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Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Author:The Enlightened Master Crouching Cow

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Updates:Chapter 317: Match in Lightning

“Even if this universe is truly nothing more than a brutal, bloody, shadowy forest, we Cultivators will burn all that we have just to give off a single weak flickering spark in the darkness! No matter how weak each spark is, how short-lived, how small… As long as the sparks flow unabated, then one day one of those sparks will light some tinder, and that tinder shall light some fallen branches, and those branches shall set ablaze each and every last tree of the forest! In the end, even the smallest sparks will eventually set the shadowy forest ablaze, and illuminate the whole world!” Short Summary: In another world where cultivation is possible, around 40000 years later our protagonist Li Yao who makes his living collecting scrap metal has a fortuitous encounter with the soul of a titan powerhouse from the ancient past. 40,000 Cultivation Era Preamble 修真四万年
《Forty Millenniums of Cultivation》 Text
Chapter 1: Artifact Graveyard
Chapter 2: Hologram Projector
Chapter 3: The Uncanny Dream
Chapter 4: Fiend Blade Peng Hai
Chapter 5: Exam Simulation
Chapter 6: The Great Dark Age
Chapter 7: Second's School Goddess
Chapter 8: Repairing a Crystal Processor
Chapter 9: Salted Fish and Shoes
Chapter 10: Possessed by a Ghost
Chapter 11: As if a Dream
Chapter 12: Ecstatic Enough to Fly
Chapter 13: Reincarnation of a Glutton
Chapter 14: Little Border of Hidden Lake
Chapter 15: Audacious
Chapter 16: One Strip of Sea Cucumber
Chapter 17: Aunty of the Ghost Market
Chapter 18: Strengthening Drug
Chapter 19: Militant Wolf Slayers
Chapter 20: A Man Doing Body Exercises
Chapter 21: Dividing Four By Zero
Chapter 22: Fed Until Satisfaction
Chapter 23: Eating Without Discrimination
Chapter 24: A Leap of Advancement
Chapter 25: The Iron Beast, A Storm Arrives
Chapter 26: Someone Fiercer Arrives
Chapter 27: Actually, He's the Fiercest
Chapter 28: Of Course He Needs to be Aggressive
Chapter 29: Fiend Blade Forger
Chapter 30: You Are So Arrogant~
Chapter 31: I'm No Salted Fish!
Chapter 32: He's a Monster!
Chapter 33: A Night of Unbearable Pain
Chapter 34: A Savage Beast Emerges From its Cage
Chapter 35: The Hour of Intense Battle
Chapter 36: Li Yao Enters the Field!
Chapter 37: Treading Tiger Strike 7 Murdering-Hit Combo!
Chapter 38: Slaying the Way to Devil Dragon Island
Chapter 39: The World Of Cultivation, Is as Vast as the Skies and Seas!
Chapter 40: The Different Types of Cultivators
Chapter 41: The Flagship, The Distant Expanse!
Chapter 42: Rising Dragon of the Nine Stars!
Chapter 43: Sky Fantasia Academy
Chapter 44: A Collision of Essence Particles!
Chapter 45: Debating on the Grand Dao
Chapter 46: The Refiners’ Holy Land
Chapter 47: Ding Lingdang
Chapter 48: Invitation from Grand Desolate War Institution
Chapter 49: Small Ji, the Crystal Beast
Chapter 50: The Codes of an Refiners
Chapter 51: The Blades of Human Civilization!
Chapter 52: A Dense Fog and the Delusion Vine
Chapter 53: Instant Kill!
Chapter 54: Three Major Killing Weapons
Chapter 55: Trading Artifacts
Chapter 56: First in the Rankings!
Chapter 57: Three Options
Chapter 58: A Commander Appears
Chapter 59: Paralyzed!
Chapter 60: A Crazy Backdoor
Chapter 61: Where's Li Yao
Chapter 62: One Move Ahead
Chapter 63: Slaughtering Everything In Their Paths!
