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A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality

Author:Wang Yu

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Updates:Chapter 338: A Forced Confession

A poor and ordinary boy from a village joins a minor sect in Jiang Hu and becomes an Unofficial Disciple by chance. How will Han Li, a commoner by birth, establish a foothold for himself in in his sect? With his mediocre aptitude, how will he successfully traverse the path of cultivation and become an immortal? This is a story of an ordinary mortal who, against all odds, clashes with devilish demons and the ancient celestials in order to find his own path to immortality.
《A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality》 Text
Chapter 1: The Village by the Forest
Chapter 2: Green Ox Town
Chapter 3: Seven Mysteries Sect
Chapter 4: Bone Refining Cliff
Chapter 5: Doctor Mo
Chapter 6: Nameless Oracular Formula
Chapter 7: The Difficulties of Cultivating
Chapter 8: Entering the Sect as a disciple
Chapter 9: Way of the Armored Elephant
Chapter 10: Mysterious Bottle
Chapter 11: Difficult to Open Bottle
Chapter 12: Breaking the Bottle
Chapter 13: Strange Phenomenons
Chapter 14: Mysterious Liquid
Chapter 15: Four years later
Chapter 16: Little Abacus
Chapter 17: Senior Disciple Li (1)
Chapter 18: Senior Disciple Li (2)
Chapter 19: Battle in Jiang Hu
Chapter 20: Essence Extraction Pill
Chapter 21: Painkilling Medicine
Chapter 22: Qigong Deviation
Chapter 23: Tests
Chapter 24: A Panicked Decision
Chapter 25: Interference of Success
Chapter 26: Medicinal Student
Chapter 27: Creating Legendary Elixirs
Chapter 28: Doctor Mo Returns
Chapter 29: Rising Conflict
Chapter 30: A Hero’s Final Road
Chapter 31: Insect Corpse Pill
Chapter 32: Heroic Spirit
Chapter 33: Private Exchange
Chapter 34: Blinking Sword Art
Chapter 35: Theft of Secret Manuals
Chapter 36: Shocked
Chapter 37: Three Restrictions for Cultivation
Chapter 38: Encountering a Midnight Spy
Chapter 39: Abnormal Requirements
Chapter 40: Origin of the Secret Technique
Chapter 41: Leaving a Message on a Night’s Departure
Chapter 42: Fully Prepared
Chapter 43: Fully Prepared
Chapter 44: Antidote
Chapter 45: Sneak Attack and Bared Teeth
Chapter 46: Cleaving a Body with One Blow
Chapter 47: Demonic Silver Hand vs Shifting Smoke Steps
Chapter 48: Lies
Chapter 49: Hidden Within Concealment
Chapter 50: Aromatic Coiling Silk
Chapter 51: Giant Man Displays his Might
Chapter 52: Seven Ghost Devouring the Soul
Chapter 53: Handsome Man
Chapter 54: Soul-Lock Talisman
Chapter 55: The Third Person
Chapter 56: Battle of the Light Globes
Chapter 57: Body Awakening, Enemy Perishing
Chapter 58: Immortal Cultivator
Chapter 59: The Three Big Inviolable Rules
Chapter 60: Poison Test
Chapter 61: Destroying the Spirit
Chapter 62: Deal
Chapter 63: True Appearance
Chapter 64: Crooked Soul
Chapter 65: Medicinal God Han Li
Chapter 66: Eccentric Rule
Chapter 67: Fireball Technique
Chapter 68: Poisoned
Chapter 69: Li Feiyu and the Young Lady
Chapter 70: Instigation
Chapter 71: Pure Spirit Powder
Chapter 72: Removing Poison
Chapter 73: Li Feiyu’s Thoughts
Chapter 74: Imperial Flight Technique
Chapter 75: Using Magic Techniques
Chapter 76: Negotiations and Eruptions
Chapter 77: Countermeasure
Chapter 78: Forest Massacre
Chapter 79: Questioning
Chapter 80: Encountering the Enemy
Chapter 81: Jia Tianlong
Chapter 82: Monk Golden Light
Chapter 83: A Huge Pitfall
Chapter 84: A Tremendous Battle
Chapter 85: Bloody Battle, Death Contract
Chapter 86: A Sudden Change
Chapter 87: Prominent Skill
Chapter 88: Golden Light Barrier
Chapter 89: Spear and Shield
Chapter 90: Flying Sword?
