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Author 令狐BEYOND


Tokyo, Japan. In the corner of a high school.

"Please. Stop... Please." The teenage boy buried his head in his arms.

"I told yesterday you to bring me the money. How dare you not follow my order. Go to hell." The taller boy of the group kicked at his stomach.

The boy instantly threw up as he cried in pain.

"Such a disgusting person." A boy with an earring on his left ear spit on him then stepped aside. Another boy in a red shirt kept beating on him.

"He's at it again. Is he high?"

"It seems so."

"That's enough, Nobita. Or do you want to go to the juvenile detention center again?"

Red shirt hesitated then stopped.

"Remember, if you don't bring me the money tomorrow, I will play a more enjoyable game with you."

"He's feinting death again. Let's go to the arcades."

"I'm not going. I still have classes."

"Stop acting like a good student. You're interested in that new female teacher right? Though she does have great curves and a pretty face. We should get an opportunity to play with her some day."

"No problem."

The three boys left as they talked.

The corner returned to its serenity, just like nothing happened. Except for the boy lying on the ground.

After a while, he slowly got up. He took out tissues and wiped away the crap on his face and shirt. Then picked up his bag and quietly walked to class.

He kept his head down as he entered the room to hide his bruises.

As soon as he sat down, someone touched his shoulder from behind. It was Mizato Kazuo.

"Yamamoto's group beat you up again?"

"No, I accidentally fell."

"Stop lying. I can tell from your face. Luckily I paid my protection money a few days ago. Otherwise I'll be in the same boat right now."

"Do you know Awata Rumiko from class 3?" Mizato suddenly closed up on him and said in a low voice.

"The best looking girl in class 3?"

"Right. I think she's just a bitch. I saw her on the street yesterday holding hands with a guy. And you know what happened?"

Masashi was also curious.

"I followed behind them and saw them went into a love hotel. Surprise right? This bitch holds herself aloof normally, no one would have guessed she's such a slut. I freaking want to do her!"

Masashi was surprised but all he could think about was getting the money by tomorrow. That killed any mood he had.

Masashi felt jealous as he looked at Mizato. Mizato's family was rich so he was ok with paying the protection fees. As to him, he only get tiny bit of allowance every month. Even a new game would take a long time to save up for. Thinking of this, he couldn't help but blame his divorced parents.

(If only that ugly sister dies, then I can double my allowance.) This thought scared him and he shook his head vigorously as if to shake the thought away.

"What are you doing?"

"Uh. Nothing, just feeling a little headache."

The school bell rang. The students took out their textbooks and the room quieted down.

"Good morning, students." The female teacher smiled.

"Good morning, Miss Naoko."

Beautiful women had their advantages. Even though she had only been here for not long, her classes were the most popular.

(This is the woman Yamamoto wants to bang?) He recalled their conversation.

(How would she look naked?) Masashi got excited as he stared at her mature body.

(But this is the woman Yamamoto wants, I won't have any chance.)

"Masashi kun, what's wrong? Are you not feeling well?"

"I..." Masashi stood up in a panic when she suddenly called his name.

Miss Naoko noticed something was abnormal with him since the beginning of the class. He kept his head down and looked out of spirits.

"Your face has bruises. What happened?"

"I... I accidentally fell."

"Then be careful next time. Do you want to go to the infirmary?"

"No... No need."


"Really. Thank you sensei." That last line was sincere. No one ever cared about him that much aside from his mother. He regretted the nasty thoughts he just had about Miss Naoko.

Time flew by and it was noon. The students took out their bento.

Masashi waited for quite a while until that bookworm sister of his called his name from the door.

"You're finally here. Do you know how long I've been waiting." Masashi walked over as he suppressed his anger from the hunger.

"You don't have to wait." Hirota Kazumi said with an indifferent tone.

"You..." He grabbed the bento from her hand angrily then walked back to his seat.

"It seems like you sister needs some discipline. Do you want me to give it a try?" Mizato said with a strange tone.

Masashi had seemed his share of AV to know what he meant by discipline.

"No thanks." He replied with that same indifferent tone as his sister.

(Even though I don't like that ugly girl, but she's still my sister.)

"That's a pity."

His head was in a chaos during the rest of his classes. He couldn't think of any place to obtain that money.

(It seems like I have to use my last trick.)

And so, in order to avoid the bullying, Masashi took a week of sick leave. As to what happens after a week, only time will tell.

Even though he tried not to think of school. As the end of the week was getting close, tomorrow was the last day, he no longer had any mood and threw away the controller.

He was getting more irritated the more he thought about it and walked out of his house to relax.

He still didn't know where to go as he walked mindlessly in the streets. In the end, he went to the arcade that he frequented.

Masashi played from noon to evening in the arcade as if to numb himself.

On the way back home, he saw an elderly woman climbing up the hill with a walking stick.

Suddenly, an idea came to his mind.

His heart was beating faster and faster as he looked at this lonely old woman and the dimly lit street.

(Once I succeed, I will have the money to pay the protection money and perhaps extras to build the newest Gundam model.) He licked his lips as his impulse grew.

After a round of internal struggle, his desires overtook him. He ran toward the old woman.


When he was only 200 meters away from the old woman, a shadow flew past him and reach the old woman from her left.

"Ah! Help! Robbery! Robbery..." The shadow sprinted away with her waller as she screamed.

