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Chapter 84

Everything is too late

“Yes. Outside Yu Ao Tian has so many women with him but he never brings any of them out or appears in public!” Li Mei Yun is believed on Yu Ao Tian’s person.

“So you mean? Could it be, that person must be Mo Xue Tong, that bitches.”

Every time brings up the topic about Mo Xue Tong, Li Mei Yun could feel herself so itchy, but she assured that girl was not Mo Xue Tong! She took out her phone and dialed number: “Hello? Help me to check out about the women who in contact with Yu Ao Tian recently.” She hung the phone called; her beautiful eyes flashed jealousy….

Arrived at the villa, Yu Ao Tian put down Yao Yao on the sofa inside the living room while he is directly heading to the bathroom.

“Bao Bei, do you want taking bath with me?” Before he entered the bathroom, he did not forget to tease her.

It makes Yao Yao face burned hot and white. “No need. You go by yourself.” After said, she laying at the sofa and stared blankly in living room…

“I don’t care with whom you are, I also not bother what have you did with him. Just immediately! Now! You…back to my side!”

Just immediately! Now! You…back to my side!”

Her ears feel burn hot when she recalled Feng Chen Yi’s words, she angry clenched: “Why must I remember that matter again?” when she was in the park she has told herself that she must forget all the things, on the way she back to home beside Yu Ao Tian, she even not dares to think about him but now…

Once she sat down alone, her mind filled with Feng Chen Yi.

“Must think how to distract myself. Yes, distract myself.” Stood up, with one of her foot she walking inside, trying to find something to do.

Oops! She not careful hit herself in dining table and messing files of document: “This is… is it document that brought by Yu Ao Tian? Damn!” she hurried tidy up the papers in ordered.

“This must be the first page, this the second, the third, the fourth. The…” not right! This document… how can be like this?

She is attracted by the document, she carefully read the document contain, from the first page, second page until the last page, suddenly her expression changed, her small face white, so pale.

She wish her analyzing is wrong, because she read the document in fast pace. But it still not right! It’s worse!

“Yu Ao Tian! Yu Ao Tian!” She put back the document, not bother with her injured leg, she rushing toward the bathroom, once the door opened…

“Aiyoo…” her leg hit something, “Bamn” a sound that she felt down and half of her body entered the bathroom.

“Hehe, Bao Bei, didn’t you say that you not want to take bath with me, in very short time you have forced to rush into, you even not undress. Aiya, aiya.” Yu Ao Tian devilish smiled, grabbed one of Yao Yao’s leg and let her get into the bathroom.

“I am sorry! Sorry! Sorry! I don’t so it on purpose. I am sorry.”

“Little thing, you really brazen ah.” Yu Ao Tian face changed.

Rotten bastard, I have apologized with him but still poured by water!

“Bao Bei, is it fun?”

“Not fun at all. You let me go. I really not do it on purpose.”

“Oh, since you are not on purpose, well, I forgive you.”

“Uh, You…” all her body is wet.

“Didn’t you tell me to let you go? Little thing… later on in the future you must undress yourself before taking bath, didn’t your mom teach you? And still, do you have habit taking bath without undress yourself?”

“No, I am not coming because want to take bath.” She is trying to escape.

“Bao Bei, you come in, we soak in bathtub together.” Yu Ao Tian caught her.

“I don’t want. I don’t want to soak in bathtub.”

“En? You entered bathroom not thinking to bath? Aiya, you little dirty kitten.’

After struggling inside the bathroom, finally Yao Yao had her bath after forcing Yu Ao Tian to get out from the bathroom because she has wet all over her body.


“Hello, Ao Tian.” After he disposed the employee, straightly he phoned Yu Ao Tian. “The person who responsible the work contract, I have fired him.”


“Others… this work contract loophole, who realized it?” Long Ye has huge interesting because Yu Ao Tian has sent this work contract early in the morning, he had read carefully the work contract but he didn’t realized the loophole or any problem regarding the work contract, until he re-read it for more than three times finally he found it. No wonder the business department is not realized it.

“Luo Yao Yao who found it.”

“Hah, that Xiao Meng Li. She really knows many things; finally the talented young maiden makes her appearance. Oh ya, how about this work contract?”

“Just sign it, beside… my main goal isn’t this work contract.” After he said, Yu Ao Tian hung the phone call…

“Today afternoon, Ao Mei Group president director, Zhao Zhi Cheng and the General Manager of Berson Group, Long Ye have come to sign work agreement, this work contract once again to highlight that Berson Group is joining and taking share in entertainment industry. This must be green light, the financial expert who started from two years ago, who becomes one of the dominant and powerful Business Group is Berson, besides Berson Group has kept it pace closer to Feng Group.”

Yao Yao is sitting in front of the television, watching the news that reported Long Ye is signing work contract with Ao Mei Group, her face showed suspicious: “Didn’t Yu Ao Tian knew about the loophole of the work contract? Why he still signed the contract with Ao Mei Group? If Ao Mei group really changed their work contract contains, still this mean there is no sincerity, not worth to be business partner. He… what does his purpose?”

In Ao Mei group meeting room…

“General Manager Long, congratz for our work contract.” After the work contract signed, Ao Mei Group President Director passionately greeting Long Ye.

“Hm, hope we have great partnership. Oh yeah, actually our CEO is also coming here.” Long Ye plastered his face with smile, but his eyes flashed as if he wanted to bite the person to death.

