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Chapter 112 - Negotiation

Negotiation Part 1

“This woman is actually a tertiary hypnotist, no wonder she is so powerful. She can even transmit a spiritual illusion into our hearts, this is really amazing.”

Jiang Li knew who this lady was now.

Chu Shan had told him before.

The best hypnotist in the 36 Chinese cities, Na Tan.

She was a mysterious person, arguably the strongest person in Jing Hua city. No martial arts master was a match for her because she could hypnotise you even from afar.

It was said that her prowess has reached the state of eternal stasis. That meant that her spirit would never regress and would always stay the same. She was already on her was to form her sacred fetus.

This was the eight-grounds Buddha mentioned in Buddhism, she was unmoving.

Her will to seek the Dao is forever ingrained in her heart.

“What do you want from me?” Based on his instincts, Jiang Li didn’t think this encounter was a good thimg.

“I was asked to talk peace with you.” Na Tan’s spiritual hologram said slowly: “Of course, Yu Tong can’t command me. It’s because I owe the Yu family. You are a student of Astral University. He doesn’t dare to do anything to you. But you killed Yu Muhua, the Yu family can’t just let it go like that so you must compensate.”

“Compensate, what compensation?” Jiang Li sneered. Although the opposition was the best hypnotist, but she still didn’t dare to do anything illegal in the legality society so he was fearless: “Yu Muhua tried to kill me multiple times, I couldn’t just let it go anymore so I retaliated. On top of that, it was during the training exercise. Even if we go to Jing Hua city high court, the court will only rule me as being overly defensive or maybe even rule it as self-defense.”

“I don’t care about this, I’m just a messenger and I have no interest in discussing who’s right and who’s wrong in this matter.” Na Tan waved her hand: “The condition Yu Tong has said was that your father Jiang Zhendong must work for the Yu family and create solar and lunar essences that have no side effects. When the product passes the government tests and goes onto the market, your murder of Yu Muhua shall be acquitted.”

“Hahahaha….” Jiang Li laughed: “He’s full of shit! What is the solar and lunar essence? How can a little Yu Muhua compare with that? If the real solar and lunar essence was invented and it was invested into the market, then it wouldn’t be calculated in billions, does Yu Muhua have such a high worth?”

“Although you got into Astral University, you don’t have the ability to establish a research laboratory yet.” Na Tan sighed: “What’s behind the Yu family is the entire 36 Chinese cities, one of the bloodline that have been passed down the ancient blood of China. If you father gets his support, he can definitely conduct his research better. He also has special technical assistants that he can send to your father. When you research out the real solar and lunar essence, not only would that be of great help to you, but also all of the Chinese.”

“You make it sound very good, you want my dad to be a laborer? What a nice dream.” Jiang Li sneered.

“He’s not a laborer.” Na Tan enticed: “in exchange, you father will also get 50% of the share, the other half will be shared by the Yu family and the rest of the powerhouses of the Jing Hua city. That money will be used for the development of the Chinese world. You also know that the current solar and lunar essences is flawed. Not only is it not potent enough. The real ancient lunar and solar essence contains also a large amount of energy, which is not spirit chi. If we can invent the real lunar and solar essence, then the first person to receive the benefit of it would be the Chinese. The power of the 36 Chinese cities will expand greatly, creating an economic up rise and you can also defeat the Jiang family. The current situation is that your father has the technology, we have the resources and the ability to advertise, the conditions for research and also the ability to fully support your father. If we work together, wouldn’t things be much better?”

“I must say, you’re very convincing.” Jiang Li’s eyes looked down: “But the Jiang family also promised my father a share, they gave him nothing. These promises of bull shit. And I can establish my own research laboratory later. You think I don’t have this capability?”

“Of course your have the capability but your power is weak right now. If you want to establish a research laboratory for you father, you need at least 30 years to establish one of an appropriate scale.” Na Tan continued her breakdown: “what sort of changes could happen in 30 years? Your father is highly valued, the Sun and Moon Corporation needs him, we also need him, and some of the white power factions need him. These lucrative benefits are able to drive people crazy. When you go to Astral University to study, these people won’t just let your father go.”

Na Tan was also speaking the truth.

Jiang Zhendong was the researcher for the Sun and Moon Corporation, he knew a large amount of research secrets. Plenty of powers wer willing to take major risks just to get him under their control.

So Jiang Li had been guarding his father very safely. As soon as his exams had finished, he had come home immediately.

“This suggestion, to be honest, is not bad.” Jiang Li knew that although his status had improved. It was still implausible for him to establish his own research centre. If you wanted to create a large research group, not only did you need lots of connections but also a large amount of research funds. And you also need a lot of power and machines.

The research for solar and lunar essence was like the research for nuclear weapons from 200 years ago. It wasn’t something that could be developed by one or two people. It required a large amounts of energy, research laboratories, computers and even battleship extracts.

Jiang Li didn’t have the right circumstances to establish these things.

It was highly possible that he’d really have to wait until 30 years later.

All of the things he needed were already available in the 36 cities.

Once they cooperate, the research for solar and lunar essence would start very quickly.

