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Ancient Strengthening Technique

Author:I Am Superfluous

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Updates:Chapter 686 – The mighty Jade Emperor Queen Bee Butchering the White Jade Jiao!

A man named Qing Shui, who transcended dimensions and arrived in the Kyushu continent. Storms of blood and wind, resulting in corpses and bones strewn about are extremely common here. The young warrior Qing Shui forged ahead in his path to cultivate, using 10 years to train himself, only to seek vengeance for the one who had forsaken his mother!

Note from Author: I am superfluous To put it simply, this is a story about the rising up in ranks, and getting hot chicks along his journey to stand at the summit of this world.
《Ancient Strengthening Technique》 Text
Chapter 1 – Qing Clan, Qing Shui
Chapter 2 – After Three Years
Chapter 3 – Body transformation
Chapter 4 – Ancient Strengthening Technique
Chapter 5 – Qing Shui wants to practice martial arts
Chapter 6 – Martial Art Blue Lotus
Chapter 7 – Cleansing of impurities
Chapter 8 – Innate superhuman strength?
Chapter 9 – Entering into the second layer
Chapter 10 – Concealed weapon, lonely nimble fist
Chapter 11 – Testing the concealed weapon
Chapter 12 – Giant Golden Wolf
Chapter 13 – Third layer, Ghost Step
Chapter 14 – Still a waste
Chapter 15 – Lan Yan, Lan family’s daughter
Chapter 16 – Revered Professions – I wanna be a Alchemist
Chapter 17 – The Eldest Grandson of Qing Clan
Chapter 18 – Ravishing Beauty
Chapter 19 – Portrait of Beauty
Chapter 20 – Grades of Medicinal Herbs
Chapter 21 – It is Tough to be Strong
Chapter 22 – Helpless Lies
Chapter 23 – Questions about Martial Grades
Chapter 24 – Miraculous Pill or Forbidden Medicine?
Chapter 25 – Library of Qing Clan, Elder Lin appears!
Chapter 26 – Continental Medical Annal
Chapter 27 & 28 – Off to the 1,000,000 Li Mountains
Chapter 29 – The Line between Life and Death
Chapter 30 – Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal
Chapter 31 – Limitations of the Spatial Realm
Chapter 32 – Basic Sword Techniques
Chapter 33 – It takes 10 Years to Forge a Good Sword
Chapter 34 – Iaido
Chapter 35 – Consumption of the Energy Enhancing Fruits
Chapter 36 – Return to the Qing Clan
Chapter 37 – Night Market at the Town of the Setting Phoenix
Chapter 38 – Annual Competition Amongst the Third Generations (1)
Chapter 39 – Annual Competition Amongst the 3rd Generations (2)
Chapter 40 – Annual Competition Amongst the 3rd Generation (3)
Chapter 41 – Qing Bei vs Lan Yan`er
Chapter 42 – One Move
Chapter 43 – Qing Shui’s Magnificent Strike
Chapter 44 – Coming of Age Ceremony
Chapter 45 – A Divine Crippling Pill
Chapter 46 – Circumstances of Qing Shui’s Birth (1)
Chapter 47 – Circumstances of Qing Shui’s Birth (2)
Chapter 48 – Lingering Charm
Chapter 49 – The Mysterious Feng Wu Xi
Chapter 50 – The Prosperous Hundred Miles City
Chapter 51 – The Woman Named Yu He
Chapter 52 – Visiting the Hundred Medicinal Garden
Chapter 53 – Discovered Treasure?
Chapter 54 – Challenge from Hundred Miles City
Chapter 55 – Overwhelming
Chapter 56 – Meeting Shi Qing Zhuang again
Chapter 57 – Endless flirtation, asking for an yard after obtaining an inch
Chapter 58 – The secret of Situ Luan
Chapter 59 – Qing Shui’s Lust
Chapter 60 – The Dao of Money Making
Chapter 61 – Salivating
Chapter 62 – Accidental Collision
Chapter 63 – Dining with a beauty
Chapter 64 – Have you hugged enough?
Chapter 65 – Night Fragrance Court
Chapter 66 – Ravishing Beauty
Chapter 67 – Xiantian, Wenren Wu-Shuang
Chapter 68 – Realm of Sword Truths
Chapter 69 – The Miraculous Xiantian Golden Pellet
Chapter 70 – Figuring out Alchemy
Chapter 71 – Ancient Technique: Flames of Yin-Yang
Chapter 72 – Primal Chaotic Divine Needle Technique
Chapter 73 – Qing Shui and Wenren Wu-Shuang
Chapter 74 – Heavenly Eye Technique and Holy Sacred Hands Technique
Chapter 75 – Troublesome Black fishes
Chapter 76 – Once again, taking advantage of Yu He
Chapter 77 – Another Xiantian
Chapter 78 – Baili Jingwei
Chapter 79 – Cang Lang Country of the Greencloud Continent
Chapter 80 – Kissing Yu He
Chapter 81 – Sorrow
Chapter 82 – Golden Extract Essence
Chapter 83 – Firecloud Blacksmith Store
Chapter 84 – The Seven-inch Gold Needle
Chapter 85 – Shi Qing Zhuang
Chapter 86 – Detoxifying Poison
Chapter 87 – Second Level of the Violet Jade Immortal Realm
Chapter 88 – The Power of the Agility-Enhancing Fruit
Chapter 89 – Ice Princess, Shi Qingzhuang
Chapter 90 – Immediate charm and gentleness
Chapter 91 – Evolution of Ghostly Steps
Chapter 92 – Wenren Wu-Shuang in Trouble
Chapter 93 – First Alchemy Experience
Chapter 94 – The Raging Situ Ba
Chapter 95 – Tragedy of being Powerless
Chapter 96 – Sending a Letter to Wenren Wu-Shuang
Chapter 97 – Grandpa’s Yu Birthday
Chapter 98 – Heaven-Defying Primordial Needle Technique!
Chapter 99 – Extraordinary Powerful Alchemist
Chapter 100 – A Disappointed Yu He
Chapter 101 – A Quiet Beauty
Chapter 102 – Huoyun Liu-Li’s Gold Flint Iron Cauldron
Chapter 103 – Parents Always Worry About Their Children
Chapter 104 – Recovery (1)
Chapter 105 – Recovery (2)
Chapter 106 – Qing Shui and Wenren Wu-Shuang
Chapter 107 – Recipe for Small Revitalizing Pellet – Unlocked
Chapter 108 – Gongyang Yu’s fetish
Chapter 109 – Killing Xiantian
Chapter 110 – Crisis
Chapter 111 – Beauty that can topple kingdoms
Chapter 112 – Goddess as a Master!
Chapter 113 – Moonstone??