“Oh? Is CEO Yu also coming? Well, I shall go to see him, shall I?”

“He He, as you know our CEO Yu does not like to show in front of crowded.”

“Oh, he is really low-profile, so low profile.”

“HeHe, now he is in your office room. Let’s go.”

“Let’s go.”

Zhao Zhi Cheng and Long Ye are heading to Zhi’s own office room. When they just arrived, he saw few men in black suit stood in front of his office, dumbfounded: “Does CEO Yu going out always take so many men with him?”

“Yes. President Director Zhao as you know, there are too many people who wish for CEO Yu death, so how can he not bring that few men as bodyguard when he is going out?”

“HaHaHa, General Manager Long you have good sense of humor, CEO Yu is someone outstanding who dares to wish him die? Isn’t it? Ha Ha Ha.”

After hearing Zhao Zhi Cheng hypocritical laugh, Long Ye narrowed his eyes, pulled the office room’s door opened…

Looking further, the office room seems to be battlefield for undoubtedly.

Yu Ao Tian wore black suit and sat on the Zhao Zhi Cheng’s seat in his office, while behind Yu Ao Tian is Han Li Shang, Mo Xue Tong and Long Qi, three of them standing. While outside the office room there still few men in black suit guarding. It could say that, all of them have prepared for today occasion. As long as someone go inside alone that person might feel the petrified atmosphere which can make the person faint immediately.

“Yu…CEO Yu, Vice CEO Han, all of you are coming?” Zhao Zhi Cheng footsteps weaken when he stepped inside his room.

Fortunately beside him is Long Ye who quickly helped to hold, if not perhaps he might be kneeling on the ground.

“President Director Zhao, looking at your age, you don’t need to be helped when walking, right? Why today…” Long Ye laughing voice piercing.

He wiped his cold sweat in his forehead: “Ha, Ha Ha, just not balance, a moment not balance.”

“Oh… so that. How if I free my hand?”

“En En, Thank you, thank you.” Zhao Zhi Cheng said thank you but his eyes adversely looking at Yu Ao Tian: “That, CEO Yu… I hope we have great collaboration.”

“Very good, great collaboration.” Yu Ao Tian used pair of his hand to support his cheek on the desk. He smiled deviously: “If the collaboration not happy, how can I come here by myself? The most important is…President Director Zhao, as long as you happy it will do.”

“Ha, He He.”

Seeing that Zhao Zhi Cheng treachery expression, Yu Ao Tian narrowed his eyes, showing his sinister smiling while stroking the chair handle: “To be honest, President Director Zhao your office room really comfortable. I love to sit in this position and unwilling to get up, what do you think?”

“Yu, CEO Yu, you stop joking with me, in this business environment who does not know that your CEO office room in Berson Group is one of the most glamour and splendid in this entire China, about my office room, how can it be compared?”

“Aiya, there is time when get used to eat abalone, sometimes need to eat vegetarian also not bad, am I right?” his pair of eyes flashed coldness.

At this moment suddenly two of his men grab hold of Zhao Zhi Cheng’s hand.

“Yu…CEO Yu, You…what do you intending to?” Zhao Zhi Cheng is shocked with sudden attack, his face white pale.

“What I intend to do? Ha, I am Yu Ao Tian from the start like to eat by myself, 60/40 business, how can I do that kind of business? So that…if you vanish from this world, that, Ao Mei will be mine, what do you think?”

Looking at Yu Ao Tian facial expression, no one dares to say he is joking, he is genuine to do so.

But, inside the room with that strange atmosphere cannot perjure oneself, even Zhao Zhi Cheng not dares to doubt: “Yu…CEO Yu, if I die, this company also not belongs to you! After all based on your 40% stocks it is impossible. Besides, it’s impossible that you don’t know who is my backup? He is Deputy Prime Minister, Zeng Kai Rui.”

“You are right. Aiya, so what if yours backup is that old thing, current Deputy Prime Minister, Zeng Kai Rui?” Yu Ao Tian intentionally showed his deep thought expression: “Ha, if he knew that the working collaboration that we had signed something feign business contract, would he understanding, my reason…why I must kill you?” After he said, his face showed merciless expression and as cold as ice.

Zhao Zhi Cheng only can feel his sweat streaming down more and more, he never thought that Yu Ao Tian who not even in his thirties could be such scary and frightening. “Since you have known there was problem in the business contract, why do you still want to sign it?”

“Why?” He smiled sneaky, slowly he walking in front of Zhao Zhi Cheng, suddenly his hand pulled Zhi Cheng’s hair, his ghastly face gradually approaching him: “It’s because you are Zeng Kai Rui’s confidant!”

Looking closely Yu Ao Tian’s pair of eyes that flashed with hatred, finally Zhao Zhi Cheng understood what going on: “so it’s between you and Deputy Prime Minister! Yu Ao Tian, since it is your personal grudges, you also don’t need to go against the money, right? You are so immature.”

“Ckckckck, Zhao Zhi Cheng, do you really think yourself that high, cih.” He said with pity sight.

One of the black men hit Zhao Zhi Cheng until unconscious.

“Put him in sack and bring him out from back door.” Long Ye gave command.

After all the Xiao Di leaving the office room, Han Li Shang who walking side by side with Yu Ao Tian: “Ao Tian, finally we have settled one of them, why are you still not so unhappy?”