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Chapter 66 - I Would Jump Into Boiling Water Or Walk Through Fire For The Sect!

Chapter 66 - I Would Jump Into Boiling Water Or Walk Through Fire For The Sect!

As Bai Xiaochun steadily moved through the forest, he gradually discovered various traces hinting at what had happened, leading him outside of the mountain range. A couple days later, he had returned to the Fallen Star Mountain Range using his extreme speed. Upon arrival, he discovered that the Fallen Chen Clan had turned into ruins.

“It seems that Du Lingfei and Hou Yunfei had managed to deliver a message back to the sect.” Bai Xiaochun recalled the previous tragedy and sighed. After a long time, he turned around and the Wind Rider appeared. He jumped on it and sat cross-legged, guiding the Wind River.

A whistling sound spread as the boat turned into a rainbow, heading off into the distance.

“I am going back to the sect!” Bai Xiaochun’s eyes shone with expectation with regards to the reward from the sect. He thought that once he returned, there ought to be some grand reward.

Thinking up to this point, he got even more excited and lowered his gaze, looking at the storage pouches. Along the way, he had sorted out the storage pouches that he had obtained from the hands of the Fallen Chen clansmen. There were many things contained within the storage pouch, including some Spirit Stones.

The most important thing was that he had actually found a fist-sized seed in one of the storage pouches, but he just couldn’t remember whose. It was pulsing like a heart and seemed to house life within it. However, it was currently fickle and was getting weaker.

After Bai Xiaochun saw that object, even with his herbal mastery, he had also spent half a day thinking about it and was surprised to realise that this was an extremely precious Spirit Seed that was said to be extinct since ancient times. Its name was the Rearing Beast Seed!

Rumours entailed that after this Seed absorbed the essence of spiritual beasts, it could birth one on its own. This Rearing Beast Seed was practically priceless to those monsters that were extremely powerful yet had difficulty producing offspring.

Especially to those cultivators who have powerful spiritual beasts by their side and wished to obtain their offspring but often only had one, the importance of this Rearing Beast Seed could easily be determined.

Even though he didn’t know why such a precious object would be in the hands of a Fallen Chen clansman sent to kill him, he still thought that it was likely that the person who owned this must have been trying to find some sort of lucky encounter. After all, the Fallen Chen Clan resided within the Fallen Star Mountain Range and the Fallen Star Mountain Range was… filled with mysteries.

Besides, even he had taken a long time to identify it, therefore, the Fallen Chen clansmen who had received this Rearing Beast Seed must have not known this seed’s purpose.

Along the way, Bai Xiaochun had chosen a piece of wood that had some Spiritual Qi in it, carving it into a wooden box. He packed the Rearing Beast Seed into the wooden box and only then did the Rearing Beast Seed’s fickle life slowly stabilise.

Stashing away the wooden box, Bai Xiaochun took a deep breath and guided the Wind Rider, whistling through the scenery as he followed the route they arrived through, nearing closer and closer to the Spirit River Sect.

In their past journey, the trio could only use the Wind Rider at night because of their shortage on Spirit Stones, but Bai Xiaochun’s pocket was bulging now and he cared not about the Spirit Stone consumption. As such, in only a month, he could already see the gate of the Spirit River Sect’s South Bank in the distance.

“This time, heading out to and fro used more than half a year before I finally returned.” Bai Xiaochun stood up in the Wind Rider, his hair was flailing as he put up the appearance of a peerless master. Suddenly, he remembered something and felt that this appearance was not very appropriate, so he quickly changed into the long outer sect disciple robe that was already tattered from battling with the Fallen Chen clansmen.

He put on an incomparably miserable look, portraying that he had defied death for the sect. Blood stained his long robe and it could be seen that every tattered hole was a result from a life-and-death struggle.

Only then was he satisfied and urged the Wind Rider, proceeding forward. As soon as he neared the gate and tried to pass through, an invisible wall suddenly appeared, bouncing the Wind Rider back in an instant.

“Huh?” Bai Xiaochun was shaken and almost fell down.