Chapter 114 – Golden Steel Demonic Boar
Chapter 115 – 4th Layer of the Ancient Strengthening Technique
Chapter 116 – Surprise of 4th Heavenly Layer
Chapter 117 – The State of Xiantian
Chapter 118 – The Deer Cantering of the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique
Chapter 119 - The mysterious little fatty
Chapter 120 – Yu He’s Charm
Chapter 121 – All Aspect Nourishment Soup
Chapter 122 – The Qi of Xiantian!
Chapter 123 – Wenren Wu-shuang!
Chapter 124 – The Arena at the Wedding Banquet (1)
Chapter 125 – The Arena at the Wedding Banquet (2)
Chapter 126 – The Arena at the Wedding Banquet (3)
Chapter 127 – Magnificently Slaying Trash
Chapter 128 – A Name that Shakes Hundred Miles City
Chapter 129 – Martial Clinic (1)
Chapter 130 – Martial Clinic (2)
Chapter 131 – Recipe for the Five Dragon Pellet
Chapter 132 – Not saving someone at the verge of death!
Chapter 133 – The Beautiful Mingyue Gelou!
Chapter 134 – Accompaniment of a Beauty on a Journey
Chapter 135 – Killing Demonic Beast!
Chapter 136 – Core! Ambiguous Feelings
Chapter 137 – The feeling of a heart warming family
Chapter 138 – Healing an Incurable Condition
Chapter 139 – The Third Level of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal
Chapter 140 – The Dignified, Pure and Holy Diamond Fruit
Chapter 141 – Drunken Fragrance Fruit
Chapter 142 – Heading to Shi Clan to Bring Up A Marriage Proposal?
Chapter 143 – Qingzhuang, I’ve Missed You
Chapter 144 – There’s an Expert in the Situ Clan?
Chapter 145 – The Nameless Branch, and the 5000 Year Old Golden Turtle
Chapter 146 – Wouldn’t It be Better to be Despicable for Once
Chapter 147 – Completion of the Small Revitalizing Pill
Chapter 148 – Tiger Form, A Woman’s Heart
Chapter 149 – Who’s the arrogant one
Chapter 150 – Fight! Decide the Marriage!
Chapter 151 – Flirting with a Beauty!
Chapter 152 – The Woman Whose Meridian Energy Channels Are All Connected
Chapter 153 – Golden Needles, Strengthening of the Constitution
Chapter 154 – Small Success with the Tiger Form; Ripe Fruit
Chapter 155 – Kissing Shi Qingzhuang
Chapter 156 – Embarking on the road to the Skysword Sect!
Chapter 157 – Tiger Form Coming to Life!!
Chapter 158 – Lustful Xiantian Expert
Chapter 159 – The Sinister Move, Tiger Tailwhip Kick
Chapter 160 – Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm
Chapter 161 – Double Joy Buddha Portrait
Chapter 162 – The Beauty of Cang Lang Country
Chapter 163 – Arriving At The Skysword Sect
Chapter 164 – Skysword Sect’s Goddess Master
Chapter 165 – Sovereign of the Skysword Sect, Gongsun Sanqian
Chapter 166 – Soft spot for Goddesses? Becoming a Protector
Chapter 167 – A challenge from Peak of Houtian?
Chapter 168 – One needs to be strong to be arrogant!
Chapter 169 – The secret of 3rd Elder Zhu Qing
Chapter 170 – Auction Hall, Potential Fruit?
Chapter 171 – Decked in Magnificent Splendor, Earthly Paradise
Chapter 172 – Reunion
Chapter 173 – Soft-boned hands, King-grade Medicinal pellets
Chapter 174 – Peak of Xiantian, Canghai Mingyue!
Chapter 175 – Scarless, Heartwarming
Chapter 176 – If You have the Capability You Can Also Turn Me Into A Nymphomaniac For You
Chapter 177 – She is Lonely, Lonelier than Fireworks
Chapter 178 – Fight! Promoted to Elder! The End of Affinity Between the Master and the Disciple
Chapter 179 – Culinary Arts: Tiger Bone Liquor and Drunken Haze
Chapter 180 – Beautiful Chef of the Earthly Paradise beautiful chef, Buddha Jumps over the Wall (Chinese dish)
Chapter 181 – Peerless Beauty Beast Tamer, Little Loli?
Chapter 182 – The 3rd Wave of the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm
Chapter 183 – Divine Being? Big Dipper Sword
Chapter 184 – Refining Muscles and Bones Under Overbearing Pressure, Lifting Something Heavy as though it was Light!
Chapter 185 – Disappearance of the real Beast Tamers
Chapter 186 – Yan Clan, Yan Jiang Country, Ruler of a Country
Chapter 187 – Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange
Chapter 188 – Sect Exchange Competition, Qing Shui Got Heartbroken
Chapter 189 – Killing in Fury! Eradicating Scum
Chapter 190 – Don’t Stop Me
Chapter 191 – So, Goddess also needed to wear panties.
Chapter 192 – The Difference Between A Bad Person and A Bad Egg
Chapter 193 – Fireworks grows cold quickly, beauty is transient
Chapter 194 – The Difficult Prescription of the Great Revitalizing Pellet
Chapter 195 – The First Snow of the Year
Chapter 196 – Cannot forget you, Bear Form of the Nine Animal Mimicry Technique
Chapter 197 – Irresistible even to Immortals, Zhu Qing.
Chapter 198 – A word, Love. Wondrous Fruit
Chapter 199 – 4 levels of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal
Chapter 200 – Qing Shui’s Demonic Beast, Fire bird
Chapter 201 – Initial Stage, Godly Cultivation Art
Chapter 202 – Meeting the Female Owner of the Golden Thunder Winged Condor once again
Chapter 203 – A Beauty Helping to Massage
Chapter 204 – Red Luan
Chapter 205 – What level of strength do I need to trample the Yan Clan?
Chapter 206 – The Young Miss from Yan Clan Who Sells Tea Leaves
Chapter 207 – Greencloud Capital, the other side of Canghai Mingyue
Chapter 208 –Black Gem, The Class of a Beautiful Woman is like Alcohol
Chapter 209 – Tigerbone Yang Amplification Beauty Purification Wine
Chapter 210 – There’s still something beyond the Great Perfection Stage?
Chapter 211 – The Perverse Mysterious Gemstone
Chapter 212 – Yueyue, It’s About Time to Feed the Baby
Chapter 213 – Heavenly Palace, Heavenly Thunder Slash
Chapter 214 – Lass, kill them directly if you see this bunch of people in the future again.
Chapter 215 – Meeting the Most Beautiful Woman of the Joyous Sect Again
Chapter 216 – Nine Yin Body, Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary.
Chapter 217 – The Crane Form of the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique, Speed is Invincible
Chapter 218 – The recipe of Endurance Pellet, Golden Flesh LingZhi
Chapter 219 – Mighty Ancient Forging Technique
Chapter 220 – Tiger’s Descend Painting, Great Perfection Stage for the Tiger Form
Chapter 221 – Success in concocting the Endurance Pellet. Magnificence of the River and Mountains.
