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Chapter 87 – 88

Chapter 87 – 88

Feng Chen Yi intended to violate Yao Yao inside the car because he envied and jealous with the man who is protected by Yao Yao.

No matter how Feng Chen Yi asked about the man, Yao Yao mouth close so tight. She not even says any words referring to Yu Ao Tian’s identity. She only can cry, begging Feng Chen Yi to let her go, after while, Feng Chen Yi heart soften.

“Luo Yao Yao, I asked you once again, are you willing or not to come back to my side?” Feng Chen Yi asked.


The atmosphere in the car is still strange.

At this moment she really afraid to hear this question, she afraid not to think the consequence and said…I am willing!

Endure! Endure!

Still same answered; this path is the path that decided by her so she must walk until the end!

“I am sorry, I can’t…do it.” After she said, she left the car.

“Damn!” Feng Chen Yi hit the car’s window. He never thought she could be that persistent toward that man, at least he did not see her hesitation when answered his question.

Running faster to the car…

“Chen Yi, what is going on?” Ou Yang Zi Xuan alarmed—his face confused.

He not cares with his buddy question, Feng Chen Yi eyes followed that petit figure that has left…

“Luo Yao Yao!”

The familiar voice broke the silent night, Yao Yao stopped and has cried as if human’s river.

At other seconds…

“Since this moment… I , Feng Chen Yi if see you cry, I will make you crying louder; if I see people bullied you, I will be the first person who bullied you; if you are happy, I will be the person who stole your happiness; as long as you unhappy, I will make your life miserable; forever I will be the most wicked and bad man in your life, being your daily nightmares!” since I cannot hold on your love, so…I rather become the most hatred person in your life!

Turned back, Feng Chen Yi, words by words as if turned be a snowy winter that gives chill to her heart. But… for Yao Yao perhaps this is the best ending.

She wiped dry her tears, slowly turned: “If is so, you must prove it to me.” She gave him faint smile.

Chen Yi, perhaps you will never know, hate you are more difficult compare to love you, remember you are easier compare to forget you. Really, If you really able to make me hate you, perhaps this is for me… actually is kind of ending (give up)!

The melancholic tears are floating in the air and slowly dropped on the ground as if another blooming flower withered in such way, one by one. One’s wish it better that the flowers never bloom again, forever dying…

Under the bright sky of silent night, the man and woman who loving each other denied their love, this kind of love which cannot together, a painful love, how many people ever experienced this kind pain in their heart?


Three days later, Berson Group, Finance Department…

“Everyone, let me introduce new colleague, Luo Yao Yao, let’s welcome her.” Said the vice manager of Finance Department, Wilson who passionately introduced Yao Yao to others colleagues.

It was yesterday, Yao Yao suddenly got phone called from Berson’s Human Resources Department, today in the early of morning she coming to report. No need to ask, this all must be Yu Ao Tian “Reward”.

“Hello everyone!” She smiled sweetly to her new colleagues.

“Little Luo (Xiao Luo), you are teamed with supervisor Sun.” Wilson said. He is waved his hand to the woman in her thirties slowly walking closer to her, “Sun Li, later Yao Yao will be teamed with you.”

“Yes, Manager Wilson.” Sun Li nodding, she turned to look at Yao Yao: “Hello, Little Luo, if you have something that you not understand feel free to ask me.”

“I understand Supervisor Sun.”

“Come.” Sun Li took Yao Yao to her seat: “This is your place. Well, for these few days you better take good look these documents, if you have problem you can ask me or you also free to ask others colleagues. I go to do my work.”

Seeing lots of the thick documents in her table, she nodded and smiled politely: “Alright. You go to busy Supervisor Sun.” she tidied up and carefully to read all the documents in her table.

From all the time since the morning until go home there are lots of colleagues that greeted her, she has dreamt this kind of feeling long time ago, so long, this just too dreamy for her.

“Bai Ling! Bai Ling! Here, here.” During lunch time, she asked Bai Ling to have lunch with her in cafeteria on the second day.

Bai Ling happily seeing Yao Yao who is standing in front of her: “Yao Yao, you tell me, how can you go to Financial Department after leaving Service Department?”


“Actually because…” what kind of reason should she give her.

“Oh, I know! It must Manager Long who recommended you, isn’t he?”

