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Chapter 62 - Using a Sledgehammer to Kill a Chicken!

Chapter 62 - Using a Sledgehammer to Kill a Chicken!

It was unknown when the thunderstorm had let up in the depths of the forest in that nameless mountain range. At dusk, the rain finally stopped, and no matter how dull the sunset was in the distance, a rainbow could still be vaguely seen.

The rainbow seemed to follow the sunset before it gradually scattered.

The forest was silent, even the metallic smell of blood had dissipated. There were only corpses along the way to lay witness to the fierce fight that had transpired here.

Chen Heng had fallen to the ground. Even in his death, traces of willpower, unwillingness and incredulity could still be seen.

Bai Xiaochun lay motionless beside his corpse. If his life was a ball of fire, then this ball of fire had already been extinguished by more than ninety percent, leaving only a small flame behind, struggling to survive.

After a long time, footsteps arrived from the distance, stepping on the fallen leaves that were submerged in the mud. They were approaching slowly with each step until they stood in front of Chen Heng.

The footsteps belonged to an old man that was wearing a long black robe. His white hair swayed in the wind and wrinkles adorned his face. The years his body had experienced could not be concealed, as if he had lived for far too long on this world to the extent that those years of experience had turned into a stale air, enveloping his surroundings.

“An obsessive soul… The body is dead, yet the soul still lingers. This might still have its use.” A hoarse voice that carried a vague meaning echoed out. Suddenly, the area between the eyebrows of Chen Heng’s corpse was split open, and wisps of cyan-coloured Qi drifted out until it condensed in mid-air, forming a blurry shadow of a soul the size of a palm.

That was Chen Heng, but there was a dazed look in his eyes, and he was trembling as if he had lost his sanity.

The old man raised his right hand and pointed towards Chen Heng. Chen Heng’s soul immediately flew out and entered the old man’s finger, disappearing without a trace.

Once this mysterious old man retrieved Chen Heng’s soul, he turned his head around and quietly looked at Bai Xiaochun with a perplexed look on his face. Gradually, his eyes revealed that he was recalling past memories.

“I never thought that I would once again get to see… the Unending Longevity Technique…” The old man closed his eyes and lightly sighed a long while later. This sigh seemed to alter the surrounding space, making this area seem like time was not flowing normally, completely separated from the world.

Countless trees swayed, and in the blink of an eye, all of them stilled and turned to ash.

It could be seen with a naked eye that Chen Heng’s corpse was decaying, in a few breaths, his whole body would turn into bones then to dust, fusing with the mud.

Only Bai Xiaochun did not decay. Instead, there was a huge amount of invisible vitality that approached him, merging with him and rapidly repairing his heavily injured body.

The old man stood there with his eyes closed like a statue, not moving a single inch. If one looked closely, it was as though… he had neither breathed, nor lived. His whole being seemed to be non-existent in this world, just like a remnant soul that was unwilling to be reborn.

In the moment of Chen Heng’s death, the patriarch of the Fallen Chen Clan who was inside the Fallen Star Mountain Range suddenly opened his eyes as a sense of uneasiness rose in his heart. His gaze swept across the surrounding clansmen. Even though he had seen that most of the eleven clansmen that were sent out had died out, Chen Heng’s soul plate was still intact and this slightly settled his heart.

“It was only three outer sect disciples. How could it take this long… Moreover, a lot of our clansmen have died, but with Heng-Er’s cultivation, there shouldn’t have been anything capable of opposing them. Perhaps Heng-Er has already killed the three juniors and is currently on his way back.” When the patriarch of the Fallen Chen Clan was pondering, that feeling of uneasiness remained. His eyes flashed and he again dispatched a couple seventh level Qi Condensation clansmen to go outside and search.

After doing all of this, he took a deep breath with glaring eyes.

“No matter what, there is still one day left to succeed with the blood-reversal!” The patriarch from the Fallen Chen Clan gritted his teeth and suppressed the uneasiness. He understood that he had no other choice. All he had to do was endure one more day and… everything would be over!

Meanwhile, in a mountain valley less than ten li away from the edge of the Formation Array set by the Fallen Chen Clan’s patriarch. Hou Yunfei’s face was pale, he was unable to continue further. Blood seeped out of his mouth and he collapsed with bitterness on his face.

“Junior Bai… I am sorry for not being able to save you…” Before he passed out, he clenched his fist tightly as despair and helplessness filled his heart.

In another place, Du Lingfei was dishevelled and was extremely haggard. The meridians in her whole body had been broken, and her appearance was different from her usual radiant and enchanting self.

She was like a walking corpse with both her eyes lifeless, relying on her astonishing willpower to support her. She was staggering, holding a jade slip in her hands. There was only one thought burning in her mind in that moment.

Escape and deliver a message to the Sect and save… Bai Xiaochun.

One step at a time, when she fell, she would rise back up again. Even if her clothes were torn to shreds, even if the blood was drying up, and even if her sight had long since blurred, she still… pushed forward.

Time slowly passed, Du Lingfei had long since forgotten about the injuries on her body as well as her own life. She did not know how long she had been walking for, not until one step, when her body suddenly shook. She felt as if she had just emerged above the water’s surface, and for a split second, an intense look appeared in her lifeless eyes.

“Have I escaped…” Du Lingfei’s lips were dry and cracked. Shivering, she pinched the jade slip in her hands. The jade slip that had not worked in the past two weeks suddenly vibrated. An invisible link that seemed to cut through space had… connected her and the sect together.

“The Fallen Chen Clan has betrayed the sect. Senior Feng died in combat. It is unknown whether Senior Hou is dead or alive. Junior Bai… In order to save us, he has lured the enemy away and is currently being hunted down. Disciple Du Lingfei begs the sect to… quickly send reinforcements.” Once Du Lingfei transmitted the voice message, her body suddenly went limp. She sat there, looking back at the battlefield behind her, tears streaming down her face.

