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Great Demon King

Author:Ni Cang Tian

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UpdateTime:1/18/2017 5:01:51 PM

Updates:Chapter 219: Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him!

If I don’t die… I swear I will act on all my evil thoughts.

Not exactly everyone’s typical thought when they’re about to die. What will a cowardly young man do when reincarnated with the evil powers to redefine his destiny? Can the natural kindness of human nature triumph over evil? Will he become the cold blooded demon king of legend, or will he forge his own path and rain down another kind of terror?
《Great Demon King》 Text
Chapter 1: From the depths of the grave
Chapter 2: The Uncultured are Scary
Chapter 3: From Idiot to Crazy
Chapter 4: Chest as Flat as Bread
Chapter 5: How Is That Called Stealing?
Chapter 6: I’ll Get Her One Day
Chapter 7: Using Methods Used to Refine Demonic Treasures to Refine Skeletons
Chapter 8: The Infallible Seven-Winged Skeleton
Chapter 9: He’s really screwed this time
Chapter 10: A demon practitioner does as he wishes
Chapter 11: This time, it’s a club
Chapter 12: Poking one’s nose into other people’s business
Chapter 13: Mystical Glacial Spellfire
Chapter 14: Took care of it in advance
Chapter 15: I’m rich, I’m rich
Chapter 16: A lot of people are hitting me
Chapter 17: An evil, honest grin
Chapter 18: Please let us off the hook
Chapter 19: I like you
Chapter 20: Don’t touch the teacher’s butt
Chapter 21: It really wasn’t me
Chapter 22: Earn Some Spending Money
Chapter 23: This kid’s a bit strong
Chapter 24: First bucket of gold
Chapter 25: Pain and Happiness
Chapter 26: Entering a demonic mental state
Chapter 27: Hot damn, I’m awesome!
Chapter 28: City of Zajoski
Chapter 29: The feeling of contempt
Chapter 30: A tantalizing moment on the back of a battle steed
Chapter 31: You’re a magical genius!
Chapter 32: Small accomplishments in magic
Chapter 33: A small magic trial
Chapter 34: Subconscious changes
Chapter 35: Prepare to fight
Chapter 36: The calm of an errand boy
Chapter 37: Ferocious Han Shuo
Chapter 38: Another coolie
Chapter 39: Making fun of the earth rider
Chapter 40: To think that you were this kind of person
Chapter 41: Battling the Deepwater Venom Python
Chapter 42: Erected a small tent
Chapter 43: Reborn
Chapter 44: Cemetery of Death
Chapter 45: Making a move when he should make one
Chapter 46: Little skeleton acts violently
Chapter 47: The horror of seven bone spurs
Chapter 48: The allure of gold coins
Chapter 49: A belated revenge
Chapter 50: A harsh reality
Chapter 51: The calm aftermath after killing someone
Chapter 52: Wolf riders invade
Chapter 53: The perils of the town of Drol
Chapter 54: Dog eat dog
Chapter 55: A change in status
Chapter 56: The pain that accompanies the happy fate of a man
Chapter 57: Killing and robbing
Chapter 58: The function of skeletal warriors
Chapter 59: Gifting you a necklace
Chapter 60: We also have a space ring
Chapter 61: Embroiling innocent bystanders in trouble
Chapter 62: I like this big trouble
Chapter 63: Snobbish base person
Chapter 64: A new identity
Chapter 65: A quick way to train
Chapter 66: Operation of the Original Demon Cave
Chapter 67: Sharing in the secrets of the dwarves
Chapter 68: Black iron ore bestowed from the gods
Chapter 69: Obtaining the friendship of the dwarves
Chapter 70: Help me kill two lackeys
Chapter 71: A moment of grace before the prelude of assassination
Chapter 72: An alarmingly breathtaking completion of an assassination
Chapter 73: Pervert, what have you done to me?
Chapter 74: The little skeleton that wants to soar and fly
Chapter 75: Close the doors, you get in bed first
Chapter 76: He’s my boyfriend
Chapter 77: The position of Guildmaster
Chapter 78: A blood battle in the deep alleyways
Chapter 79: Breaking through the boundary
Chapter 80: A magical cemetery
Chapter 81: Caught in the act in bed
Chapter 82: The Eye of Darkness
Chapter 83: Existing and complementing each other
Chapter 84: See who’s a master of concealment
Chapter 85: Earning a profit without working for it
Chapter 86: New pursuits
Chapter 87: Joining the Dark Mantle organization
Chapter 88: But I have a guilty conscience!
Chapter 89: An odd phenomenon in the molded spirit realm
Chapter 90: Three pairs of eyes in the darkness
Chapter 91: A game of hot potato with lingerie
Chapter 92: Are you really a mage?
Chapter 93: Great Formation of the Divine Zombies and Five Elements
Chapter 94: Wondrous speed in meditation
Chapter 95: The Dark Mantle stronghold
Chapter 96: The Three Heavyweights of the Dark Mantle organization
Chapter 97: Curious and exotic materials