Chapter 222 – The White Crane Spread it’s Wings, The Mysterious Lady
Chapter 223 – Can you pretend to be my hubby?
Chapter 224 – Comprehending the Crane Form, Small Success Stage for the Crane’s Might
Chapter 225 – Three calls of Hubby? Qing Shui deceives
Chapter 226 – Being in Pain Yet Feeling Happy!!!
Chapter 227 – A Magical Special Skill?
Chapter 228 – Tempered Metallic Essence!
Chapter 229 – Qing Shui’s state of profoundness
Chapter 230 – Obscure Taiji, Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Hammer Blows
Chapter 231 – Ancient Forging Technique is a Godly technique!
Chapter 232 – 1000-year Gloomy Wood, a streaking man
Chapter 233 – Yueyue, what are you doing at Peony Court?
Chapter 234 – Thousand Hammer Technique, Blacksmiths are unequalled?
Chapter 235 – Confused heart of Canghai Mingyue
Chapter 236 – Forging Blueprints, Flowers on the nameless tree branch!
Chapter 237 – Creation of three-foot Bluebronze sword, Challenge.
Chapter 238 – Arrogant Blacksmith, Joyous Sect’s Qing Hanye!
Chapter 239 – Entrancing As Water, The Limitations of the Live Saving Technique
Chapter 240 – Qinghan Ye, Qing Shui’s Abilities Improves Once Again
Chapter 241 – Southern Guest Inn
Chapter 242 – Ancestor of the Immortal Sword Sect, Flower of Life
Chapter 243 – Miraculous flowers under Heavens, absolute treasure – the Flower of Life!
Chapter 244 – Surpassing 1000 hammer knocks, Epitome of bright eyes and white teeth
Chapter 245 – A Beast Tamer’s Nemesis, Soulshake Bell?
Chapter 246 – 1,000 year Coldsteel, banging into others like a hooligan.
Chapter 247 – Alchemy Recipe? 1st level of the Soulshake Bell.
Chapter 248 – 1-color graded boots, only females can equip it?
Chapter 249 – A Lousy Blacksmith is still better than you who hugs the pig daily.
Chapter 250 – Additional Enhancement: Cold Poison, Storm Clouds Approaches
Chapter 251 – Coolsteel Boots, the feeling of boots and women
Chapter 252 – Everyone Is A Family… Temptation? Collar
Chapter 253 – Bronze Collar, Calamity of a beauty
Chapter 254 – Heart beating wildly with excitement, the Golden-Ringed Battle Armor is completed!
Chapter 255 – I’m Not Leaving Even If I were to Die, Can You Hug Me?
Chapter 256 – Celestial Body Jade Bones (Canghai Mingyue), a Bangle that Enhances Destruction
Chapter 257 – Relentless Entanglement, All Good Things Will Come To An End
Chapter 258 – A woman is still a woman after all, the amazing Soaring Crane Steps
Chapter 259 – Scene of Tragedy, the Uncertain Death of Huoyun Liu-Li
Chapter 260 – Kill! Kill! Qing Shui’s tears, Saintly Hands!
Chapter 261 – Bending bones and scattering ashes, can the duo cultivation method save her?
Chapter 262 – How Much Is He Carrying On His Shoulders? Sword of the third wave.
Chapter 263 – Qing Shui, You’re Still Looking… The Storm is Approaching
Chapter 264 – She likes you, except she doesn’t realize it yet
Chapter 265 – Heavenly Palace’s Token, Second Level of Soulshake Bell
Chapter 266 – Black Champion Monarch Falcon, I’ll kill your wife and daughter first.
Chapter 267 – Fall of experts, 10,000s of preparations only for a single moment
Chapter 268 – Black Champion Monarch Falcon, I’ll kill your wife and daughter first
Chapter 269 – The Two Ladies’ Thoughts, Mingyue Gelou Breakthrough To Xiantian
Chapter 270 – One of the Twelve Portraits of Beauty, Divine Bodies
Chapter 271 – Fisherman? He Is Immortal Sword Sect’s First Elder, Make A Decision!
Chapter 272 – The change in Canghai Mingyue, onwards to the Heavenly Palace!
Chapter 273 – To Scold, To Kill, A Treasure Map Was Gained
Chapter 274 – Diamond Pellet, Jadedew Pellet, Goddess Peak? Flowerfruit Mountain.
Chapter 275 – Crushing Yan Clan Within 3 to 5 Years, Shake Up Lion King’s Ridge
Chapter 276 – Unique Physique
Chapter 277 – Arrival At The Heavenly Palace
Chapter 278 – Elder Fei, The Bunch of Old Monsters in the Heavenly Palace
Chapter 279 – Joining the Heavenly Palace, Majestic and Independent, Beauties that can topple Empires!
Chapter 280 – Marrying Both Ladies Together? Heavenly Palace’s Nine Halls
Chapter 281 – Starmoon Hall, Stone Monument Styled Beast Form Fist
Chapter 282 – An exquisite lady, Heavenly Palace Sword Art
Chapter 283 – She is from the Yan Clan, Yan Clan that was sentenced to death
Chapter 284 – Crouching Tiger Stone Tablet in the mountain range, another step for the Tiger Form
Chapter 285 – Taichi Single Whip, Breaking Through To The 95th Cycle
Chapter 286 – Legendary Supreme Beauty Misty Hall Palace Mistress, Might of the Tiger
Chapter 287 – To Prosper 100 Years with an Ancestor, 200 Years with a Son and 300 Years with a Grandchild!
Chapter 288 – Cloudmist Steps, The Chief Disciple, Gongsun Jianwu, Who’s Like A Vixen
Chapter 289 – Amalgamation of Movement Techniques!
Chapter 290 – White Frost Nectar, Don't Do Unto Others What You Don't Want Others To Do Unto You
Chapter 291 – Wild Fight! Another Technique, Strike!
Chapter 292 – Unrivalled Brilliance, two-color graded Heaven Shaking Hammer
Chapter 293 – The Legend-Tier Thousand Hammer Refinement Technique, Strife between the Nine Halls of the Heavenly Palace
Chapter 294 – The storm after war, he already has a woman with him now
Chapter 295 – The power levels of the various halls in the Heavenly Palace. Qing Shui’s father, Yan Zhongyue, has died??
