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Chapter 36

You, Flat Chest!

“Ha, the stronger is the business partner later on they will be the stronger enemy in the future, but it will be more interesting.” It so obvious, during the negotiation between Long Ye and Feng Chen Yi, Yu Ao Tian is the person who has the most expectation for this “business agreement”.

“Hah, Ao Tian, I really lost to do with you, your interest always forever such…unique!” he has tendency to “raised” his strong enemy to be stronger, and then he will “settle” them. Facing such person, all of them really lost to do with Yu Ao Tian.

When the elevator door opened, Yu Ao Tian just wants to enter… “Where is Luo Yao Yao?”

“Ah?” at this moment, the substitute elevator lady, Bai Ling paused for moment, who is this person? Well…he is so handsome.

“Yao Yao… Yao Yao… she just fired by our manager, is, is there any problems?”

Long Ye who stands beside Yu Ao Tian sensed something wrong with his expression, hurried he mediate the situation: “Oh, nothing. Sorry to disturb your job. We seem to use wrong elevator.”

Woah, who is that man, he is so gentle and also handsome. “Thump” “Thump” “Thump”, at this moment, Bai Ling heart beat more than 180. “It does not matter.”

When the elevator door closed, Yu Ao Tian with his anger face looked at Long Ye: “Didn’t you have a good chat with her department manager?”

“I had talked.”

“So, her department manager is still dared to fire her?”

How could he, Long Ye know the reason? “Alright, I will go and kick her department manager out from here.”

“Long Ye.” His cold gazed swept, suddenly his dangerous and killing smile exposed, he curled up his lips: “Since when…you be so compassionate?”

Huh, he really does not know how to deal with him, no matter what the problem is, as long as he unhappy, he will always showed this kind of scary smile. People who do not know him well might thought he is not angry but the truth, the wind and storm just begin: “OK, I understood what to do.”

He turned to Long Qi, looked him: “You go to find that Luo Yao Yao, I will go for meeting.”

“Understood!” Hurried Long Qi running to outside Berson Group, he has spotted Yao Yao not far from his place: “Hey, Flat Chest! You stay still!”

In the crowded and bustling business district, suddenly there is someone use this kind of word to address, how would you feel? Seeing that person who smiled from the bustling business district, Yao Yao face gets “Thin” and then she blushed red, faster she running.

“Damn! This flat chest dares to run.” Long Qi who is dissatisfied, running to catch up with her.

Her petit body cannot win over Long Qi, less than two minutes, he has caught her. “Ah! It is so hurt! Hurt! You let me go!” her black pony tail hair is grabbed by Long Qi.

He only used his strength little bit but Yao Yao has already fall down to his embraces: “Humph, are you still dare to compete running with me? I asked you, why you run while you have heard I called you?”

She enduring her pain because he grabbed her hair, she pissed off and glared at Long Qi: “Nonsense, this is in crowded and bustling street, why did you call me flat chest?”

“Oh, so that’s the problem.” He loosen up, he smiled and opened the door: “It because you really have flat chest, are you afraid people know?”

“Don’t! Don’t said it anymore? Do you have something with me?” she hardens her heart to find one big hole and then she wants to bury herself.

“Humph, I asked you, last Friday when I asked you to have meal with me, why you run away?”

Oh so that because last Friday matter, why he still remember? “I… I..”

“You cannot explain right? Follow me now.”


Seeing how Yao Yao used all her strength to him push away, normally Long Qi who well-known for his hot temperamental, he rolled his eyes and then carried Yao Yao on his shoulder.

“Hey, are you sick! Faster let me down!”

He ignored her, Long Qi walked faster to Berson Lobby.

“Let me go! Let me go!” Yao Yao hit and punch his body, and also her legs keep on kicking him.

Those people who see this scene are dumbfounded: “Just now… is he the security manager, Long manager?”

“It seems to be.”

“And who is that little girl who is carried by him in his shoulder?”

“Whose knows, but have you seen just now, that little girl is so cute. With 19 years old manager long, both of them are match together.”

“You are right.’

When they arrived at service department floor, Long Qi finally released her down.

Yao Yao is anger to the point her face turned red: “What are you intending? Didn’t you know this is so shameless?”

“Cih. Your small*** still afraid of shame, still afraid be ashamed?”

“You!!!” This bastard, he is too much, he always attacked her weakness. She makes a fist then she waved to his.

But Long Qi avoided. “He He, not just you have flat chest but your response also that slow.”

“You said one more time?”

“I even wanted to say hundred times, I will say it. You are flat chest!” After he said, he provoked her by making wry face and then run so fast.

Yao Yao angry and then she chase him: “You standstill!”

This two people really take the big company as their Theme park, one run and one chase along the corridor. Both of them have same age so while they age are also suitable to study at campus.

During the chasing, Long Qi opened the door and ran inside room while Yao Yao just followed him entered….

Seeing inside, suddenly Yao Yao dumbfounded, this…where is it?

Standing inside huge and gorgeous office room, Yao Yao forehead drop cold sweat droplets, she swept her glanced to look at Long Ye who sit in sofa, but at this moment, he acted as if he seen nothing about just now incident, his expression so easy going.

She gazed to further way, a beautiful man is sitting in one big office chair, it can say that he has perfect features, moreover his black pitch eyes with long lashes, that able to trap anyone. The more prominent is his gentle and also his elegant majestic aura which make people want to come near him.

This person who sits inside this office room, it seems… he is the PR department manager Long Ye, right! It is him. He looked little bit different from the first time she saw him, this time he looked mature and also little bit solemn.

“Have both of you done with all the noise?” Long Ye slowly opened his mouth.

Long Qi who sat on sofa looked innocent by shook his shoulder: “It none my business. It was her who made the noise.”

“What? It obviously you were the person who insult me?”

“Hey, flat chest, you touch your heart before said, didn’t you who hit me first?”

“If not because you kept on mocking me, why should I hit you?”

“Shut up!” Long Ye really cannot hear this noise anymore, he vent his anger by slammed the document in his desk.

“Did both of you think this is campus? I don’t have time to coax with both of you. Long Qi if you still tease her, you scram!”

“Cih.” Being scolded by his big brother, Long Qi rolled his eyes.

While Yao Yao who stands in front the door also be quiet.


No matter how cruel and merciless Long Qi when doing his “underworld business”, Still I hardly come to dislike him because he just too adorable when he with Yao Yao. Just like this chapter, how he likes to tease Yao Yao verbally, calling her flat chest, running and chasing, both of them really look like normal teenagers. But, who knows, they are not…

I don’t mean to ship Long Qi with Yao Yao but both of them are suit to be best friend, friend that tease you, entertain you, company you, just like another Gong Xiao Man for Yao Yao.