At the same time, a rainbow suddenly flew out from the South Bank’s gate in front of him, a youngster with an indifferent expression on his face within it. When he appeared, he looked calmly at Bai Xiaochun.

“Who might this fellow be, arriving unannounced to my Spirit River Sect without stating his purpose?” After reaching up to this point, the youngster suddenly frowned. He took a glance at the Wind River and then glanced at Bai Xiaochun’s clothing.

“You are holding my Spirit River Sect’s Wind River and are wearing the outer sect disciple’s robe, yet you have been blocked out by the gate’s Formation Array! Who are you!” There was a cold glint in this youngster’s eyes. He formed a hand seal with his right hand and his cultivation immediately spread out, revealing that he was actually an eight level Qi Condensation cultivator.

“What is the problem, Senior Brother? Why do you not let me enter the Sect? I am Bai Xiaochun, an outer sect disciple from the Scented Cloud Mountain.” Bai Xiaochun stepped back upon seeing this scene unravel before him and quickly spoke as he could not make heads or tails of the situation.

The youngster frowned and was about to say something when he suddenly stiffened.

“You are Bai Xiaochun?” He carefully sized Bai Xiaochun up. The more he looked, the more the youngster felt that he looked familiar. He had went to Bai Xiaochun’s funeral and had seen Bai Xiaochun’s portrait on the tombstone. His body suddenly jerked and after he noticed the blood stains on Bai Xiaochun’s clothes, he sucked in a deep breath.

“You… Aren’t you supposed to be dead!”

“I am not dead?” Bai Xiaochun paused for a moment. The youngster immediately looked excited and took out a jade slip, quickly sending a message to the sect.

As soon as news about Bai Xiaochun spread throughout the sect, Li Qinghou, who had closed his eyes, suddenly opened them. His body flew out in a flash.

Meanwhile, when the news reached the Sect Head, the Spirit River Sect’s Sect Head went blank for a moment, but he quickly used his spiritual sense to scan the South Bank’s gate and sensed Bai Xiaochun. At first, he was surprised, but that was soon replaced by joy as he informed the whole Sect of these news.

In a few breaths worth of time, incredulous cries spread within the Sect. Those yells could also be faintly heard from outside the gate as chimes suddenly rang out.

“Bai Xiaochun? Wasn’t he dead? How could he possibly be alive!”

Soon after, countless silhouettes from the within the Sect whistled out, and in front of them all, most shockingly, was Hou Yunfei. He was quickly approaching, and as soon as he passed through the gate, he recognised Bai Xiaochun with a single glance. His expression filled with disbelief that Bai Xiaochun had survived the Fallen Chen Clan’s hunt. Even if he was unwilling to admit that Bai Xiaochun would die, the truth was that deep down in his heart, he already understood that there was not a single disciple that could survive that relentless pursuit.

In this moment, he was so excited that tears began streaming down his face.

“Junior Bai!!” He laughed loudly and appeared by Bai Xiaochun’s side in an instant, hugging him, unable to contain his excitement.

“Senior Hou…” Bai Xiaochun blinked his eyes as he came to the realisation that the sect had thought him to be dead. Seeing Hou Yunfei now, Bai Xiaochun was rather happy that he was fine now.

“Come, let us return to the sect!” Hou Yunfei pulled Bai Xiaochun excitedly along with him, heading straight for the gate. With him leading the way, Bai Xiaochun was able to enter the gate this time. The youngster behind also followed them. When he looked at Bai Xiaochun, he was greatly shocked. He had personally participated in the extermination of the Fallen Chen Clan and had seen each place where a fight had occurred within the forest, along with the wretched corpses of the Fallen Chen clansmen. Bai Xiaochun making it back alive shocked him greatly.

The instant the Bai Xiaochun stepped through the gate, more figures approached him from all sides.

“Fatso Nine?!” Zhang Fatso One, Black Fatso Three and the other senior Fatsos from the Handyman Department quivered with excitement. They all approached Bai Xiaochun, especially Zhang Fatso One who went forward and fiercely hugged him with tears streaming down his face.

Bai Xiaochun was touched, and as he looked at the people around him, he suddenly felt that everything that he had worked hard for in the past was all worth it.