Chapter 296 – Why Would I Hate You, Blue Lotus Art, The Appearance of Lotus Flowers
Chapter 297 – The Lost Gongsun Jianwu
Chapter 298 – Stone Monument of the Resting tiger, ‘Inner state of immovable like the Mountains
Chapter 299 – Qing Shui as the Chief Disciple? Image of Yin and Yang
Chapter 300 – Heavenly Thunder Slash, Strong Power of One at the Pinnacle of Martial King
Chapter 301 – Two medical prescriptions, the prescription to awake the talent of the beast
Chapter 302 – Evening Primrose, the Stone Monument of a Frenzied Bull
Chapter 303 – Overwhelming and Perverse Frenzied Bull’s Strength, The saddened Xi Yue
Chapter 304 – Fire Bird Eats the Beast Pill
Chapter 305 – The awakening of talent, Firebird's Crown
Chapter 306 – Qing Shui, I’m surnamed Song, I wish to court Sikong Mingyue
Chapter 307 – Who Are You To Be Calling Her Mingyue Too?
Chapter 308 – Battle, the strength of a Level 2 Martial King
Chapter 309 – Qing Shui, Go Calm Your Fiancee Down
Chapter 310 – Woman of Feng Family, Elder Yun
Chapter 311 – Even An Ugly Daughter-In-Law Needs to Meet Her Parents-In-Law, Pure Gold Fishing Rod
Chapter 312 – Refining Demons、The Mysterious Demonic Beast Card, Golden Willow Dew
Chapter 313 – The Accidental Set of Armor of Frenzied Bull Strength, A Romantic and Pleasant Dream Among The Sea of Flowers
Chapter 314 – Goddess? Demoness? Immortal Bed
Chapter 315 – Fifth Level of the Violet Jade Immortal Realm, Beauty Fruit
Chapter 316 – Handsome Reward, The Mutated Golden Horn Firetail Fish
Chapter 317 – Refining Beauty Pellets, Swallow the Energy Fruit
Chapter 318 – Feng Clan's Elder Yun
Chapter 319 – Qing Shui and The Deal with Elder Yun
Chapter 320 – I hate you! The peak of the 4th layer of Ancient Strengthening Technique
Chapter 321 – Fourth Wave, Challenge, Earth-Element, Arm Enlarging Technique
Chapter 322 – Bloodbath, Who Was More Violent
Chapter 323 – Met the woman named Mo Yan again
Chapter 324 – Qing Shui, Promise Me To Treat Yourself Better, Nature Energy
Chapter 325 – The Heavenly Palace Library, Basic Sword Techniques II
Chapter 326 – Beauty Pellet, After Today, I Won't Owe Her Anymore
Chapter 327 – Improvement Made After Two Months, Two Kinds of Xiantian Golden Pellet Alchemy Recipes?
Chapter 328 – Watching the Brilliant Fireworks with Her, A Picturesque Scenery!
Chapter 329 – 4th Level of Soulshake Bell, Challenge from Sword Tower
Chapter 330 – Canghai Mingyue Hanging on a Thread, Dead End
Chapter 331 – Unexpected Breakthrough, 5th Heavenly Layer of the Ancient Strengthening Technique
Chapter 332 – Devastating hammer, Heaven-Shattering Tiger Roar
Chapter 333 – Aftermath of War, The Death of Xi Yue
Chapter 334 – KILL. Don’t Call Me Brother From Now On
Chapter 335 – There’s Nu Er Hong Wine and Bone & Spirit Cleansing Plum Blosson Wine
Chapter 336 – Misty Hall Palace Mistress, she is the woman in the portrait of beauty?
Chapter 337 – Looking Coldly Upon the World, Misty Hall's Palace Mistress
Chapter 338 – Qing Shui’s State of Minute Subtlety
Chapter 339 – A Strong Elder Association in Heavenly Palace, Acupuncture Point Clearing Art
Chapter 340 – Divine Arm Clearing and Divine Feet Clearing Technique
Chapter 341 – A Flea? Stone Monument of the Black Armored Jumping King!
Chapter 342 – When the “Core Qi Method” Meets Gongsun Jianwu
Chapter 343 – Fight Again, Legendary-Grade Giant Spirit Divine Fist
Chapter 344 – Bear Dazzle, Volution Force, The Tyrannical Fourth Wave! It’s Time to Return
Chapter 345 – Crippled Yang Bone, Crippled Yang Sabre Technique and Situ Clan’s Activity
Chapter 346 – Killing In Public, The Prescription For the Strong Wind Water Primordial Pellet
Chapter 347 – Promoted as an Elder. Farewell, Setting Foot on the Journey Back Home
Chapter 348 – Southern City, Change of Atmosphere in Hundred Miles City, The death of Wenren Wugou
Chapter 348 – I Miss You, I Really Do, Every Single Day!
Chapter 350 – Qing Shui Arrived At Skysword Sect, Wenren Wu-shuang Returns to Hundred Miles City
Chapter 351 – The Infuriated Wenren Wu-shuang, Golden Current Soul Devouring Arrow
Chapter 352 – Heartbroken, Kill, Slaughtering Three People
Chapter 353 – Qing Shui's Plan, Be Harsher, Be More Vicious
Chapter 354 – Situ Clan's Disappearance, Burning Down Night Fragrance Court
Chapter 355 – Mingyue, This World Has Never Been Fair
Chapter 356 – I Am No Longer A Good Match For You, Riding the Wind and Cresting the Waves, Happy New Year
Chapter 357 – Realization? Comprehension? The Benefit of Breaking Through the Nameless Technique
Chapter 358 – Divine Arm Clearing of the Small Success Stage, Shenmen, Neiguan and Shaohai Acupoints
Chapter 359 – The Appearance of Shi Qingzhuang, Yu Donghao's Intentions
Chapter 360 – Top Notch Women Relies On Wisdom And Disposition
Chapter 361 – White Tiger Stone, Xinan Country, Back to Skysword Sect Again
Chapter 362 – Thousand Hammer Technique of the Obscure Realm, the Peach of Immortality?
Chapter 363 – Half A Year Passed By In An Instant, Change, 2-Color Graded Armor, Peach of Immortality
Chapter 364 – Body Strengthening Tiger Bone Soup, Cleansing Plum Blossom Wine
Chapter 365 – Qing He broke through to Xiantian, Unparalleled Beauty Evildoer
Chapter 366 – He Likes Mature Women... Recreating the Big Dipper Sword
Chapter 367 – The powerful Big Dipper Sword, the Unique State - Seven Stars Armored Vest
Chapter 368 – Meeting Shi Qingzhuang again
Chapter 369 – Cold Yet Sultry, Shi Clan Has A Xiantian Now, Too
Chapter 370 – Members From the Medicine King's Clan Arrive, A Tremendous Strength of Over 5,500,000 jin
Chapter 371 – Killing Intent inside the Grey Fog, The Ultimate Strike!
