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Commanding Wind and Cloud


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Updates:Chapter 341: Daughter-in-law, Hatred Among Rivals

This was the era that belonged to various powerful bloodline warriors, the fervorous era where magic powers and warrior energies were the deciding factor of dominance! With endless ardour and unstoppable courage, a grassroot nobody could also shine and live like a boss! 叱咤风云
《Commanding Wind and Cloud》 Text
Chapter 1: Qian Jin, Forward
Chapter 2: Learning the Art
Chapter 3: Working with Metals
Chapter 4: My Strength Increased?
Chapter 5: Gabriella
Chapter 6: Brutal Strength
Chapter 7: Damn, Bro
Chapter 8: Instant Win
Chapter 9: Do It Twice If Once Is Not Enough
Chapter 10: Do You Guys Want to Become Disabled?
Chapter 11: The Prettiest Girl in Class
Chapter 12: Retest
Chapter 13: Challenge Bloodlines
Chapter 14: Is Your Ass Itching for a Whooping?
Chapter 15: The Job That No One Can Get
Chapter 16: Too Light
Chapter 17: An Official Blacksmith
Chapter 18: [Level 2 Refined Iron]
Chapter 19: A Share of the Profit
Chapter 20: Establishing Dominance
Chapter 21: We Will Double It
Chapter 22: Beast Fighting Technique
Chapter 23: Smash You with the Hammer
Chapter 24: Worth Double
Chapter 25: Friend, Guardian and Brother-In-Law
Chapter 26: All Kinds of Skills
Chapter 27: The Magical Hot Spring
Chapter 28: The Most Popular Girl in the Academy
Chapter 29: What Real Beauty Is
Chapter 30: The Conflict During Morning Practice
Chapter 31: The Deal in the Little Forest
Chapter 32: Level 8!
Chapter 33: Redeem Us
Chapter 34: Energy Stone
Chapter 35: A Big Investment
Chapter 36: Show You My Miraculous Skill
Chapter 37: Fake Forging Technique
Chapter 38: The Number One Warrior in Oakland
Chapter 39: A Broad View of the World
Chapter 40: Forging Master
Chapter 41: Attention to Detail
Chapter 42: Attending the Duel
Chapter 43: Fight Him Together
Chapter 44: Gabriella and Gloria (1)
Chapter 45: Gabriella and Gloria (2)
Chapter 46: Gabriella and Gloria (3)
Chapter 47: Max Leveling the Skill [Sharpening]
Chapter 48: [Blade-washing] Skill and [Forging Breathe Technique]
Chapter 49: Warrior Weapons!
Chapter 50: Qian Jin’s Weapon
Chapter 51: The Most Arrogant Raving
Chapter 52: Invincible
Chapter 53: God-tier Blacksmith Master
Chapter 54: Dignity and Honor
Chapter 55: [Fasten-Assault Chop]
Chapter 56: The Revival of Skyreed Part I
Chapter 57: The Revival of Skyreed Part II
Chapter 58: The Unbelievable Blade-washing of Dual-Moon!
Chapter 59: Good News and Bad News
Chapter 60: His Own Team
Chapter 61: Level 10 Blacksmith
Chapter 62: One Hundred Years Aged Ice-Iron
Chapter 63: Horizontal Chop
Chapter 64: Potion
Chapter 65: Insights from the Battle
Chapter 66: Warrior; Murderous Intent; Archer and War
Chapter 67: Magic Core
Chapter 68: God-tier Items
Chapter 69: Being a Dad
Chapter 70: The Invincible Qian Jin!
Chapter 71: Demon Fighter
Chapter 72: 100 = 1
Chapter 73: Ambush!
Chapter 74: Shura under the Silver Moon
Chapter 75: Breaking into a Boudoir
Chapter 76: This is the Line Between Life and Death
Chapter 77: My Door Won’t Be Locked, You Don’t Have to go Through the Window
Chapter 78: The First Project
Chapter 79: Warrior Weapon – Kitchen Knife
Chapter 80: Masters Fighting Over an Apprentice
Chapter 81: Time for Revenge
Chapter 82: Making a Mess
Chapter 83: Chop Through Everything
Chapter 84: Break Your Most Precious Item!
Chapter 85: Cutting Trees and Breaking Mountains
Chapter 86: Earlier Test
Chapter 87: Buddy, Go Back and Ask Your Dad
Chapter 88: The Assassination from Three Level 9 Warriors
Chapter 89: The Most Dangerous Assassination!
