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Heavenly Star

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Updates:Chapter 63: Literary Competition - Twin Lotus Flower on One Stalk Part 1

A mysterious teenager who had lost his past, awakened in Tian Long Continent. Mistaken as the Ye family’s Son, he used this identity to observe this chaotic world and to search for his past self, but only to find an inevitable and terrible fate, therefore he indignantly laughed at his destiny, and revealed his prowess to rule the lands under the heavens. Since then, the air and the clouds moved with his hands, and even thunderstorms were subject to his palms! He, as the fairytale’s main character, had shocked the people of Tian Long Continent with his legendary prowess and intelligence, but the extent of his powers were still unknown. Associated Names Thiên Thần Tianchen 天辰
《Heavenly Star》 Text
Chapter 1: Ye Wuchen
Chapter 2: The White Haired Girl
Chapter 3: Ye Ning Xue
Chapter 4: Light Punishment
Chapter 5: Legend of the Woman of the Divine Wrath
Chapter 6: Wu Chen Spell
Chapter 7: Flame Lion
Chapter 8: The Nan Huang Sword
Chapter 9: A Dragon Getting Out of The Sea
Chapter 10: Full Moon Night
Chapter 11
Chapter 12: Grandpa Long
Chapter 13
Chapter 14: For Brother
Chapter 15: Heavenly Beast’s Egg
Chapter 16: Recovery
Chapter 17: Whoever hurts you, I will definitely make him regret it all his life.
Chapter 18: Shui Meng Chan (I)
Chapter 19: Shui Meng Chan (II)
Chapter 20: Southern Emperor Sect
Chapter 21: Three Forbidden Weapons
Chapter 22: Ye Shui Yao, Hua Shi Rou
Chapter 23: Abducting the Princess (I)
Chapter 24: Abducting the Princess (II)
Chapter 25: Tian Long City’s Ye Family
Chapter 26: Ye Family’s son (I)
Chapter 27: Ye family’s son (II)
Chapter 28: The Ye family’s son (III)
Chapter 29: Testing his blood
Chapter 30: The Sword deity’s ring
Chapter 31: A Slap on the face
Chapter 32: Conspiracy
Chapter 33: Premonitory-Power of his soul
Chapter 34: Ye Shui Yao
Chapter 35: Shui Yao’s Heart
Chapter 36: Ye Qi, Ye Ba
Chapter 37: 4 Gods of Tian Chen
Chapter 38: Xiao Lu
Chapter 39: Night Visit
Chapter 40: Accident
Chapter 41: Shopping
Chapter 42: Quacks
Chapter 43: Kicked Out!
Chapter 44: Are You Insane!
Chapter 45: Tian Long Royal Academy
Chapter 46: Leng Ya
Chapter 47: Lin Xiao
Chapter 48: Shattering Wind Blade
Chapter 49: Measure for Measure
Chapter 50: Measure for Measure Part 2
Chapter 51: Choosing Violence
Chapter 52: Mark on the Face!
Chapter 53: Hua Zhentian
Chapter 54: Young man, you have a future!
Chapter 55: Resistance
Chapter 56: The Five Elements Resistance Body
Chapter 57: Flame of Anger: Burn the Entire Eight Desolation
Chapter 58: Monster! Devil!
Chapter 59: Lin Family Are All Grandchildren
Chapter 60: Literary Competition - Preface
Chapter 61: Literary Competitor - Clear Water Lakeside
Chapter 62: Literary Competition - The Peak of Painting Skills
Chapter 63: Literary Competition - Twin Lotus Flower on One Stalk Part 1