Wuxiaworld > A Naive Short-tempered Girl > Chapter 65
Chapter 65

There is strong smell of blood, she difficult to stand up from the floor, her small hand accidently touching on something. This.. hand? Is it hand?

At this moment, Yu Ao Tian who is standing on the top of elevator shook off his night vision glasses, facing the surveillance camera, coldly said: “turn on the light.”

The darkness disappeared replace with the light, there are about seven or eight corpses filled inside the elevator, at that moment Yao Yao is sitting above one corpse, she shocked almost faint, “Woahhhh” that loud voice followed with crying sound.

“What to afraid?”

Yu Ao Tian who still standing from the top elevator asked, she looked pity and stammered lift up her head, hurried nodding, but in front of him her crying face quite cute.

“Do you want to get up to here?”

“En, en, huhhuhuhu…” she really does not want to stay any longer in this kind of place, this just such scary, so scary!

“Later when I kissed you, will you refuse?”

Her body stiff, she just never thought that Yu Ao Tian would ask such question; she only can use her puppy eyes to move him, hoping that he takes her up from here quickly.

But Yu Ao Tian isn’t someone easy to please with this? He directly closed the only small window of the elevator.

With this answered, Yao Yao must be stayed together with seven or eight corpses, “Alone with corpses.”…

“Ao Tian, you become more vicious each days, you even in dire strait got refused by little girl to kiss you?”

Yu Ao Tian left the top elevator’s roof and went to the front door of elevator in 28th floor. At this moment, Long Ye, Long Qi and Han Li Shang have waited to congratulation him.

Regarding to his conversation with Yao Yao, they have heard it before when they were in security office room, this time he could say has lost his face already. After all, He either as the outstanding and talented CEO or the underworld emperor, he never refused by any woman when he wanted to kiss them, besides there are still many women who make line waiting for him to kiss them.

“Long Qi, will you death if you are not speaking?”

“Cih!” Long who is standing beside him sneered.

They looked Yao Yao who crying until wet all her face through the surveillance camera, rotten bastard! Yu Ao Tian simply is rotten bastard. One moment he saved me, another moment he left me in here.

Indeed, indeed it all was my fault not listened to him, but how could he torture me like this? “Yu Ao Tian! Yu Ao Tian! Take me out! Take me out!”

“Well, what is your decision?”

“Promise! Promise! I promise you whatever you want, faster take me out!” she simply forced to be crazy.

The elevator door opened, when the pity Yao Yao but also cute appearance caught into everyone eyes, Long Qi laughing straight forwardly, Long Ye is curled lift his mouth while Han Li Shang just cool as usual.

Yu Ao Tian stepped on the corpses and walking toward Yao Yao who looked so weak, without waiting him to stretch out his hand, she has already took an initiative to fall into Yu Ao Tian embrace. Pair of her hands hugged him tightly, while pair of her leg clamp onto his waist, she completely looked alike Koala.

“Huhu huh u…Woah….” She not cares with her image, she is crying loudly.

“Enough, stop crying, your tear wet my clothes.” This moment, the expression of loving Yu Ao Tian is looked so loathing.

But on all his people eyes, this Yu Ao Tian who is heartless and merciless suddenly changed to be someone with love…

Leaving Berson Group, everyone has gone to clear up the mess, only leaving Long Qi who stayed with them.

From Berson until the parking lot, Yao Yao keeps crying, crying, no matter how to coax her, even Yu Ao Tian who silent to conscience, did his joke out the limit, thinking even man who staying with bunches of corpse perhaps, they might half-deathly moreover if the person was a girl?

But this little thing was not listening to him, so that he only has this way to give her lesson. Seems that he really is a man who not able to coax a girl.

“Long Qi, drive the car.”

“Oh.” Long Qi sat on the driver seat.

Yu Ao Tian hugged Luo Yao Yao and sat on the behind seat, the car is slowly leaving Berson Group.

Seeing how this little girl crying such miserable, Yu Ao Tian hugged her and made her seat on his lap: “Don’t cry. Okay?” he took the tissue and wiped her tears, very patient sweet talking with her. But, this was not effective.

The Long Qi who sat in front seat wondering, his role model, Yu Ao Tian how he would coaxing Luo Yao Yao since he looked so helplessly?

Bao Bei, stop crying…

“Stop crying…” the initially who spoke with faint smile expression suddenly changed to be slow and prudent, could see that Yu Ao Tian is trying to overcome his temper, but finally… “You Mother fuck stopped crying, annoying!” he exploded.

Long Qi who sat in front seat suddenly stop smiling, the angry Yu Ao Tian is more than terrifying, if not…Ao Tian Ge is types that not able to sweet-talking to the girl, moreover the little girl!

Perhaps she shocked with Yu Ao Tian and then silent, Yao Yao stopped crying, stare blankly looking at Yu Ao Tian.

Another moment… there will be drama to see!

“You mother fucker if not because you left me inside the elevator, why would I cry?! You yelled? What you yelled? Your mother fucker yelling a fart!”

“…………….” Silent……….inside the car silent for ten seconds.

Suddenly Long Qi laughing so hard, finally the silent was broke.

“ha ha ha….” Heaven knows, this is the first time since he followed Yu Ao Tian and heard this kind of thing, moreover Yao Yao’s baby voice with dolly face scolded him, this was especially interesting.

“I have told you before, you are not allowed to say dirty words!” Yu Ao Tian coldly said.

To the unknown, not just Yao Yao not afraid of him, on contrary she even explained to him her mean: “I my mother fucker willing, I mother fucker like to curse, there is none of your mother fucker!”


After hearing how smoothly Yao Yao said one by one her dirty words, Long Qi even hurried to stop the car: “ha haha.” He could not stop from laughing, if the car still being driving under this circumstance, there absolutely would be car accident….

“You!” Yu Ao Tian was extremely angry, he just not understanding how could he meet this kind of little thing? He swear to himself that he does not want to have kid in his entire life, or else if he has kid like this Luo Yao Yao, perhaps his age would shorten for ten years!

“…………….” He has compromised, compromised, fine!

“Later in the future I will not scare you anymore.”

After he said, Yao Yao did not react, even Long Qi who sat in front seat dumbfounded.

What kind of person Yu Ao Tian? He better to die rather than compromise other, moreover he was compromised little girl? Today must be joking, if looked back to the usual Yu Ao Tian, perhaps the next thing must be a slap.

He had ever said before, between the man and woman there are no differences, the thing that man can do, the woman also can do it, if because the opposite is woman and then become soft-hearted, on that way would be trapped into woman’s scheme. So that, he would not give any lenient and preferential treatment in gender.

But today he was…

Long Qi not understood, perhaps because Yu Ao Tian has good mood.