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A Will Eternal

Author:Er Gen

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Updates:Chapter 449: So, You’re That Kind Of Person….

Bai Xiaochun, a rascal from a normal village decided to set off on his journey to seek immortality. With the help of an Immortal cultivator, Bai Xiaochun was accepted in a place called Spirit Stream Sect, in the Ovens. Follow the story of Fatty Bai as he embarked on a journey to become the greatest Chicken Thie- No, to become the peerless Little Turtl- No, to become the strongest of his Era.
《A Will Eternal》 Text
Chapter 1: I’m Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 2: The Ovens
Chapter 3: Six Lines of Truth
Chapter 4: Spirit Enhancement
Chapter 5: What Happens If I Lose My Poor Little Life?
Chapter 6: Drunk On Spiritual Energy
Chapter 7: Bonding the Turtle-Wok
Chapter 8: We’re Gonna Go All Out!
Chapter 9: Age-Prolonging Longevity-Enhancing Pill
Chapter 10: Elder Brother, Don’t Go!
Chapter 11: Hou Xiaomei
Chapter 12: On the Bamboo Fence
Chapter 13: You’re Coming Too!
Chapter 14: Third Elder Brother? Third Elder Sister?
Chapter 15: Undying Live Forever Technique!
Chapter 16: Meticulously Careful
Chapter 17: Little Turtle
Chapter 18: Drawing the Attention of the Crowd!
Chapter 19: The Legend of the Weasel
Chapter 20: Feathers Scattered About
Chapter 21: Big Bro Xiaochun….
Chapter 22: Don’t Worry, Elder Sister!
Chapter 23: The Chicken-Thieving Fiend
Chapter 24: Who Are You?
Chapter 25: Invincible Iron Skin!
Chapter 26: How Were the Spirit Tail Chickens?
Chapter 27: Th-that’s… Bamboo?
Chapter 28: Pressure is Motivation
Chapter 29: Lightness-in-Heaviness
Chapter 30: Bring It On!
Chapter 31: Humiliated!
Chapter 32: Heaven-Defying Luck
Chapter 33: Disqualify Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 34: Crushing It in Plants and Vegetation
Chapter 35: Another Encounter with Xu Baocai
Chapter 36: The Little Turtle Proclaims Superiority!
Chapter 37: Heaviness-in-Lightness
Chapter 38: Violet Qi Cauldron Summoning
Chapter 39: Crushing….
Chapter 40: Pursuing the Pinnacle
Chapter 41: The Effectiveness of Spirit Enhancement
Chapter 42: Promotion Test
Chapter 43: Slow… so slow….
Chapter 44: The Sun is Rising
Chapter 45: I Could Kill You, Easy!
Chapter 46: Mission for the Hall of Justice!
Chapter 47: Xiaochun Ventures Out of the Sect
Chapter 48: The Big Wide World
Chapter 49: Luochen Clan
Chapter 50: Bizarre Courtyard
Chapter 51: Elder Brother Feng, Such A Good Guy!
Chapter 52: Luochen Betrayal
Chapter 53: Bravery!
Chapter 54: Principles!
Chapter 55: Crown Prince Chen Heng!
Chapter 56: Sticking Together for Survival
Chapter 57: You Have To Stay Alive!
Chapter 58: The Cornered Beast Fights!
Chapter 59: You Die, I Live!
Chapter 60: Fierce Life-or-Death Battle
Chapter 61: Fatal Attack!
Chapter 62: Killing a Chicken With a Battle-Axe!
Chapter 63: Crushing the Luochen Clan!
Chapter 64: Morale and a Funeral
Chapter 65: Shou Lingren
Chapter 66: Going Through Hell or High Water for the Sect
Chapter 67: Elder Brother, Where’s our Master?
Chapter 68: Sect Nephew, Don’t Rush Off!
Chapter 69: Bai Xiaochun, Come Offer Greetings to the Young Lord
Chapter 70: Hey, Elder Brother Li
Chapter 71: Living Prestige Scion
Chapter 72: The Sect Has Rules
Chapter 73: Who Did This!?
Chapter 74: So, It Was Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 75: I’ve Been Wrongly Accused!!
Chapter 76: Eighth Level of Qi Condensation!
Chapter 77: Auction
Chapter 78: What Are They Talking About?
Chapter 79: Xiaochun, We Believe You
Chapter 80: The Talents of Big Fatty Zhang
Chapter 81: Will-Spirit Grand Magic
Chapter 82: South Bank Chosen
Chapter 83: Elder Zhou, You’re Up
Chapter 84: Unbelievable Acceleration
Chapter 85: He… Took First?