Masashi was shocked to witness a robbery at such close distance. Yet he forgot that was what he planned to do also.

"Catch the robber! Someone! Boy, hurry, go catch the robber! Hurry..." The old woman saw Masashi and pleaded for help.

"I... I'm not..." He didn't what to do.

"Go chase him, hurry." The old woman was going crazy.

Masashi's mind went blank then he followed her words without thinking.

Unfortunately for both the robber and him, road constructions blocked the robber's path.

The robber turned around and took out a dagger.

"Kid, who told you to mind someone's business?"

(What am I doing?) Masashi asked himself.

"I... I don't have anything to do with it. I don't know anything."

"Then go to hell." The robber ran at him and stabbed his stomach.

"Uh." Masashi looked at the knife in disbelief.

"I... I don't want to die. No, I don't want to die..."

"Remeber to mind your business in your afterlife." The robber pulled out the knife.

Blood gushed out and Masashi slowly fell to the ground.

As his vision started to blur, he was scared. He never thought about dying, even when Yamamoto beat him. He knew they wouldn't kill him. But at this moment, he realized he was going to die. Finally, he couldn't see anything anymore.

"I'm sorry. The patient died during transportation to the hospital. We couldn't do anything." The doctors said to the middle aged officer.

"Is that so? That's unfortunate such a good kid died like this. Have you notified his family?"

"Yes, his sister is outside. His parents will probably arrive tonight."

"Where's his body?"

"In the morgue. Do you want to take a look?"

"No, we will send the forensics over later. I hope his parents won't feel too sad."

Suddenly a lightning flashed across the sky. The sound of thunder shocked the two of them.

"Seems like it's going to rain."


Kazumi was a little sad after hearing the event. Even though they didn't have the best relationship, but they still lived together for so many years. "I can't believe he just died like that."

"Have you caught the robber?" She quickly returned to her normal calmness.

"No, but we will do our best. Rest assured."

"What does it matter. He's already dead."

At the same time, a ball of light surrounded by lightning appeared in the morgue.

It flew to one of the drawer as if something attracted it. Then it slowly disappeared.

Two past midnight. Masashi's mother came to the hospital in fatigue.

As soon as she saw her daughter, she asked. "How's Masashi? Is it life threatening?"

"I'm sorry, miss. Your son was just confirmed dead. I'm really sorry." The officer said when he saw Kazumi couldn't answer her mother.

"No. You're lying. Masashi won't die. I don't believe it." Rumiko stumbled and almost fell.

Kazumi immediately got a hold of her mother. "Mom, it's true. Masashi is dead." Then she turned her head away as to not look at her mother's expression.

"No. Masashi won't die... he won't die..." Rumiko cried on her daughter's shoulder.

After a while, she wiped away her tear and tried to talk calmly. "What happened to Masashi? Please tell me."

After hearing everything from the officer, Rumiko stood up.

"Mom, what are you doing?" Kazumi was scared of her doing something out of the ordinary.

"I want to see Masashi."

"Please wait a moment. I will let the doctors know."

"Thank you, officer Maeda."

Inside the morgue, the doctors pulled open one of the drawer.

"Masashi..." Rumiko broke down as soon as she saw her son and cried on his chest.

She suddenly got up in disbelief after some time. Then she placed her head on his heart. She felt strange, then suprised, then nervous, and finally joy.

The doctor and everyone felt something was wrong.

"Mom, what happened to you?" Kazumi asked lightly.

"Miss, you have our condolences." The doctor had seen enough of this.

The officer was about to comfort her.

"He's not dead. He's still alive. Hurry, doctor, please save him. Masashi is still alive!"

It seemed like the worst possible outcome. The doctor sighed. "Miss, your son is really dead."

"No, doctor. Please take another took. He still has heartbeats." Rumiko grabbed the doctor's hands.

"What?" Everyone was shocked.

The doctor walked over calmly and took out his stethoscope as requested.

Shortly after, his face was filled with fear and disbelief. He listened to it again then ran outside. "Get people over here, this patient is still alive..."

In a special care unit, a boy with a pale face lied on the bed. A middle aged woman fell asleep on his side.

Suddenly he opened his eyes and looked around, then looked at his hands, touched his face and said. "The same thing again. How many times are you going to toy with me."

The woman woke up to his voice.

"Masashi, you're finally awake." She cried in joy.

"You're his mother?"

"What's wrong? Are you not feeling well?" Rumiko couldn't understand what her son was saying.

He just realized he was speaking in Chinese while this woman was speaking Japanese. It seemed like he was currently in Japan.

He organized his thoughts and said in less than fluent Japanese. "I'm fine. Don't worry."

"Really? Do you feel any pain?"

Masashi shook his head with a smile.

"Wait here, I will call the doctor." Rumiko felt something was different but she didn't think much about it.

After thoroughly examining his body, the doctor concluded he needed to rest for the injury on his stomach. Other than that, there was no other problem. Although his memories were disorganized, but that might be due to a lack of blood going to the brain due to the injury. It should recover soon.

Rumiko was relieved from hearing the results.

"You scared your mother so much." Her eyes became red as she thought about it.

The boy felt touched looking at that caring face. He made his decision.

"Mom, it's alright. I am fine."