Chapter 372 – Terrifying Saber Intent, Large Success Stage For the Divine Arm Clearing, Strong Arms
Chapter 373 – Battle with the a Peak Grade 8 Martial King, The Power of Misty Hall Palace Mistress
Chapter 374 – A Display of Smile, Divine Arm Clearing Technique of Large Success Stage and Divine Feet Clearing Technique of Small Success Stage
Chapter 375 – Golden Mountain Stream, The Dangerous Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp, Pure Gold Fishing Rod Fishing a Treasure
Chapter 376 – Reaping Great Returns, Faced Against a Powerful Great Demonic Beast, Suffering Great Setback Once Again
Chapter 377 – Ingesting a Heaven-Defying Medicine, Inconceivable Improvement
Chapter 378 – The Clearing of Six Acupuncture Points, The Second Portrait of Beauty
Chapter 379 – The thoughts of Women, One with Heaven Taichi
Chapter 380 – Helpless, Heart-broken Mingyue Gelou
Chapter 381 – Basic Sword Technique One with Heaven, Interspatial Sachet?
Chapter 382 – Moonstone Viewing Platform, Golden Pearl, Qing Shui is going to the Yan Clan?
Chapter 383 – I’ll follow you to the Yan Clan, Elephant Form of the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique!
Chapter 384 – Your Son Wants To Let You Enter Yan Clan Openly and Aboveboard
Chapter 385 – Back Connecting Fist, Because I am His Daughter
Chapter 386 – 3-colour grade Necklace, Clearing Three acupoints again, Increasing Strength
Chapter 387 – In front of the cave of “Deities”, Howling Moon Silver Ape
Chapter 388 – 40 Steps, Yan City, I, Qing Shui, am arriving!
Chapter 389 – She was forced by the Yan Clan to sell tea leaves…
Chapter 390 – Yan City Lai Clan, Lai Chusong
Chapter 391 – The third Portrait of Beauties, she is the woman in the drawing
Chapter 392 – Buying All Her Tea Leaves... Qingqing!!
Chapter 393 – Who Said Her Mother Isn’t Coming, Who Said She No Longer Has Anyone To Rely On?
Chapter 394 – Acknowledgement, who doesn’t know how to write the word ‘death’?
Chapter 395 – Yan Clan, Yan Ling’er’s Tears
Chapter 396 – She is part of the Qing Clan, Her surname is Qing, not Yan
Chapter 397 – Kill A Few, Let The Massacre Begin
Chapter 398 – A Debt of Twenty Years, The Death of Yan Haozheng
Chapter 399 – Shook the entire Yan Jiang Country single-handedly… That woman from Xiao Clan
Chapter 400 – Viciously Destroying The Flower, The Fall of Yan Clan, The Changes to Qingqing
Chapter 401 – The Difficult to Concoct Great Revitalizing Pellet, Elephant Form, The Golden Gigantic Elephant
Chapter 402 – Might Elephant Stomp, Diamond Qi, Coquettish
Chapter 403 – Killing To Xiao Clan, 2nd Master Xiao The Expert
Chapter 404 – The Threat of The Sword Tower’s Powerful Figure, The Domineering Misty Hall’s Palace Mistress of Absolute Beauty
Chapter 405 – The Woman Named Di Chen, Clearing of Many Acupoints!
Chapter 406 – A Lifted Burden, Another Side of Her
Chapter 407 – Yan Clan’s Hidden Treasure Given to Qing Shui
Chapter 408 – Primordial Demon Refining Furnace
Chapter 409 – A plentiful gain, inner core, the change in Misty Palace Mistress
Chapter 410 – Because you are my sister, the old man from the Qing Clan’s hidden library
Chapter 411 – Great Perfection Stage of Mighty Elephant Stomp
Chapter 412 – The Force of One Stomp, The Legendary Item Holy Bracelet
Chapter 413 – Joyful Yu He, Crimson Gang, Divine Marionette Pellet
Chapter 414 – The Unlucky Crimson Gang, Eradicated, Poison Scriptures
Chapter 415 – Breakthrough, The Most Poisonous “Iridescent Fairy”
Chapter 416 – Golden Pages "Heavenly Talisman", Saving Lin Zhanhan
Chapter 417 – Five Elemental Heavenly Fruit, bumped into the Mutated Beast Diamond Demonic Boar again
Chapter 418 – Taming the Diamond Demonic Boar with the Divine Marionette Pellet, Improving once again
Chapter 419 – Wild One-Horned Ox, The evolution of Mutated Beasts
Chapter 420 – Dao of Talisman Drawing, Nine Grades of the Heavenly Talisman!
Chapter 421 – Binding Talisman, Returning to Heavenly Palace, Shi Qingzhuang
Chapter 422 – Darkgold Three-Headed Python, The Terrifying Mighty Elephant Stomp
Chapter 423 – The Cloud Mist Sect in Jian Ye Country, Feeling a woman’s warmth in his arms
Chapter 424 – Strengthen Her Meridian Channels For Her, Charm That Could Cause The Fall of Cities
Chapter 425 – Canghai Mingyue’s Sensitivity, Refining the Talisman-shaped Beast Skin
Chapter 426 – Refining Talisman-shaped Beast Skin, Resolution, Decision
Chapter 427 – Wenren Wushuang, Refining Success, Drawing Tailsman
Chapter 428 – The Difficulty in Drawing Talismans
Chapter 429 – Canghai Mingyue Breakthrough, Martial King level Martial Warrior
Chapter 430 – Great Perfection Stage “Art of Pursuing”, Back to Heavenly Palace
Chapter 431 – Phoenix Mountain. Liu-li gets a Demonic Stonegold Rabbit King
Chapter 432 – Stonegold Phoenix Tail Grass、Phoenix Tail?
Chapter 433 – Canghai Mingyue’s Request, The Success of Godly Force Talisman
Chapter 434 – Return to South City, things were the same, but people have changed, massacre!
Chapter 435 – Massacre, Qing Hanye’s injustice, Her name is Huang Qing
Chapter 436 – Sword Demon Huang Qing, "Strength of A Country"
Chapter 437 – Battling Sword Demon Huang Qing, The Disparities
Chapter 438 – Huoyun Liu-Li, Success of the Divine Shield Talisman, Doubt!
Chapter 439 – Is it a bane if a woman is too beautiful? Returning to Heavenly Palace
Chapter 440 – Six Sects Tournament, Xi Ri, He is Qing Shui…
Chapter 441 – Beast tamer Chi Tianhao, Tigon Beast
Chapter 442 – Hai Clan’s Pride, Hai Long, Feng Clan’s Elder Yun, Disastrous
Chapter 443 – Debut, Women of the Hai Clan, Trouble?
Chapter 444 – Cloud Piercing Arrow, Golden Thread Armor
Chapter 445 – Jing Changzheng, Qing Shui, I want to challenge you!
Chapter 446 – A silent pain. The despicable Zuo Shandiao!
