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Chapter 359 – Weapon Soul Pt. 2

Chapter 359 – Weapon Soul Pt. 2

Just as he was about to examine the glacier underneath him more closely, Suo Jia felt his mind blank once more. This time, upon awakening, he found himself back on the ship, with Nicole next to his side.

Suo Jia stood there blankly for a long while, still not understanding what exactly had happened. He shot a suspicious look at the gem on the trident, and he sensed a faint ripple spread out from it.

Suo Jia closed his eyes and activated Psychic Technique, connecting with that ripple. The next instant, Suo Jia was once again above that glacier, sitting cross-legged across the other Suo Jia. Those faint ripples were being emitted from his body.

Nicole curiously asked, “How is it? The Weapon Soul formed, right?! How large is it?”

“Eh…” Suo Jia only now remembered that there was still someone next to him. He rubbed his head and replied, “The Weapon Soul did form, it’s the same size as me!”

“Wow!” With a shocked gasp, Nicole excitedly said, “That’s great. Nobody else can take this Divine Artifact from you now. Even if you get killed, nothing will change, you can still exist in the form of the Weapon Soul and use the Divine Artifact’s ability to reform your body. This is the ability of a god!”

“Is is really so mystical?” Suo Jia couldn’t help but doubt Nicole’s words.

Having not noticed Suo Jia’s doubtful expression, Nicole urged, “Quick! Hurry up and try to activate two magics, and see how powerful this Divine Artifact is!”

Suo Jia nodded and stretched his right hand out, tightly gripping the Sea God’s Trident. Mysterious Ice Arrow was instantly activated, and Suo Jia’s jaw promptly dropped in shock.

The instant he’d activated the magic, although it had been only a brief moment, Suo Jia could clearly sense that while his magic was rushing through the Mysterious Ice Arrow, the Weapon Soul inside the Divine Artifact had emitted the same magic power. Together with Suo Jia’s, they’d condensed to form a glittering Mysterious Ice Arrow that promptly shot outwards.

“What…” Stunned, Suo Jia blankly stared at the ice arrow that had faded in a flash. “What’s going on? That guy actually helped supply energy for that magic with me. The scarier part is that he provided the exact same amount of energy that I did!”

“Haha…” Nicole nodded. “Of course. The amount of magic power being transferred actually depends on your state of realm, which in turn depends on your essence, spirit, and your comprehension of the magic elements. The two of you share the same soul, so your understanding of the magic elements will naturally be identical as well. Based on this, your Weapon Soul can boost your magic attacks by a lot!”

“Isn’t…” Suo Jia hesitantly asked Nicole, “Isn’t that…a bit too average? I recall that the Legendary-ranked Vulcan’s Roar, could already boost magic’s might by 100%!”

“Haha…” Nicole nodded. “That’s right, the Emperor also has a staff that can boost light magic by 200%. So what?”

Suo Jia raised his voice, “Does that still need asking? A Legendary-ranked equipment can already boost magic by 100%, and this weapon I have is a Divine Artifact. How can it only increase my magic’s might by 100% as well?!”

Nicole gave a dry laugh and replied, “Boss, your math doesn’t seem to very good. Who told you that the combination of both you and the Weapon Soul can only go up to an 100% increase?”

Seeing Suo Jia’s blank expression, Nicole continued, “Every magic activated is based on the doubled magic power used simultaneously by you and your Weapon Soul, how can they be the same?”

Suo Jia stared back at Nicole in confusion, “I don’t understand at all. If magic power is doubled, then doesn’t the magic’s might double as well? Is there any difference?”

“Yes!” Nicole nodded and firmly answered, “How can you be so confused? The magic’s might will be about the same, but what about the effectiveness of the magic? Don’t tell me you forgot about that?”

“What?!” Suo Jia’s jaw dropped down in shock as he stammered in disbelief, “You…you mean to say that the magic’s effectiveness will double too?!”

Nicole smiled, “That’s right, that’s exactly it. On top of the basic doubling of the magic’s might, the Weapon Soul’s most significant ability is that it will also double the magic’s effectiveness. This is also the greatest difference between a man and a god!”

Suo Jia slapped his thigh as he finally understood. “I get it, I truly understand now. For example, the highest temperature fire a person can create is one at 3000 degrees, but a god’s would be at 6000 degrees. Although it’s only twofold, the might of the fire would be way greater!”

Nicole sighed in admiration, “That’s exactly it. Only a god can create flames at the highest temperature, and freeze ice at the lowest temperature. This is something that Legendary-ranked, or even Epic-ranked equipment, can’t even compare to.”

Nicole’s eyes then flashed, and she furtively said, “Moreover, Young Master Suo Jia, this Divine Artifact doesn’t just boost magic’s might, but also increases all of your abilities exponentially, such as your water manipulation ability, which has already doubled. Now you should understand the power of the Divine Artifact, right?”

“What?! That’s impossible…” Suo Jia shook his head in disbelief and shock. Increasing water manipulation ability by 100% was already something that only Legendary or Epic-ranked equipment could do. But this was just one of the Divine Artifact’s very small, supplementary abilities.

Nicole continued, “In addition, your cultivation speed will be increased. Basically…it’s equivalent to you gaining the results of two people cultivating. The Weapon Soul only shares a soul with you, it has its own thoughts and awareness. You two are separate entities coexisting in one body. This is the incarnation ability from the myths!”

Suo Jia dumbfoundedly stared at Nicole. “Alright, I’ll remain calm as you continue to tell me, does this Divine Artifact have any other advantages?”

“Hm…” Nicole furrowed her brows in thought, “Of course it does. The ones I said just now were just appetizers. The real reason a Divine Artifact is deemed so is because it possesses the power of the gods. For example, creating barriers and realms! There are some other things as well, but it’s up to you to find out what they are because nobody has ever used a Divine Artifact before. Thus, their abilities are still unknown.”

“What?” Suo Jia asked in confusion, “Barriers? Realms? You can find those in any magic book!”

Nicole covered her eyes in exasperation, “You call those barriers and realms? In your eyes, do barriers and realms cover spaces that are a hundred meters in circumference? Are they that powerful?”

“Um…” Suo Jia cautiously asked, “No way, does a barrier that covers 100 meters not count as a barrier? Does a realm that covers 100 meters not count as a realm?”