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Castle of Black Iron

Author:Drunken Tiger

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After the Catastrophe, every rule in the world was rewritten. In the Age of Black Iron, steel, iron, steam engines and fighting force became the crux in which human beings depended on to survive. A commoner boy by the name Zhang Tie was selected by the gods of fortune and was gifted a small tree which could constantly produce various marvelous fruits. At the same time, Zhang Tie was thrown into the flames of war, a three-hundred-year war between the humans and monsters on the vacant continent. Using crystals to tap into the potentials of the human body, one must cultivate to become stronger. The thrilling legends of mysterious clans, secrets of Oriental fantasies, numerous treasures and legacies in the underground world — All in the Castle of Black Iron! Citadel of Black Iron 黑铁之堡
《Castle of Black Iron》 Text
Chapter 1: Arrival of Black Iron Age
Chapter 2: National Male Middle School
Chapter 3: Fight
Chapter 4: Fighting Back
Chapter 5: Hit-Plane Brotherhood
Chapter 6: Blackhot City
Chapter 7: Commercial Area and Grocery Store
Chapter 8: Mental Arithmetic by Abacus
Chapter 9: The Attic
Chapter 10: Benefits of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood
Chapter 11: Fool’s Gold
Chapter 12: Mysterious Object
Chapter 13: Castle of Black Iron
Chapter 14: Attributes
Chapter 15: Red Scarf Burglars
Chapter 16: Re-entering the Castle of Black Iron
Chapter 17: Growing Up
Chapter 18: This Is My World
Chapter 19: New Target
Chapter 20: Ambitions of the Youth
Chapter 21: Orphanage
Chapter 22: Land Reclamation
Chapter 23: The Poor Lord
Chapter 24: Merit Value
Chapter 25: Belief
Chapter 26: What Would You Do in Front of a Red-Scarf Burglar
Chapter 27: Feel No Regret
Chapter 28: Rewards from Captain Kerlin
Chapter 29: Molesting a Beauty
Chapter 30: The First Close Encounter with the Upper-Class Society
Chapter 31: It Might Be Good
Chapter 32: Mysterious Knowledge
Chapter 33: Human Body Energy
Chapter 34: Bloody-Scorpion Fighter
Chapter 35: Realization
Chapter 36: Come on, Baby
Chapter 37: It Depends on Your Attitude
Chapter 38: An Inevitable Life
Chapter 39: A Bloody Case Arisen from Several Plates
Chapter 40: Plot and Rat Poison
Chapter 41: The Vicious Rule of Human Nature
Chapter 42: Collision
Chapter 43: Patience
Chapter 44: Ignition of the Shrine Burning Point
Chapter 45: Midnight Massacre
Chapter 46: We’re Brothers
Chapter 47: The Mysterious Number Sequence
Chapter 48: Preemptive Move
Chapter 49: An Influential Figure
Chapter 50: A Sword from Dad
Chapter 51: Blood Sense
Chapter 52: The Last Virgin
Chapter 53: Effects of the Iron Body Fruit
Chapter 54: The First Time
Chapter 55: Caught
Chapter 56: A Wise Fight
Chapter 57: A Test Concerning Life and Death
Chapter 58: A Huge Plot
Chapter 59: A Miraculous Reversal
Chapter 60: The Last Day of School
Chapter 61: Luck
Chapter 62: Trouble
Chapter 63: Fruit of Brilliance
Chapter 64: Human Calculator
Chapter 65: Preparations Before the Survival Training
Chapter 66: The Lord and the Big Event
Chapter 67: Starting Off
Chapter 68: The Beginning of the Survival Training
Chapter 69: A Disgusting and Terrifying Thing
Chapter 70: Wild Wolf Valley
Chapter 71: Base and Dreams
Chapter 72: Setting Traps
Chapter 73: Becoming a Miner
Chapter 74: I Like Women
Chapter 75: You Will Get Nothing From Me
Chapter 76: Achievements
Chapter 77: Golden Threadfin Bream
Chapter 78: Trap Game
Chapter 79: Being A Bit Famous
Chapter 80: Skyrocketing Basic Energy Storage
Chapter 81: The Storm in Blackhot City
Chapter 82: Physical Limit Breakthrough
Chapter 83: Attack of the Wild Wolves
Chapter 84: A Life and Death Situation
Chapter 85: Surviving the Wild Wolves’ Attack
Chapter 86: Waking Up
Chapter 87: The Most Valuable Thing
Chapter 88: Iron-Blood Fist