Chapter 447 – Leaving the stage, Enter Tan Yang and the Iron Spine Falcons
Chapter 448 – Breakthrough for the Diamond Demonic Boar, The Prowess of the Mighty Elephant Stomp
Chapter 449 – Condition, The Return of Mingyue Gelou
Chapter 450 – Distraction from loneliness, a child?
Chapter 451 – Fei Wuji, Meeting with the Old Ancestor of Heavenly Palace
Chapter 452 – The Old Ancestor’s past, Gateway to Martial Saint, The strength of 10 countries
Chapter 453 – The Old Ancestor's Present, Flame Phoenix Pellet, Golden Carp Pellet
Chapter 454 – Ingesting the Golden Carp Pellet, Great Perfection Stage for the Divine Feet Clearing
Chapter 455 – The Sudden Increase of Strength, The Strength of Two and Half Countries, Ecstasy
Chapter 456 – Absolute beauty Liu-li, Visitor from the Jin Clan, Golden Jade Eagle
Chapter 457 – Yang Revitalising Grass, Great Revitalizing Pellet, Long Sword Tower’s Tan Clan
Chapter 458 – Mysterious Misty Hall Palace Priestess, The understanding of Talisman Drawing
Chapter 459 – One year later!! Divine Grade Heavenly Dan? Upper Dantian
Chapter 460 – One Year of Improvements, Refining the Beast Pill Again
Chapter 461 – Consumption of the Beast Pill! The Monstrous Aura which shook the Nine Continents!
Chapter 462 – Transformation, Diamond Gigantic Elephant, Monstrous Abilities
Chapter 463 – Strength, Gongsun Jianwu
Chapter 464 – Heavenly Palace’s Internal Corruption, Strength, Conflict
Chapter 465 – A Real Man Should Strive To Kill: Provoking the Feng Clan
Chapter 466 – Feng Clan's Expert, Qing Shui's Current Level
Chapter 467 – Golden Jade Rabbit, Heavenly Pellet is done! Getting ready
Chapter 468 – Jin’s Clan’s reaction, Eve of the battle
Chapter 469 – Overlord Storm Beast Armor, Golden Calligraphy Brush Drawing Talismen
Chapter 470 – Preparation Before the Battle, Troubles Lay Ahead
Chapter 471 – Arrived at Feng Clan, The Situation There
Chapter 472 – Massacre, My Name is Feng Yu
Chapter 473 – Misty Hall Palace Mistress, Qing Shui attacking with irresistible force
Chapter 474 – Surmounting All Difficulties
Chapter 475 – Tigon Beast Champion, Diamond Gigantic Elephant
Chapter 476 – Mighty Elephant Stomp Intertwined; Frightening Strength of Ten Countries
Chapter 477 – The powerful Feng Shamo! A Battle of Attrition!
Chapter 478 – The Enormous Bloody Seal of Sorrow. The uses of Minute Subtlety. A narrow escape!
Chapter 479 – The breakthrough of the 180th Cycle of Circulate Qi, Can I take care of you forever?
Chapter 480 – Feng Shamo’s Interspatial Silk Sachet, Treasures
Chapter 481 – The fourth Portrait of Beauty, the sealed Violet Gold Divine Shield
Chapter 482 – Tiger Vitality Pill, Huoyun Liu-Li and Jin Guyao
Chapter 483 – All demoness exudes feminine charm. A ten years promise
Chapter 484 – Dark Jewel Necklace! Pound that Violet gold divine shield!
Chapter 485 – The Power of the Violet Gold Divine Shield
Chapter 486 – Crisis? Lady from Hai Clan, Hai Dongqing
Chapter 487 – Senior Martial Brother of Misty Hall’s Palace Mistress, Charging Out
Chapter 488 – Sword of Fifth Wave! Kill!
Chapter 488 – Buddha Apparition, Heaven Defying Opportunity, Armor Break Talisman
Chapter 490 – Great Revitalizing Pellet, Enormous Strength, Killing the Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King
Chapter 491 – Massacre, Crimson Dragon Bow, Poison Dragon Arrow
Chapter 492 – Man and Horse As One, Realm of One with the Elephant and the End of Slaughter
Chapter 493 – Collecting the rewards! The situation and the decision of each sect
Chapter 494 – A Strong Bow, Refining Bone Arrows, Gale Talisman
Chapter 495 – Arriving at Flowerfruit Mountain, the Crimson Dragon Bow’s might
Chapter 496 – The Misty Hall Palace Mistress’s Troubled Heart, Dreadful Encounter with a Wolf Pack.
Chapter 497 – The King's Aura, Silver Wolf Queen
Chapter 498 – Consuming the Great Revitalizing Pellet, Incomparably Overbearing
Chapter 499 – The location in the second treasure map, Essence of Emperor's Qi
Chapter 500 – Essence of Emperor’s Qi, Strength greatly increased, Encounter
Chapter 501 – Qing Shui’s Humanity, Tricolor Scorpion King
Chapter 502 – A bone-chilling gaze
Chapter 503 – Tricolor Scorpion King, Breaking the Seal of the Violet Gold Divine Shield Again
Chapter 504 – Raging Flame Cloud Leopard
Chapter 505 – Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkey, Demonic Beast Chieftain, Heavenly Dan Grade 2
Chapter 506 – Struggle at the Sword Tower, Huang Qing makes her move
Chapter 507 – Injuring Huang Qing, Martial Saint of the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord appears
Chapter 508 – Strength of a Martial Saint, Death, Living for another day
Chapter 509 – Stone of Life, back to Heavenly Palace!
Chapter 510 – Fickleness of Human Relationships, Who Is the Wastrel?
Chapter 511 – A return trip, back to the Hundred Miles City
Chapter 512 – Mother, I Have Became Trash Again, Shi Qingzhuang’s Tears
Chapter 513 – A Glimmer of Hope, Humans Yearn For Familial Affection When They Are At Their Weakest
Chapter 514 – Rebirth, Activating the physical potential of the body
Chapter 515 – Qing Shui, You Have To Be My Man… Walking Along the Blades and Swords To Trigger The Innate Skills!
Chapter 516 – Condensing a Ball of Qi of Life, Recovering the Upper Dantian, Training Bitterly in the Water
Chapter 517 – After two years, restoring the strength! One hundred and ninety-ninth circulated cycles of qi
Chapter 518 – Half the Lifespan of An Ordinary Person, No More Rivals Amongst Those at the Martial Saint Level and Below
Chapter 519 – Breakthrough of the “Acupuncture Clearing of Four Limbs”, Thousand Hammer Technique Heaven Realm
Chapter 520 – The Great Perfection Stage of the 5th Heavenly Layer, Unexpected Recovery of the Heart
Chapter 521 – Qing Bei’s Truth Realm, Liu-Li’s Suspicion
Chapter 522 – Di Chen is leaving, Quad-color Art of Forging
Chapter 523 – Punishment
Chapter 524 – Sending Di Chen off, coming back to Skysword Sect
Chapter 525 – Undo the restriction! Yiye Jiange!