Chapter 86: That Again….
Chapter 87: Outer Sect Chosen Battles
Chapter 88: The North Bank’s Strongest
Chapter 89: Just Concede
Chapter 90: Archenemy of the North Bank
Chapter 91: The Enraged North Bank
Chapter 92: The Despair of Gongsun Wan’er
Chapter 93: What a Useful Pill
Chapter 94: Sect Uncle Bai, We’re On The Same Side
Chapter 95: That’s Not How You Use Swords!
Chapter 96: Fighting Ghostfang
Chapter 97: I Am Big Fatty Zhang!
Chapter 98: Dragon Mammoth Sea-Forming Scripture
Chapter 99: Knock Knock
Chapter 100: Still Won’t Apologize To Your Sect Uncle Bai?
Chapter 101: Waterswamp Kingdom and Protomagnetic Wings!
Chapter 102: Is Anyone Around?
Chapter 103: I Want To Serve The Sect!
Chapter 104: I Guarantee….
Chapter 105: Massive Animal Jailbreak!
Chapter 106: Crazy Rabbit!
Chapter 107: Lightning Detox Grand Magic
Chapter 108: Big Fatty Zhang, Loyal Friend
Chapter 109: A Light Rain on Violet Cauldron Peak….
Chapter 110: Exiled To 10,000 Snakes Valley
Chapter 111: Making Contact with the Shackles
Chapter 112: Two Hearts Intertwined, At Long Last Reunited
Chapter 113: Something Really Bad….
Chapter 114: Li Qinghou Understands….
Chapter 115: No! Don’t Spread That!
Chapter 116: The Founder Appears!!
Chapter 117: Frigid School Medicine Manual!
Chapter 118: Not A Warm Welcome….
Chapter 119: It’s Spring, and I Planted My Beastbirth Seed
Chapter 120: Fight Me, Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 121: Paper Cranes Fill the Sky….
Chapter 122: I Accept This Challenge!
Chapter 123: Fight!
Chapter 124: Human Controlling Grand Magic
Chapter 125: The Ol’ Nightstalker Beast….
Chapter 126: Build Up To Success
Chapter 127: Soul Floating In the Void
Chapter 128: Alert
Chapter 129: Bone Spur!
Chapter 130: The Blooming of the Beastbirth Flower
Chapter 131: For the Contributions!
Chapter 132: Life Essence Ancestral Awakening Blood
Chapter 133: It’s Not Worth Trying, Kiddo
Chapter 134: The Spirit Is Still There….
Chapter 135: The North Bank Erupts!
Chapter 136: They All Came Over
Chapter 137: My Battle Beast!
Chapter 138: Bruiser’s Hobby….
Chapter 139: I Didn’t Do It!
Chapter 140: Foundation Establishment Holy Land
Chapter 141: Fallen Sword Abyss!
Chapter 142: A Host of Chosen!
Chapter 143: That Was Definitely On Purpose!
Chapter 144: Lord Bai Is Gonna Fight You To The Death
Chapter 145: Sentenced To Death!
Chapter 146: Power!
Chapter 147: A Strange Pill Appears!
Chapter 148: Come Play With Me, Big Bro
Chapter 149: Whether Sect Uncle Bai Wants It To Or Not
Chapter 150: Big Bro Has Something Else To Do….
Chapter 151: You Wanna Fight Me, Bai Xiaochun?!
Chapter 152: You’re Shameless! No, You’re Shameless!
Chapter 153: Let The Tideflow Begin!
Chapter 154: Striving for a Great Dao!
Chapter 155: Breaking The First Shackle!
Chapter 156: Wanna Kill Me?!
Chapter 157: Fighting Back!
Chapter 158: Spirit Stream Sect, Defend Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 159: Undying Gold Skin!
Chapter 160: Slaughtering Chosen!
Chapter 161: Wreck Your Tideflow!
Chapter 162: Heavenstring Energy
Chapter 163: No Quarter Asked, None Given!
Chapter 164: So What!?
Chapter 165: Seizing Heavenstring Energy!
Chapter 166: Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment!
Chapter 167: Nine Serenities Ghost Domain!
Chapter 168: Incognito….
Chapter 169: Hou Yunqing Never Lies
Chapter 170: Goddess Lingfei
Chapter 171: Assassinate Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 172: I’m Sorry, Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 173: The World!
Chapter 174: Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect!
Chapter 175: Please Behave Yourself, Elder Brother Bai
Chapter 176: The Only Hidden Legacy
Chapter 177: Heavenspan Dharma Eye!
