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Chapter 83

The Ex-boyfriend that she ever loved deeply

His question as if Pandora Box that opened her heart.

She never thought that he still remembered the promise she ever made for him. It true that this kiss was saved for Feng Chen Yi as birthday present, but now this present has been forgotten by her as time passed…

Her body frozen and stiff, it only her heart that still beat, but every beat of her heart only gives her pain, it hurt…

She cannot see his face, but she can feel the tightly embraced to herself by him and also the voices of broken heart.

“The present that you promised me for the 18th birthday I have take it, and also I want to take the 19th too. Now!” he loosens his embrace and looked at her: “I don’t care with who you are, I also not bother what have you did with him. Just immediately! Now! You…back to my side!” This kind of order make other cannot refuse, it sound alike command. But somehow his eyes showed pleading to her.

Ha, so that the bossy Feng Chen Yi also able to show this kind of expression? Suddenly she feels so ridicule, why he never told her like this during the time both of them just broke up? Why must now? Why must wait until there is no turning back? Why must wait until she had made lover contract and then he came to her and said these things, didn’t he know…everything just too late?

“Feng Chen Yi, I asked you… why are you asking me to come back to your side? Do you wish me to see you continue to sleep with another woman? Or do you want to hurt me more? You know what I want! I just want to have man that only love me, a man that only belong to me, but… not a man like you!”

Reason, reason, all only reasons, Yao Yao is trying to make up reason to put all the responsible into him, although the current Feng Chen Yi might become the sincere man, would she still able together with him?

Why don’t you tell him that you have been already someone lover? Because… you are afraid he will look down at you, right? Ha, this is really absurd!

All the past memories had gone, the past pure and innocent love also gone, the current her is not match for Feng Chen Yi!

Coldly sway his hand, she steady walking out from the corridor and left. Don’t cry, don’t cry, she cannot cry now. Her small hand made a fist, it still few steps before she leaving this place…

“Luo Yao Yao, do you really confident that your current boyfriend really loves you? Or don’t he also rotten man as me?”

She stopped, listened to Feng Chen Yi cold voice, she not dare to turn her back, moreover she not even dare to answer his question.

The important thing is she not really understand what kind of man Yu Ao Tian and she also does not want to know about him, also perhaps Yu Ao Tian is more rotten compare to Feng Chen Yi, hundred and thousand times, again what can she do and what guarantee she has?

Feng Chen Yi just did not know, she never cares with that rotten Yu Ao Tian because…

She not loves him.


She is only his lover.

So why should she bother with all women at his sides?

She reached the door at the corridor edge, the light from outside pierce her eyes. Another seconds…

“Pa” she got hard slap. Yao Yao can feel her face burn hot and pain. When she able to react, the person who stood in front of the door is Li Ruo Ting.

“Ruo Ting! What did you do?” Feng Chen Yi is rushing to the door.

“I have seen all! I have seen what both of you did in here. Luo Yao Yao you don’t have right to say me before because you just same as me!” after said, Li Ruo Ting raised her hand again prepare to give Yao Yao another slap.

But just in time her hand is stopped by Feng Chen Yi, when Li Ruo Ting gained herself, Feng Chen Yi has already slapped Li Ruo Ting.

“Chen Yi, you…” looking at Feng Chen Yi cold expression, Li Ruo Ting swallow back her words, she hurt and crying.

Does not want to hear, does not want to see, Yao Yao feels her world has changed to be grey, she just wanted to leave this place, leaving this noisy world…

She turned her back and leaving the restaurant as fast as she can. Finally tears that she held dropping and wet her cheek.

Why every time she has determined to give up, Feng Chen Yi heartlessly came into her world, messing with her life?

Why giving up a man that had hurt her can be such difficult? Even now, even now when he has already had new girlfriend, when heard him brought up to reunite why she must be so flatter? And also hurt?

When she wanted to remember all the beautiful memories suddenly all the bad came out, she almost forget all the beautiful memory and remember all the bad ones.


At this moment, Yao Yao had too much, she had too much why, too much that she not understood, and also the most important that she wanted to ask…

If time really can turn back, could both of them back to the most beautiful moment they had before….

“Ruo Ting, you better know clearly what is our relationship!” inside the restaurant, Feng Chen Yi coldly said and then he left.

“Chen Yi…” Seeing at his figure that almost disappeared in front of her eyes Li Ruo Ting crying alone by herself.

After both of them got caught by Yao Yao, indeed they never had clear broke up, but she forcibly herself silently to stay at his side.

But…she really, she really loves Feng Chen Yi, so that even she does not have any status with him, she willingly crawling to his bed as his bed-mate.

“Have you seen my big sister?” Li Ruo Ting came back to the private room, today she is coming with her big sister. But unknown she even caught Yao Yao and Feng Chen Yi kissing in the corridor not far from toilet.

“Miss Li, your big sister is in next private room.”

“Next private room?” she wiped dried her tear, she knocking the door of the private room: “Sis…”

When she opened the door that moment: “Uh, I am sorry.”

She saw Yu Ao Tian and Li Mei Yun is kissing, this scenery is piercing for Li Ruo Ting.

“Ruo Ting.” Li Mei Yun hurried loosens up her hand that wrapped into Yu Ao Tian’s waist: “What happen to you?”

I… I…

Seeing her little sister eyes that wet with tear, she helplessly smiled at Yu Ao Tian: “Today I asked my little sister to accompany me for relieving my boredom, but now…it seems that I must comfort her.”

“En, go busy on your thing.”