Chapter 89: Secret Knowledge and Angel
Chapter 90: Sharing Good Things
Chapter 91: A Surprise from the Small Tree
Chapter 92: Trouble-Reappearance Fruit
Chapter 93: Marching Onwards
Chapter 94: Prelude
Chapter 95: Making Trouble
Chapter 96: A Small Figure’s Selfishness
Chapter 97: Framed
Chapter 98: Smart Argument
Chapter 99: Verbal Defense
Chapter 100: A Complete Success
Chapter 101: A Tongue Can Break Bones
Chapter 102: A Crazy Campaign
Chapter 103: A Big Harvest
Chapter 104: A Great Shock
Chapter 105: Becoming More and More Handsome
Chapter 106: Being A Bestseller
Chapter 107: Secret Exposed
Chapter 108: Barbarian Lifestyle in the Mining Cave
Chapter 109: Big Blessing Skill
Chapter 110: Inheritance of Mysterious Knowledge
Chapter 111: The Enlightener
Chapter 112: Natural-born, Damn Priest
Chapter 113: A Personal Decision
Chapter 114: Loner
Chapter 115: Awakening
Chapter 116: Getting Equipped with Lances
Chapter 117: A Fierce Counterattack
Chapter 118: Wisdom and Determination
Chapter 119: You are All My Babies
Chapter 120: One Arrow for Three Birds
Chapter 121: Disbandment of Male Lion Association
Chapter 122: Getting Rid of the Shackles
Chapter 123: An Accidental Encounter
Chapter 124: What You Heard Might Not Be True
Chapter 125: End of the Resentment
Chapter 126: Scheme Exposed
Chapter 127: Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruit
Chapter 128: First Space and Terrain Creation
Chapter 129: A Life or Death Situation
Chapter 130: Being Highly Appreciated
Chapter 131: A Wind-Like Youth
Chapter 132: An Unexpected Accident in The Trouble-reappearance Scene
Chapter 133: Searching for the Sharp Item
Chapter 134: Marching to the Crescent Prairie
Chapter 135: Saving People
Chapter 136: An Almost Death
Chapter 137: You are Cute
Chapter 138: Wolf Pack Howling at the Full Moons
Chapter 139: Relaxing
Chapter 140: The Booming of the Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruit
Chapter 141: Fishing
Chapter 142: Burying You
Chapter 143: Before the Arrival of Turmoil
Chapter 144: Iron Flow
Chapter 145: The War Broke Out
Chapter 146: Arrival of the Turmoil
Chapter 147: Prelude to a Chaotic World
Chapter 148: Being Ready
Chapter 149: Growing Up
Chapter 150: To Take Revenge
Chapter 151: Returning to Blackhot City
Chapter 152: Murdering People with Others' Hands
Chapter 153: Dark Prison
Chapter 154: A Dragon Driven Mad
Chapter 155: Reversal
Chapter 156: Those Looked upon by the Battle God
Chapter 157: You've Been Recruited
Chapter 158: Iron-Blood Second Lieutenant
Chapter 159: Clothes Make a Man
Chapter 160: The Super-Heavy Battle Sword
Chapter 161: Returning Home
Chapter 162: Basic Aura Yeast
Chapter 163: Fruit of the Creator
Chapter 164: Circumcision
Chapter 165: A Gift to Donder
Chapter 166: Duel
Chapter 167: It's Yours
Chapter 168: Ugly Stone
Chapter 169: News about the Holy War
Chapter 170: Preparations
Chapter 171: Rules of the Iron-Blood Camp
Chapter 172: Being Accepted
Chapter 173: Hierarchy Exists Everywhere
Chapter 174: Mummy's Prowess
Chapter 175: The Secret of Martyrdom
Chapter 176: Sodor's Tragedy
Chapter 177: Assassination
Chapter 178: Alive
Chapter 179: Fish in Turmoil
Chapter 180: A Performance and Orphanage's Troubles
Chapter 181: Relief
Chapter 182: A Kind Heart is Most Precious
Chapter 183: Alice's Tears
Chapter 184: Sincerity and Toxin-Resistance Fruit
Chapter 185: Remodeling Plan for the Castle of Black Iron
Chapter 186: Purchasing Materials
Chapter 187: Golden Roc Bank
Chapter 188: Trading
Chapter 189: Samira's Backer
Chapter 190: Hard Work
Chapter 191: Sharwin's Home Affairs
Chapter 192: Growing up in Suffering
Chapter 193: Tempted by Beauties
Chapter 194: I Don't Cheat Women
Chapter 195: Able to Stand It and Not
Chapter 196: An Industrious Gardener
Chapter 197: A Mad Youthhood
Chapter 198: Back in the Fighting Club
Chapter 199: After visiting the Fighting Club
Chapter 200: Thank You, But I Hate You