Ever since Masashi grew up, he had not been so imtimate to her. Although she tried to work hard for the future of her son and daughter, her job seperated them and she couldn't see them more than a few times a year. Masashi was becoming more distant every time they meet and would only ask for money. She couldn't do anything but felt disappointed.

She held onto his hands and cried in tears from his gentle actions.

The door was pushed open. Kazumi came in with a bag of apples and saw her mother crying.

The boy searched his memories and learned that this was his sister.

"Mom, stop crying or Kazumi is going to make fun of you." He wiped away her tears.

"Kazumi, you're here."

"Mom, are you alright?"

"Baka, what can be wrong with me. You should ask your brother instead."

"Masashi, are you hungry? I will go buy you some porridge. The doctor said your injury isn't healed and you can only eat liquid food for now. Wait a bit, I will be back very soon. Kazumi, stay with your brother here."

"Mom, just tell the nurses to buy it. You had it tough these few days. You should take a rest."

"I'm fine." Rumiko was happy hearing these words.

Kazumi was surprised at the interaction.

"You... You're really Masashi?"

"What do you say?" The boy smiled.

"I... I don't know."

"Of course I am Masashi. Hirota Masashi. I know I was horrible and said many things that hurt mother and you. After this experience I have think through a lot of things. Just like you saw, I have changed. Can you accept this answer? I would also like to take this chance and apologize. Will you forgive me?

The boy's Japanese has recovered to normal fluency after a day of conversation with Rumiko. Although there were some accents but they were not easy to notice.

"You... You don't have to apologize to me."

"Come, sit down. Aren't you tired?"

"Kazumi, you know, we have a good mother. I wasn't in a good mood when I woke up but this time actually doesn't seem all that bad."


It only took a week for the recovery. Even the doctors were amazed at the speed of it. Rumiko wanted him to stay for a few more days but he insisted on leaving. As they were being discharged, the hospital wouldn't accept any payment.

Rumiko was a traditional woman so she went to the director and insisted on paying. In the end, the director and Masashi's doctor kneeled down to beg her, which left her in shock and confusion.

"Mom, it's simple. If you didn't come to see me at the end, they will probably dispose me like a corpse. That's unintentional homicide. Am I right?" Masashi smiled.

The director and the doctor's faces turned and kneeled back down again immediately.

(So that's why Masashi was put in a special care unit and they didn't want to charge for anything.)

"To be honest, you saved me after all. So I won't get to the bottom of this. "

"Director san, and doctor Nagasaki. Thank you for your care. I am truely grateful." Masashi said sincerely as he lifted the two men.

The director and doctor were touched. The director even suggested to waive any fees in future visits for him and his family.

"How can I accept this?" He said with a tone of justice.

"Masashi is right. We can't accept such a valuable gift. It's getting late, we have to leave. Please take care."

"Miss, please accept our regards or we will kneel here forever."


"Miss, please accept it."

Rumiko had no choice but to accept it.

The director and doctor cheered in joy as she nodded.

Kazumi, who watched Masashi's smile through the whole event, felt a shiver through her spine. The victims were cheering in joy when he was the one that received so much. If she wasn't so familiar with his face, she would had assumed this was another person in front of him.

As they were leaving, Masashi picked up Rumiko's bag. But she wanted to stop him due his injury.

"Mom, I'm fine."

It was the second time she heard this. The warm and sweet feeling almost made her shed tears again.

A little bit after they left, officer Maeda approached them.

"Hello, Mrs. Hirota, Masashi and Kazumi. I heard the doctor said you were being discharged today so I am here to pick you up."

"That's too nice of you, officer Maeda. You've done so much for us, we can't cause you any more troubles."

"That's too polite of you, Mrs. Hirota. Please call me Maeda, that's how my colleagues call me. I came here to express my gratitude to Masashi san on behalf of my colleages. Samaritans like him are few and far between in this age. Are you tired? My car is right outside. Please come with me." He took Masashi's bag and took the lead.

"Right, Masashi. We have caught the robber."

"Oh really?"

"That guy was cunning. He knew we were looking for him so he ran to Hokkaido. If he didn't get recognized when he got in a drunken brawl, we wouldn't be able to catch him so quick."

"What about the old woman?" Rumiko asked.

"She's fine. Although the robber used up all her money. But that can't be helped.""

"Serves her right to make a high schooler chase the robber and didn't even come to visit Masashi."

"Kazumi, don't talk like this. She might have her difficulties."

"Mom, you're too kind hearted. It's easy to get deceived like this."

"Officer Maeda, you still don't have a wife or girlfriend right?" Masashi suddenly asked.

"How... How did you know?" Maeda replied awkwardly.

"Masashi, that's not polite. How can you ask such questions."

"Mom, I am just expressing my concern for officer Maeda. He's not young after all."


"Fine, I won't ask. Don't get mad, mom."

"Uh. I want to ask how do you know I don't have a wife or girlfriend?" Maeda couldn't keep his curiosity.

"Mom, it's not my fault he's asking me. Can I answer it?"

"You little..."

"It's simple. There are no female items in your car. Even though you might have cleaned your car before you left, the sanitary of some corners are still not ideal. Just like I am stepping on two cigarette butts. You also don't smell of any perfume. Don't be suspicious of my habits, I just havea very sensitive nose. I've seen you twice wearing a shirt without fixing its collar. So in conclusion, you don't have a wife or girlfriend. Of course there are exceptions. Perhaps you wife or girlfriend is a lazy person."