Chapter 91: Stealing Treasure
Chapter 92: Sword Talisman
Chapter 93: Raging Flames Burning the Enemy
Chapter 94: Complete Victory
Chapter 95: Demonic Name Resounding Famously
Chapter 96: Flaw
Chapter 97: Backhand Transaction
Chapter 98: Return to the Village
Chapter 99: Departure
Chapter 100: Jia Yuan City
Chapter 101: Troubles Brought Upon by Riches
Chapter 102: Murder on Arrival
Chapter 103: Subdue
Chapter 104: Information
Chapter 105: Shocking News
Chapter 106: Blue-Clothed Man
Chapter 107: Mo Yuzhu
Chapter 108: Entering the Mo Estate at Night
Chapter 109: A Visit
Chapter 110: Fox
Chapter 111: Beautiful Woman
Chapter 112: Hidden Message
Chapter 113: Winding Fragrance Pill
Chapter 114: Yan Ge’s Infatuation
Chapter 115: A Startling Change
Chapter 116: Falling Out
Chapter 117: Reconciliation
Chapter 118: Choose One
Chapter 119: Unexpected Information
Chapter 120: Scheming to Seize a Gang
Chapter 121: Clear River Brothel
Chapter 122: Kill by Poison
Chapter 123: Business Deal
Chapter 124: Fengwu
Chapter 125: Plans
Chapter 126: Great South Mountain, Great South Valley, and a Youth
Chapter 127: Knowledge on Spiritual Roots
Chapter 128: Great South Small Meeting
Chapter 129: Daoist Master Qingyan
Chapter 130: Becoming a Member
Chapter 131: Spirit Stones and Spirit Talisman
Chapter 132: The Harvest
Chapter 133: Thieving Skills
Chapter 134: Great Immortal Ascension Assembly
Chapter 135: Frightening News
Chapter 136: Yan Clan
Chapter 137: Golden Sincerity Brush
Chapter 138: The Skill of Creating Talismans
Chapter 139: Destroyed Magic Treasure Fragment
Chapter 140: Determination to Win
Chapter 141: Writ of Immortal Ascension
Chapter 142: Attack to Kill
Chapter 143: Beheading
Chapter 144: Dispute over a Foundation Establishment Pill
Chapter 145: The Unexpected Guest
Chapter 146: Closing a Deal
Chapter 147: The Particulars Within The Valley
Chapter 148: Old Man in Gray
Chapter 149: Chores
Chapter 150: Reluctant Consent
Chapter 0151: Hundred Medicine Garden
Chapter 152: Two Years Later
Chapter 153: Yue Lu Hall
Chapter 154: Elder Xu and the Scripture Storage
Chapter 155: Depression
Chapter 156: Earth Lung Fire
Chapter 157: Murong Brothers
Chapter 158: Blue-clothed Woman
Chapter 159: Spiritual Medicines of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 160: Forbidden Trial by Blood and Fire
Chapter 161: Market City
Chapter 162: Ten Thousand Treasures Store
Chapter 163: Brocade Treasure Box
Chapter 164: The Secret of the Treasure Talisman
Chapter 165: Night Encounter
Chapter 166: Savage
Chapter 167: Fierce Battle (1)
Chapter 168: Fierce Battle (2)
Chapter 169: Fierce Battle (3)
Chapter 170: Spoils of the Battle
Chapter 171: Return
Chapter 172: Choice
Chapter 173: The Gathering
Chapter 174: Martial Ancestor Li
Chapter 175: Clear Void Sect
Chapter 176: Making a Bet
Chapter 177: Righteous and Evil of the Cultivation World
Chapter 178: Masked Moon Sect
Chapter 179: Breaking the Barrier
Chapter 180: Black Dragon Pond
Chapter 181: A Fight to the Death and Rainbow Moths
Chapter 182: A Young Woman and Thread
Chapter 183: Harmonic Spiritual Talisman
Chapter 184: Might of the Golden Light Brick
Chapter 185: The Strong
Chapter 186: Making a Move
Chapter 187: Yellow Freckled “Feng Yue”
Chapter 188: A Bad Reputation
Chapter 189: Extermination By Lightning
Chapter 190: Black Boots
Chapter 191: Disloyalty and Solitude
Chapter 192: Flying Snakes
Chapter 193: Division Between Enemy and Friends
Chapter 194: The Secret Information of the Central Area
Chapter 195: The Strength of the “Precious Moon Sun Pearl”
Chapter 196: Han Li’s Plan
Chapter 197: Demonic Beast – Giant Centipede
Chapter 198: Conflict
Chapter 199: Brother and Sister Chen
Chapter 200: Young Woman and Young Woman
Chapter 201: Martial Idiot
Chapter 202: Silence
Chapter 203: Worry-free Needle and Forgetful Dust Pill
Chapter 204: The Stone Temple and the Underground Passageway
Chapter 205: Watching the battle
Chapter 206: Accident
Chapter 207: Slaughtering a Flood Dragon and Victory Spoils
Chapter 208: Joyous Meeting
Chapter 209: Return
Chapter 210: The Gambling Game
Chapter 211: The Winner
Chapter 212: A Sudden Understanding
