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Chapter 80

On The Phone

At the moment, Yu Ao Tian feeling wanted to explode.

“Hahaha, you see, it really funny.” She focus on the cartoon not realized the person who sat beside her almost like volcanic mountain waiting to erupt, excited hitting his leg, continuing watching the television.



He really cannot do anything toward this little thing. Let go her chin that he pinched.

At this moment Yao Yao even go brazen by get closer watching the television: “Ha, Hahah.” She is laughing happily.

That happy laughing sound penetrate into Yu Ao Tian’s eyes, carefree and without worries, not contaminated by this mundane world. This kind of smile is not suitable belong to this society that filled with dirt. And at the same time, it must not belong to grown up Yao Yao who experienced manhood.

Deep his eyes there is an intense light, suddenly he enveloped her waist, forced himself….

Yao Yao hasn’t reacted, but suddenly she has sat on his lap. Her back leaning on his chest, suddenly she able to feel the warm breathe from her back, simply to warn her, this kind of ambiguous gesture, although this is not the first time but still so devastating. “I am watching television.”

“I know, you can continue watching your television.”

Seeing smirk in Yu Ao Tian’s face, she tries to focus back to watch the television, but at the next moment…

Her earlobe licked by him, at sudden it numb, it also arouse her face to get redden: “I, I am still watching television.”

“You watch yours.”

How can she continue to watch! Yao Yao glared at him, when her head turned from television suddenly his lips has touched her neck and gently kissed her.

She cannot focus on watching television anymore.

Restless, she is moving her body. While the man boldly hugged her, his tongue licked her inch by inch, exploit her body.

Her body completely sweating, her body arouse because his licking and suddenly…

“Ring, Ring, Ring”

Suddenly the phone is ringing.

As if Yao Yao got the opportunity to help herself out: “Phone! Your phone! Hurry pick up.”

Yu Ao Tian not have any intention to let her go, one of his hand grasped her waist and other took the Bluetooth headset put in his ear.

“Hello?” answered the phone, on other way his bossy-self is forced her facing him and his domineering lips landed on her lips.

Yao Yao helplessly to avoid his sudden kiss, doesn’t he pick up the phone? Why he does not let her go?

“Ao Tian…I am Mei Yun. Hu….”

When heard Li Mei Yun crying voice, Yu Ao Tian frowned, faster he let go Yao Yao, :”What happen to you?”

Seeing at Yu Ao Tian expression when he received the phone call, Yao Yao could tell herself that, the person who phoned him must be someone important, because she able to see his concern, this is first time.


Since it is important phone call, he must not be continuing to tease her, right? Hehehe.

To unknown, Yao Yao just feel little bit relieved, suddenly his hand caress inside Yao Yao’s “No, don’t”


Oh yeah, he still on the phone! Yao Yao hurried covered her mouth, struggling to move her head.

“En.” He paused for moment, curled up his lips, smiled: “Bao Bei, no wonder you are so nervous, actually you are afraid me to discover you not wearing bra? You are really bold, my outrageous woman.”

Her face flushed. Not dare to look at Yu Ao Tian.

“Ao Tian, you? Are you busy?” Li Mei Yun asked Yu Ao Tian on the phone because she heard Yu Ao Tian seem to have conversation with other, but the voice too soft so she hears nothing.

“Nothing, continue.” He acted as if nothing but keep on teasing Yao Yao.

“Ugh.” Yao Yao is so embarrassed with herself and afraid the person who called heard her voice, so she bites her lips.

But because of this, strangely her anxious body suddenly turned on, she gets arouse because her sensitive body…

After some time, finally Yu Ao Tian hung his phone called and stopped teasing Yao Yao when he heard she…

“Oh My, my instant noodle!” hurried opened to check out, the instant noodle has over-cooked.

“Whatever, perhaps it stills eatable.” Not bother, she ate the instant noodle.

At this moment, the excited Yu Ao Tian suddenly sulked because he realized his value not better compare to an instant noodle in front of Yao Yao.

“Hem, hem,” helplessly smiled, he more or less has get used with Yao Yao: “Bao Bei, don’t eat that anymore, go, I take you for dinner!” after said, he dragged Yao Yao leaving the villa…