Chapter 178: So Little Mask, You Want To Play Hide-And-Seek With Lord Bai?
Chapter 179: I’ll Tell You A Secret
Chapter 180: Could It Be The Will Of The Heavens…?
Chapter 181: Uncrushable….
Chapter 182: My Precious Pearl….
Chapter 183: I’ll Be Back Soon….
Chapter 184: How Is This Possible!?!?
Chapter 185: Secrets of the Blood Stream Sect
Chapter 186: Cultivation Paradise!
Chapter 187: Song Que Has An Aunt….
Chapter 188: Corpse Refinery
Chapter 189: Hair Transformation
Chapter 190: Green Zombies
Chapter 191: Rewards from Corpse Peak
Chapter 192: Trial By Fire at the Blood Precipice
Chapter 193: Hogging….
Chapter 194: What Gall!
Chapter 195: I Pick Big Sis Song’s Middle Peak!
Chapter 196: A Mysterious World
Chapter 197: Secret Magic of Middle Peak!
Chapter 198: You’re Plotting Against Me!
Chapter 199: Xuemei’s Immortal’s Cave
Chapter 200: Young Lady Xuemei, What A Coincidence…
Chapter 201: I, Bai Xiaochun….
Chapter 202: The Rabbit Gets Nervous!
Chapter 203: You Really Think I’m Scared Of You People?!
Chapter 204: Inverse Blood Ancestral Awakening!
Chapter 205: What A Great Sect!
Chapter 206: Dazzlingly Ferocious Reputation!
Chapter 207: Nightdevil’s Name Spreads….
Chapter 208: Save Me Big Sis Song
Chapter 209: Silenced In Death….
Chapter 210: Grand Elder, Please Behave Yourself!
Chapter 211: The Ultimate Vixen….
Chapter 212: The Hesitation of the Blood Stream Sect
Chapter 213: Piddling Master Coldsnort!
Chapter 214: I’m Back….
Chapter 215: Divination With The Snap Of A Finger!
Chapter 216: All-Knowing!
Chapter 217: Beast King!
Chapter 218: Negotiations Fall Apart!
Chapter 219: Mid Foundation Establishment
Chapter 220: Holy Pill Wall Fragment
Chapter 221: The Dao of All-Creation Plants and Vegetation
Chapter 222: I Must Concoct Medicine!
Chapter 223: Flying Furnaces Fill the Firmament
Chapter 224: This Isn’t Betraying The Sect, Is It?
Chapter 225: Come Back Home With Me, Nightcrypt!
Chapter 226: Don’t Worry About Anything
Chapter 227: Mysterious Black Smoke….
Chapter 228: Excuse Me… Are You Immortal Grass?
Chapter 229: Plaguedevil’s Name Spreads Far And Wide
Chapter 230: What If… She Uses Force?
Chapter 231: The Senior Generation Isn’t Perfect….
Chapter 232: The Power of Four Ghosts
Chapter 233: Eee? Why Did You Stop Talking?
Chapter 234: It Really Won’t Explode?
Chapter 235: Plaguedevil’s Here
Chapter 236: You Handle It, Shadow!
Chapter 237: A Boom From Lesser Marsh Peak
Chapter 238: Tier-5 Spirit Medicine!
Chapter 239: Should I Help Myself To A Bit….?
Chapter 240: I’m Just Too Honest
Chapter 241: The Blood Devil is the Blood Lord!
Chapter 242: Trial By Fire for Blood Master!
Chapter 243: Nightcrypt, I’m Jia Lie, And You’re Dead!
Chapter 244: Pure Malice
Chapter 245: This Isn’t Fair!
Chapter 246: Second Stage
Chapter 247: What’s That?
Chapter 248: Get Away From Me, Stop Following Me!
Chapter 249: I Can’t Believe He Ate It!!
Chapter 250: Die!
Chapter 251: My Plan
Chapter 252: You Really Can’t Blame Me This Time
Chapter 253: Ten Ghosts Heavenly Demon Body!
Chapter 254: Time’s Up!
Chapter 255: The Throat Crushing Grasp Again!
Chapter 256: You’re Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 257: Boo!?!?
Chapter 258: Blood-Colored Light From Middle Peak!
Chapter 259: A Legacy Is Memories!
Chapter 260: The Second Blood Ancestor!
Chapter 261: Come Out, Du Xuemei!
Chapter 262: The Patriarch’s Stepson!
Chapter 263: Looting The Lady’s Bedchamber!
Chapter 264: Disaster Brewing….
Chapter 265: Knocking Sounds….
Chapter 266: I’m Back!
