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Updates:Chapter 0158 Rapid analysis

An arrival of an origin ability. Many fearful beasts interweaved. Humans with superpowers blooming like mushrooms. Su Hao is just an ordinary 3rd year high school student who had mastered a low level origin ability “Model analysis”. However, when he was creating a character model in his mind by analyzing the opposing side’s ability, a crazy idea echoed in his mind. What would happen if he creates a model for the whole world? This would imply that he —– Could Control The World! Siêu Thần Kiến Mô Sư 超神建模师
《Godly Model Creator》 Text
Chapter 0001 The era of origin ability
Chapter 0002 A change in ability
Chapter 0003 White dressed girl
Chapter 0004 To master by immersing oneself
Chapter 0005 First sign of budding talent
Chapter 0006 Origin ability firm
Chapter 0007 The era of darkness
Chapter 0008 The cheating recovery medicine
Chapter 0009 Berserk master
Chapter 0010 Police fighting technique
Chapter 0011 Overdrafting to the extreme
Chapter 0012 Self-harming medicine
Chapter 0013 Encountering a Zanzheng college student
Chapter 0014 To kill!
Chapter 0015 A sense of purpose
Chapter 0016 A generous reward
Chapter 0017 A valiant confession
Chapter 0018 Brother, why need to make things difficult for brother?
Chapter 0019 Heaven will reward the diligent!
Chapter 0020 ‘Viper’ appeared
Chapter 0021 A fierce battle with Sun Yaotian
Chapter 0022 Fighting essence
Chapter 0023 Final madness
Chapter 0024 Su Hao’s transformation
Chapter 0025 24 hours of panic state
Chapter 0026 Magnificent transformation
Chapter 0027 Super breakthrough!
Chapter 0028 Combat training
Chapter 0029 Theoretical foundation
Chapter 0030 Everlasting model
Chapter 0031 Mysterious black box
Chapter 0032 One explosive shock after another
Chapter 0033 Stunning everyone!
Chapter 0034 Combat exam
Chapter 0035 Strong like a storm
Chapter 0036 Brilliantly dispatching opponents
Chapter 0037 Dispatching opponents again!
Chapter 0038 Brother is going to cheat
Chapter 0039 The king!
Chapter 0040 Why are you being a tsundere?
Chapter 0041 Noble circles are really a mess
Chapter 0042 Mysterious subway
Chapter 0043 Battle of honor!
Chapter 0044 Bold and unrestrained tutorial teacher
Chapter 0045 A mad choice
Chapter 0046 Bolder and more unrestrained teacher
Chapter 0047 Rigid target
Chapter 0048 Challenge from repeaters
Chapter 0049 VIrtual reality
Chapter 0050 New embodiment of ability!
Chapter 0051 Zhao Feng, the prince of close combat
Chapter 0052 King of repeaters, Bai Xiao Sheng
Chapter 0053 School activity
Chapter 0054 Fraudulent school store
Chapter 0055 Hungry for task points!
Chapter 0056 Field exploration
Chapter 0057 A generous reward
Chapter 0058 An adopted lolita
Chapter 0059 Nostalgia
Chapter 0060 I hate loli!
Chapter 0061 Piao Ling Organization
Chapter 0062 Another confrontation
Chapter 0063 Groundless accusation
Chapter 0064 Little loli the devil
Chapter 0065 The cost of making the move
Chapter 0066 Strategy to attract lolicon
Chapter 0067 A fatal blow from sky
Chapter 0068 You have slept with my daughter?
Chapter 0069 Taking part in an dishonest deal
Chapter 0070 Little fox confronting old fox
Chapter 0071 The mighty bookworm
Chapter 0072 The younger times of Master Zhang
Chapter 0073 Making for the first time
Chapter 0074 The attitude of a great master
Chapter 0075 Formally accepting disciple
Chapter 0076 New drug
Chapter 0077 Ranking reward
Chapter 0078 Nine successive victory
Chapter 0079 Blue dream butterfly
Chapter 0080 Weird thing
Chapter 81 The mastermind behind the plot
Chapter 0082 Deploying bomb
Chapter 0083 Mysterious organization
Chapter 0084 Finding some troubles for Sun family
Chapter 0085 Collapse
Chapter 0086 Beginner variant esper
Chapter 0087 Mysterious voice
Chapter 0088 Blue dream butterfly, who are you exactly?
Chapter 0089 Sweeping whole world
Chapter 0090 Man in white
Chapter 0091 The identity of blue dream butterfly
Chapter 0092 Are you an undercover sent by those repeaters?
Chapter 0093 The eve of the battle of honor
Chapter 0094 Record Breaking
Chapter 0095 Dark forest
Chapter 0096 Planning a trap
Chapter 0097 The freshmen's counterattack
Chapter 0098 Indistinguishable path
Chapter 0099 Teaming up to face enemy
Chapter 0100 The trash who was called a dog
Chapter 0101 Li Xin’s origin ability
Chapter 0102 Ice crystal defense
Chapter 0103 The rapid six seconds!
Chapter 0104 A terrifying opponent!
Chapter 0105 Personal ranking
Chapter 0106 A generous reward
Chapter 0107 Preparing to cheat again
Chapter 0108 Chen Yiran’s choice
Chapter 0109 Su Hao’s aim
Chapter 0110 Killing three birds with a stone
Chapter 0111 Practicing body forging technique
Chapter 0112 You dare to be teased back?
Chapter 0113 Falling stars
Chapter 0114 Come, have a kiss
Chapter 0115 Model world
Chapter 0116 Master of construction
Chapter 0117 Sprouting of amorous feeling
Chapter 0118 All kinds of taking advantage
Chapter 0119 Rushing to be a certified pharmacist
Chapter 0120 A beautiful story unfolds
Chapter 0121 Too lively!
Chapter 0122 Master’s support
Chapter 0123 Brother is actually here to bomb the judges
Chapter 0124 Appearing in a domineering fashion
Chapter 0125 Star grass emperor
Chapter 0126 Time to win
Chapter 0127 Vibrating hand
Chapter 0129 Each staggering step
Chapter 0130 Not entirely true nor false
Chapter 0131 Great lord Zhang
Chapter 0132 Killing technique
Chapter 0133 Concert
Chapter 0134 Mysterious pianist
Chapter 0135 Alarmed
Chapter 0136 I love you so much
Chapter 137 Piano’s origin ability technique
Chapter 0138 Awaken
Chapter 0139 Challenge
Chapter 0140 Origin ability refinement
Chapter 0141 Different talent
Chapter 0142 Coming of age ceremony
Chapter 0143 Sun Yaotian’s card
Chapter 0144 Repaying kindness
Chapter 0145 Who is the white killer?
Chapter 0146 Evaluate
Chapter 0147 Old wine
Chapter 0148 Machinery wine factory
Chapter 0149 Fleeing in an absurd manner
Chapter 0150 Battlefield
Chapter 0151 Pulling bow, shooting bird
Chapter 0152 Anomaly
Chapter 0153 Mysterious chicken farm
Chapter 0154 The importance of mastering foreign languages
Chapter 0155 Evolution
Chapter 0156 Evolving
Chapter 0157 Life or death crisis
Chapter 0158 Rapid analysis