Chapter 64: A Torrential Storm Shower
Chapter 65: Ghost Dragon-7
Chapter 66: Demonic Blood Cannon
Chapter 67: The Armageddon Rebellion
Chapter 68: To Silence or Not
Chapter 69: The Tree of Memories
Chapter 70: Fiend Star Yao
Chapter 71: The Transformation of the Fiend Star Yao!
Chapter 72: A Lizard Transforming to a T-Rex
Chapter 73: Explosive Kill with One Shell
Chapter 74: Time and Tide Wait for No Man
Chapter 75: Abandoning All Civility
Chapter 76: A Hammer Decides
Chapter 77: The Scarlet Flame Queen
Chapter 78: The Wind Sweeps and Spreads the Clouds
Chapter 79: Sticking to His Dreams
Chapter 80: Idol!
Chapter 81: Fiend Blade’s Saber
Chapter 82: Small Grayfield
Chapter 83: Your’s is but a Cannon!
Chapter 84: Jumping to the Peak!
Chapter 85: Mining Clan High School
Chapter 86: School Bullying
Chapter 87: Eve of the College Entrance Examination
Chapter 88: I Have Decided!
Chapter 89: College Entrance Examination Champion!
Chapter 90: Breaking News
Chapter 91: Where is the Champion of the College Entrance Examination?
Chapter 92: From out the Boiler Room Came the Champion!
Chapter 93: Igniting the Whole City
Chapter 94: Worst Situation!
Chapter 95: The War over the Genius
Chapter 96: The Final Decision
Chapter 97: The Farce and the Miracle
Chapter 98: Taking the First Step
Chapter 99: Remote Reaches
Chapter 100: The King of Metal Forging
Chapter 101: Virtuosic
Chapter 102: The Final Stretch
Chapter 103: Towers of Bones
Chapter 104: Meeting with an Old Senior
Chapter 105: Sworn Duty of a Cultivator
Chapter 106: Thunderstorm
Chapter 107: Scarlet Calamity
Chapter 108: Lightning-like Pair of Hands
Chapter 109: Taiyi Lightning Railgun!
Chapter 110: Thunderstorm!
Chapter 111: Who are the Cultivators?
Chapter 112: Cultivators Are Here!
Chapter 113: Drawing the Sword
Chapter 114: Volcanic Eruption
Chapter 115: New World
Chapter 116: The Bottom Line of Civilization
Chapter 117: Lingering Souls of Heroes
Chapter 118: Heaven Origin Cultivators' Nexus
Chapter 119: Sensational News
Chapter 120: Foundation of Cultivation
Chapter 121: Full Speed Ahead!
Chapter 122: The Flying Sword is Also Crazy!
Chapter 123: Little Bluebird
Chapter 124: Big Battle Formation
Chapter 125: An Overbearing Apology
Chapter 126: Heavenly Refining Tower
Chapter 127: Wasteland's Wild Waves
Chapter 128: Chaos Edge and Iron Fist
Chapter 129: We are Unorthodox?
Chapter 130: Project Mystic Skeleton
Chapter 131: King of Magical Equipment
Chapter 132: Mass-Production Storm
Chapter 133: Skeleton of a War God
Chapter 134: Supernova
Chapter 135: Determine Your Fate on Your Own!
Chapter 136: Eldest Senior Brother and the President
Chapter 137: Legend… Start!
Chapter 138: I Will Steamroll You One by One
Chapter 139: The Ability to Play a Pig to Eat the Tiger
Chapter 140: 10:1
Chapter 141: Sleeping Can Also Turn You Into God
Chapter 142: Fire and Ice
Chapter 143: Four Experts? Explode for me!
Chapter 144: Immortal Cultivators
Chapter 145: First Generation Tai'e Crafting Furnace
Chapter 146: Super Perceptive State!
Chapter 147: The Miraculous Moment
Chapter 148: Professors, Please Give Me Some Pointers!
