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Gourmet Food Supplier

Author:Cat Who Cooks

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Updates:Chapter 292: A New Menu

“In a land far to the east, there exists a strange store that has rejected a three Michelin star rating multiple times. The prices are expensive. A combo set of soup and egg fried rice costs 288 RMB. Oh, I forgot it also includes a side dish of pickles. Even so, very many people line up to wait. That place does not accept reservations. It only lets in people who are waiting in line there. Countless people make special trips to line up there. Of course, there’s nowhere to park planes or cars. Their service is so terrible, the customers have to serve their own dishes and grab their own bowls and chopsticks, and they even have to wipe down their own tables! God, the boss is simply crazy.” —《 Michelin Gourmet Magazine》 美食供应商
《Gourmet Food Supplier》 Text
Chapter 1: Unexpected Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 2: The 1st Mission
Chapter 3: Cleaning
Chapter 4: Decoration
Chapter 5: Mission Completed
Chapter 6: God Tier Egg Fried Rice
Chapter 7: Most Austere Most delicious and Most…Expensive
Chapter 8: The 2nd Mission
Chapter 9: The 1st Customer
Chapter 10: Charm of God Tier Egg Fried Rice
Chapter 11: Difficult Business
Chapter 12: A Weird Rule
Chapter 13: The 1st Genuine Customer
Chapter 14: God Tier Egg Fried Rice Starting to Show its Attraction
Chapter 15: Fully Displaying His Talents (Part One)
Chapter 16: Fully Displaying His Talents (Part Two)
Chapter 17: The Principled Boss
Chapter 18: Yuan Zhou's Principle
Chapter 19: The First Mission Completed
Chapter 20: Egg Fried Rice Set Worth 288 RMB
Chapter 21: New Dishes Available
Chapter 22: Troubles Caused by the New Dish
Chapter 23: Small Restaurant on the Right Track
Chapter 24: The 3rd Mission
Chapter 25: This Is the True Definition of a Trap
Chapter 26: The Crazy Soup Dumplings
Chapter 27: Just Buy (Part 1)
Chapter 28: Just Buy (Part 2)
Chapter 29: Deceptive Yuan Zhou
Chapter 30: A Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 31: Yuan Zhou’s Nickname
Chapter 32: Origin of the Soup Dumplings
Chapter 33: A Terrific idea
Chapter 34: Idiotic Youth Having Much Fun
Chapter 35: Home-Wrecker
Chapter 36: Dark Side of the Bed
Chapter 37: Increasing Living Expenses
Chapter 38: Surprise
Chapter 39: Simple-minded
Chapter 40: Completing the Mission
Chapter 41: A Bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup (Part One)
Chapter 42: A Bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup (Part Two)
Chapter 43: Reward and Deceit
Chapter 44: New Dish
Chapter 45: How to Activate the Special Method for Ordering Food
Chapter 46: Charm of the Clear Broth Noodle Soup
Chapter 47: A Bug in the System
Chapter 48: A Wonderful System-Like Reward
Chapter 49: Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set
Chapter 50: Garlic, Noodles, and Broth
Chapter 51: A Red Packet from the System
Chapter 52: A Turnover of Three Million
Chapter 53: The First Stage of the Mission
Chapter 54: A Novel Excuse to Ask for Leave
Chapter 55: Differences among Abalones
Chapter 56: Yuan Zhou’s Tongue
Chapter 57: The Innocent Yuan Zhou
Chapter 58: Great Knowledge
Chapter 59: Watermelon Juice
Chapter 60: Thriftless Yuan Zhou
Chapter 61: Taste and Cold
Chapter 62: Golden Eggs
Chapter 63: The Boss Yuan Zhou That Almost Got Beaten Up
Chapter 64: Tea Leaves and Eggs
Chapter 65: Herbal Tea Eggs
Chapter 66: The First Time Business Boomed
Chapter 67: The Second Stage of the Mission
Chapter 68: Entertaining Guests
Chapter 69: The Jam Fans and the Soup Dumpling Fans
Chapter 70: An Excellent Idea
Chapter 71: A Special Way of Waking Someone Up
Chapter 72: Yuan Zhou’s Counterattack
Chapter 73: A New Rule
Chapter 74: Recruitment
Chapter 75: How to Court Death
Chapter 76: Yuan Zhou’s Mathematics
Chapter 77: Mu Xiaoyun and Mu Jieyun
Chapter 78: A Birthday Wish
Chapter 79: Yuan Zhou’s Principle
