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Chapter 1129: Wiman!

Along the way, many dead giants could be seen, each and every one of their corpses dried and emaciated, having been killed by the blood cloud.

The rain cloud was like a pesticide, killing a huge number of the giants. However, there were still a few powerful Type 6 giants who were still surviving and wandering around.

The blood rain might be effective against the low-level giants, but hardly against those high-level giants.

Since the 13 Type 8 giants, who were the leaders, had been killed, the rest of the giants fell into chaos. Some of them charged towards Adenia Town, continuing to rampage, while others separated and fled for their lives.
As Yue Zhong made use of the mechanical limbs to support himself back to Adenia town, he noticed that the chaos was still present, and most of the human survivors were already evacuating.

Inside the town, a dozen giants were still hunting down humans, as they gobbled up their unfortunate victims one by one.

Yue Zhong controlled the Blood Manipulation to contain the rain outside of Adenia town. Had he not down that, then Adenia Town would have been a dead town, and no one could have survived.

If he controlled it himself, it was possible to prevent the rain from culling human lives. However, as he had to focus on the Type 8 giants, the rain had no way of discerning friend from foe.
The remaining human soldiers were being led by some of the experts of the town to hunt down the other low-level giants.

One 4m-tall giant was walking along the streets of the town, when suddenly, it stopped in its tracks and came up to a house. He then slapped the roof away, revealing a mother-daughter pair within.
The 2 ladies were shivering in fear, as the giant's expression contorted to reveal a savage grin, and he reached out to grab them.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

All of a sudden, there was a burst of gunfire, as the bullets punched into the body of the giant, instantly creating thousands of holes on his body.

The giant whirled around, seeing a burly man charging out at him with a 2m-long alloy blade, slashing down at his head. In a splatter of black blood, the giant's head was chopped off and rolled to the ground.

The burly, middle-aged man swept the mother and daughter pair a look of concern, "Are you guys alright?!"

The mother cried out, thanking the man, "We're ok! Wiman, we're ok, thanks to you!! Thank you!!"

Wiman spoke in a low voice, "You guys had better escape too. We're not a match for these giants. We can only buy some time for Y'all."

Wiman was the top expert of Adenia Town, although he could easily kill a 4m-tall giant, there were too many stronger giants out there in Adenia Town. Each of those who were above 10m in height could easily kill him. Not to mention that there were some over 50m.

Those taller than 50m had the ability to cause massive destruction to Adenia Town.

Hearing Wiman's words, the mother and daughter quickly scrambled out of their house, heading for the outside of town.

Right at this time, there was a scream of horror, "Help!! Wiman, help!!"

Wiman turned around, only to see his good friend grabbed by a 30m-tall giant not far away, who was about toss him into his mouth.

The dozens of guards of the town were wielding their weapons firing madly at the giant, and the bullets struck his body, to no avail, unfortunately.

The giant then placed Wiman's good friend in his mouth, closing it with a loud crunching nose as he swallowed it amidst a savage grin.

When the rest of the soldiers witnessed this cruel scene, they were all pale from fear.

Many of them turned immediately, throwing their weapons aside, fleeing to the distance madly. Their fighting spirit was thoroughly broken.

Wiman's eyes were filled with despair and rage, as he led the experts beside him charging towards the giant while roaring, "No!!! Altair!!"

The 20 elites beside Wiman followed him as they charged at the giant.

The 30m-tall giant laughed savagely, turning his body and running right at Wiman. His strength was fearsome, and by running at full speed, he was able to reach 6-times that of the speed of sound.

At almost a split second later, the giant had already appeared in front of Wiman mysteriously, reaching out to grab him.

With a loud crack, the giant squeezed with strength, and there was a loud cracking sound of bones breaking from Wiman's body.

"Let Wiman go!!"

The other human elites quickly rushed at the giant, letting out furious roars.

The giant looked at the humans running towards him and he smiled savagely, slapping out with his left hand, sending one of them flying, smashing into walls, turning into a pile of mashed meat from the impact.

Seeing their comrade's gruesome death, the rest came to a halt, their bodies trembling from fear, with no courage to get closer.
In front of this giant, they were truly ant-like existences.

After slapping the human in front of him to death, the giant smiled viciously at Wiman, opening his huge and smelly mouth, intending to bite down on him.
Wiman stared at the mouth in despair and fear, he had never been so close to death before.

At the moment right before he was placed into the mouth, there was a bright flash of light that slammed through the head of the giant, bursting it apart.

The moment he died, Wiman fell out of the slackened grip, as he turned to look towards the direction of the white light.

"Uncle Wiman, are you alright?!"

Under his astonished gaze, 2 young women wearing enhanced Mech armor, wielding A-Grade Particle Cannons came running towards him. They looked like futuristic soldiers.

Wiman stared at the 2 familiar girls and asked with slight disbelief, "Aisha, Xi Jie, is it you?"

As the top expert in Adenia Town, Wiman had also trained Aisha before. He knew her well and knew that before today, she definitely did not possess such equipment.

Aisha spoke somewhat proudly, "It's me!"

Wiman asked curiously, "Aisha, how did you guys get this equipment? It doesn't look like anything from our Adenia Town."

The other soldiers who had been trembling with fear and helpless earlier had looks of envy, as they stared at the equipment of the 2 ladies. They could tell that they were extraordinary.

Aisha and Xi Jie had only been ordinary Type 3 hunters prior to this, however, with that equipment, they could blast a 30m-tall giant to death. The might of the equipment was apparent.

"Yue Zhong gave these to us!" Aisha replied quickly, before frowning, and said, "Uncle Wiman, we're going to hunt the remaining powerful giants. We'll leave the lower-level ones to you guys."

Wiman replied swiftly, "Alright, rest assured, we'll handle the low-level giants."

He and his team had confidence in dealing with the giants lesser than 10m-tall.

As they were about to go on their separate ways, Wiman asked suddenly, "Aisha, who is Yue Zhong?"

He was wary of someone who could take out such advanced technology. To have a random powerhouse with such equipment appear without any reason, it was hard for him not to suspect Yue Zhong.

Aisha frowned, when suddenly she felt a feeling, and looked towards the distance at a 70m-tall giant, pointing, "Uncle Wiman, look for yourself, that's Yue Zhong."

Wiman and the rest of the elites of Adenia Town turned to look at the giant, only to see Yue Zhong walking through the air, in an instant appearing atop the giant's head and punching downwards.

With a loud blast, the head of the giant burst apart in a shower of blood.

"Holy!!! Is that a human?!"

"Monster!!! He must be a monster!! He actually killed a 70m-tall giant in a single punch!!"


Wiman and the rest saw this and were shocked beyond disbelief. Their gazes were fixed upon Yue Zhong, only to see him flickering continuously, appearing on top of the giants above 50m, and with each punch, he took out one giant. Their heads would burst apart, turning into a pile of minced meat.

Wiman watched Yue Zhong kill those giants, as he let out a long breath, with a complicated gaze, "Too strong. To kill such powerful giants so easily, only the legendary Emperor could do so. Seems like Yue Zhong's strength is on par with the Emperor."