"Incredible. If you become a detective, then I am going to lose my job."

"That's good, I will hire you then."

Rumiko and Maeda both laughed.

"Who's willing to marry people like me. I am so busy worth the job normally I couldn't even find time for a date. I also don't know how to flatter girls. My family arranged a few blind dates but none of them worked out."

"Maeda san, please don't give you. God won't abandon nice guys like you. You will definitely find a suitable woman."

"Thank you, Mrs. Hirota."

They reached Masashi's apartment and Maeda protactively carried the bag inside.

"Maeda san, I don't know how I can thank you. Please come in for a cup of tea."

"No, I still have some work to do. Next time."

"Next time then. Thank you again for your care during these few days." Rumiko bowed in front of him.

"You're too polite."

As Rumiko went inside, Masashi walked over to Maeda.

"Mom, you two get in first. I still have something to say to Maeda san."

After Rumiko went inside, Masashi stared at him with a serious expression.

"What's wrong? Masashi." Maeda got a little bit anxious from the stare.

Masashi didn't said anything and just looked at him. "How old are you?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Don't ask why. Just answer."

"Fine, I'm 35 this year."

"Good, not a large gap. Where were you born in?"


"Any brothers or sisters?"

"One brother and two sister."

"Like to drink?"

"A little bit sometimes."

"Smokes frequently?"


"You like my mother?"

"Yes. You, what did you said!?"

"So it's true. I wasn't being oversensitive."

"That was a slip of the tongue. Don't be mistaken."

"Then I will ask you again. Are you interested in my mother? If you are a man then don't deny it."

(What kind of logic is this?) Maeda finally lowered his head.

"There's something that you might not know. My mother has separated with that irresponsible father for four years. She's been alone all these years."

"Really?" Maeda suddenly raised his head.

"Yes. It seems like there's no chance of them getting back together. If you like my mother, I won't prevent you from approaching her. But you have to promise me to be nice to her. Otherwise I will make you wish you were dead." Masashi's eyes changed. Maeda couldn't describe that pair of eyes. His mind was blank and his body shuddered.

"Good, I've said everything I should. The rest is up to you." Masashi patted his shoulder and went inside the apartment.

Maeda looked at his back and realized he didn't understand this high school boy a bit.


Rumiko stayed in the apartment for two days, making sure Masashi was fine before going back to work in Nagoya.

Life seemingly returned to normal. But Kazumi noticed several long distance calls in the phone bill. All of them were out of the country yet she couldn't find the actual numbers.

Masashi was sitting on his bed in a weird posture. He opened his eyes after a while and stretched.

(This body is so weak. The muscles has no elasticity. Reaction is slow. It's worthless aside from its age. Seems like I will have to create a training plan to get this body back to average before it stops growing.)

Masashi began creating the training plan when Kazumi knocked on the door.

"What's it, Kazumi?"

"I want to ask what's with the phone bill this month?"

"Oh, I met a few friends on ICQ. I have to call them to discuss somethings. Don't worry, I won't make any more international calls. I know it's hard for mom to earn the money."

There was nothing more Kazumi could say, so she left the room.

"They should be almost here." Masashi muttered to himself.

Masashi stood in front of the school in a new uniform. For the first time, Kazumi came to school with him.

The classroom was noisy as usual. He found his seat based on his memory. Just as he sat down, someone yelled. "Ah. It's Hirota Masashi. He's back. When did he come back?"

A group of people surrounded him.

"Masashi, I heard you were critically injured chasing a robber. That was amazing of you."

"Were you afraid at the time? I wouldn't be brave enough to chase."

"I heard you stopped breathing, how did you revive?"

"Masashi, give me a signature."

He couldn't stand these people and stood up.

"Masashi, where are you going?"

"To take a dump."

The room fell into a silence.

The principal came over during class to give a presentation of his heroic act in exaggerations. Masashi didn't even know he was so courageous and fought the robber for two hours. The amount of details made it seem like the principal himself was the robber.

In the end, the principal invited Masashi to say something. It was natural for him to want to advertise this shitty school when there's an opportunity.

Masashi hated this kind of scenes but he had no choice but to get on the stage.

"I don't have anything good to say. The principal had said everything. I would only like to add one thing, if you encounter this situation, remember to buy insurance first. I'm done."

The half asleep students were shocked then applauded wildly and some even whistled.

The principal and dean were wiping sweat off their foreheads.

While Masashi just stared out the window.

"Isn't this our hero Hirota Masashi kun? Long time no see, Masashi kun. We miss you so much." Yet that tone didn't sound a bit like its words.

Yamamoto's group of three blocked Masashi in the hall.

"I cant believe this garbage became a hero. It seems like I am a superman."

"Anything you want from me?"

"Not much, just that we haven't seen you for so long. We want to have a chat."

"Oh, is that so. Here? Or should we go to our usual place?"

Yamamoto's group looked at each other. This guy's reaction was strange. Usually his face would turn pale upon seeing them and couldn't even speak. Why was he so calm all of a sudden?

The usual place was that corner of shame. Masashi was feeling the memory of this body as he came here again.

"Say, do you want money or just want to beat me this time?"

"Fuck, don't act so cocky kid. I will make you kneel down and beg us."

A smile creeped up his mouth. As he was about to test the results of his training these few days, he sensed something then stopped.