Chapter 267: You Guys Definitely Miss Me
Chapter 268: We Believe You….
Chapter 269: Vow To Slay Nightcrypt
Chapter 270: Thoughtful
Chapter 271: True Emptiness, the Most Wonderful Possession
Chapter 272: With Bruiser On My Side, The Spirit Stream Sect Is Mine
Chapter 273: Zhou Xinqi, It’s Destiny
Chapter 274: Once Upon A Time, I Was Also A Crazy Teen!
Chapter 275: Luochen Grand Spell Formation!
Chapter 276: Daoseed Ninth Formation
Chapter 277: Complete Spell Formation!
Chapter 278: The Blood Stream Sect… Arrives!
Chapter 279: Because I’m The Blood Master Of Middle Peak!
Chapter 280: Patriarchs, Stop This War!
Chapter 281: Blood Stream Sect, Stand Down This Instant!
Chapter 282: I Really Get It!
Chapter 283: Now Can You People Listen?!
Chapter 284: Droughtflame Attacks!
Chapter 285: Master Thousand-Faces!
Chapter 286: Good… morning…?
Chapter 287: Women Are Terrifying!
Chapter 288: What Bird Is That…?
Chapter 289: Patriarchs, Send Me To The War!
Chapter 290: In Profound Stream Sect Territory!
Chapter 291: The Middle Peak Blood Master Has Infinite Magical Powers!! The Spirit Stream Heaven-Dao Expert Can Shake The Whole World!
Chapter 292: I Must… Concoct Medicine!
Chapter 293: Plaguedevil Wreaks Havoc!
Chapter 294: To The Front Lines
Chapter 295: Take Them And Have Fun!
Chapter 296: You’re Alive?!
Chapter 297: Heaven-Damned Little Turtle, I Hate You!
Chapter 298: Senior Goldcroc, Listen To Me, Sir!
Chapter 299: Re-Form!
Chapter 300: The Power Of The Incarnation!
Chapter 301: Extremely Enraged!
Chapter 302: Flaunting Strength On The Battlefield!
Chapter 303: Fighting Lin Mu
Chapter 304: Powerful Fleshly Body!
Chapter 305: Cutting Down Lin Mu
Chapter 306: The Slash Of The Heavenhorn!
Chapter 307: Target… Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 308: Yin-Yang Ravens
Chapter 309: The Profound Stream Sect Surrenders!
Chapter 310: Du Xuemei Offers Greetings, Blood Master!
Chapter 311: That… Scar!!
Chapter 312: No One Can Handle That Responsibility Except For Me!
Chapter 313: The Founding Of The River-Defying Sect!
Chapter 314: I Live For The Sect
Chapter 315: Secrets Of Two Sects!
Chapter 316: The True Spirit’s Eyes Open!
Chapter 317: I’m The Little Turtle!
Chapter 318: Everyone In Your Family Is A Tadpole
Chapter 319: Swallowed Up
Chapter 320: Eternal Parasol!
Chapter 321: The Might Of The Eternal Parasol!
Chapter 322: Trifling Toad Monster
Chapter 323: Gathering At The Blood Stream Sect!
Chapter 324: Merge The Qi, Wake The Ancestor
Chapter 325: The Blood Ancestor’s Eyes Open!
Chapter 326: Destination: Middle Reaches!!
Chapter 327: Cultivation Base Breakthrough!
Chapter 328: Dire Skybanyan!
Chapter 329: Attacking The Sky River Court
Chapter 330: Locking Down the Dire Skybanyan!
Chapter 331: Indestructible In Foundation Establishment
Chapter 332: Someone’s Definitely Protecting Me
Chapter 333: The Scream Of The Phoenix
Chapter 334: Completely Crushed!
Chapter 335: Fatality!
Chapter 336: Battling Core Formation!
Chapter 337: Gold Sun!
Chapter 338: Heaven-Dao Gold Core!
Chapter 339: Making Contact With The Second Shackle!
Chapter 340: One Palm Eradicates Core Formation!
Chapter 341: The True Spirit Awakens!
Chapter 342: Undying Heavenly King Core!
Chapter 343: No More Sky River Court; Welcome The Honorable River-Defying Sect
Chapter 344: Getting To Work
Chapter 345: Unclean Thing….
Chapter 346: The Mysterious Power Appears Again!
Chapter 347: When The Talking Rabbit Stops Repeating….
Chapter 348: The Rabbit’s Weakness….
Chapter 349: A Love Letter….
Chapter 350: You’re Lying!
Chapter 351: Come Hang Out In My Immortal’s Cave….
Chapter 352: Come On In, Elder Brother Bai
Chapter 353: The So-Called Wildlands!