She could not forget Bai Xiaochun’s blood-iron figure as he came back for them. She could not forget the tragic Bai Xiaochun heading out to lure the Fallen Chen Clan away, she could not forget anything that had happened along the way.

“Junior Bai, Senior Brother Hou… Live on…” Du Lingfei was crying. Her tears were falling on the ground unrestrained. After a few moments, she was no longer capable of supporting herself as she fainted.

In the instant that Du Lingfei relayed the message to the Sect, the mission-monument on the South Bank of the Scented Cloud Mountain in the Spirit River Sect was abnormally lively. A lot of Outer Sect Disciples were pacing up and downwind inside the deepest part of this Department, a middle-aged man wearing a Daoist robe was organising the Sect’s missions. There were thousands upon thousands of jade slips in front of him. Whenever any disciples took on a mission, the jade slips here would record it at any time.

Suddenly, one of the jade slips flashed with a brilliant light. A middle-aged young man waved his hand like usual, and the jade slip flew into his hands. After he used his spiritual sense to sweep the contents of the jade tablet, his eyes widened and he abruptly stood up.

“The Fallen Chen Clan has betrayed the sect!” His breathing was heavy. This matter was too great, regardless whether it was true or false, he still had to immediately report it. If there was anyone that dared to suppress such news, then it would be judged as treason and they would be executed. The middle-aged man dared not to delay such news any longer and immediately took out a purple-coloured jade slip, quickly relaying the message.

This report was transmitted directly to the Law Enforcement Agency. Even though Qian Dajin was part of the Law Enforcement Agency, his status was rather low, so this matter was far from his jurisdiction. Once the whole Law Enforcement Agency received this report, they were immediately began to search for information. The effectiveness of this Law Enforcement Agency which was meant to protect the Spirit River Sect reached unprecedented heights in this moment.

It only took an incense’s worth of time before this report was verified to be the truth.

Soon, the sound of war drums resounded in the entire South Bank, shocking all of its disciples even though the outer sect disciples did not know what this sound entailed. When the inner sect disciples from the three mountains on the South Bank heard the sound of this war drum, their expressions paled and raised their heads abruptly.

“What is going on?”

“The war drums are beating. Until blood deluges, or until we’re obliterated, the sect will not turn its back! Heavens…”

While everyone was shocked, an aged yet awe-inspiring voice suddenly spread throughout the whole South Bank of the Spirit River Sect.

“The is Elder Ou Yangjie from the Law Enforcement Agency. All inner sect disciples from the South Bank of all three Mountains are to cease all activities and assemble in front of the gate within twenty breaths!

Without fail!”

After the words echoed out, all inner sect disciples from the Green Peak Mountain, the Scented Cloud Mountain and the Purple Cauldron Mountain shuddered. Regardless of what they were doing, they all hastily rushed out without any hesitation.

Even if there was an even larger matter at hand, none of them dared to delay in the slightest,because the name Ou Yangjie represented the Law Enforcement Agency’s elders as well as… Ruthlessness!

He had a Taoist name called Taoist Chai. Once he appeared, it meant that something had made the sect so furious that they needed to… exterminate an entire clan.

Three loud bangs rumbled out as countless shadows whistled past, heading straight for the gate. At a glance, what seemed like one or two thousand inner sect disciples from all the three Mountains located on the South Bank had appeared. Usually, one would only be able to see a few inner sect disciples, and therefore, seeing all of them appear at the same time shocked all of the outer sect disciples.

The disciples from the Law Enforcement Agency, numbering in the hundreds, all clad in black robes were the first to rush out. Their leader was an old man with red hair whipping about. His whole being was overflowing with killing intent. That man was Ou Yangjie.

In this moment, more than two thousand people surrounded the gate, all of them wearing serious expressions.

“The Fallen Chen Clan has betrayed the sect. By the orders of the Sect Leader we will… completely exterminate the clan, not even the chickens nor the dogs are to be spared! We’ll use the Zhong Dao portal!” Ou Yangjie flourished his large sleeve and a pillar of light immediately shot out from the top of Zhong Dao Mountain, which was located in the middle of the Spirit River Sect, with a tremor.

The pillar of light immediately transformed into an enormous Transportation Array, slowly descending to the ground. More than two thousand disciples clustered around the gate, clamoring as the transportation was soon about to commence.

All of the outer sect disciples from the South Bank sucked in a deep breath. Immense pride and sense of belonging to the sect rose in their hearts as they watched this scene.

The Fallen Chen Clan, compared to the Spirit River Sect, was only a small clan that had only a single Foundation Establishment cultivator. Now, the Spirit River Sect had actually mobilised more than two thousand people just for some followers. Even the vicious Ou Yangjie had made an appearance which meant that this was obviously to... inspire fear!

Terrorising all of the cultivator clans within the Spirit River Sect’s influence with force was not a question as to “why use a sledgehammer to kill a chicken”, but it was a “must use a sledgehammer to kill a chicken!”

Yet for the sect to mobilise such an enormous force, regardless of the expenditure, even for mere followers, their sense of belonging was at its peak.

The Spirit River Sect had not deteriorated in ten thousand years and had slowly progressed from a small sect to what it is today. Naturally, it must have its own surprises!

It was during this time that Li Qinghou’s face suddenly turned deathly pale in a big temple on the peak of the Scented Cloud Mountain. His figure flashed as he headed out. In this moment, an astonishingly vicious Qi exploded out from his body, forming a gale which spread around as he headed straight for the Formation Array.

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