"What are you doing." A voice stopped Toku from hitting Masashi.

Naoko ran over to them. "What were you trying to do to Masashi kun?"


"Naoko sensei, we were just playing around. It's been a long time since we saw each other. We all miss Masashi kun so much so it might seen a little rough. Please don't be mistaken."

"Really? I can't feel that you were just playing around. Masashi, tell me, what happened? Are they bullying you? Don't be afraid to tell the truth. Sensei will help you."

"I don't know if they are playing with me or not, but it looks like their games aren't something a normal person can stand. But since I am not hurt, there's no evidence to back anything." Masashi answered calmly.

Naoko frowned. "If that's the case, I will take care of this. You guys go back to class. Masashi stay here, I have something to say to you."

Yamamoto gave Masashi a stare then looked at Naoko sensei then led the other two away.

(Oh, it looks like Yamamoto is about to do it.) Masashi could feel the desires in Yamamoto's eyes when he looked at Naoko sensei.

"Masashi, tell me, do they bully you frequently?"

"Do you want to hear the truth or lies?"

"Of course the truth."

"Ok, I will tell you. I was like that before but now I'm not sure."

"Then why didn't you notify the teachers?"

"Sensei, you are too naive. Teachers are not police and bullying is unavoidable in any school. I was too weak before, that's why I was chosen as the target. This is also survival of the fittess. Don't worry, I am not the Masashi I used to be."

"You seem like you changed a lot." She suddenly noticed the deep and clear eyes of this boy. And those eyes attracted all her attention.

"Instead of worrying about me, you should worry about yourself. Naoko sensei."

She immediately woke up when she heard the word sensei. "What, what did you say?" Her heart was pounding and her face blushed. (How could I stared at a student like this.)

"Do you know pubescent wolves are more offensive than mature wolves? I'll give you a word of advice. Don't trust anyone too easily, especially the boys. If there's nothing else, then I'll leave."

"Wait, what did you mean?"

"Go back and think about it. Oh, there's something I forgot to ask you, how did you know I'm here?"

"I saw Yamamoto brought you away and afraid something might go wrong. So I followed you."

(This is a kind hearted woman like mother.) In this moment, Masashi decided to protect this woman.

"You're a good teacher. Thank you."

"That's too polite of you. This is also the responsibility of a teacher."

"Ok, I really have to get back to class. I took too many days off recently."

"Wait for me, I will walk back with you."


"You can go home first. Don't wait for me for dinner, just leave a bit for me."

"Ok." Kazumi's tone was indifferent as always, but she was curious to why this guy had been coming home late these few days. Even though she was curious, she wouldn't actually ask him because of her personality.

After Kazumi left, Masashi sat down and focused his mind. His mind flew into Naoko sensei's office then locked onto her. Even though he couldn't see or hear, he could sense every action clearly, even her breathing and emotional fluctuations.

But this ability couldn't be used by humans. It was an ability created after so many years of evolving his soul.

A few minutes later, he noticed her breathing was getting heavy. Her body temperature was increasing and she took off her jacket subconsciously.

Then he sensed someone moving close to the office from outside. "So that's it. They are not actually stupid."

Yamamoto opened the door and saw Naoko sensei's face turning red. Then said to the other two. "Looks like the meal is ready."


Toku and Nobita smiled creepily.

The three of them closed the door then took out a stocking to cover his head, just like a robber.

"Turn on the DV, I can't hold it anymore." Yamamoto said as he took off his clothes.

Masashi figured out what they were trying to do. Filming the victim in case she learned the truth then they could use it as a threat.

(It's time to take action, otherwise it will be too late.)

Yamamoto had already stripped Naoko sensei's shirt. Their hearts were pounding so fast as they looked at this mature body.

"Yamamoto, hurry. I can't stand it."

"I know. Shut up." He pulled Naoko sensei's skirt violently.

Suddenly the room went black.

"Shit, what happened? A black out?"

Then they heard the door opened and a figure ran in. It scared the three of them. "Who's there?"

That person didn't say anything but ran toward them in incredible speed.

The three of them fell to the ground before they could react.

Masashi looked at his finger with pride. (It seemed like my kung fu hasn't regressed.)

"En... Ah..." Naoko sensei's moan reached his ears.

Masashi turned on the light and his mind went blank for a moment as he saw the body. He took a deep breath and carried her to the teacher's bathroom on the side.

He turned on the faucet and pushed her head under it.

"Cough... What are you doing..." Finally she started to regain consciousness.

Masashi let go of her and handed her a towel.

"You, you're masashi?" Naoko sensei looked at him with confusion.

"Come, wash your face first."

"Why are you here?"

"Look at yourself first."

"Ah!" She screamed with unbearable volume then covered her body.

"Did, did you do this?" Her voice was angry.

"Not me. It's Yamamoto's group. I knocked them out. They're still lying outside. You can go take a look."


"Just go take a look and you can tell."

She tried to get up but her chest was still uncovered so she immediately crouched back down.

"Wear this." Masashi handed her his uniform.

"Thank, thank you."

"I will wait for you outside."

(Such a considerate person.) Naoko thought.

Finally she came out wearing the uniform. He could tell she also fixed herself a bit.

"Thankfully they didn't tore apart your skirt. Otherwise I might be in bad luck."

Naoko sensei looked at his pants, and suddenly felt an impulse to laugh. But she held it to herself.