Chapter 213: Preparation
Chapter 214: Earth Fire Room
Chapter 215: Refining Pills and Foundation Establishment
Chapter 216: Medicinal Power
Chapter 217: Sword Art
Chapter 218: Pros and Cons
Chapter 219: Discussions
Chapter 220: Spirit Well Spring
Chapter 221: The Heavenly Star Sect and Spell Formations
Chapter 222: Tool-Refining Expert
Chapter 223: Secret Store, Auction
Chapter 224: Mechanical Puppet Beasts
Chapter 225: Iron Essence, Spirit Medicines
Chapter 226: Five Elements Reversal Formation
Chapter 227: Making Friends
Chapter 228: Puppet Cultivator
Chapter 229: Huge Tiger
Chapter 230: Trap
Chapter 231: Disaster Knocking at the Door
Chapter 232: Great Development Technique
Chapter 233: Lei Wanhe
Chapter 234: Restrictions and Spiritual Medicine
Chapter 235: Han Li’s Intentions
Chapter 236: Ancient Formula
Chapter 237: Paying Respects
Chapter 238: Yu Kun’s Fearsomeness
Chapter 239: Choice
Chapter 240: Pages of a Book
Chapter 241: Three Essence Revolutions Technique
Chapter 242: Making Talismans
Chapter 243: Medicinal Efficacy
Chapter 244: Pair Cultivation
Chapter 245: A Long Journey and Mishaps
Chapter 246: Dong Xuan’er
Chapter 247: Yan Siblings
Chapter 248: Rivals
Chapter 249: Competition
Chapter 250: Meeting an Old Friend
Chapter 251: Destruction
Chapter 252: Separation
Chapter 253: Ghost Spirit Sect
Chapter 254: Yan Clan Ancestor
Chapter 255: Secret Meeting
Chapter 256: Conspiracy
Chapter 257: Blood Sacrifices and a Glamorous Male
Chapter 258: Bewitchment
Chapter 259: Movement of the Wind
Chapter 260: Trap
Chapter 261: Great Blood Spirit Arts
Chapter 262: Escape
Chapter 263: True Strength
Chapter 264: Mechanical Puppets and the Great Development Technique
Chapter 265: War Situation
Chapter 266: Fierce Battle
Chapter 267: Flaunting the Power of Devil Fire
Chapter 268: White Spider
Chapter 269: Blood Red
Chapter 270: Beheading
Chapter 271: The Greater Displacement Medallion and an Ancient Transportation Formation
Chapter 272: One Year
Chapter 273: A Timely Encounter
Chapter 274: Appointment
Chapter 275: Fragrant Tea
Chapter 276: Taking Action
Chapter 277: Xin Ruyin
Chapter 278: Half-Year Appointment
Chapter 279: The Great Wealthy Qin Residence
Chapter 280: Interview
Chapter 281: The Qin Residence and Young Madam Biao
Chapter 282: Transformation
Chapter 283: Old Affection
Chapter 284: Whispered Discussion
Chapter 285: Disregard and Rumors
Chapter 286: Prince’s Residence
Chapter 287: Immortal Master
Chapter 288: Enchanting Confrontation
Chapter 289: Immortal’s Technique
Chapter 290: Young Prince
Chapter 291: Xiao Clan
Chapter 292: The Powerful
Chapter 293: Infiltration
Chapter 294: Flame Handling Arts
Chapter 295: Keeping an Appointment
Chapter 296: Formal Apprenticeship
Chapter 297: The Breaking of Bad News
Chapter 298: Captured Alive
Chapter 299: Harboring Thoughts
Chapter 300: Blood Curse
Chapter 301: Poison Expulsion and Breaking Incantations
Chapter 302: Countermeasures
Chapter 303: Astonishment
Chapter 304: Internal Decisions
Chapter 305: Last Resort
Chapter 306: Crisis
Chapter 307: Blood Servant
Chapter 308: A Display of Skill
Chapter 309: Demonic Transformation
Chapter 310: Royal Family
Chapter 311: Secrets of Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 312 : Reinforcements and Peace
Chapter 313: Decision
Chapter 314: Meeting Together
Chapter 315: Preparations for the Unexpected and Suspicion
Chapter 316: Disappearance
Chapter 317: Four Symbols Formation
Chapter 318: Qing Wen’s Reappearance
Chapter 319: The Four Great Blood Servants
Chapter 320: Broken Cocoon
Chapter 321: Unseen Battle
Chapter 322: Liu Jing’s “True Seal”
Chapter 323: Demon Execution
Chapter 324: The Black Fiend School Master
Chapter 325: Peculiarity
Chapter 326: Blood Spirit Drill
Chapter 327: Entering the Formation
Chapter 328: Black Blood Saber
Chapter 329: Exterminating the Enemy
Chapter 330: Fiend Core
Chapter 331 : Orders
Chapter 332: A Once Familiar Place
Chapter 333: Gang Leader Sun
Chapter 334: A Strange Change
Chapter 335: Astonishment
Chapter 336: Yingzhu
Chapter 337: A Concealed Expert, Crooked Soul
Chapter 338: A Forced Confession