Chapter 98: The arrogant elf
Chapter 99: A worshipped little skeleton
Chapter 100: The demon’s representation?
Chapter 101: A place of extreme wood
Chapter 102: Looting the tribute to the demon
Chapter 103: The Fruit of Dagmar
Chapter 104: Forming a team for an adventure
Chapter 105: Not listening to advice
Chapter 106: A terrifying enemy
Chapter 107: A hysterical ambush down to the most minute details
Chapter 108: Constraining a strong foe
Chapter 109: Reaching an agreement
Chapter 110: The mysterious druid
Chapter 111: The voice of temptation
Chapter 112: Slaying the snake together
Chapter 113: This is called a hang glider
Chapter 114: Changes in the swamp
Chapter 115: Demon Han Shuo
Chapter 116: I’m actually a necromancer!
Chapter 117: Rob them all
Chapter 118: The little skeleton immune to dark magic
Chapter 119: Liaison, you can’t be this cruel!
Chapter 120: Forcing himself on a female archmage
Chapter 121: It turns out it was our own people
Chapter 122: Thinking for you
Chapter 123: You didn’t rob the giant dragon, did you?
Chapter 124: We haven’t even slept together!
Chapter 125: I’m damn good aren’t I?
Chapter 126: I want to battle
Chapter 127: Cutting a smart figure
Chapter 128: Stomping all of them together
Chapter 129: Flirting with Master Fanny
Chapter 130: Full speed improvement
Chapter 131: Some rejoice and some worry
Chapter 132: Abnormalities in the night
Chapter 133: I want to kill him too
Chapter 134: An awkward encounter
Chapter 135: Giving tit for tat
Chapter 136: Difference in position
Chapter 137: Strange happenings at the ball
Chapter 138: We can be together
Chapter 139: The fate of the original demons
Chapter 140: Advancing to true demon
Chapter 141: Worshipping the oracle
Chapter 142: The suggestion to slaughter the dragon
Chapter 143: Everyone with their own plans
Chapter 144: A step ahead
Chapter 145: Capturing the lewd dragon
Chapter 146: I’ll safeguard it for you
Chapter 147: The mission is a go
Chapter 148: A familiar female slave
Chapter 149: She’s yours
Chapter 150: I can help him
Chapter 151: One thing after another
Chapter 152: I only need one chance to kill you!
Chapter 153: An identity to be cautious of
Chapter 154: Why bother so much?
Chapter 155: The three eyed demon god Ansidesi
Chapter 156: Soul Erosion
Chapter 157: Taking all the memories of the soul
Chapter 158: Reaching the sky in a single bound
Chapter 159: Leaving with the beauty
Chapter 160: You shouldn’t have chased after me
Chapter 161: Bumping into a familiar face
Chapter 162: The abnormalities of the white bone staff
Chapter 163: Convening in a small hotel
Chapter 164: The female alchemist
Chapter 165: An abnormal situation within the hotel
Chapter 166: The armored golem
Chapter 167: Capturing the female alchemist
Chapter 168: Ripping off the veil
Chapter 169: Premeditated partnership
Chapter 170: Violation during sleep
Chapter 171: You’re my woman from now on!
Chapter 172: Refining the yin demons
Chapter 173: Not enough right to
Chapter 174: Cover is blown
Chapter 175: Conversation between three girls
Chapter 176: It’s enough to know that I’m in your heart!
Chapter 177: Devising strategies
Chapter 178: I’m happy to be captured by him, what can you do about it?
Chapter 179: Officially starting the mission
Chapter 180: Complete chaos
Chapter 181: Found it
Chapter 182: A fierce battle
Chapter 183: The swift and fierce silver spear
Chapter 184: An incredible memory
Chapter 185: The great escape
Chapter 186: The “Demonic Art of Assimilation”
Chapter 187: Flying
Chapter 188: Inner conflict
Chapter 189: You have no chance
Chapter 190: Beauties in both arms
Chapter 191: The cry of help from the little skeleton
Chapter 192: Valley of Sunshine
Chapter 193: Place of extreme water
Chapter 194: Battling the blood water demons
Chapter 195: Promotion to the Dark Moon division
Chapter 196: Sharing one room
Chapter 197: Making a decisive move
Chapter 198: Conduct oneself well
Chapter 199: A marvelous sensation
Chapter 200: Dog eat dog
Chapter 201: Hurry up old dog!
Chapter 202: I’ll remember you
Chapter 203: Forcing a fight
Chapter 204: My own power
Chapter 205: Then call it Soul Destroyer!
Chapter 206: Transformation
Chapter 207: A hundred ghosts in a frenzied dance
Chapter 208: The Purple Demon Eye
Chapter 209: The Purifying Strength of Soul
Chapter 210: A whirling bone dagger
Chapter 211: The formation activates
Chapter 212: Slaughter
Chapter 213: A bloodthirsty urge
Chapter 214: The four great powers
Chapter 215: A frenzied slaughter
Chapter 216: Shock
Chapter 127-2: I forgot to tell you
Chapter 217: A bloody explosion
Chapter 218: A cry from the heart
Chapter 219: Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him!