, we all know who is better for us, who is better for the Ye family, and who is truly qualified to be the future master of the Ye family, if he bullies young master again, even if we lose our jobs, we still won’t stand by idly!”

“Nonsense!” Ye Wu Yun’s face sank, and he weakly waved his hand, saying: “Don’t talk about this matter again, just do your job well and don’t worry about other matters. If you offend younger brother Wu Chen, I won’t be able to save you. Little Wu, you still have a blind mother and a seriously ill younger brother at home, and they usually rely on you to support them. I know that you are just being good to me, but don’t be impulsive and accidentally harm your own family.”

Ye Wu felt painful in his heart, but he was unable to say a word. Even when the young master had suffered such a large injustice, he still remained concerned about his servants, he even perfectly knew about the situation of his family.

“Hey! I heard that the owner of the 37th store at the south of the city became seriously ill yesterday, they said that he wouldn’t make it, is there anyone there to take care of the arrangements?” Ye Wu Yun asked to change the topic, unexpectedly, he didn’t want to continue talking about their previous topic.

“Well, there isn’t, there’s only 3 people left over there.”

“Go and get… … never mind, I’ll go personally, I need to take care of a little matter at the south of the city. Little Wu, come and take me back in the morning to check the accounts.” After Ye Wu Yun finished explaining, he turned around and walked towards the door.

“Young master, your face……”

“hehe, it doesn’t matter.”

Ye Wu stayed for a little while, and afterwards, he returned to the small young master’s courtyard even though he still felt indignant.


In a dark room.

“How did it go? Humph! You don’t even need to reply, your face has already told me the answer. Damned thing! Give me an explanation!”

“Calm down master… … but, he definitely died that day, this is definitely true, no one had ever been able to escape once they got caught in that dreadful swamp, I even watched him sink before I left. This…… this servant is incompetent, please punish me master.”

“…… I heard that, he wore a sword deity’s ring on his left hand?”

“Yes master, you already know the original owner?”

“Humph! Never mind how I know. If that is truly the case, then it wouldn’t be strange, if it’s a sword deity, he could bring him back to life even if he was truly dead, and pulling him out of that swamp would be even easier. We can only say that this person is playing with fate.”

“Thank… … thank you for being lenient master. Please give me a month’s time, this servant will definitely manage it well.”

“Don’t do anything. Since he became a sword deity’s disciple, if we touch him again, it’s very likely that the sword deity will come out of obscurity, and if he investigates, how will we resist?”

“What? Could it be that even master is… … is also afraid of the sword deity?”

“Humph! You’re just a junior, how could you possibly know the extent of a sword deity’s power. He hasn’t appeared for nearly 20 years now, he must have definitely became even stronger, let alone me, even the Southern emperor sect and the Northern emperor sect would also never dare to provoke him rashly.”

“This is…… master, don’t tell me that we can only watch helplessly……”

“No! Although we can’t touch him, we can have others do it for us, in this way, he won’t be able to track us down even if he investigates. Humph! It’s only regretful that the servant girl from the Ye family didn’t use enough poison, if that baby had immediately died while he was still in his mother’s stomach, then we wouldn’t have such a complicated problem right now.”

“Master is wise!”

“Since he’s a sword deity’s disciple…… have you seen his strength?”

“Answering master’s question, there were no signs of energy undulations in his body. I had provoked him to slap me, and even under his anger, he still didn’t reveal any power, one can easily see that he probably doesn’t possess any strength, and moreover, he’s easy to anger, he’s impatient, he shows his joy and anger on his face, and he doesn’t have any subtlety, it will be easy to break his mind, so he should be easy to deal with.”

“…… it seems like, he might really be just a wind sorcerer.”

“Wind sorcerer?”

“That’s right, he had previously used a low-level wind magic, I didn’t expect that this sickly garbage would actually possess a rare magic constitution, it gave me a surprise .”

“But how can a sword deity’s disciple be a sorcerer? It doesn’t make any sense.”

“We can’t reach a conclusion for now, you’ll need to keep observing him before we can discuss this again. Return back early, if you stay for too long, it’ll be easy for us to meet with suspicions.”

“Yes, excuse this servant.”