"Those guys are here, see?" Masashi pulled off the stocking on Yamamoto's head.

Naoko understood what had happened from the naked Yamamoto and the DV.

"Did you drink anything someone gave you?"

"A girl gave me a can of coke. Can it be her?"

"Looks like it. You were drugged and they almost succeeded."

"Then, then did they... do anything to me?" She felt difficult asking her student such question.

"Didn't you hear, I said almost. That means no. I knocked them out when they were about to take off your skirt."

"How did you knock them out?" She couldn't imagine Masashi taking all three of them at once.

"Simple, by ambush. Any other questions?" He didn't want to delve on this question.


"Then you can go back first. I will handle them."

Naoko was scared. "How are you going to handle them?"

Masashi laughed. "You've seen too many movies. I don't want to be a murderer."

Hearing that, she felt she was oversensitive.

Masashi pulled the three of them to the classroom next door, then put Yamamoto on the podium. Suddenly he saw Naoko sensei standing by the door. "Why are you still here?"

"Can, can you go back with me? I am scared." After experiencing this, a woman's nature overcame her pride as a teacher. She was just like a little girl scared of darkness.

He frowned. "Fine. Wait for me outside. Best if you can drive your car over. Ok?"

"Ok, I will wait for you. Hurry."Even her tone sounded like a little girl.

After the unnecessary audience went away, Masashi was fiddling with the three unconscious boys.

Once he got them into postures, he found that coke from Naoko sensei's office then searched Nobita's body. There was indeed a bag of blue pills. He mixed the pills in the coke and poured it into their mouths. After all that's done, he wiped his fingerprints from the can and threw it into the garbage can.

"Aphrodisiac plus ecstasy. Then the ultimate 69 position. So looking forward to this. I can't wait for the morning to come."

"Why are you so slow?"

"Let's go. I still have to go home for dinner."

"I can treat you. I want to thank you."

"Next time. I don't want people to mistake anything from the way you are dressed."

"Ok then."

Masashi looked at her. "Let me drive. You look like you're half awake."

"I don't know why but I feel drowsy."

"Don't worry, it's the effect from the pills. Just get a good night of sleep."

"If I am not mistaken, you're only 16. You still don't have a driving license."

"Don't worry, having a license and being able to drive are two different concepts."

"That means, you really don't have a license?" She asked in panic after processing his answer.

"It's fine. If we see the cops, we will just switch seats." He didn't want to give up the chance after not being able to drive for some many years. In just 8 seconds, the car accelerated from 30km to 120km.

Naoko sensei never knew her car could reach this kind of speed, but she wasn't happy about it in the tiniest bit. She held onto her seat belt tightly with a face of fear.

"Oh right, where do you live? I forgot to ask."

"What, you're asking this after driving for an hour!" Her body trembled.

(Forget it, he saved me after all.) She held her temper and gave him the directions patiently.

Masashi had to slow down the car because he was not familiar with the roads. And Naoko let out a sigh of relief.

"Let's play some songs."

Naoko turned on the radio and through it came a female voice.

"Love Me Tender. I never thought I would hear such an old song in this day."

"You also like this song?" Naoko was surprised.

"I used to have a friend that really liked this song, and sang it really well. Unfortunately she died."

Naoko fell into a silence.

"Sensei, how do we go from here?"

"Oh, make a right turn and we are there."

This was a two floor mansion with a very peaceful surrounding.

"Seems like teachers have pretty good salary. The rent of this place isn't cheap."

"It's nothing special. Do you want to come in, or wait for me to change and I can treat you to dinner."

"No thanks. You should take a good rest. See you." He turned around and walked away.

Naoko's face looked disappointed.

Then she suddenly saw him turning back and felt excited. She ran up to him.

"I forgot to tell you one more thing. Don't tell anyone what happened tonight. As to the reason, you will get it by tomorrow. Remember." He finally left.


Morning of the next day. Masashi hurriedly finished his breakfast. He couldn't wait to see the scene in school.

Somebody rang the door and Kazumi opened it.

"Masashi, someone's looking for you."

"What, me? Not the newspapers?"

"Are you Mr. Hirota Masashi?" A middle aged man in brand name suits asked politely.

"Yes, how can I help you?"

"Our boss wants to see you."

"Who is your boss?"

"Our boss is Mr. Rei"

"As expected. Can you wait until the afternoon, I have some things to do."

"But boss ordered me to invite you over today no matter what. Can you compromise?"

(He's still so impatient, haven't changed all these years.) Masashi sighed. "Fine, I will go with you now."

"Kazumi, can you help me take the day off?"

"I get it."

"Then let's go."

"Please follow me." The man invited him into a high end car, then went to the driver's seat.

(What kind of people did he meet?) Kazumi looked as the car drove away.

The driver parked the car and led Masashi into a mansion guarded with two men dressed in black suits and sunglasses.

"Our boss is inside. Please step in." Then he left.

(Wonder how much they've changed.) Masashi took a deep breath and pushed the door open.

There were four people sitting inside, three men and a woman. Also four bodyguards standing behind them.

All of them turned to Masashi as he entered. The thirty year young old man in the middle was dressed in black casual attire. He stood up immediately as he saw Masashi. Next to him was a middle age man in a white shirt, inspecting Masashi.

Masashi didn't say a word and just looked at the young man gentlely.

(This brat finally grew up.)