Chapter 201: Revenge
Chapter 202: Master Abyan
Chapter 203: Improvements in the Castle of Black Iron
Chapter 204: Agreement
Chapter 205: Leaving Blackhot City
Chapter 206: Arrival at Kalur
Chapter 207: The First Battle
Chapter 208: The Fight
Chapter 209: I Am Shameless
Chapter 210: Muling
Chapter 211: Revenge and Booty
Chapter 212: One-Hundred People Down
Chapter 213: Restlessness
Chapter 214: Black Feathers Regiment
Chapter 215: Heavily Wounded
Chapter 216: The Alleged Life or Death
Chapter 217: First Lieutenant Director
Chapter 218: Re-entering the Castle of Black Iron
Chapter 219: Fruit of Judgment
Chapter 220: Redemption
Chapter 221: The Binding Skill
Chapter 222: The Value of Knowledge
Chapter 223: Female Tenant and Earthworms
Chapter 224: Chevli
Chapter 225: Setting Free Earthworms
Chapter 226: The Most Popular Person in Chevli
Chapter 227: The Fall of the Curtain of Science
Chapter 228: Alchemists and Secret Police
Chapter 229: Learning
Chapter 230: Crisis in Paradise
Chapter 231: Abducted
Chapter 232: Unexpected
Chapter 233: Chop You to Feed Dogs
Chapter 234: Mercy and Tactics
Chapter 235: Hatchet Men and Lackeys
Chapter 236: An Encounter
Chapter 237: Choices
Chapter 238: A New Attempt
Chapter 239: Preliminary Recovery Body
Chapter 240: Weird
Chapter 241: Mist
Chapter 242: In the Arsenal
Chapter 243: Red-Snake Sword
Chapter 244: Carnival
Chapter 245: An Elder from Zhang Clan
Chapter 246: The Effect of the Mutated Yeast
Chapter 247: The Start of the Carnival
Chapter 248: Trap and Honor
Chapter 249: Pulling out the Sword
Chapter 250: The Bloody Way
Chapter 251: Junkmen in the War Zone
Chapter 252: Return to Kalur
Chapter 253: Shocking News
Chapter 254: Shocking News II
Chapter 255: Spiritual Being
Chapter 256: A Familiar Person
Chapter 257: The Prelude of the Climax
Chapter 258: Dreaming to be an Alchemist
Chapter 259: Heller and His Subordinates
Chapter 260: Clearing Up Doubts
Chapter 261: A New Ability
Chapter 262: News
Chapter 263: Home Affair
Chapter 264: On the Way Back
Chapter 264: On the Way Back
Chapter 265: Fight in the Air
Chapter 266: Fight in the Air II
Chapter 267: Loulan City
Chapter 268: Promotion and Arrival
Chapter 269: Zhang Clan
Chapter 270: Hidden Dragon Palace
Chapter 271: It Sounds Great
Chapter 272: Relatives
Chapter 273: A Trip at Sea
Chapter 274: Newbie
Chapter 275: The First Pass in the Secular World
Chapter 276: The Secret of Battle Qi
Chapter 277: A Good Practice in the Sea
Chapter 278: A Good Practice in the Sea II
Chapter 279: Gamble
Chapter 280: To be the Public Enemy of Girls
Chapter 281: A Discovery
Chapter 282: Test
Chapter 283: Being Eye-Catching
Chapter 284: Being Outstanding
Chapter 285: A New Year
Chapter 286: Dragon Cave
Chapter 287: Mamma Mia
Chapter 288: Freak
Chapter 289: Entering the Breaking Heaven Department
Chapter 290: Dreaming of Becoming an Alchemist
Chapter 291: Lay a Solid Foundation
Chapter 292: Curriculum
Chapter 293: Use the Dead as a Mirror
Chapter 294: Yaksha in the Sea
Chapter 295: Preparations
Chapter 296: Collision
Chapter 297: I’m Long
Chapter 298: Demons were Found
Chapter 299: Strange Solution
Chapter 300: Strange Solution II
Chapter 301: An Idea on Making Money
Chapter 302: Storm
Chapter 303: Yaksha on the Waves
Chapter 304: Fighter's Training
Chapter 305: Fermenting
Chapter 306: Fortune Day
Chapter 307: Fortune Day II
Chapter 308: Cooperation
Chapter 309: The First Transaction
Chapter 310: Preparations
Chapter 311: Audacious
Chapter 312: Medicament Test
Chapter 313: Being Strong-willed
Chapter 314: Being Famous
Chapter 315: Being Shameless
Chapter 316: Roguish Lord
Chapter 317: Manjusaka
Chapter 318: Free Will
Chapter 319: Big Wave
Chapter 320: Enlightenment
Chapter 321: One Movement, One Scenery
Chapter 322: To be a Castle Lord
Chapter 323: Construction
Chapter 324: Sincerity
Chapter 325: Being Traced
Chapter 326: Betrayal
Chapter 327: Who Screws Whom?
