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Chapter 204 – The iceberg that can’t be broken

Chapter 204 – The iceberg that can’t be broken

Hearing the words of Thunder, Lin Shiqing immediately understood the situation in the East China Sea.

On the same day, at the time of dawn, the iceberg island finally stopped expanding, even the lightning storm on the sea surface also gradually ceased. However, under the sea, the mighty waves were still turbulent, accompanied with intermittent bursts of tides, making the sea level still continuously rise.

Leading several NSA’s squads to the edge of the iceberg island, Thunder wanted to land but then found this iceberg island was completely counter-buckle hat shaped, along with a very smooth dome, so basically, their landing wasn’t possible!

Then suddenly they realised that this island iceberg was not just an island, but was a thick barrier of ice. Besides, no one knew how this ice barrier was generated there, also nothing was clear about what was inside it.

After a preliminary survey it was figured out that this layer of ice shield was actually dozens of meters thick, even the rocket projectile the NSA members carried along was simply impossible to shoot through this barrier. After a bit of researching the ice layer, Thunder made a decision based on the data analysis: Let that nearby standby missile destroyer launch a cruise missile!

This decision was taken after going through a proper discussion and mutual agreement among the military seniors and the essential reason was they must try their all means to find out the secret of this iceberg as soon as possible.

Although, at present, probing into was still not suitable, but an invisible submarine had already been approaching fast from the direction of the U.S. So in case the other party got close to it and recklessly shot torpedo to destroy it along with everything, then perhaps China would encounter a disastrous loss.

An expensive cruise missile was fired from the destroyer, a high-speed sea-skimming flight, after a precise calculation, hit the weakest part of the ice wall, while its violent explosive force exploded a big hole in it.

But then, everyone found an alarming phenomenon and that was, the entire ice wall actually started healing up fast from inside to outside. Although they had exploded and caused ten meters deep hole, but in an instant it returned to its original shape, their cruise missile completely went into vain.

Whether it was the NSA or the military, this thing blew away their minds for a while.

This iceberg could actually automatically heal, then how should they break open it? The too light thing couldn’t break it, while too violent could damage the thing which was within the ice wall. If there was any precious thing, then certainly would be too cost effective.

“Oh, by the way…”

Lin Shiqing although hesitated for a moment, then while somewhat teasing her beautiful hair, finally said: “Thunder uncle, the masked man from before…… remember who had rescued me once, is Ye Feng … … So, if you bump into him, don’t make things difficult for him.


Thunder’s loud voice spread: “So that’s how it is. But Miss Lin, since you have said so, does that mean that kid also wants to come to this turbid water? But even if he comes, he would be completely useless because if he doesn’t break the ice wall, then no one can enter ……… ”

“Maybe he can break it?”

She unexpectedly answered something quite strange while thinking of Ye Feng’s rear view in her mind.

“Haha, what a joke.”

Thunder dismissed it with a laugh, also completely ignored it: “Anyways, now I must hang up, have to discuss the next step countermeasure for dealing with this situation.”


She nodded and put down the phone. Then after sitting on her bed foolishly for a while, she got up to take a bath, but Ye Feng’s silhouette was still somewhat lingering in her mind.


In a room right next door to Lin Shiqing’s room, Xiao Qi finally gained her consciousness after a long time. The anaesthetic bullet she had in her body was very mild, the reason why she didn’t need any special care. So naturally after a while, she was all better.

“Ah, where is this?”

Xiao Qi woke up, looked around and when found herself actually lying in a hotel room, got a fright.

The memory she had in her mind before fainting was the scene where she directly ran towards the masked man, Mo Jiuge, but in an instant, how did she come to the hotel?

Not good, she didn’t know how was she brought here?

She promptly checked her whole body from top to bottom and immediately the colour of her face faded away, who had changed her clothes?

She leant a bit, making her adorable face look towards the bathroom and felt that there was a graceful figure inside taking a bath, which turned her extremely anxious. who was that person after all?

Quite soon, the rushing sound of water finally stopped in the bathroom, then, an outstanding beauty, wrapped in a bathrobe, walked out.

“Hey, Xiao Qi you woke up?”

That electrifying beauty was undoubtedly Xiao Yue, who asked one holding a faint smile.

“Elder sister, it’s you, ah.”

Xiao Qi felt relieved, also let her heart finally calm down since it was her elder sister, so there was no problem.

“Right, by the way, there is something I need to tell you.”

Xiao Yue arrived in front of the mirror, then while turning on a hair dryer, said: “That masked man is Ye Feng, whose engagement has already been fixed with Lin Shiqing, but you have lost your heart.”

For Xiao Qi, these words acted like a bolt from the blue.

What, the masked man was actually Ye Feng? The fiancé of Shiqing, that high school student? Oh, now that the college entrance examination was over, no doubt he should be into Yanjing University as her junior ……….

However, the masked man was really Ye Feng?

Xiao Qi’s little mind all of a sudden got twisted, while her face was clouded with the colour of astonishment.

This time, she was done for.

She admitted that she really somewhat liked that guy, but now what could she do, she couldn’t grab a man with a girlfriend …………..

“Also, this matter ended here, now I will return to Yanjing.

Xiao Yue said somewhat lazily while blowing her hair, it sounded like the matured elder sister had deeply moved.

“Elder sister, you want to come back? That’s great.”

Xiao Qi heard that and finally, a cheerful look appeared on her face.

“Hope we don’t see that disgusting fellow again.”

Xiao Yue’s tone had a touch of helplessness, but she didn’t know the person who made her disgusted like this also belonged to Yanjing.

Wang Shaodong was just now with her, who was dragged away by a shark, even if she tried a hundred times, still couldn’t explain it properly. In case she didn’t return to Yanjing, then would certainly be killed by the people of Wang Clan. So long as she returned to her Xiao Clan in Yanjing, she didn’t need to be afraid of being trampled upon by Wang people.


In the senior cadre’s ward of a nearby hospital, the atmosphere was seriously very intense.

At the door, two heavily armed NSA members were assigned, who were constantly paying attention to all passersby, while in the ward, several local senior officials had swarmed up around the hospital bed, anxiously looking at a youth.

And that youth was Li Feng whose arm had been cut off by Ye Feng!

Now after passing through the whole night surgery, his severed arm had initially been connected, but he must have to do the static training constantly for a long time.

At this moment, he stretched his hand, picked up his re-allocated golden eyeglasses, then put it on and once again appeared mild-mannered and cultivated, but the expression he had on his face, made his whole personality look a bit gloomy.

By this time, he had already extracted out everything that had happened before with the help of the NSA’s channel.

“Give me the phone.”

Li Feng’s voice was similar to a scorpion in general, making the surrounding people know that this time someone definitely wanted to upside down the big mould.

Under the golden edged eyeglasses, his eyes flashed a touch of viciousness.

These martial artists were indeed extremely wretched!

He thought of the recent news, the heavy losses suffered by God Fist Gate as well as one of the arms of Long Mo’ran was similarly ripped off from his shoulder and felt quite disdainful. Although both sides held a grudge against Ye Feng, but still Li Feng was actually not glad to cooperate with the martial artists, besides for him, that was also too insulting.

These martial artists would be sooner or later eliminated by him!

Li Feng’s crazy thoughts led the foundation of an outrageous plan in his mind.

An idea to use torpedo bomb on Ye Feng to make him feel awfully great, suddenly popped up in his mind.