Chapter 149: Young Man, I Have High Hopes For You!
Chapter 150: Armadominus
Chapter 151: Building Foundation Egg
Chapter 152: You Are a Glass Jaw
Chapter 153: Falcon King Soaring Into the Sky in One Leap
Chapter 154: As Though Two Completely Different People
Chapter 155: Thousand Tempering Hundred Refining
Chapter 156: I Am Going to Bully You as I Wish
Chapter 157: Arrival of a Group of High School Students
Chapter 158: The Three Treasures of the Grand Desolate War Institution
Chapter 159: The Monster within a Jungle of Steel
Chapter 160: Tit For Tat
Chapter 161: A Showdown Between Refiners
Chapter 162: Supersonic Collision!
Chapter 163: Seven Layered Heavens, Hidden Dragon Scales!
Chapter 164: The Fiend Star Appears! Nine Star Explosion!
Chapter 165: Armory
Chapter 166: The Fierce Battle of Verdant Tarn City
Chapter 167: Levels of Demon Beasts
Chapter 168: He’s Dead Weight!
Chapter 169: Death Squad
Chapter 170: The First Battle
Chapter 171: Super Shocking Firepower
Chapter 172: The Blood Lotus Slowly Blossoms
Chapter 173: Main Competitive Strength
Chapter 174: Li Yao's Transformation
Chapter 175: Heavy Artillery and Insane Saber!
Chapter 176: Let’s Do It Big!
Chapter 177: So You're That Monstrous Genius?
Chapter 178: Killing Their Way Into the Financial District
Chapter 179: Fearsome Gun Fighting Technique
Chapter 180: Thunder Palm
Chapter 181: Demon General!
Chapter 182: The Bravest One Wins!
Chapter 183: Want to Kill Me? Taste The Hellfire-Lightning!
Chapter 184: Total Victory
Chapter 185: Lawful Punishment
Chapter 186: The End of Hunters
Chapter 187: Lone Hunter
Chapter 188: Hunting Efficiency
Chapter 189: Self-Crafting a Magical Equipment!
Chapter 190: Just Out of the Furnace!
Chapter 191: This Magical Equipment is Somewhat Interesting
Chapter 192: 30,000 Credits!
Chapter 193: One Against Two Thousand?
Chapter 194: Impossible Misson
Chapter 195: Escape
Chapter 196: Eliminate Li Yao First!
Chapter 197: Can He Fly to the High Heavens?
Chapter 198: If You Want to Kill Me, Let's Die Together!
Chapter 199: Daggers Drawn
Chapter 200: Ambush on All Sides
Chapter 201: Final Plan
Chapter 202: Three Jade Chips?
Chapter 203: Final Winner
Chapter 204: The Invitation of Long Wenhui
Chapter 205: The World Is So Big
Chapter 206: Doesn't Know What's Good For Himself
Chapter 207: The Best Partner
Chapter 208: The Most Special Examination Hall
Chapter 209: The Tenth Star, Jiang Shaoyang!
Chapter 210: I'm a Genius
Chapter 211: Toothpick War!
Chapter 212: Contest Between a Monster and Another Monster
Chapter 213: Soaring Will to Fight
Chapter 214: A Test Filled With Traps
Chapter 215: What in the Bloody Hell is That!
Chapter 216: It's a Tyrant
Chapter 217: Isn't This Too Brutal?
Chapter 218: The Tarantula vs the Wolf King
Chapter 219: Can't Touch Its Ass
Chapter 220: The Gruesome Battle
Chapter 221: Different Roads
Chapter 222: The Birth of the Sun
Chapter 223: Invisible Peak
Chapter 224: The Future Road
Chapter 225: Ding Lingdang's Secret
Chapter 226: I Will Protect You
Chapter 227: Rebirth of the Mystic Bone
Chapter 228: You Will Wear the Suit!