Then he turned to the man in white shirt and smiled. "Changan, you still haven't changed after all these years. People will assume you don't have a change of clothes for wearing shirts all day." It was in Chinese.

The man in white shirt was shocked then looked at him with surprise and disbelief.

"Who are you? Were you the one that gave me the call? And how did you know my number?" The young man didn't notice Changan's expression.

"It's been so many years and you're still so impatient. Don't you know it's annoying to ask so many questions at a time."

The man was getting irritated for being talked to like this by a high school boy. Then Masashi suddenly said. "Have you circumcised that foreskin of yours yet? You wouldn't be still keeping them after all these years right."

The room suddenly dropped to freezing temperature.

The only woman in the room couldn't hold it and laughed out loud. Changan also smiled. While the other people were holding onto their laughter.

"You... All of you get out!" The man's face turned red and shouted.

All that's left in the room were Masashi, the man, and Changan.

"Who are you?"

Masashi didn't say anything. He walked over to Changan and unsheathed the sword on the table next to him.

The man was shocked. He knew what this sword meant to Changan. Yet not only did he not stop the boy but instead smiled.

Before he could react, the boy began dancing with the sword.

The man's face was getting more serious as he watched. (This isn't possible, these techniques, no other person can use them, certainly not a high school boy.)

Changan was also excited yet he didn't show a bit of surprise. In the end, tears streamed down his face. "You're finally back."

"Hei, look carefully. This is how you use this technique." This line totally stunned the man.

At the end of his move, Masashi shot the sword into a tree.

"Hei, did you see it?" Masashi smiled at him.

"Sensei!" The man dropped to his knees in tears.


"That's basically it. Do you get it now?"

"So sensei you reincarnated in this high school boy's body? But you died ten years ago and this boy is only about 16. It doesn't add up."

"Shit, that was a waste of time explaining to you." Masashi knocked his head.

"I just can't understand. Why do you always hit me." ReiLi (Hei is a nickname) acted like a child. But it had been ten years since he was hit like this.

"This isn't normal reincarnation but taking over someone's body. When my soul is traveling through a place and someone died recently and if that person fits some other criterias. I'm not getting into the details, since you won't understand anyway. As long as all the criterias are met, then I will come back alive through this body. You get it now?"

"But sensei, why did you choose this boy. It feels so weird for me."

Masashi sighed. "That can't be helped. It's random every time. Can be a child, young man, old man, or even woman. The time is also random. It's only ten years this time but the one previously took 150 years. That's why I didn't tell you anything about this when I died."

"Isn't that good? You're an immortal now. Although your body has changed but you are still yourself."

"Is that so? If possible, I just want to die peacefully."

Changan and ReiLi thought about it and began to understand.

"But sensei, how did you become like this?"

"I was born in the Song Dynasty. My family was killed in a revenge, and my mother escaped with me. After learning the truth, I trained to avenge my father. I attained the height of sword using in a conincidence but when I went to seek revenge, my enemies were already killed by their enemies. Have you seen anything more sarcastic? Just like the plot of those cheap novels. I had no more goals to live for, then one time when I was practicing in the rain, I got struck by a lightning. Then it became like this."

ReiLi and Changan fell into silence.

Masashi laughed. "Stop acting so sentimental. Hei, go get some alcohol."

The next morning, Masashi woke up with a headache.

He went to the backyard and saw Changan practicing with his sword.

"Master." Changan bowed.

"Including the ten years I wasn't here, it's been thirty years already. You still won't stop calling me this." Masashi sighed again.

"You're always my master in my heart and I'm always your Changan."

"Hei probably caused you a lot of troubles these years. It's been hard on you."

"Master, even though ReiLi is a little impatient, but he's a smart person. He earned almost everything himself, I didn't help with much."

"Sensei, you're here. I couldn't find you and thought I was dreaming all along."

"Stop acting like a child, you're not a kid anymore." He recalled Hei followed him since he was a kid. "Oh right, why did you come find me so late. I thought you forgot about me."

"I wouldn't dare to. I thought this was a prank but who would've guessed you actually came back. After I was done with my business in the US and told Changan about it. He found that someone took a sum of money out of your savings in your personal bank. I thought the money was stolen and searched for you."

"I didn't know it's so convenient nowadays. It only took a phone call to make the transfer. I used to have to go in personal in the past. Anyway, I need to ask you are the three gang rules I made still in effect?" Masashi became serious.

When Masashi made the gang, he made three rules that must be followed. The first was not selling drugs.

"Sensei, I never done anything against the rules and wouldn't let my men do them."

"Good, I believe you."

"Sensei, when are you coming back to the gang?"

"I won't go back."

"What? You created Black Dragon all by yourself. How can you not come back?"

"Black Dragon doesn't belong to myself anymore. It belongs to all of you. You've been managing it very well and I am happy about it. I am just here to see you. It's a blessing for people like me to be able to see friends and family that are still alive. Too many people died in my hands on my previous life. I'm tired and want to take a break. If possible, I just want to be a normal person in this life. Do you still want to get me back?"

ReiLi didn't know what to say.

"Don't worry, if anything happens to Black Dragon, I won't just sit there and watch. And you're not young anymore, go get a wife before it's too late."

"I, I still want to play for a few more years."

"Shit, aren't you afraid of getting AIDS."