Chapter 80: Culinary Skills
Chapter 81: A Top Chef
Chapter 82: Ordinary Egg Fried Rice
Chapter 83: Drawing a Lottery
Chapter 84: Rewards from the Regional Cuisine
Chapter 85: Jin’ling Cuisine
Chapter 86: A Length of Green Jade
Chapter 87: A Temporary Mission
Chapter 88: Precautions Needed for Melt-In-The-Mouth Chicken Feet
Chapter 89: Misunderstanding Cleared Up
Chapter 90: A Different Dimension
Chapter 91: Principle of Not Wasting
Chapter 92: Carved Dishes
Chapter 93: Yuan Zhou’s Little Hobby
Chapter 94: Good Morals
Chapter 95: Offering to Treat
Chapter 96: Phoenix-Tail Prawns
Chapter 97: Phoenix-Tail Prawns and Clear Broth Noodle Soup
Chapter 98: Phoenix-Tail Prawns and Clear Broth Noodle Soup, Continuation
Chapter 99: Fame Increase Urgently Needed
Chapter 100: Yuan Zhou’s Little Hobby (Two)
Chapter 101: Having Meals
Chapter 102: Comments
Chapter 103: Odd
Chapter 104: Challenge
Chapter 105: The Dignity of a Chef
Chapter 106: Yuan Zhou’s Response
Chapter 107: Start
Chapter 108: Exchange of Pointers
Chapter 109: Skills of Chef Yu
Chapter 110: The Meaning of Being a Chef
Chapter 111: Reward of the System
Chapter 112: Taste-Free Chopsticks
Chapter 113: 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine
Chapter 114: Diversified Ways of Cooking
Chapter 115: Strange Methods
Chapter 116: Genuine Capability
Chapter 117: Jin’ling Cuisines
Chapter 118: Yuan Zhou’s Restaurant
Chapter 119: Invited to Be a Boss
Chapter 120: Rescue Center for Boss Yuan
Chapter 121: Yuan Zhou’s Loophole
Chapter 122: Making Rice Wine
Chapter 123: White Rice Wine
Chapter 124: Boss Yuan, Use My Prawns Please
Chapter 125: Reward Package
Chapter 126: Rice Wine
Chapter 127: Difficulties Faced When Having a Meal
Chapter 128: Clear Broth Noodle Soup and Phoenix-Tail Prawns
Chapter 129: Sandwich
Chapter 130: Discount Card
Chapter 131: Trust
Chapter 132: Booming Business
Chapter 133: Produced by the System
Chapter 134: Difficulty in Completing the Mission
Chapter 135: Method of Completing the Mission
Chapter 136: Buying the Stores
Chapter 137: Boss Yuan’s Treats
Chapter 138: Preparations for Both Eventualities
Chapter 139: On-Going Mission
Chapter 140: Rice Cuisine Cooked in Various Ways
Chapter 141: Steadily Completing the Mission
Chapter 142: Yuan Zhou’s Pub
Chapter 143: Ambitions of the System
Chapter 144: New-Fashioned Decorations
Chapter 145: Bonus Package of Liquor
Chapter 146: Enjoying the Liquor Alone
Chapter 147: Drawing Lottery Mechanism
Chapter 148: How to Draw a Lottery Intelligently
Chapter 149: Bamboo Liquor (Part 1)
Chapter 150: Bamboo Liquor (Part 2)
Chapter 151: Enjoyment of Drinking Bamboo Liquor
Chapter 152: Dishes with Liquor
Chapter 153: Rice Gruel and Porridge
Chapter 154: Upgrade Mission
Chapter 155: Take-Out Mission
Chapter 156: Braised Pork with Soy Sauce
Chapter 157: Soft Meat and Tasteful Gravy
Chapter 158: Food with a Hundred Ways of Eating
Chapter 159: The Morals of the System
Chapter 160: Method of Eating Baked Egg Cakes
Chapter 161: Courteous Practice
Chapter 162: An Anonymous Email
Chapter 163: Free Publicity
Chapter 164: Sweet Rice Cracker
Chapter 165: Effect of Publicity
Chapter 166: Mission Accomplished
Chapter 167: Receiving Reward
Chapter 168: Translucent Beef Slices and Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork
Chapter 169: Limit of the Beef
Chapter 170: Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork
Chapter 171: Definition of Delicacies
Chapter 172: Dishes with Liquor and the Time
Chapter 173: Matter of Taste
Chapter 174: Understanding
Chapter 175: Silk Twined Rabbit
Chapter 176: Change in Expression
Chapter 177: Selection of Restaurant Flower
Chapter 178: Duck Oil Sesame Seed Cake
Chapter 179: Delicate Flavor of the Sesame Seed Cakes
Chapter 180: Taste
Chapter 181: A Huge Conspiracy
Chapter 182: Consequence
Chapter 183: Encouragement from the System
Chapter 184: Apology
Chapter 185: Lotus Root Starch
Chapter 186: Making Lotus Root Starch
Chapter 187: Losing and Winning