Chapter 90: Intolerable!
Chapter 91: Fight! Fight! Fight! Cruel Killing!
Chapter 92: Secret Technique and a Rush for Life
Chapter 93: The Memory Outburst
Chapter 94: Four Season Valley
Chapter 95: Advancing to Level 10
Chapter 96: Snow Tigers
Chapter 97: Energy Stone Lode
Chapter 98: A Strange Lake, Strange Fishes, and a Strange Person.
Chapter 99: Second Place Forever
Chapter 100: The Most Brilliant Era Has Come! To Be Number One!
Chapter 101: Establishing Dominance
Chapter 102: Boil You! [Wind and Cloud Golden Body]
Chapter 103: Copper Skin and Iron Bones
Chapter 104: Wind and Cloud Six Ranks; Attack of Demon Beasts
Chapter 105: Suppressing Demon Beasts with Brutal Force
Chapter 106: Insane Strength Spell, and Change of Hammer
Chapter 107: Blake’s [Innumerable Shadows]
Chapter 108: The Super Training Scroll with A Hundred and Eight Energy Reservoirs
Chapter 109: Advancing to a Demon Fighter
Chapter 110: Demon Fighter Nine Ranks!
Chapter 111: Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!
Chapter 112: The Arrow Spirit in the Book Kills
Chapter 113: Demon Uyeha Spider
Chapter 114: Warrior Dimension
Chapter 115: Never Give Up
Chapter 116: The Mystic Potion
Chapter 117: The Violent Volcano Potion
Chapter 118: Super Memory Potion
Chapter 119: The Secret of the Other Half Lake
Chapter 120: Risking My Head
Chapter 121: Are 3 not enough? Then I’ll kill 30! 300!
Chapter 122: A Cold Kiss
Chapter 123: Super Strong Volcano Potion, Level 9 Demon Fighter
Chapter 124: Warrior Dimension
Chapter 125: A Man Is Meant to Be Staunch
Chapter 126: An Extremely Eye-catching Return
Chapter 127: Bloke, You Can Make It Next Year
Chapter 128: Return of the King
Chapter 129: A Fierce Tiger's Rampage, Bloody Kill in the Mourning Hall
Chapter 130: Killing Is Illegal
Chapter 131: Commanding Wind and Cloud
Chapter 132: Beauty Seduction, Ruthless Revenge, Guardian.
Chapter 133: A Line on the Ground, a Life in Hell
Chapter 134: A Wicked Engagement Trap
Chapter 135: A Justified Homicide
Chapter 136: Thunder Cat Bloodline Warrior
Chapter 137: A Life Bet
Chapter 138: Level 9 Demon Fighter
Chapter 139: [Seven Bloody Combat Strikes]
Chapter 140: The Raid at Night
Chapter 141: Kill! Hang! Demonstrate! Provoke!
Chapter 142: You Want to Die? Please Wait in Line!
Chapter 143: Stubborn Persistence
Chapter 144: Throwing Knife! Awakening! Mute Spell!
Chapter 145: Threat? Decision! Who Was Who’s Stepping Stone?
Chapter 146: Innumerable Shadow, Made Blade, A Man’s Accountability
Chapter 147: The Payback Time
Chapter 148: I’m not shocking you guys on purpose
Chapter 149: The Domination
Chapter 150: Full Consensus
Chapter 151: Ignoring the law
Chapter 152: Human-Demon Battlefront and Seven Demon Species
Chapter 153: Fight over the seat
Chapter 154: The First Intimate Contact
Chapter 155: I’ll Take on All of You
Chapter 156: All Together? All Together! Let Me Do You A Favor Today!
Chapter 157: I'm Just A Bystander
Chapter 158: Leader of the New Generation
Chapter 159: Hydra Bloodline Warrior
Chapter 160: Battle Ring in the Military Camp
Chapter 161: Fierce Tiger?No! Small Cat! A Small Cat with A Knife At Most!
Chapter 162: One Hundred Times, One Hundred Times!
Chapter 163: The So-called Number One
Chapter 164: The Dark Group! Shooting Test!