Chapter 229: Death Training Camp
Chapter 230: Chief Instructor's Got His Eyes on You
Chapter 231: Crystal Suit First Experience
Chapter 232: Pushed It Too Hard
Chapter 233: Astonished Training Planner
Chapter 234: No. 100
Chapter 235: Training in the Crystal Suits Graveyard
Chapter 236: Seven Ways to Hide Edge
Chapter 237: Ecstasy
Chapter 238: The King of Crystal Suits
Chapter 239: Stars Falling on My Head
Chapter 240: Way Too Presumptuous
Chapter 241: Steel V.S. Steel
Chapter 242: Fatal Gap
Chapter 243: A Training Camp Named Universe
Chapter 244: Slashing My Way Forward
Chapter 245: Second Match, Begin!
Chapter 246: Double Hunting
Chapter 247: Perish Together?
Chapter 248: Dark Desolate Domain
Chapter 249: Vast Universe and Silver-blood Demons
Chapter 250: Crazy Digestion
Chapter 251: Arrival of Enemies
Chapter 252: Blood Hand and Night Owl
Chapter 253: Two Demon Generals? Die Now!
Chapter 254: Strong Desire to Survive
Chapter 255: The Soul Stealer and the Lion Dragon Demon
Chapter 256: Hidden Dragon Bombards the Sky
Chapter 257: Super Pressure, Brand New Self!
Chapter 258: Home with Windfalls
Chapter 259: Magnificent Era to Come
Chapter 260: Main Battlesuit Calls for Bids
Chapter 261: Godlike Man
Chapter 262: Tale of Time
Chapter 263: Fiend Star Refining Workshop
Chapter 264: Three Magical Equipment Magazines
Chapter 265: Fight a Shark
Chapter 266: Laws of the Outlaws
Chapter 267: First Bucket of Gold
Chapter 268: The Unknown and the Defective
Chapter 269: Invisible Bug
Chapter 270: Black Worm
Chapter 271: Long Time No See, Old Friend
Chapter 272: A Track Worth Over a Hundred Million
Chapter 273: Sweeping Stones
Chapter 274: Solar Eclipse
Chapter 275: Brutal ALKAID
Chapter 276: Windchaser
Chapter 277: Unbreakable Record
Chapter 278: Secret Treasure and Marrow Crystal
Chapter 279: Mutation of Little Black
Chapter 280: Neltharion
Chapter 281: Shareholder
Chapter 282: Operations Director
Chapter 283: Mountain Sea Sect's Choice
Chapter 284: On Fire!
Chapter 285: Advertisement
Chapter 286: Demon Beast Detector, Young Pioneer Version
Chapter 287: Unstoppable
Chapter 288: Heavy Bomb
Chapter 289: Invincible Opponent
Chapter 290: Foggy Booth
Chapter 291: Crucial Question
Chapter 292: Phantom Entities
Chapter 293: Let's Fight Side by Side!
Chapter 294: Amazing Idea
Chapter 295: Mournful Mist and Sword Torrent
Chapter 296: Birth of the Mystic Skeleton
Chapter 297: Extreme Tests
Chapter 298: Fight Lingdang
Chapter 299: I Love You
Chapter 300: Magical Equipment Exposition
Chapter 301: Twenty Years Later
Chapter 302: Better Life
Chapter 303: Sea of Stars
Chapter 304: Foggy Booth
Chapter 305: Grand Entrance
Chapter 306: Seafood Fried Rice and Egg Fried Rice
Chapter 307: Face Slapping!
Chapter 308: Magical Equipment Purchaser
Chapter 309: Shopping Around
Chapter 310: First Deal
Chapter 311: Deadly Flaw
Chapter 312: 700°C Battleground
Chapter 313: Explosion-reacting Plate Armor
Chapter 314: Men of the Military
Chapter 315: One-on-one Clash
Chapter 316: Flying Crystal Racing
Chapter 317: Match in Lightning