Chapter 328: Collision
Chapter 329: Hunting
Chapter 330: Conversion Lord
Chapter 331: Identify People by Their Ears
Chapter 332: A Gift from Master
Chapter 333: Face Life With a Smile
Chapter 334: Enlightenment and Response
Chapter 335: Sudden Changes
Chapter 336: Leaving Hidden Dragon Island
Chapter 337: A Declining Empire
Chapter 338: News about Pandora
Chapter 339: Ambition
Chapter 340: Home
Chapter 341: Family Life
Chapter 342: Sowing Lotus Seeds (I)
Chapter 343: Sowing Lotus Seeds (II)
Chapter 344: Rapid Moving Skill
Chapter 345: Stars Viewing City
Chapter 346: Paradise Lost
Chapter 347: Female Slaves
Chapter 348: Square Spear Matrix
Chapter 349: Setting the Slaves Free
Chapter 350: Preparations
Chapter 351: Performance
Chapter 352: Night Viewing Ability
Chapter 353: Jinwu Castle
Chapter 354: Secret Tunnel
Chapter 355: Wolf and Eagle in the Sea
Chapter 356: On The Way
Chapter 357: Massacre in the Evening
Chapter 358: A Bloody Night
Chapter 359: Attack Head On
Chapter 360: Secret of the Zhen Clan
Chapter 361: Sweep the Mansion
Chapter 362: Gathering of the Elites
Chapter 363: Action
Chapter 364: A Destructive Strike
Chapter 365: Unrivaled Fighter
Chapter 366: Invitation
Chapter 367: Zhang Tie's Ambition
Chapter 368: A Sudden Change at Dawn
Chapter 369: The Event in Heavens Cold City
Chapter 370: Demon-Killing Javelin Lord
Chapter 371: An Old Friend
Chapter 372: A Tough Task
Chapter 373: A Bloody City
Chapter 374: Battle
Chapter 375: Military Camp
Chapter 376: Double-Carp Swords
Chapter 377: Ahead of Time
Chapter 378: Never Lower My Head
Chapter 379: If Not an Ant, Be a Chinese Dragon
Chapter 380: A Strange Place
Chapter 381: Ewentra Archipelago
Chapter 382: My Lord Is Coming
Chapter 383: Trouble
Chapter 384: Saving a Beauty
Chapter 385: A Conspiracy
Chapter 386: Reveal the Conspiracy
Chapter 387: Special Treatment
Chapter 388: Ballas Clan
Chapter 389: Poison or Cheese
Chapter 390: A Person From Magical Snake Island
Chapter 391: Shoulder the Responsibility
Chapter 392: Leaving Saint Herner Island
Chapter 393: Firm Decisions
Chapter 394: Devil's North Wind Area
Chapter 395: A Huge Deep-Sea Monster
Chapter 396: A Forgotten Option
Chapter 397: Flower of Life
Chapter 398: Making Progress
Chapter 399: Collect the Booty
Chapter 400: Being Tracked
Chapter 401: Good News
Chapter 402: Being Wanted Once Again
Chapter 403: The First Destination
Chapter 404: What A Freak!
Chapter 405: Partners
Chapter 406: It was Strange
Chapter 407: A Great Ambition
Chapter 408: Impulsion and Enlightenment
Chapter 409: Encounter
Chapter 410: Empty City Tactic
Chapter 411: Earthworm Number One
Chapter 412: Dropping Teeth
Chapter 413: Heavy Wounds
Chapter 414: Demon Rats
Chapter 415: A Wretched Tactic
Chapter 416: Kill Them All