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Hail the King

Author:Mad Blade During Troubled Times

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Updates:Chapter 162: Explosive Growth of National Strength

An ordinary student accidentally traveled into an other universe and became the king of a small kingdom. He had gotten a “Cheating Code” of life and was able to complete something extraordinary. This is the story about a king that was able to conquer continents and leave behind him an ultimate legend that will be recited between every generation to come.
《Hail the King》 Text
Chapter 1: I’m the King?
Chapter 2: The Idiot became a Mad Man
Chapter 3: Don’t ever do that
Chapter 4: “Barbarian” Fei
Chapter 5: Quest Completed
Chapter 6: Unexpected Power
Chapter 7: Failing Defence line
Chapter 8: The Death
Chapter 9: The Enemies
Chapter 10: I’m Invincible
Chapter 11: The Loss
Chapter 12: It’s him!
Chapter 13: The Peace after the Storm
Chapter 14: The Healing Facility
Chapter 15: The Cure?
Chapter 16: The Insane Discovery
Chapter 17: The “’God’ of Toleration
Chapter 18: Magic Items Again
Chapter 19: 【Minor Healing Potion】
Chapter 20: Oscar-Worthy Acting
Chapter 21: Bullshit Continued
Chapter 22: The Azeroth Continent
Chapter 23: He is a beast
Chapter 24: Two Complete Opposite Commands
Chapter 25: Whipped Soldiers
Chapter 26: What the King Says Counts
Chapter 27: What the fuck are you?
Chapter 28: One Strike! Again!
Chapter 29: [King’s Sword]
Chapter 30: No Massacre if You Surrender
Chapter 31: This is a Real Warrior
Chapter 32: The Early Christmas Presents
Chapter 33: A Hot Mercenary
Chapter 34: Unexpected Change
Chapter 35: Elena’s Surprise
Chapter 36: Tristram
Chapter 37: Master, Please don’t fire me!
Chapter 38: Initiation of the Plan
Chapter 39: Sorcerer, Paladin and Necromancer
Chapter 40: Return of the King
Chapter 41: Surprising New Finds
Chapter 42: The Four Powers
Chapter 43: We Need to Initiate the Attack
Chapter 44: Super Strong Men
Chapter 45: Let’s go!
Chapter 46: The Horrifying Strike
Chapter 47: Blood Rains
Chapter 48: Massacre Continued
Chapter 49: The Power of a Necromancer
Chapter 50: Hail the King
Chapter 51: The Push
Chapter 52: Tough Enemy’s Arrival
Chapter 53: Enemy’s Response
Chapter 54: Together with the King
Chapter 55: Fei’s Plan
Chapter 56: The Collapse
Chapter 56.2: The Solution
Chapter 56.3: Breakdown
Chapter 56.4 : The Death
Chapter 56.5: Torture
Chapter 56.6: The Big Win
Chapter 56.7: Reinforcements
Chapter 56.8: Return of the King
Chapter 56.9: Old Bastard
Chapter 57: Mysterious Woman
Chapter 58: The Accident at the Party
Chapter 59.1: Kneel Down and Kiss My Shoes!
Chapter 59.2: Kneel Down and Kiss My Shoes! (2)
Chapter 60: Step Aside or Die
Chapter 61: Merciless Kill
Chapter 62: Plans for the Future
Chapter 63: The Kingdom’s Policies
Chapter 64: Re-entering Diablo
Chapter 65: The Jump in Strength of the Female Mercenary
Chapter 66: Combine Kill
Chapter 67: The Tale of the Iron Prison – Water Dungeon
Chapter 68: Shocking Discovery
Chapter 69: Underground Cave Maze
Chapter 70: Crazy 【Hulk Potion】
Chapter 71: For What Reason?
Chapter 72: Origin
Chapter 73.1 – Means of a King (1)
Chapter 73.2 – Means of a King (2)
Chapter 74: The Right to Chase Dreams
Chapter 75: The Time Has Come
Chapter 76.1: There’s one more bottle (1)
Chapter 76.2: There’s one more bottle (2)
Chapter 77: Teleport Portal in Real Life
Chapter 78: Supreme Leader of 【Rogue Encampment】
Chapter 79: Ancestor’s Altar and Three Legendary Miraculous Skills