A rainbow arrived at this moment, within it was Li Qinghou. He looked at Bai Xiaochun with a look of disbelief on his face. He held a bundle in his arms, containing the shreds of Bai Xiaochun’s clothes, stained with blood.

Out of everyone, Li Qinghou could be said to be the person who best understood the deadliness of the crisis that Bai Xiaochun had faced.

“I pay my respects to the Ancestor!” Bai Xiaochun quickly went forward and displayed his reverence to Li Qinghou.

“It is good that you are alive, it is good that you are alive.” Normally, Li Qinghou was calm and collected, but this moment, he unconsciously trembled. He raised his right hand and placed it on Bai Xiaochun’s head, his eyes revealing excitement.

“This is my home. This disciple is willing to jump into boiling water or walk through fire for the sect!” Bai Xiaochun puffed his chest out as he loudly said this. He even purposely flourished his small sleeve, revealing small bloodied holes on his clothes.

People continuously arrived from the three mountains of the South Bank. Once they noticed Bai Xiaochun in the distance, all of them were shocked by the blood staining his clothes.

Especially after the words spoken by Bai Xiaochun travelled throughout for everyone to hear, everyone was shocked. As they looked at him, they all felt that this… was the true Heaven’s Chosen of the sect.

As more and more people seemed to arrive, a girl’s joyful cry travelled from the distance. That was Du Lingei. She had spent these past few days using tears to wash her face and she looked extremely emaciated. When she heard people saying that Bai Xiaochun had returned, her mind immediately trembled and she desperately rushed to him.

When she saw Bai Xiaochun’s figure now, even more tears welled up in her eyes. She quickly approached and hugged Bai Xiaochun, laughing and crying at the same time, afraid that it would all turn out to be a dream. That appearance warmed Bai Xiaochun’s heart.

He was about to lay his hand on the curves of her body, but when he remembered that there were so many people around them, he could only refrain from doing so.

“Senior Sister Du, I have said it before, as long as I, Bai Xiaochun, have a breath left inside of me, I will definitely not let any harm come to you.” Bai Xiaochun cooly said as he raised his chin. He had the appearance of someone who looked down on the world as he said this extremely sugary sentence.

After Du Lingfei heard him speak those words, she felt that her body was melting. Large tears filled her eyes, deep affection, as thick as honey, hidden behind them.

Soon, even the figures of the Law Enforcement Agency appeared. The person leading them was Ou Yangjie. When he looked at Bai Xiaochun, he too was surprised. Ou Yangjie’s eyes revealed strong interest towards Bai Xiaochun. Especially the clothes that Bai Xiaochun was wearing and the words he had just spoken to Li Qinghou. Both prompted him to secretly nod in his mind.

“Bai Xiaochun, I am the Law Enforcement Agency’s Elder, Ou Yangjie.”

Once Bai Xiaochun heard the three words, “Law Enforcement Agency”, his heart momentarily trembled. However, he remembered that he had performed an extraordinary feat and continued sticking out his chest as he greeted Ou Yangjie.

“You have to follow this Elder to see the Sect Head regarding matters of the Fallen Chen Clan.” There was a rare hint of a smile that appeared on Ou Yangjie’s face. He raised his right hand and pointed toward Bai Xiaochun. A Spiritual Fog immediately appeared below Bai Xiaochun’s feet as it brought him along with Ou Yangjie, heading off into the distance.

There was a relieved look in Li Qinghou’s eyes as he also turned into a rainbow, heading after them.

As for the other disciples, once they saw Bai Xiaochun had left, they all slowly dispersed amidst the amazement and fervent discussion. However, the news regarding Bai Xiaochun did not die out but spread with an even faster speed.

In the end, it seemed that everyone in the Spirit River Sect knew of this matter. Some people were happy while others were sad. Qian Dajin trembled inside his cave, revealing a fearful look.

“Damn it, how is he still not dead! How could he not have died in such a dangerous pursuit!”

“He shouldn’t know that it was me that assigned him on his mission… That’s right, he shouldn’t know…” Qian Dajin had a capricious look on his face. In the end, he let out a long sigh, anxiously worrying for himself——

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