Chapter 165: Thrilling Arrows
Chapter 166: Arrogant and Imperious
Chapter 167: Putting on Air Needs Skill, Or Else You Will Lose Face
Chapter 168: There Isn't Gender Difference but a Life-or-death Dilemma in the Battlefront
Chapter 169: The Torrent Battle Fort and Black Wind Bandit Group
Chapter 170: Hayen Brianna
Chapter 171: New Bloodline Warrior
Chapter 172: Two Level 9 Demon Fighters
Chapter 173: Bloodline Fighting Technique
Chapter 174: Kill for the treasure
Chapter 175: The Truth about Wind and Cloud Golden Body (1)
Chapter 176: The Truth about Wind and Cloud Golden Body (2)
Chapter 177: [Stars Ancient Gold] and [Son of Earth]
Chapter 178: Shape knife, and greed eats greed
Chapter 179: All About Greed
Chapter 180: Hidden Attack
Chapter 181: The Tough Fallen Angel Bloodline Warrior
Chapter 182: False Information! Bulk Demon Bloodline!
Chapter 183: Violence! Trump Card! Kill!
Chapter 184: Dark Group Three Stars
Chapter 185: Black Wind Re-appearance
Chapter 186: Pharmacist, Precious Herb Ox Tail Grass
Chapter 187: Golden Corn and the Classic Prophecy
Chapter 188: Only Know a Little Bit
Chapter 189: Forge Master, Flame Demon, and Forge Grand-master
Chapter 190: Unromantic! Dash Forward! Enlak's Warrior Energy House!
Chapter 191: The Secret of the Warrior Energy House! Group Fight!
Chapter 192: The Strongest Opponent Yet!
Chapter 193: Extremely Luxurious Prizes! The Second Warrior Body!
Chapter 194: The Frontier Filled with Fouling Wind and Scattered Blood
Chapter 195: Invaluable Treasures in Ruins
Chapter 196: Divine Warrior Power
Chapter 197: Super Proficiency
Chapter 198: Assault, Suppress, and Level Up
Chapter 199: Mystic, Bizzare, Recover
Chapter 200: The Whistle Arrow and the Sky-Eye Bloodline
Chapter 201: A Majestic Arrow, and the Twins
Chapter 202: Anger, Servant, Showing off
Chapter 203: Fight the Way Back
Chapter 204: The Most Incisive Attack
Chapter 205: Divine Shoot, Soul Power, A Terrifying Self-explosion
Chapter 206: Revenge
Chapter 207: Saint
Chapter 208: Advancing to Demon Capturer
Chapter 209: Unfair Battle
Chapter 210: Superior Family
Chapter 211: Can’t Complete Business With A Bunch of Guardians? Beat Your Ass!
Chapter 212: Kill!
Chapter 213: Taking Over By Force
Chapter 214: You can do wrong things, but you couldn’t have bad intentions
Chapter 215: Brain Explosion
Chapter 216: Multiple Surprises
Chapter 217: Saint
Chapter 218: Storm
Chapter 219: Trouble at the City Gate
Chapter 220: The meeting of enemies
Chapter 221: Disable
Chapter 222: A Strike, I Can Beat You Right Now
Chapter 223: Qian Jin VS the Torrent Battle Fort President
Chapter 224: Fu*k the Blacksmith Union
Chapter 225: I Don’t Need That Shit!
Chapter 226: Evil Lunar Angel!
Chapter 227: An Underestimated Ruby
Chapter 228: A Whopping Price
Chapter 229: Bid Against Another Expert
Chapter 230: Goods Sweeping of an Overnight Millionaire
Chapter 231: Soul Weapon
Chapter 232: Make a Saint Warrior by One Hand
Chapter 233: A Fatal Strike
Chapter 234: Punch to Death
Chapter 235: Never Give Up
Chapter 236: Never Retreat, Magic Conductors
Chapter 237: The Magic Forge Master's Mission, the Most Shocking Name
Chapter 238: The Person That Can't Be Offended, A Bad Instructor
Chapter 239: From the Heaven to the Hell
Chapter 240: Beat You into Hospital!
Chapter 241: The Fight that No One Could Stop
Chapter 242: Thrifty or Luxury
Chapter 243: Red Flower and Green Leaves
Chapter 244: The Academy's Battle Ring, Flame Bear Bloodline
Chapter 245: The Differences between Theoretical and Practical, Beat You With One Punch
Chapter 246: Gold Essence Warrior Power Training Scroll
Chapter 247: Intimacy
Chapter 248: Create A Miracle
Chapter 249: Volcano Potion
Chapter 250: Secret of the Hydra Bloodline Warriors
Chapter 251: Kneel down!
