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Chapter 31: A Slap on the face

Chapter 31: A Slap on the face

“hehe, I can find his location after about 10 days. Moreover, if you could start cultivating your spirit again, you’ll be able to live comfortably for the rest of your life. Chen’er, although the power in your body doesn’t fluctuate anymore, the sword deity must still handle your training, and after you start cultivating, you will be sure to rapidly become an expert in the Dao of the sword, I didn’t expect that a sword deity would choose my grandson as his disciple, he has good eyes, he has very good eyes!” Ye Nu’s face barely concealed his pride: “A sword deity lives a life of traveling and does not like getting involved with ordinary people, but unexpectedly, he allowed others to know his current location. Chen’er, did he mention who originally took you?”

“No, when he found me, I was already in a coma, and after I woke up, I had already forgotten everything.” said Ye Wu Chen. These words weren’t completely false, he just didn’t say how long he was in a coma.

Ye Wei solemnly nodded at him: “We will definitely investigate this matter, after he dared act against our Ye family, I will definitely not let him off easily.” He turned to Ye Wu Yun: “Yun’er, take care of Chen’er and keep him company… …” and he whispered afterwards: “Grudges between brothers is definitely not good.”

Ye Wu Yun’s head was half bent, and people couldn’t see that his expression had changed. But he agreed, and walked in front of Ye Wu Chen and said: “Younger brother Wu Chen, the events just a moment ago was this elder brother’s fault, please don’t take it to heart. As of now, younger brother Wu Chen has not just safely returned, you also became a sword deity’s disciple, this elder brother is truly overjoyed and envious.”

“It’s okay, what you did was also for the sake of the entire Ye family, I have already forgotten what happened previously, in the future, I’ll have to trouble you to teach me about the areas that I don’t understand.” Ye Wu Chen turned around and were smiling as he talked, his face had a good-natured expression.

“We are brothers, so we should naturally help one another and support the Ye family together, but what would you need me to teach you? Oh, by the way brother Wu Chen, who is this white haired little sister?”

“She is my adopted little sister, her name is Ning Xue.”

Ye Wu Yun lightly nodded and carefully said: “Brother Wu Chen, would you allow this older brother to take this little sister out of the city and put her for adoption? Because this type of white hair can only be seen on a savage man-eating snow wolf and her face is also very frightening, this kind of ugly girl could become the subject of malicious rumors and negatively affect our Ye family.”

Ye Wu Chen always had a smiling expression as he waited for him to finish talking, and afterwards, he took a few small steps forward, and slowly said: “Who were you calling an ugly girl?”

He had just barely finished speaking, when he suddenly raised his arm without warning, and afterwards, a loud “Pa” sound echoed, Ye Wu Yun had been hit on the face with an extremely resounding slap, caught unprepared, the slap stupefied Ye Wu Yun, he withdrew two steps backwards and immediately fell on the floor, his eyes were looking at him with disbelief.


Ye Nu angrily shouted, and Ye Wei’s brows were also fiercely knit, Wang Wen Shu quickly stepped forward to help him get up, and she anxiously said: “Chen’er, even if he was wrong, he is still your older brother, how could you… … quickly apologize to your brother.”

She had hurriedly scolded Ye Wu Chen because his grandfather’s anger was no joke, but Ye Wu Chen acted like he didn’t hear her, he was gently rubbing his slightly sore hand, this slap didn’t contain the power of his Wu Chen spell and only relied on his own strength, he had exhausted all of his strength and his face were starting to redden. He coldly watched Ye Wu Yun get up and calmly said: “Bear this in your mind, I will not recognize you as my elder brother, even if you are truly my brother, if you dare speak about Ning Xue like that, I will still thrash you!!”

He picked Ning Xue up and coldly said: “two weeks ago, when my life was hanging by a thread, Ning Xue risked her life to steal a Heavenly beast’s egg to save my life. I wouldn’t exist without Ning Xue! She is not just my younger sister, she is my life, anyone who dares to make her unhappy, I will make him suffer for his entire life.”

“Heavenly Beast’s egg?” Ye Nu forgot his anger and he sucked in a breath of air, stealing a Heavenly beast’s egg was an extremely insane act, even the 3 Heavenly ranked expert that their internal palace worshipped would not dare to act that rashly, because that would draw the Heavenly beast’s fury and they would have to risk their life to fight it.

The way they looked at this restless and timid looking girl immediately changed, the traces of rejection that they subconsciously had completely disappeared and were replaced by gratefulness and surprise, because, if what Ye Wu Chen had said was really true, that would mean that she’s actually a huge benefactor of the Ye family, therefore, Ye Nu’s anger had already completely faded, but he still said: “Chen’er, apologize to your older brother, after all he didn’t mean any harm, and he is still your older brother. This is the end of this matter. In the future, Ning Xue can stay here… … and live in the courtyard together with you.”

Ye Wu Yun covered his face and ashamedly said: “No, the one to apologize should be me, I deserved this slap, I shouldn’t have said those things.”

Ye Wu Chen looked at him with a faint smile, and afterwards, he turned around and walked out of the hall: “I’m tired.”

Wang Wen Shu quickly followed behind him: “Chen’er, I’m going to tidy up your room, get some rest early, but you have to properly talk with mama in the evening ok?

Only 3 persons remained in the hall, Ye Nu had a loving expression as he said: Yun’er, you are good and very obedient, but he had been taken away from us after all, so he has been neglected, we must carefully make it up to him, but don’t feel wronged Yun’er.”

Ye Wu Yun shook his head and smiled: “it’s alright grandfather, my debt to the Ye family is as heavy as a mountain, even if I sacrifice my life, I still wouldn’t be able to repay it, and furthermore, this was originally my fault.”

“But Alas! Chen’er’s personality has changed greatly, if we hadn’t tested his blood before, I almost wouldn’t have recognized my own grandson.” Ye Nu laughed and said. He clearly didn’t reject the “Changes in his personality”, but felt overjoyed instead. Previously, Ye Wu Chen could only lie in bed and even talking would leave him gasping for breath, his character was weak, and when he occasionally recovered a little strength, he still wouldn’t dare to leave his home, having this kind of a son was truly a misfortune for the Ye family, but now, Ye Wu Chen had not only became a sword deity’s disciple, he also became calm and unyielding, that slap that he displayed showed that he was fierce and cruel if he were offended, and he truly couldn’t be compared with the previous Ye Wu Chen.

When Ye Wu Yun had walked out of the hall, the right side of his face still had a distinct red mark, the Ye Mansion’s servants and guards showed expressions of sympathy, but Ye Wu Yun turned towards them and smiled good-naturedly, and afterwards, slightly shook his head to say that he didn’t mind it.

His 5 attendants were following closely behind him, they glanced behind them, and afterwards, scowled as they said: “Young master, I heard that the small young master had unexpectedly… … unexpectedly slapped the young master, this is going too far.”

Ye Wu Yun indifferently laughed: “It was my fault for saying something wrong, what he did wasn’t strange.”

“Said something wrong? The Young master is an intelligent person! Young master simply didn’t know where that small white haired girl came from, even if you tried to drive her away, he shouldn’t have hit the young master! He… … he simply doesn’t even care about his relationship with his older brother.” Ye Wu Yun’s 5 attendants indignantly said.

Ye Wu Yun was silent for a moment, and he sighed: “Don’t mention this matter again.”