“Yeah! That’s right! It was him.”

“See, just like what I said, both of you having something amiss? Why do you still lying at me? Humph!”

Sweating, whatsoever, since Bai Ling thought on that way just let her to keep her thinking that way? Yao Yao smiled, she eating while reading some documents.

“Yao Yao, what are you doing? Why are you working such hard to this point? You are having lunch but still working?”

“Well, I just think this document content really interesting, I think I can read it while eating.” This few documents all are described several information concerning about the domestic financiers, this information are so important for Yao Yao who just back to China.

“Oh.” Whatsoever, Bai Ling is not understood what kind of world that Yao Yao said, helplessly she rolled her eyes, she tilted her head to one side: “Uh…”

“What happen? Bai Ling?” Yao Yao asked when she saw her friend seems not focusing on her.

“Yao Yao! Yao Yao! That was the elevator handsome man, hurried take a look.”

Following the Bai Ling’s finger that pointed…

She saw Yu Ao Tian who smiled slowly walking to the cafeteria.

It could be say, since that day happen, Yu Ao Tian never came to her place, so that she seems as concubine that put into cold palace and slowly would be forgotten and put in the corner.

But now suddenly she meets Yu Ao Tian, she felt little bit strange, she also did not know whether it because Feng Chen Yi’s matter last time or… she felt as if doing wrong. She panic and using the document to cover her face, she afraid to be seen by Yu Ao Tian.

“Yao Yao, there is also Long Qi, let’s we call him to come here and have lunch together.”

“Ah? No…need…” Before Yao Yao can’t stop, Bai Ling has rushed, Oh my God…she really does not want to die this early.

“Hi.” Bai Ling smiled in front of Yu Ao Tian.

Paused for moment, all the people who are eating in cafeteria looked at her. Perhaps because not many people who know the real status of Yu Ao Tian, most of the people just looked at them.

“All of you are having lunch in here? Do you want to have lunch together?”

Facing with the sudden “appearance” of Bai Ling, Yu Ao Tian just furrowed his brows, his good looking face flashed cold expression.

“CEO Yu? This place?” Beside Yu Ao Tian there is a man who in forties called him.

Yao Yao who sat not far is glancing, that middle age man is…

She quickly opened one of the folder, carefully examined the photo inside the document, Xia Yu, The Chairman of Lan Du group, it is him! Since Yu Ao Tian is coming together with him, it means that… both of them are talking about business? What would happen with Bai Ling appearance? What a bad luck!

“He He, CEO Xia, this is one of the most capable employee in my company.” He introduced some men that surrounded them. After said, Yu Ao Tian eyes are gleaming coldly.

Long Ye who stood beside hurried to take Bai Ling far away. But who knows…

“Handsome man, is he your friend? Well, let’s we have lunch together. Come, come.” Bai Ling excited looked at Xia Yu hastily her food bumped into Xia Yu.

Everyone still looked at her while she is apologizing, “I am so sorry, sorry…”

“Oh My God.” Xia Yu exclaimed unhappily, the atmosphere is extremely no good. He is clean freak and now his body is dirtied by food, angrily he said: “Little Miss, what are you doing? How can you do be like this?”

“Chairman Xia, please calm down, later I will ask someone to bring you new suite, this employee, we will deal with her later.” Said Long Ye calmly.

But Xia Yu is hard to please: “Whatever, CEO Yu, General Manager Long Ye, today regarding the business contract….”

“Hello Mr. Xia.” Suddenly Yao Yao stood up in front of Xia Yu and greeted him.

Xia Yu stared blankly: “You, who?”

“Ha Ha, my name is Luo Yao Yao, when I was studying in England as exchanged student, I had read so many interviewed and also articles about you, never thought today I have honor to meet you in person, really lucky. Regarding about your writing (The Financial Analysis), that book, I had read it more than three times, there are few point which you pointed out which really useful when I doing my thesis, I got many praised for that. If there is an opportunity, I really have high expectation to learn more from you, learning more about the financial analysis, I think… this will be great help for my work.” Yao Yao talked as if she is core fans who admired him so much which so different with her little rabbit innocent aura.

Xia Yu looked at her closely after heard what she said, suddenly his mood changed, from angry to happy, he laughed: “Really? I never thought little girl like you are interested with Financial Analysis, haha, did the book sold in England too?”