Chapter 252: Tolerate? No, Fight!
Chapter 253: Breaking the Sword with One Hand
Chapter 254: Fight! One after Another!
Chapter 255: Hard On Engage
Chapter 256: Leader of Qian Family
Chapter 257: An Overbearing Offer
Chapter 258: A Proud Father
Chapter 259: Hunt Down
Chapter 260: Ancient Desert Sea
Chapter 261: The Royal Demon
Chapter 262: A Dirty Trick of Qian Zhanxuan
Chapter 263: Power of Forging Breathing Technique
Chapter 264: No Retreat
Chapter 265: Demon Eye of Destruction
Chapter 266: The Invincible Qian Jin, Warrior Heart Awareness
Chapter 267: Kill! A Knife Through the Head
Chapter 268: An Overwhelming Victory
Chapter 269: Eye Transplant! Awakening!
Chapter 270: A Saint Item! A Huge Secret!
Chapter 271: Origin of Demon
Chapter 272: Treasures
Chapter 273: Unimaginable Fortune
Chapter 274: Qian Jin's Creation
Chapter 275: Mystic Effect of A Super Potion
Chapter 276: Complete Warrior Heart
Chapter 277: Warrior Heart Lock
Chapter 278: Magical Warrior Heart
Chapter 279: Never Flinch! Unyielding Glory
Chapter 280: Making Regress or Making Progress?
Chapter 281: Training of Death beyond the Limits!
Chapter 282: Turn the Impossible into Possible
Chapter 283: Seize Her!Mate with Her!
Chapter 284: Art of War, and Dark Demon Armor
Chapter 285: Twenty Times
Chapter 286: A Fight between the Strongest Demon Capturers
Chapter 287: Violent Yet Simple Solution
Chapter 288: Deal with the Female Demon
Chapter 289: Demon Beasts
Chapter 290: Empty Heart
Chapter 291: Rapid Switch
Chapter 292: Warrior Heart Secret Technique
Chapter 293: Super Mission
Chapter 294: I Love You
Chapter 295: Limitless
Chapter 296: Instead of me looking for you, how about the other way around?
Chapter 297: I. Am. A. Warrior
Chapter 298: Creating Miracle
Chapter 299: Explosive Miracle
Chapter 300: Before, Present, and Future
Chapter 301: The Invitation of The Highest Grade
Chapter 302: Appearance of All Nine Shadows! Heavenly Awakening!
Chapter 303: Eye of Innumerable Detection! Congratulation!
Chapter 304: Leader? Elder?
Chapter 305: Fortune Telling As A Side Job? Face Slaps!
Chapter 306: Spitting Facts
Chapter 307: Real and Fake Altars! Roar from Ten Thousand Snakes!
Chapter 308: Huge Price
Chapter 309: Cheating
Chapter 310: Horrifying Poison
Chapter 311: Free Backbone?
Chapter 312: Worse Than a Noob
Chapter 313: Level 10 Novice of All Fields
Chapter 314: A Bold Vision! A Radical Decision! Ally!
Chapter 315: The So-called Lost Potion
Chapter 316: Grandmaster! Grandmaster! Grandmaster!
Chapter 317: Accepting An Apprentice?Is that Okay?
Chapter 318: A Highly-Improved Status
Chapter 319: Who’s Taking the Advantage
Chapter 320: No Choice But to Fight
Chapter 321: Stealing Technique
Chapter 322: More Influential Than the Family Leader
Chapter 323: Hundreds of Disciples
Chapter 324: How About a Stare? Ancient Desert Sea!
Chapter 325: An Intricate Relationship! Super Metal!
Chapter 326: Damn! This Is Something Else!
Chapter 327: Dual Bloodline Power
Chapter 328: Unlimited Self-Divide
Chapter 329: Super Heat Energy
Chapter 330: Big Watermelon? No! Giant Fire Berserk Cactus
Chapter 331: Re-Encounter With The Girl
Chapter 332: All Men Are Like This
Chapter 333: Warrior Seal
Chapter 334: Five Times the Power
Chapter 335: Is That You?
Chapter 336: The Truth
Chapter 337: Undead Queen
Chapter 338: A Sleazy Life
Chapter 339: Back to the Qian Family
Chapter 340: Destroy Your Houses
Chapter 341: Daughter-in-law, Hatred Among Rivals