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Chapter 51

Are You pregnant (2)

Not far from his sight there is something caught his attention. Feng Chen Yi hurried his step toward that thing, hurried picked up: “This is… yours?”

When she looked the thing in his hand, Yao Yao panicked: “Give it back to me!” she grabbed back that thing from his hand very fast and put inside her bag.

“In this short time, who the person you date, said!” He angry shouting and took people’s attention.

Yao Yao feels so embarrassed moreover when she looked at the surrounding who come to see: “What are you doing, Feng Chen Yi, this is still in the street.”

“Tell me, Luo Yao Yao, with whom are you…now!”

She kept silent being asked, she felt as if she gets the chills from hell, she never seen this kind of expression of Feng Chen Yi before. “None… none your business.” She swayed his hand away, quickly she disappearing from…

“Damn!” He stood up, walking to get into his car with extremely bad mood.

He shocked Lisa who is beside him, hurried she asked him: “General Manager Feng, You, are you alright?”

It was not mistaken! Not mistaken! That time Yao Yao told him that she has already had fiancé but it was clearly she was lying that time, but how about the pregnancy test kit? He made fist with his hand and showing his vein: “Lisa, immediately you check about whomever the man that get in touch or close to Yao Yao within this past two years.”


The gynecology and obstetrics department in hospital.

“Little girl, are you kidding me? You are still virgin why are you checking for pregnancy?”

“Vir…? Impossible? Doctor, have you really had proper check up? My period is late lately.”

“The reason might so many, perhaps you have burden in your heart, stress or perhaps because your body problems, you don’t think to make fake pregnancy, little girl, you ought to know the basic thing about woman?”

“Uh.. I am sorry, really sorry, doctor. Thank you.” after she went out from the gynecology and obstetrics section, Yao Yao simply ashamed to describe her feeling.

If not because she did not know how to use the pregnancy test, she would not go to see the gynecology and obstetrics doctor to make check up, her thought was mislead. That rotten bastard Yu Ao Tian was toying at her. but…

It seems that both of them were not doing that? “Really too good…” she took long breath, she slowly walking outside the hospital.

“Little girl, little girl.” Suddenly a middle age woman pulled her closer.

“Uh, auntie, is there something?’

This middle aged woman mysteriously looked right and left, she gave her name card: “Just now I saw you have checked up, I see you are quite beautiful, and also pure girl. If you are interesting you can give me a call, the remuneration is… 1,000,000 dollar.”

1,000,000 dollar? What kind of job? Yao Yao took a look at the name card, others than phone number, it written nothing. She wanted to ask that middle aged woman but she has already disappeared, really strange…

I want a child

Suburb, the magnificent villa with crystal glass, located in between the mountains, Yu Ao Tian is spending night with the rising star Mei Yun. Just like the others passed days, whenever they meet they will do that thing. So this time when they done with their thing, suddenly Li Mei Yun asked Yu Ao Tian who lying beside her: “Ao Tian, I want a child.”

Her words just make him frowned, and then he said: “Mei Yun, do you want to retire from your job?”

“I fine.” She answered him firmly.

There is nothing without blues why Mei Yun asking child from him. She has followed him so long but at the same time she feels insecurity, afraid he will leave her someday. Having a child with him is like insurance or guarantee, no wonder she asked him.

But, Yu Ao Tian isn’t someone expecting for child, at least not now and not from her. He told her coldly: “Li Mei Yun, from all the women I ever have, you are the longest one who followed me, how could you not understand me?”

She understood him very well that’s why she could be his side for longest time, compare to others women he had before. But she…

“most of my friend are envy of me because I have such magnificent boyfriend like you, while they just only can be others lover, I know you good to me, I am so grateful with everything you did for me, but still I am woman, I also expecting to have my own little family.”

She thought Yu Ao Tian will be moved with her words but she wrong, his mood suddenly changed. So that she stopped to bring up the topic to have child. She still obediently consume that contraceptive pill.

Before Yu Ao Tian leaving he even told her that, it’s okay if she accidentally pregnant because he still will ask her to abort that child.

“CEO Yang, Yu Ao Tian is here.”

“CEO Liu, CEO Yu is here.” a group of people welcoming Yu Ao Tian.

There is not much people who can enter this venue which worth millions of dollar, how many high rank chairman or deputy of governor can come here? But still after they see these fews CEO they cannot hide their fright.

“Ha Ha, as usual Yu Ao Tian coming always steal the limelight.”

“Of course, Lao Yang, this brat have expanded his business quietly within two years, of course he is the one who steal the limelight. The most important is, he and Feng Chen Yi from Feng group are the only two persons who progressed within these two years, the new rising star? Can you make a guess, who might better between them?”

“It is hard to make the guess because Feng Chen Yi is younger few years from Yu Ao Tian. But Feng Chen Yi has already had family background while Yu Ao Tian was started from zero, how can you compare them?”

“Well this…” two men who are about fifty years of something spotted Yu Ao Tian coming. One of them suddenly said: “Who is that girl that coming with Yu Ao Tian?”