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Chapter 13 – Troops Movement Into Danger

Book 7 Chapter 13 – Troops Movement Into Danger

That night, Tieqi Hui and the Chu Army, who was responsible for city defense, conducted a house-to-house search operation. Xing Fa Long, where Kou, Xu, and the others stayed was no exception.

Fortunately, everybody had formal entry-exit document, plus Niu Fangcai has secretly sent out bribes, hence they were able to get through this ordeal safe and sound.

After the enemy left, Xiang Yushan made an executive decision, “This time our plot fell through and stood exposed, Ren Shaoming is already alerted, we lost the opportunity. The most terrible thing is that he has seen through our intention to make our move at the Chun Zai Lou.”

Everybody understood that unless it was a public place like Chun Zai Lou, where they could have an accurate grasp of the time and place, basically they would have no way of proceeding with the assassination.

Yun Yuzhen sighed and said, “We will leave town first thing tomorrow morning. The longer we stay, the more danger we face.”

Chen Laomou, who was bandaging the skin and flesh wound on Kou Zhong’s right arm, which he suffered during the escape, nodded and said, “We would be very lucky if we could leave safely.”

Xu Ziling said indifferently, “You all are leaving tomorrow, but Zhong Shao and I will definitely stay.”

Bu Tianzhi was stunned. “That is not a sensible approach,” he said.

Giggling, Kou Zhong said, “In short, one day we have not died, there is still chance of success.”

Xiang Yushan smiled wryly and said, “In that case we all are staying. Besides, for the time being there won’t be any problem with our identity.”

“No!” Xu Ziling resolutely said, “You must leave tomorrow, while we will pretend we are staying to discuss some business. If you don’t leave, in case we have to leave in a hurry there will be a lot of concerns.”

Yun Yuzhen’s countenance turned pale; she said in heavy voice, “Is this risk worth taking? What’s the difference with delivering your lives?”

Kou Zhong said with a sneer, “Beautiful Shifu, do you think we are idiots who would be willing to die for nothing? Please obediently return to Baling and wait for the news of our victory there!”

Biting her lower lip, Yun Yuzhen spoke with determination, “You are not leaving, I will stay.”

A strange expression appeared on Bu Tianzhi’s face. After staring at his Gang Leader for a moment, he said, “It would be best if two Gongzi tell us your plan. If Bangzhu thinks it is feasible, and she knows that our leaving will be advantageous to the gentlemen’s operation, she might be willing to depart one step ahead of you.”

This remark was reasonable and fair. Kou Zhong sighed and said, “The reason is very simple: Ren Shaoming basically does not have any regards of us in his eyes.”

Xu Ziling added, “Even if he really has any apprehension about us, he would never let others know, or perhaps let his subordinates know. Therefore, he might pretend that he did not care and would still go to Chun Zai Lou to look for Huo Qi.”

“Of course!” Kou Zhong said with a laugh, “Even when he and Huo Qi are having sex, he would definitely have that pair of meteor hammers stuffed under the pillow. Ha! How can he sleep with that kind of pillow?”

Ignoring everybody else’s reaction, Xu Ziling continued, “Before the assassination operation, all Niu Shu’s [uncle] men over there must leave first, because we are going to use these identities to act.”

Frowning, Xiang Yushan said, “But, under this kind of situation, Evil Monk and Amorous Nun will definitely be nearby to protect their master, even if you have a chance to act, you won’t be able to harm even half a strand of Ren Shaoming’s hair.”

Niu Fangcai also nodded and said, “Ren Shaoming’s men might even greatly enhance the security. Under these circumstances, I am afraid you won’t even get a chance to get close to him.”

Kou Zhong smiled wryly and said, “If not for the danger, why would we insist on you leaving one step ahead of us?”

Xu Ziling added, “Only when we have no fear of trouble in the rear will we have a chance to escape after the mission is accomplished.”

Echoing one another, Kou Zhong said, “Don’t forget that we are the world best when it comes to escaping. Otherwise we would not be sitting here urging you to cooperate with us.”

Bu Tianzhi agreed, “We understand,” he said. Turning to Xiang Yushan and Yun Yuzhen, he said, “We’d better move upstream to wait for two Gongzi. As long as they manage to get back to the ship, we will be able to leave safely.”

Disgruntled, but had no other choice, Yun Yuzhen grumbled, “You don’t have any chance.” And then she stormed back to her room.

Losing Yun Yuzhen’s support, Xiang Yushan was forced to give in. After discussing the details of their plan, everybody returned to their room to rest.

Kou Zhong followed Xu Ziling back to his room. Wrapping his arm around Xu Ziling’s shoulder, he said with a laugh, “How did you do that with your palm? You scared the entire hall that they scrambled out in fear.”

Xu Ziling pondered over it for a while before responding, “This is really strange. Just like when we were at the ‘Training Beach’ that day, when we struck unintentionally; before, we never thought about that, after, we could not repeat it. It seems to me that we still have potential that we have not been able to bring out yet.”

Kou Zhong sighed and said, “Your stance when you were facing Fengshi Han was also very brilliant. Humph! I want to see if that stinky Princess and that Ba guy still dare to look down on us, two brothers.”

Xu Ziling indignantly said, “There will come a day I am going to knock that Fengshi Han down.”

Kou Zhong asked in surprise, “You seldom care about victory and defeat, why is it that Fengshi Han is an exception?”

Xu Ziling sat down. He mused, “Perhaps because I feel that he is playing with Yu Yi’s feeling?”

Kou Zhong sat down across from him. Leaning forward, he asked in a low voice, “Is it really that it has nothing to do with Shan Wanjing?”

“Of course not!” Xu Ziling replied crossly, “I have never really cared about her.”

Kou Zhong leaned back on his chair; slapping his own forehead, he said, “If stinky Princess heard you, she will be inconsolably heart-broken. Toward you, she really cannot distinguish love from hate, otherwise, she would not have come between the two of you, forcing Ba fenghan ‘to beat the gong to recall the troops’.”

A bit agitated, Xu Ziling said, “It’s late! We really need some rest.”

Kou Zhong had no choice but to get up to leave. But as he reached for the door, he turned around and said, “Xiao Ling! I really appreciate you. If you were unwilling to stay to help me deal with Ren Shaoming, I would have had to follow the troop home, and that would be the biggest regret that I will never be able to make up.” Only then did he push the door and leave.

Xu Ziling flicked his finger to put out the lantern before entering the darkness of his bedroom.

The sound of hoof beats could still be heard from the street outside.

This time tomorrow night, would they still be alive?