Chapter 526 – Strength of the Heart of Seven Orifices, Absolute Genius
Chapter 527 – Returning to the Qing Clan, Qing Shui’s Intention
Chapter 528 – Development, the unique Plum Blossom. Refining the Xiantian Golden Pellet
Chapter 529 – The Success of Xiantian Golden Pellet, Heavenly Dan of the Third Grade
Chapter 530 – Returning to the Heavenly Palace, The Time of the Old Ancestor of the Heavenly Palace Was Up
Chapter 531 – The Heaven Defying Violet Divine Crystal, Disturbance
Chapter 532 – Qing Shui Taking Over the Heavenly Palace, Establishing Might, Kill
Chapter 533 – Qing Shui’s ascension, Heavenly Palace’s youngest Patriarch
Chapter 534 – Death of the Old Ancestor, Arrival of Trials and Hardships
Chapter 535 – Open Confrontation Between Heavenly Palace and Sword Tower, The Appearance of Tan Yang
Chapter 536 – Tan Yang’s death, Extermination of Sword Tower, Breakthrough of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant
Chapter 537 – A Slaughter , The Insane Diamond Gigantic Elephant
Chapter 538 – Arriving At The Demonic Beast Sect, Golden-Armored Violet Crystal Beast
Chapter 539 – Eradicating the Demonic Beast Sect, the useless God Exterminaton Pill
Chapter 540 – Half a year, Qing Shui’s defense of 10 countries, Turning point
Chapter 541 – Critical Damage, a critical attack? Nine Winged Golden Cicada
Chapter 542 – Beheading The Unlucky Martial Saint
Chapter 543 – Elder Ge of the Heavenly Palace, The Powerful Effects of the Tri-Acupoint Clearing Pellet
Chapter 544 – Taking The Wind Water Primordial Pellet, Looking For The Turning Point?
Chapter 545 – Hundred Miles City For A Day, Planning And Preparations, Hair Flying Around
Chapter 546 – Thousand Buddha Palm Imprint, Heavenly Talisman’s Body Securing Talisman
Chapter 547 – Their son has grown up, Yu He, Shi Clan
Chapter 548 – The Whole Clan Moves, Kaiyang Country’s Soulreaper Valley
Chapter 549 – Anger, Killing, Rebirth by Flames, Evolution
Chapter 550 – Nirvana Rebirth! The formidable Tiger form at the Great Perfection Stage
Chapter 551 – Returning to Heavenly Palace, Violet Gold Divine Shield unsealed?
Chapter 552 – Hai Dongqing
Chapter 553 – Two years later, Martial Saint Elder Ge
Chapter 554 – Body Securing Talisman, Qing Shui’s Diamond Protection! Ready to leave!
Chapter 555 – Qing Shui's Methods
Chapter 556 – Sixth Level of Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal
Chapter 557 – A Grand Harvest, Preparation
Chapter 558 – Towards the Central Continent, The Triple-Eyed Grass Green Frog
Chapter 559 – Traveling with beauty, encountering a Three-Headed Dark Cloud Armored Beast
Chapter 560 – A Hard Fight, Consuming The Mysterious Fruit, Another Breakthrough In Tiger Form
Chapter 561 – Kill, Divine Connection Realm of the Tiger Form, Xing Hai Country of the Central Continent
Chapter 562 – The strength of Seven Stars City! Meeting the aristocratic clan Qianyu Clan in Xing Hai Country!
Chapter 563 – The powerful Martial Saint Qianyu Dingjun, Differences between the Grades of Martial Saint
Chapter 564 – Parting with Di Qing
Chapter 565 – Courting Death, Blackjade Poisonous Spiderweb
Chapter 566 – Arrival At The Jade Sea Country, Drunken Immortal Restaurant, Nian Feng
Chapter 567 – Jade Sea, Crystal Lion, Priceless Crystal Treasure
Chapter 568 – Obtaining the treasured beast, The beautiful beach of Jade Sea
Chapter 569 – Everlasting Pellet Recipe, Three Tailed Immortal Fox Blood
Chapter 570 – The powerful elderly man, Qing Shui’s turning point
Chapter 571 – Canghai Mingyue is Pregnant, The Return Journey
Chapter 572 – Fishing at Stellar Horse Lake
Chapter 573 – Stellar Horse Nightmare Beast! Scarlet Gigantic Python! Divine Artifact
Chapter 574 – Demon Refining, Buddhist True Imprint, Demonic Beast Origin Essence Soul Pearl
Chapter 575 – Qing Shui’s Martial Saint leveled Demonic Beast, Level of drawing skin
Chapter 576 – Qing Shui’s current terrifying power, Back to Qing Residence
Chapter 577 – Hundred Forms of the Tiger
Chapter 578 – Luan Luan and Yuchang taken away, Four Seas Country vying for the Greencloud Continent (1)
Chapter 579 – Luan Luan and Yuchang taken away, Four Seas Country vying for the Greencloud Continent (2)
Chapter 580 – Luan Luan and Yuchang taken away, Four Seas Country vying for the Greencloud Continent (3)
Chapter 581 – Demon Binding Ropes? A friend surpassing the level of a soul mate
Chapter 582 – Nourishing the Blackjade Poisonous Spiderweb with poison! It really is the Demon Binding Ropes
Chapter 583 – Twins of mixed sex, an opportunity, Qing Shui broke through to the Sixth Heavenly Layer!
Chapter 584 – Qing Shui’s power, Grade Three Martial Saint
Chapter 585 – The Success of Aroma Concentration Pill, Visitors From The Central Continent
Chapter 586 – Crippling the Sky Tyrant Lord with just one move! Di Chen stepped forth!
Chapter 587 – The Diamond Qi and Diamond Protection at the Great Perfection Stage! The insane passive battle skills!
Chapter 588 – Diamond Crossing Rivers and Vajra’s Glare The Martial Saint warriors from the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord arrives!
