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Chapter 177 – Pet dogs

Chapter 177 – Pet dogs

Liu Yuan relied upon the strength of the imperial seal level ‘Lunar charm’ to have an upper hand in her fight with Long Ji.

However, this power couldn’t ensure her victory. Although Long Ji had comprehended only ‘Blood dragon’ principle, he had comprehended it up to the domain rank!

The mysterious jade level ‘blood dragon’ domain must be far more powerful than the ‘lunar charm’.

Moreover, Liu Yuan didn’t have leverage over Long Ji in other aspects.

Cultivation level, battle weapons, combat experience…..

Liu Yuan lagged far behind Long Ji.

Such being the case, no one could ever think that Liu Yuan could be a match of Long Ji.

It was a fact that no one could deny.

Liu Yuan grabbed her two daggers and rushed towards Long Ji like a streamer of white light.

“Blood dragon Zhenling!”

Long Ji, who was mounted on a horse, sneered with disdain as he released his ‘Blood Dragon Zhenling’.

Liu Yuan’s whole body was releasing a huge amount of murderous aura due to which no one dared to stop her.

“Liu Yuan, you have said enough. I will teach you a lesson today for your impertinent remarks so that you always remember that you hold no power to slander people with your words outside your clan or sect.”

Long Ji shouted with great disdain as he launched his blood dragon Zhenling towards Liu Yuan.

If Liu Yuan was struck by Long Ji’s blood dragon Zhenling, she would receive severe injuries. The blood dragon was approaching her at such a great speed that she didn’t have any time to release her own Zhenling entity.

Whether she used her ‘phantom allure domain’ or the ‘lunar charm’, she didn’t stand a chance against Long Ji’s blood dragon.

“So the mighty Major General Long Ji rampages in the Imperial city and bullies a woman. Such a majestic act on your part!”

A satirical voice sounded from the distant crowd.

Then, a young man dressed in black robe stepped forward and stood by Liu Yuan’s side.

This young man was none other than Long Yu!

This turn of events surprised everyone who was present there.

“Who is this young boy? How did he dare to speak up in front of the Major General?”

“He’s a mere Zhenling third layer expert. He’s courting death!”

While all the other people were busy murmuring among themselves, Long Yu launched his fist charged with the power of ‘awakening palm samsara’.

The strength of the samsara seeped through the blood dragon and immediately reduced its power by half!

Liu Yuan seized this opportunity and took no time in releasing her own black butterfly.

Earlier in the Ling clan village, Liu Yuan had released this black butterfly while it was still a Zhenling. But now, this black butterfly had transformed into a Zhenling entity and was surely more powerful than it earlier was.

Just after releasing her black butterfly Zhenling entity, Liu Yuan released ‘phantom allure domain’ in order to resist the advances of the blood dragon.

Long Yu jumped in and blocked the blood dragon from reaching Liu Yuan, giving her enough time launch the best of her attacks.

“It’s you!”

Liu Yuan finally discovered that the young boy who had stepped out of the crowd to help her was actually Long Yu, and it seemed that she wasn’t pleased by the sight of him.

This puzzled Long Yu. It was the same Liu Yuan who had lent him her own horse in order to escape from the Ling clan village, but now she reacted as if she was displeased by his presence.

He wasn’t sure, but perhaps it was him and Ling Yi riding together on her horse that made her mad at him.

“So it’s you!”

Long Ji smiled wryly and said: “Whether I bully Liu Yuan or not is none of your business, but I knew you would definitely be here to get killed because of this Liu Yuan.”

Long Yu narrowed his eyes.

This Long Ji, how did he know that Long Yu would arrive at the Liu clan mansion? What did he mean when he said that Long Yu would get killed because of Liu Yuan?

“Xin Yueya told me.”

Liu Yuan moved to Long Yu’s side and spoke in a sinking voice: “Xin Yueya was my fellow apprentice as well as my best friend. This Long Ji deceived her. He abandoned her right after seducing her. That’s what made her commit suicide by drowning herself in the Allure Lake.”

“I see.”

Long Yu wrinkled his eyebrows.

No wonder Liu Yuan called this man a monster. Long Ji was even worse than that. He had wronged an innocent girl by luring her first and then abandoning her!

Obviously Xin Yueya was emotionally shattered and thought it was better to resort to suicide rather than bringing disgrace to herself and her family.

Liu Yuan’s voice was loud enough to be heard by the people who were present in the streets nearby. Her words made everyone gawk as they angrily looked at Long Ji.

Did Major General really seduce an innocent girl and then thoughtlessly abandoned her?

Now the people could clearly see why Liu Yuan hated this man.