But Jiang Li deeply understood his father’s personality. He definitely wouldn’t cooperate with other people. And he had also killed Yu Tong’s son, he didn’t think this enmity would so easily be resolved.

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Negotiation Part 2

Hatred was hatred, it wasn’t something that could so easily be resolved.

If his dad worked with this group of people, his research outcomes would soon be devoured clean. Research also meant control, by then, he would also be controlled himself.

How could he not see all of this?

But this was something suggested by a tertiary hypnotist. He couldn’t refuse immediately or it would likely be an insult to her. He was still a bit fearful of someone like this.

“This is something major, I still need to think about it before I reply.” Jiang LI replied after staying quiet for a while.

“You already refused, don’t try to fool me.” Na Tan smiled: “It’s impossible to fool a tertiary hypnotist, our spirits can see everything clearly.”

“Seems to be so.” Jiang Li smiled faintly. He knew that it was indeed a joke trying to fool someone like her: “I won’t cooperate with the powerhouses of the 36 chinese cities. Enmity is enmity, especially enmity born from killing his son. Even if he wished to resolve this, I don’t feel safe letting my father enter their laboratory. I hope you can understand this. If you want to fight me then come. Although I might be weaker than you, I will still put up a fight!”

At the bottom of his heart, Jiang Li really didn’t fear a tertiary hypnotist.

Illusory Fox tried to hypnotize him but it backfired.

Gu Xiong tried to hypnotize him but this also backfired.

The bard on Planet Qu Bo tried to hypnotise him, it also backfired.

If Na Tan tried to hypnotise him, she would experience these same consequences despite her being stronger than all of them.

This was all dependent on the opaque stone.

Thinking about the stone, Jiang Li suddenly remembered that he could begin cultivating the Emperor Fire Seal. He wondered what secrets lay in the fire seal? Since it was ranked higher than the wind and lightning seal, it must have even more wonderful uses.

“hehehe….” Na Tan smiled: “I don’t have any enmity with you, I won’t attack you. I’m only her as a persuader. Since I can’t persuade you, then I will relay this back to the Yu family. It was already hard for the Yu family to ask me to come here. I don’t need to report anything to them. But as for you, I’m getting more and more curious. If you have time, you should come over to my Man Chaluo island!”


Suddenly, Na Tan exploded, dispersing into a cloud of black mist.

Nothing was in front of him, it was all an illusion.

Wang Changrong’s face was solemn: “Such a strong woman, she really has the ability to migrate to the elite district.”

“She is the strongest hypnotist of the 36 Chinese cities and she is still cultivating arduously, trying to break through the state of eternal stasis and form her sacred fetus. After which she will go to the elite district.” Chu Shan was sweating.

“If this person attacked, we won’t be her match for her, even when combining our powers but she wouldn’t just form a hatred with other people so easily.”

“She is indeed very strong.” Jiang Li said: “But I can tell she doesn’t have any ill intentions towards me. Instead, she invited me to her island.”

“You can accept her invitation. Although she is a bit mysterious, but she has a good reputation. In the hypnotist circle, she has not really done anything bad. But of course, the laws of humanity are serious, even someone as significant as her can’t do wrong things however she likes.” Chu Shan nodded: “But, what conditions did she say?”

“Of course I didn’t agree!” Jiang Li said with absolution: “Sending my father into danger, what a joke.”

“I also didn’t expect your father’s value to weigh so heavily! He was the main researcher for solar and lunar essence. Good thing he didn’t discover the real lunar and solar essence. Otherwise, the Jiang family would have already exported this to the whole world and their family would be ten times larger than it is now! I have already reported this to the Safety Corporation’s headquarters. Soon, it will arrive at our founder’s ears. At that time, he will personally come and greet your father. For now, the Safety Corporation will also send masters over to protect your father soon.” Chu Shan said immediately.

In Chu Shan’s eyes, Jiang Zhendong’s value weighed even more than Jiang Li himself.

As someone who has the potential to discover the real solar and lunar essence, his worth could only be measured in quadrillions once he succeeds.

The Safety Corporation had to take him seriously.

Although Jiang Li had some worth too, it was a far cry from Jiang Zhendong’s.

More so, if the real solar and lunar essence was discovered and put onto the market, the Jiang family’s solar and lunar essence would become the fake and inferior quality product! The current solar and lunar essence was still an illicit drug because it couldn’t be used by civilians and could only be transported through the black market.

But the real solar and lunar essence have no such side effects and would be approved by the government for patency.

The current solar and lunar essence did not hold any patent.

But Jiang Li was still trustful of the Safety Corporation for the moment. Although he also neede to be wary of any tricks they might play. Although it was unlikely that Chu Shan and Chu Xixi would use dirty means, it didn’t mean that the other CEO’s of the corporation would not.

Wang Kurong and Big Black were his trump cards.

Especially Big Black.

Big Black was getting stronger and stronger. As long as there was more genetic water of the Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast, Big Black would continue to evolve until eventually, he would become as strong as the very beast itself. At that time, big black would be someone who even exceeded the power of a secondary mecha.

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