“Well, I take my leave, Ao Tian.”

When both of Li’s sister left, Yu Ao Tian looked at his watch, Little thing only went to toilet, half hour must be too long even only going to toilet? Why haven’t she back? He picks up his mobile phone and phoned her: “Hey, where are you?”

“I am feeling unwell. I want to be alone. You go back first, can you?”

Yao Yao trying to act as if she is alright, but Yu Ao Tian able to sense the loophole of Yao Yao, her crying voice: “Where are you?”

“You now…”

“I don’t want to repeat three times!” suddenly his voice stern, his expression extremely scary.

Helplessly, Yao Yao better to tell the truth: “I am at the park near the restaurant.”

After he hung the phone call, Yu Ao Tian is rushing to leave; he quickly paid the bill and leaving the restaurant…

“Second Young Master, please get into car.” The luxurious car stopped right in front of the main entrance of the restaurant when Feng Chen Yi walking out, the driver hurried opened the door for him.

Waiting for Feng Chen Yi to get into the car, Lisa who sat at the passenger back seat hand over document to Feng Chen Yi: “General Manager Feng, the thing that you asked to check, the result has already out. The others seven VIP Gold Card holders are belong to the Financial Secretary Chang Jiang Jun, The head senate Tang Ying Jie, Chairman of Bao Lai Group (Bolly Group) Fu Wen Bo, the deputy prime minister Zeng Kai Rui, Lan Du Guo group chairman Xia Yu and the last one is the CEO of Berson Group, Yu Ao Tian. CEO Yu has two VIP Gold cards with him.”

Flipping one by one the pages that contain the data, most of the people in this data, he has met even not really know them. Some of them he even ever had work collaboration.

“Other than Yu Ao Tian, the rest five people in this list check who are ever in touch with Luo Yao Yao!”

“Yes. But General Manager Feng, why excluded Yu Ao Tian?” Lisa not understood so she asked him.

“I understand very well the types of woman who with Yu Ao Tian, he will never interested with little girl!” everyone who mingle in this society, whether the woman beside Yu Ao Tian or even his bed-mate, more or less he has ever heard before, all of them are mature women or sexy ones while Yao Yao is far from this criteria. “Start the engine.”

“Yes, Second Young Master.” The car is slowly moving.

Feng Chen Yi leaned his head to the car’s window, the glass surface touch his cold good looking face. And then, it reflects his grieved and heart broken through his eyes.

Suddenly, the petit figure in the dark night caught his eyes: “Lao Zhang stop the car!”

The car stopped at the road side.

Lao Zhang and Lisa are strangely glancing at him: “Young Master?”

“General Manager Feng?”

Feng Chen Yi looked that petit figure, he really wants to rush and take her away, forever! Hide her forever! And then…

When he recalled what had happened just now, he understood very well Yao Yao character, if now he showed up, she would go further from him. “Start…” He waved his hand, at the moment that luxurious car left….

Someone who has tall figure showed up and come closer to that petit figure!

“You come…” Yao Yao raised her head up, when her eyes meet with Yu Ao Tian, spontaneously she down her head, murmured: “I am sorry.” After that thing happened, seeing Yu Ao Tian, her heart is suddenly feeling wrong and guilty. Her conscience as his lover showed. If later he asked her, what should she say? Meeting Ex-boyfriend? Being kissed forcibly? Or…make up random lies?

“Let’s go.”

“Hah?” She surprised, the time when she raise her head up to see Yu Ao Tian again, he has already left few steps. He… after all is not asking anything.

Her undulate heart which as if fallen to the ground, at the moment she really thankful, grateful for Yu Ao Tian consideration. Never thought, this bossy, rotten bastard man can be so consider to other too.


Yu Ao Tian who has been walking far away suddenly stunned with her voice, he looked at his back, she looked as if little girl who just able to walk and showing stiff smiled: “Feet sprain?”

“En…” her feet has sprained since she left the restaurant when she in rushed and forgot.

“Still can walk?”

“Can.” Yao Yao stood up from the ground and slowly walking toward Yu Ao Tian. “Aiya.” She cannot walk in balance so that she fell to ground again.

“Huh…” at this moment, Yu Ao Tian takes a deep breath, he stretched out his hand from his pocket and carry her as if carry little girl in his embrace.

“Wait, I still can walk by myself. I really can walk.” She said.

Yu Ao Tian frowned: “Stop moving.”

“You let me down and then I stopped move.”

“If I let you down, walk by yourself until the parking lot, how long should I wait for you?”

“But…” her face turned red, she grim head down, softly said: “You shouldn’t carry me in this way. Being seen by other…. It is so embarrassing.”

Indeed, nineteen year old girl being carried like little kid indeed such embarrassing. But…she only 150cm something moreover with her thirteen or fourteen baby face while Yu Ao Tian is 190cm of something with his handsome and mature appearance, this scenery looks so loveable.

“This is much better compare to leave you walking by yourself.”

This is true. Yao Yao unhappy frowned, but because she is afraid being seen, she hides her face in Yu Ao Tian’s chest…

“Big Sis, why don’t you leave?” at the parking lot, Li Mei Yun footsteps stopped, from far away when she just drove her car: “Just now it was… seems like Yu Ao Tian’s car.”

“It’s so normal.”

“But beside him seems… there was little girl.”

“Hah? Sis, are you sure that brother in law at your back….” Li Ruo Ting who spoke half suddenly: “But this is also so normal, brother in law have many women at outside, don’t tell me you don’t know, sis?”

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