As Masashi was about to leave, Reili pointed to the woman and man in the mansion. "Masashi, these two are in charge of our businesses in Tokyo. Sakurai Mion and Akamatsu Ryuichiro. If you need something, just order them."

The two of them bowed to Masashi.

"I hope I don't have much to ask of you. I am just a normal civilian after all."

Masashi turned to ReiLi. "Changan told me you have businesses to do tomorrow. You should leave early today."

"I want to stay with you for a few more days."

"There's still a lot of time left. Just go, I will contact you if something comes up."


It was only ten in the morning when he reached home. Masashi decided to go to class in the afternoon. He found his ID in the drawer and took a taxi to a bank.

"I have some money being transferred over from the Swiss Union Bank. I want to know if it's here yet."

"Please wait a moment." The teller looked at her screen in disbelief and her hands began shaking.

"Are, are you, Mr. Hiro, Hirota Masashi san?"

"Isn't it written in my ID?"

"Please, please wait a moment." She immediate ran to look for her manager.

After a while, the teller came back with a fat middle age man. After taking a look at the screen, then at Masashi, he was also in disbelief.

"Is this Hirota Masashi san?"

"I am."

"Because the fund is too big, we need some time to process it. Can you please wait a moment?"

"Fine, but hurry up."

The manager immediately invited Masashi to the VIP waiting room.

He didn't know his photo was sent to the police.

"How's it? Is this the real person?" The manager asked.

"Based on the data, he's the real person. Hirota Masashi, male, 16 years old, attending school in Hirai Middle School as a first year high school student."

"He's only 16 years old and already has over one billion USD. Hurry, sign him up as our VIP immediately."

"Yes, manager."

Finally the transfer was completed. The manager and teller handed Masashi his passbook and credit card with the utmost respect.

Once he came to the school, he saw that the entrance was closed and several news agency vans blocked the road.

(Even the news reporters are here. Seems like things escalated.)

Masashi entered the school from a back door to avoid getting in the camera.

When he got in the classroom, he found out all his classes were changed to self study and the room was as noisy as a market.

"Can I ask what happened?"

"Oh it's Masashi. You didn't know?"

"I took a day off yesterday."

"That's unfortunate you weren't here yesterday. You wouldn't believe what happened..."

Even though he guessed the results but the development was much more colorful than he thought.

When the students entered the classroom in the morning, they were greeted by a horrendous scene. Three naked boys were holding onto each other in a nightmarish posture. A few girls fainted immediately.

When the dean came over and woke up the three boys, they attacked him and attempted to sexually assault him. This middle aged man never thought of this day. His screams almost left a scar in the students.

Fortunately the other male teachers stopped the sexual assault and saved the dean's chastity. But all the teachers involved were assaulted in various degrees. Two of them were still under therapy.

Then someone called the police and they brought the three boys to the hospital.

The police suspected the three boys overdosed stimulants and esctasy, leading to their behavior. And they were currently going through treatments.

After hearing what happened, Masashi regretted deeply for not being able to see this with his own eyes. He also blamed ReiLi for making him miss the scene.

"Oh right, Masashi kun. Naoko sensei had been looking for you since yesterday. It looks like something urgent."

"Ok. Thank you. I will go look for her."

He came to the teachers' office and knocked.

"Please come in."

"Naoko sensei, were you looking for me?" Masashi acted like nothing happened.

"You're finally here. I thought you wouldn't come back to school." She sounded angry.

"I have some things to take care of yesterday. What can I help you with?"

"Stop acting innocent. Did you do this?" Naoko sensei opened up the newspapers and pointed at it.

Three high school boys attempted to sexually assault the dean. Masashi smiled as he looked at the headline.

"Don't you think that's going too far?" Naoko sensei looked at him seriously.

"Oh, is it?" Masashi slowly raised his head. "I don't know what I done that can be considered too far."


"You're also half a victim. Do you think the girls they toyed with will think this is too much? I know what you want to say but please be aware that those guys are not human, just three beasts. Don't tell me they are still young, they are adults with officially issued IDs. I never go soft against beasts. This is barely a prank in my eyes."

Naoko sensei's head lowered as they stared at each other.

"Perhaps you're right, but..."

"When you eat a steak, have you ever thought that a cow died for you. When you eat an egg, have you ever thought about a little chick was stripped of his chance to live. I bet you haven't. I also don't have the energy to think about these. I only know that I will eat when I'm hungry, whether it's steak or eggs. People can have sympathy but you shouldn't give too much to sympathy."

"Thank you. I get it now." Naoko felt that she was like a little girl in front of Masashi.

"Now that you know what happened, remember not to tell anyone. Otherwise you will be the one that's in trouble. If there's nothing else, I will take my leave."

"Are you, you free tonight? I want to treat you to a dinner as thanks."

Masashi looked at those pure eyes of hers. "Sorry to make you spend the money. Is tomorrow alright?"

"Then I will pick you up tomorrow evening." Naoko said excitedly.

Masashi didn't know what Kazumi would think if she sees it. "I will go find you instead."


When he came back to the classroom, Mizato came over to him. "What did Naoko sensei want from you?"

"Nothing much, she just asked how my studies are doing."

"Oh, is it exciting staying with such a beauty? Her body is so sick." Mizato laughed creepily.

(Another beast.) Masashi just wanted to punch him in the face.

He ignored Mizato and walked right past him.