“What you say is untrue.”

Long Ji, instead of being enraged, was calm and composed: “Your friend Xin Yueya had eyes for me for a very long time. She knew that I wanted to marry you and was also aware of the fact that she was not a suitable bride for me. It was she who seduced me and threatened me to kill herself if I didn’t marry her.”

Long Ji’s words made everyone silent.

People knew who was being truthful and who was lying, but they thought it was better not to offend Long Ji.

Not only was he the Major General of the Tang army, he was also the heir of the Long clan. Who would want to pick up enmity with the army as well as the Long clan?

Long Yu had judged people’s thoughts from their silence, but he didn’t care. What was important for him was that Long Ji’s true face had been exposed.

“You three, get rid of this boy!”

Long Ji didn’t pay any attention to Long Yu and commanded his three generals to charge forward.

The bald general Yan Shan, the small eyed general Yan Huli and the general Ma Shili were quite startled when they heard the command.

“As you command, Major General.”

The three generals immediately rushed towards Long Yu from three different directions.

They didn’t have to pay any attention towards Liu Yuan. Although she was on Long Yu’s side, she and her black butterfly were already busy defending themselves from the blood dragon, so obviously she couldn’t help in any way.

Long Yu had to face these three mighty generals on his own!

All the people in the crowd held their breath. Was it necessary for Long Ji to deploy all the three generals to kill this trivial Zhenling third layer boy?

This appeared to them as if Long Ji was making a mountain out of a molehill!

They knew that this boy who had jumped in to help Liu Yuan didn’t stand a chance now and would soon be killed.

“This boy is Long Yu. He is the son of that traitor Long Zaitian.”

“No wonder the Major General wanted him to show up.”

“It seems that Long Yu has some good relationship with Liu Yuan. But unfortunately he has offended Major General Long Ji; he will have to pay for it with his life.”

Several people whispered among themselves since no one of them thought that Long Yu might survive such a fierce attack.

Although they all admired Long Yu for his courage, but none of them could do anything except for watching him being killed by the three generals.

Yet another young man was going to die early…..

“Wait, what was that?”

All the people stood in awe with their eyes wide open. They couldn’t believe what they just saw.

The bald general Han Shan hadn’t even reached halfway when Long Yu blurred away in the air and appeared right behind the bald general the very next moment.

He had used his lunar wings!

The bald general had never expected Long Yu to move at such a great speed. He had no idea that it was due to the spiritual intelligence of the lunar wings.

“Qian dragon spear, kill ten thousand people!”

As Long Yu swayed his Qian dragon spear, bursts of murderous aura were released from it which soon enveloped the bald general thoroughly.

The other two generals didn’t get enough time to rescue General Yan Shan.

As Yan Shan’s whole body was enveloped with great murderous aura, he couldn’t even think of launching a counter attack in order to save himself. He stood numbly, with his eyes wide open in terror.

‘Kill ten thousand people’ skill was used by an army general to kill several enemy soldiers in one fell swoop. But now, Yan Shan was being subjected to the same martial skill by a citizen of the Tang kingdom!

Moreover, Yan Shan knew how powerful Long Yu’s spear was.

Yan Shan trembled with fear. It was the fear of being struck by that spear. It was the fear of death!

However, Long Yu didn’t kill him. He pierced his armour and arm with his spear and then kicked him off his horse.

“Pet dogs like you don’t deserve to ride horses!”

Long Yu sneered before blurring away again to attack the other two generals.

Dealing with Zhenling third layer experts was not a difficult task for Long Yu.

Pet dog!

Long Yu’s remark had left Yan Shan in great anger, but he had already been severely injured by Long Yu so it was impossible for him to enter the fight again.

Moreover, he knew that if he tried to attack Long Yu again, he wouldn’t spare his life this time. Yan Shan was simply not in a position to defeat Long Yu.

“This rampant boy dared to offend the Major General. Kill him…..”

The bald general clenched his teeth to withhold the pain and shouted to the other two generals.

What he didn’t know was that neither Yan Huli nor Ma Shili was actually strong enough to kill Long Yu.

Long Yu swayed his spear once again and attacked the two generals at once. One of them was struck in the leg and he tumbled off while the other was kicked of his horse by Long Yu.

This scene left the whole crowd in utter disbelief.

Initially all of them had thought that Long Yu was going to get killed by the three senior generals, but now Long Yu had taken control of the whole situation and was literally treating the three generals like ‘dogs’.

However, Long Ji didn’t give Long Yu any chance to rest.

While Yan Huli was crawling on the ground after having his leg wasted by Long Yu, Long Ji launched his blood dragon towards Long Yu to kill him!