Chapter 354: Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect!
Chapter 355: Bruiser’s Tribulation!
Chapter 356: Beast King Violet Core!
Chapter 357: Malicious Intentions
Chapter 358: Arrogant And Despotic!
Chapter 359: Bullying Others With Force!
Chapter 360: Fine. Fine. Fine! I’ll go!
Chapter 361: Only One?
Chapter 362: The Legacy Competition Begins!
Chapter 363: One Should Be Enough
Chapter 364: You Bullies!
Chapter 365: What’s That…?
Chapter 366: Shameless! Cheater!
Chapter 367: Living Mountain Incantation!
Chapter 368: Let Me Explain
Chapter 369: Marks….
Chapter 370: I’m Gonna Kill You, Bai Xiaochun!
Chapter 371: Patriarchs, Save Me….
Chapter 372: They’re Talking About Me!
Chapter 373: Three Breaths River-Defying Pill!
Chapter 374: Hostage!
Chapter 375: Bai Xiaochun’s Dao Protectors….
Chapter 376: An Uninvited Guest
Chapter 377: The Celestial!
Chapter 378: I’ll Be Back!
Chapter 379: Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect
Chapter 380: I’m Hungry
Chapter 381: Out Of Options
Chapter 382: Ultra Fasting Aid Pill!
Chapter 383: Attracting Attention
Chapter 384: Schemes and Tricks
Chapter 385: Running Into Master God-Diviner
Chapter 386: Why Aren’t You Kowtowing!?
Chapter 387: Fantasy Pills
Chapter 388: The Rise Of The Azure Dragon Society
Chapter 389: People Can Live Like This?
Chapter 390: Kidnap Bai Xiaochun
Chapter 391: Are You Fellow Daoist Zhang Dahai?
Chapter 392: Dao Protector Reunion
Chapter 393: File A Grievance….
Chapter 394: Sky Quarter Rainbow
Chapter 395: Seeing Du Lingfei Again!!
Chapter 396: Comeback Time!
Chapter 397: Live Forever Tavern
Chapter 398: Mid Gold Core Stage!
Chapter 399: Song Que’s Dream…
Chapter 400: Que’er, It’s You!
Chapter 401: Incredible Gall!
Chapter 402: Threatening Home!
Chapter 403: How Dare You Try To Hurt Me!
Chapter 404: I’m A Hostage!
Chapter 405: Promotion….
Chapter 406: Sky Quarter
Chapter 407: Hall of… of Devil Slayers?
Chapter 408: This Square!
Chapter 409: Going On A Mission….
Chapter 410: A Surprise For Feng Youde!
Chapter 411: Are You… Talking About Me?
Chapter 412: Xiaochun’s Indignation
Chapter 413: This Sect Treats Me Great
Chapter 414: Xiaochun, The Hall Of Devil Slayers Is Your Home
Chapter 415: Who Dares To Try To Take Bai Xiaochun’s Poor Little Life?!
Chapter 416: Starry Sky Dao Polarity Superstars
Chapter 417: The Ravine of Endless Mountains
Chapter 418: All Mountains Have Spirits
Chapter 419: Respect The Rank
Chapter 420: You Look Down On Me!
Chapter 421: How Warm!
Chapter 422: He’s Swimming?
Chapter 423: No Stopping
Chapter 424: Trial Of Skill
Chapter 425: Pissing Off The Guardian
Chapter 426: A Naughty Bridge
Chapter 427: Bullies!
Chapter 428: Don’t Try To Convince Me!
Chapter 429: Meld With The Mountain
Chapter 430: I Can Too!
Chapter 431: Master, Spare Me!
Chapter 432: Wracked With Anxiety!
Chapter 433: Twelve Hours
Chapter 434: Challenging The Trials Again!
Chapter 435: The Power Of The Soul Convergence Pill!
Chapter 436: Battling Gongsun Wan’er!
Chapter 437: The Kingdom Crushes The Statue
Chapter 438: Cultivation Base Breakthrough!
Chapter 439: I Only Have A Wish
Chapter 440: The Extraordinary River-Defying Sect
Chapter 441: Soul Hunting Expedition
Chapter 442: Du Lingfei Appears In Person!
Chapter 443: Boarding
Chapter 444: 1st Place Zhao Tianjiao
Chapter 445: Finally, I Can Get Some Real Food
Chapter 446: Dinner? Tonight?
Chapter 447: The Return Of The Unclean Thing!
Chapter 448: Junior Brother Bai, A Word Please?
Chapter 449: So, You’re That Kind Of Person….