Chapter 188: Steamed Assorted Vegetable Buns
Chapter 189: Best Combination of Vegetables
Chapter 190: Habit and Delicacies
Chapter 191: Imperceptible Influence
Chapter 192: Receiving the Reward
Chapter 193: Sculpting Radishes with the Kitchen Knife
Chapter 194: Wu Hai’s Petty Scheme
Chapter 195: Counterattack Arriving So Quickly
Chapter 196: Leguminous Plant
Chapter 197: Attraction of Spiced Beans
Chapter 198: One Point Less
Chapter 199: Each Has Its Merits
Chapter 200: Kitchen Monster
Chapter 201: Kitchen Monster (Continuation)
Chapter 202: Rainbow Beef Brisket
Chapter 203: Cleaning
Chapter 204: Small Matters within One’s Power
Chapter 205: Wu Hai’s Persistence
Chapter 206: Miraculous Kitchen Knife
Chapter 207: Beef Noodle Soup
Chapter 208: Business and Taste
Chapter 209: Main Mission
Chapter 210: A Simple Mission
Chapter 211: Landmark Restaurant
Chapter 212: Loophole
Chapter 213: Welcoming Set Meal
Chapter 214: Standard Set Meal
Chapter 215: Spiced Egg and Spiced Beans
Chapter 216: Spiced Egg
Chapter 217: Hateful Yuan Zhou
Chapter 218: Waiting
Chapter 219: Distinction between Tea Egg and Spiced Egg
Chapter 220: Work More and Work Less
Chapter 221: Mu Xiaoyun's Small Wish
Chapter 222: Weird People and Odd Happenings
Chapter 223: Jinling Grass and Translucent Beef Slices
Chapter 224: Best Ending
Chapter 225: Gathering Place for Weird People
Chapter 226: A New Dish
Chapter 227: Colored Pastry
Chapter 228: Rose Pastry
Chapter 229: The Reward of Yanfeng Royal Jelly
Chapter 230: Way to Obtain the Royal Jelly
Chapter 231: New Attendants
Chapter 232: Actions of the Wealthy
Chapter 233: New Excuse to Ask for Leave
Chapter 234: Tragic Wu Hai
Chapter 235: Yuan Zhou Asking for Directions
Chapter 236: Imagined Delicacy
Chapter 237: Taste of Royal Dishes
Chapter 238: Royal Chef
Chapter 239: The Reward of Royal Jelly
Chapter 240: Functions of Propolis
Chapter 241: If I say I won’t Do It, I Won’t Do It
Chapter 242: Yuan Zhou’s Kindness
Chapter 243: Wu Hai’s Younger Sister
Chapter 244: Newly Developed Silk Twined Rabbit
Chapter 245: Celestial Vinegar
Chapter 246: Yuan Zhou’s Little Hobby (Third)
Chapter 246: Yuan Zhou’s Little Hobby (Third)
Chapter 247: Prawns Eaten with Vinegar
Chapter 248: Yuan Zhou Pursuing Perfection
Chapter 249: Yuan Zhou’s Three Outlooks
Chapter 250: Honey Tremella
Chapter 251: Surprising Price
Chapter 252: Main Mission and Side Mission
Chapter 253: A Great Mission Reward
Chapter 254: Dongpo Pig Knuckle
Chapter 255: Is Boss Yuan Nice?
Chapter 256: Art of Speech
Chapter 257: Smoked Fish Silver Thread Noodles
Chapter 258: Thin-Skinned Dumplings
Chapter 259: Eight Unique Qinhuai Snacks
Chapter 260: Sweet Osmanthus Sandwiched Yuanxiao
Chapter 261: Attraction of Sweet Yuanxiao
Chapter 262: A Traveler That Never Returns
Chapter 263: Warm-hearted Yuan Zhou
Chapter 264: Yuan Zhou’s Passive Acting-Cool Skills (Part 1)
Chapter 265: Yuan Zhou’s Passive Acting-Cool Skills (Part 2)
Chapter 266: Incipient Tendency for Mission Completion
Chapter 267: Huang Ling’s Request
Chapter 268: Warmth of One Serving of Soup Dumpling
Chapter 269: Yuan Zhou’s Petty Trick
Chapter 270: Family Background of Huang Ling
Chapter 271: Side Mission Completed
Chapter 272: Thank You, Even If the Result Isn’t Satisfactory
Chapter 273: Moral Quality and Luck
Chapter 274: Receiving Reward of the Side Mission
Chapter 275: Wu Hai Returns
Chapter 276: Rose Dew Rice
Chapter 277: The Lure of Free Stuff
Chapter 278: Precautions of Dongpo Pig Knuckle
Chapter 279: Wu Hai and Ling Hong
Chapter 280: Matter of Spring Wound Clock
Chapter 281: Glistening Posturing
Chapter 282: Passive Acting-Cool Skills Triggered Again
Chapter 283: The Arrogant Man
Chapter 284: Thief of Delicious Foods
Chapter 285: How to Wittily Play Cute
Chapter 286: Most Anticipated Tiny Restaurant
Chapter 287: One Serving of A Delicacy
Chapter 288: Level Up
Chapter 289: Strange Reward
Chapter 290: Strange Invitation Card
Chapter 291: Invitation
Chapter 292: A New Menu