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Chapter 35

The impulsive Feng Chen Yi

Toward Feng Chen Yi domineering acting, Yao Yao has got used, two years ago he also this arrogant, as long there is person who come and provoke him, he would make that person end badly. Of course, she sometimes could not withstand Feng Chen Yi brassy attitude, but today….

Still need to say that, Feng Chen Yi has won beautifully. She does not want to know his purpose of doing this kind of thing, but one thing she believes that Li Wen Feng will never dare to come near her anymore. “Feng…”

“My beloved Yao Yao, don’t say to me that man was your fiancé, I would pity your degrading taste, even that kind of man you really want?”

She thought that impulsive Feng Chen Yi would be angry after he said this: “Yes, I admitted that my eyes not too good, or else why could I fall for you two years ago?”

He smiled coldly : “Are you comparing that man with me?”

“So what? Is it strange? Do you think there will be another cheap and low man that can be comparing with you?”

“Luo Yao Yao!” Feng Chen Yi raised his hand and shook her shoulder, deathly grabbed her.

“Hah, General Manager Feng, don’t be angry. I just told you the truth. But I am not intended to lie to you, just now, that person was not my fiancé.”

Of course he knew it that man was not her fiancé, but the problem is…. “So he was not your fiancé, so why are you coming with him alone?” he rolled his eyes, but at same time there is no smile in his face: “Don’t tell me that your fiancé has left you? Does not matter, Yao Yao, no matter what you are still my Ex-girlfriend, I will always welcome you.”

What does this Feng Chen Yi mean? Is he thinks she is trash?

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Sorry to let you know, I have super good relationship with my fiancé, the most important is, I willing to go out with anyone I like and also it is my freedom, you are only my past! My Ex-boyfriend! That’s all, none your business!”

“Luo Yao Yao, you!”

“General Manager Feng, congratulation to you, finally you acquire another company, but,,, believe me that I won’t ever come to step my feet to this place for the rest of my life because I will feel disgusting! Good bye!” she turned her back, Yao Yao is leaving.

Feng Chen Yi is pissed off to the point his expression changed to…

“Damn!” he got out from that place.

Some of his assistants hurried to follow his step: “Feng… General Manager Feng.”



“Rotten Bastard! Rotten Bastard! Feng Chen Yi is simply to say the most rotten bastard in this world, I shouldn’t moved by him, the best is I must not meet him anymore!”

That thing has passed for two years, when the next Monday come and go for work, Yao Yao is still angry. It was so obvious when she wanted to thank him but he even…. Suddenly said that kind of word. Why others who broke up still can be friend but why they just cannot be friend after broke up even they turned to be foe? This is so troublesome!

“Yao Yao, last Sunday why was you left so early?”

Uh, it bad! “I am so sorry, Bai Ling, last Sunday I…. felt unwell so that I left early, did you have fun?” All because of Feng Chen Yi, if not because he angered her and made her muddle-headed, how could she forgot to notice Bai Ling?

“Still okay. But I didn’t know why Li Wen Feng suddenly left. Hm, I sensed that he does not like me.”

Actually good and nice girl like Bai Ling is not suitable with that rotten cheap man like Li Wen Feng, they just don’t match: “It does not matter, Bai Ling, fate this kind of thing can’t be forced, you should reconsider, consider others.”

“Ah whatever, later we continue, I should go to work first.”

“Okay, I also should go to work.” Just done changing her uniform, Yao Yao walked out from the locker room…

“Luo Yao Yao, you go to my office.” She met Manager Zhang.

When she arrived at manager Zhang office room, manager Zhang throws a letter to her face.

“Resignation letter?”

“Luo Yao Yao, I know you are so awesome, you have important person who support on you. But, this Friday you had done two mistakes during your work time as elevator lady, moreover you have offended and humiliated the second young master of Feng group, I think this matter is more than enough to kick you out.”

Important people as backbones? Who will be the person?

“Yes, Manager Zhang, last Friday it was my fault, please you give me another chance.”

“Hah? Another chance? How many chances should I have to give you? Luo Yao Yao, suddenly I realized that you are not coming for work but your real intention is trying to seduce men. So that, I advised you, perhaps you and… better you go to apply job as slut.”

How can this manager Zhang spoke so dirty? Fine, since she said this way…

“Manager Zhang, please be so careful when using your words, or else I will sue you because humiliate other people!”


Manager Zhang dumbfounded, but without wait her to responded, Yao Yao continued: “If you really want to fire me, I also don’t want to say anything. But, the work contract clearly stated that, during my training period, if there isn’t any big mistake that I have done, you don’t have right to fire me!”

Manager Zhang coldly smiled: “Hah, are you talking about training period? All is up to me who said!”

“What? It just your thought one-sided.” Yao Yao also smile coldly: “According to labor law article 7 point 187, the employee in probation period can take advantage to get payment of their wages and it must meet the standard payment of the minimum wage requirement. So you must pay my wages.”

Looking at Yao Yao who showed professional career woman aura, who seems to be familiarizing with the law, again manager Zhang looked alike dummy, what exactly this little girl is? How can she be so familiarized with laws? It she knew, she should take look her CV before offended her.

“It does not matter. Does it because money? Berson Group affords to pay you. You can leave now.”


“CEO Yu, good morning!”

“CEO Yu, good morning.”

Ten o’clock sharp, Yu Ao Tian and the others five people get into the elevator. Every time at this time, both of on duty receptionist always smile brightly: “Aiya, this is the most beautiful 10 o’clock. CEO Yu is good, Vice CEO Han also good, even the General Manager Long and Manager Long with the secretary are too good, they are group of good looking men and beautiful woman, every time seeing them, I filled with good vibe energy.”

“See. Yourself, your love sickness disease.”

“Cih, you still dare to say me? Just now you are drooling.”

Basically this is how they said, but those people who have ever seen the top management executives, no one dares to deny that they indeed good looking, of course their face match their skill.

“Long Ye, how the negotiation went on last Friday with Feng Chen Yi?” during waiting for the elevator, Yu Ao Tian asked about last Friday negotiation.

“Very success. But as rumor spread about that little brat, he is much stronger. Ao Tian, are you really sure to pull him to your side? Be careful, don’t lure the wolf inside our place.” This Long Ye is counted as commander chief of Berson Group, his easy going personality image and his smart brain are the one of the most valuable things of Berson Group blueprint success. When he met Feng Chen Yi last time, he knew and realized that Feng Chen Yi is different to the other business people that he ever met before. He is not someone easy to deal with.