Chapter 80: Miraculous Skill -【Summon】
Chapter 81.1: 【Lut Gholein】
Chapter 81.2: Little Black House
Chapter 82: Two Legged Bald Rattlesnake (Part One)
Chapter 82: Two Legged Bald Rattlesnake (Part Two)
Chapter 83: Leave everything to me
Chapter 84: Your majesty, Please Forgive Me
Chapter 85: God’s Favorite Children
Chapter 86: Flowers and Feces
Chapter 87: Magic Crystals and Mysterious Man
Chapter 88: Discussion Behind the Back
Chapter 89: Investing in Our Future
Chapter 90: Thoughts on Strength Improvement
Chapter 91: Before the Celebration
Chapter 92: Mysterious Transformation of the Underground Cave
Chapter 93: Huh? Where are the people?
Chapter 94: Greatly Increased Strength
Chapter 95: Crazy Summoning
Chapter 96: Shocked Once Again
Chapter 97: Face Color Changed
Chapter 98: If the Rain Wants to Come the Wind is Already Here
Chapter 99: The Black-dog-riding King
Chapter 100: The First Meet between Him and Her (Part 1)
Chapter 100: The First Meet between Him and Her (Part 2)
Chapter 101: You Have Problems.
Chapter 102: Elites One After Another
Chapter 103: The Deadly Back Alley
Chapter 104: Is My Act That Bad?
Chapter 105: A Man and a Dog Was on the Loose
Chapter 106: Touched a cactus?
Chapter 107: Devastating! Death Castle
Chapter 108: Restricted Area in the Back Mountain
Chapter 109: Gold Saint Sword – Excalibur
Chapter 110: The Prototype of Capricorn Saint Seiya
Chapter 111: Continue the Pirated Version of Saint Seiya to the End
Chapter 112: Traps Everywhere
Chapter 113: Before Dawn
Chapter 114: Assassination
Chapter 115: Death Trap
Chapter 116: A Sword’s Sudden Arrival
Chapter 117: Aww You Can’t Kill Me Anymore
Chapter 118: I Shall Let You Live
Chapter 119: The Wind Blew up a Girl’s Skirt.
Chapter 120: Really Dead?
Chapter 121: The Terrifying White Haired Master.
Chapter 122: Oh, That Was All Fake (Part one)
Chapter 122: Oh, That Was All Fake (Part two)
Chapter 123: I want to Feel Happier!
Chapter 124: Like killing a chicken.
Chapter 125: I have to talk to my wife
Chapter 126: Witnessing the miracle
Chapter 127: Give you a chance (1)
Chapter 127: Give you a chance (2)
Chapter 128: Blood and Sword
Chapter 129.1: Bunch of Madmen
Chapter 129.2: Bunch of Madmen
Chapter 130: Greedy, Rogue-like Old Bastard
Chapter 131: The Heartwarming Times
Chapter 132: Bylaw Enforcement Officer
Chapter 133: Three Departments and Six Ministries, and the Bronze Code of Law
Chapter 134: The Origin of [Fake Death Potion]
Chapter 135: Prophecy and magic item set
Chapter 136: The mysterious black mask
Chapter 137: The “Obscene” Reward for the Clearance (1)
Chapter 138: The “Obscene” Reward for the Clearance (2)
Chapter 139: They are all warriors who loved to fight
Chapter 140: That must be a lie!
Chapter 141: The Gap between Two Sides is too Big
Chapter 142: Hurry and Grab the Bodies
Chapter 143: The Mighty Bylaw Enforcement Officers
Chapter 144: An Unforgettable Scene
Chapter 145 Giant Axe and Magical Arrows
Chapter 146: The King Is Going Off
Chapter 147: Evaluation
Chapter 148: Complete Victory
Chapter 149: Taming Roaring Flame Beasts
Chapter 150: Invincible
Chapter 151: Flirtatious Violet Flower
Chapter 152: City of Heroes
Chapter 153: The Big Reform Before Leaving
Chapter 154: Super 【Werebear】
Chapter 155: Terror! The Mountain of Bones
Chapter 156: Madness
Chapter 157: Forging [Remain of Demons]
Chapter 158: The Mysterious Teleport Array
Chapter 159: Vigorous Change
Chapter 160: Coming Out
Chapter 161: Chambord City King came out of Hiatus?
Chapter 162: Explosive Growth of National Strength