Chapter 589 – Kill, Ending the grudge of the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord
Chapter 590 – Amnesty, Upgrade, Defying Dragon Tendon, Venture Forth into the Flowerfruit Mountain once more
Chapter 590 – Difficult To Search For Treasure, The Gathering Of The Qing Clan
Chapter 591 – Difficult To Search For Treasure, The Gathering Of The Qing Clan
Chapter 592 – The Palace At The Bottom of The Lake, The Crystal Coffin
Chapter 593 – The Fifth Portrait of Beauty, The Exceptionally Beautiful Face Within The Crystal Coffin
Chapter 594 – Dew of the Raining Star Flower, No worries for the future
Chapter 595 – Fifth stage of the Heavenly Dan, communication between Dantians, Explosive increase in strength
Chapter 596 – Forced, Another New Year, The Brilliant Fireworks
Chapter 597 – Fiery Golden Eyes, Heading to the Central Continent with Di Chen
Chapter 598 – The Legend of the Red-Lined Snake of Marriage Affinity, Singing Scriptures
Chapter 599 – Golden Buddha Aura Lotus, Thunderous Beast
Chapter 600 – Obtaining a treasure, Arriving at the Central Continent again
Chapter 601 – Stopover, Jade Sea
Chapter 602 – Anger, Injure, Maim
Chapter 603 – Wang Clan As A Stepping Stone, Di Chen’s Intention (1)
Chapter 604 – Wang Clan As A Stepping Stone, Di Chen’s Intention (2)
Chapter 605 – Wang Clan As A Stepping Stone, Di Chen’s Intention (3)
Chapter 606 – Wang Clan As A Stepping Stone, Di Chen’s Intention (4)
Chapter 607 – Wang Clan As A Stepping Stone, Di Chen’s Intention (5)
Chapter 608 – Treasure map, Duanmu City
Chapter 609 – Duanmu Clan, Duanmu Lingshuang, the Central Continent has peak Martial Saint warriors
Chapter 610 – Jin Shang, Jin Clan, an eccentric old woman, Medicine Emperor Yi Clan of Lingxi Country
Chapter 611 – The Nine Palace Pendant, The Nine Continental Boots, The Village of Mo Clan below the Fire Plume Mountain
Chapter 612 – Nine Palace Art、’Nine Continents Steps’,Shrinking A Foot Into An Inch
Chapter 613 – Incomprehensible Thoughts
Chapter 614 – Dongguo Clan, Grade Four Nature Energy
Chapter 615 – Towards the Seven Stars Country Once Again, Golden Light Eagle
Chapter 616 – Third Level of ‘State of Immovable as Mountains’, The Ultimate Move ‘Devil’s Cry’
Chapter 617 – Arriving at Seven Stars Country Again, Four Seas Inn
Chapter 618 – Arrival of Di Qing
Chapter 619 – Sima Huoyu. The difference between Qing Shui and the youngsters in his generation
Chapter 620 – The Evolved Primordial Flame and its terrifying power!
Chapter 621 – The Fiery Golden Eyes at the Small Success Stage, the ‘lower’ Segment of the Basic Sword Technique
Chapter 622 – Di Qing’s Ascension to Martial Saint, The Unknown Power of the Di Clan
Chapter 623 – The Lady from Medicine Sect Who Created The Medicine Prescription
Chapter 624 – Vital Essence Pill, Di Chen’s tenderness
Chapter 625 – The Breakthrough Attained and Benefits Achieved Between Qing Shui and Di Chen
Chapter 626 – Di Chen Breakthrough To Martial Saint, Soothing Hands
Chapter 627 – The Success of Vital Essence Pill, Di Clan’s Visitor
Chapter 628 – The knot in Di Chen’s heart, Di Chen’s father
Chapter 629 – A fallacy, heading to the Medical Prescription Chamber again
Chapter 630 – The three alchemy recipes from Yuan Su
Chapter 631 – Seven Stars Cloudway Pagoda,Practicing Alchemy Again
Chapter 632 – The Limitations of Medicinal Pills, Five Hundred Thousand Silver Per Cup
Chapter 633 – Vengeance, entering the Di Clan
Chapter 634 – The internal branches in Di Clan. The difference in strength, looking for aid
Chapter 635 – The heaven-defying Nine Continent Boots, Village of Mo Clan, Everything goes off without a hitch!
Chapter 636 – A Chant-like Cry, The Eve of the War
Chapter 637 – Battle, Supplementary Techniques are just as excellent!
Chapter 638 – Hidden Weapons Technique – ‘Twin Dragon Pearls’, Crippled Red Jiao
Chapter 639 – The Fiery Golden Eyes
Chapter 640 – Old Demon Ba’s Retaliation Before Death
Chapter 641 – White Jade Milky Pond, Stone Beauty
Chapter 642 – Life Is Filled With Too Much Dissatisfactions And Helplessness
Chapter 643 – A great improvement! One thousand and five hundred countries worth of strength!
Chapter 644 – Completing Di Chen’s Wish (1)
Chapter 645 – Completing Di Chen’s Wish (2)
Chapter 646 – The Violent Undercurrent (1)
Chapter 647 – The Violent Undercurrent (2)
Chapter 648 – Accepting the Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death
Chapter 649 – Cure, Arrival of Yuan Su
Chapter 650 – The Gale Pellet, The Demonic Beast Advancing Pellet
Chapter 651 – Prescription for the Heaven defying Fate Pill, Diamond Gigantic Elephant using the Demon Beast Advancing Pellet
Chapter 652 – Advancing successfully, Receiving help in a difficult time
Chapter 653 – Gale Pellet, Descending Heavens Talisman
Chapter 654 – Using the ‘Descending Heavens Taliman’ to improve something perfect, Fate Pill Refined
Chapter 655 – Consuming the Ungodly Fate Pill, Skyrocket
Chapter 656 – The Preparation and Set-up Before the Battle
Chapter 657 – Distance, Poison Dragon Pearl
Chapter 658 – Uses of the ‘Pearl’, Seven Stars Street
Chapter 659 – Seven Stars Arena, Provocation
Chapter 660 – Killing Sima Sha!
Chapter 661 – Madam Duanmu, Assistance
Chapter 662 – Poison Beast Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee
Chapter 663 – Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death (1)
Chapter 664 – Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death (2)
Chapter 665 – Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death (3)
Chapter 666 – Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death (4)
Chapter 667 – Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death (5)
Chapter 668 – Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death (6)
Chapter 669 – Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death (7)
Chapter 670 – Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death (8)
Chapter 671 – Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death (9)
Chapter 672 – The dreadfulness of the Marrow Nibbling Worms
Chapter 673 – A Favorable Turn, Another Battle
Chapter 674 – Benefitting from a disaster, the powerful Yin-Yang Image
Chapter 675 – Saint Jade Poisonous Pearl
Chapter 676 – The Leveling Up of the Jade Emperor Queen Bee
Chapter 677 – Grand Perfection Stage, Diamond Crossing Rivers
Chapter 678 – Yet another progression in relationships, the shy Di Chen
Chapter 679 – Yuan Su’s worries
Chapter 680 – Village of Longevity, the Whereabouts of ‘Qianji Wood’
Chapter 681 – Di Qing’s inner thoughts
Chapter 682 – Treating Yuan Su, Twin Phoenixes Face the Sun
Chapter 683 – Two months later, heading to Village of Longevity
Chapter 684 – An Encounter with White Jade Jiao
Chapter 685 – ‘Raiding’ the Snow White Sacred Fruit
Chapter 686 – The mighty Jade Emperor Queen Bee Butchering the White Jade Jiao!