Wuxiaworld > A Naive Short-tempered Girl > Chapter 24
Chapter 24


“Let me go, It’s hurt…” her chin got pinched almost feel as if out of it shape, the pain made her tears flowing and wet her face.

“Oops, does it hurt you? But in this way you may get into the situation so that, the evidence that you have would be more convincing others?”

Does he really concern about this? But… “If not because you repeatedly do that to me, I would not make any report to anyone about your “habit”. All are because forced by you.”

“So, all are my fault. What should I do? What should I do to make up for your loss? That you can happily smiling?” His lips curled up to make devious smile, slowly he loosen up his hand that pressed onto Yao Yao’s, gently he…

One of her uniform button’s opened. The next, one by one her uniform buttons are opened by Yu Ao Tian’s. Since her hands are tied, helplessly, she can only see herself being “exposed” through the lens to monitor without able to do anything.

Very fast, her pastel color bra untied by the man, her white milky and smooth body suddenly uncovered. She tensed, not daring to breathe loudly, her head keep on shaking: “Stop, don’t continue!!!”

“Sst, Bao Bei, don’t move. You see, if you move, this will also follow to shake, it looks flirtatious.” Yu Ao Tian pointing at the monitor screen.

Yao Yao ashamed glanced at herself, her milky white and smooth body indeed tempting.

That man pair of hands suddenly moves to her S waist, slowly sliding forward….

“No, uh….” Afraid, she closed her eyes, in intimidating atmosphere, his pair of strong hands keep on touching her.

“En, uh…”He has not enough, she shamefully trembling and biting her lips, but her mouth betray her by released seducing moans.

“Bao Bei, looked, you are looked so flirtatious now.” Yu Ao Tian forcedly to make her to see herself at the monitor screen, while his “naughty” hand keeps on touching.

Again and again, she could not control herself, unpredicted something flowing out. She felt shameless with wide-open eyes, seeing herself from the monitor screen.

Unbelievable, the cheeks flushed, her eyes blurred seeing if that girl really is her? Shy, ashamed and no face. Tears flowing from her eyes slowly on the contrary her body heat up as if blooming flower that so flirtatious.

“Bao Bei, how do you feel seeing yourself being touched by man, isn’t it really give you more pleasure?” Yu Ao Tian used his lower and deep demonic voices which rout her last sanity, his big hand moves from her belly towards her breast.

“No…” gradually her confused head react faster, she wriggled into the man’s waist that trying to thwart.

Who knows, her acted even provoke the man more.

His mouth showed alluring smiles that provoke to charming laughter, he probes into Yao Yao’s dress.

She clearly can feel that man disgusting hands are moved toward her sensitive place.

And then…

“En?” when his hand reached to that sensitive place, his alluring smile suddenly vanished; this little thing body is….

He faster laid her body in sofa.

“You… No! No!” Yao Yao scared with the man sudden move, her face white and alarmed. His next moves even scared Yao Yao more which let her heart cold.


“You!” one of his hand hold her wrist so that her body lift up, he as if admiring a work of art, staring at her which looked alike smooth eggs…..

“Damn little thing, said! Are you lying to me? How old are you?” Demoness! Demoness! This little thing if she really not yet twenty years old, she really is the rare-breed of alluring demoness.

At this moment, Yu Ao Tian feels his body hyperinflation, during the process, his acted more impulsive.


“En?” her sobbing voice turned Yu Ao Tian’s attention. He raised his head, facing the small face that wet with tears, Yu Ao Tian tilted his head: “What did you said, little thing?”

“Why you did this to me? This kind of thing, isn’t it only done by the husband and wife? Why do you want to do it to me? When first time I saw you, I thought you are someone dazzling, but now with all you did, what is your difference with the scoundrel? I don’t understand what about me that make you pissed off, why you repeatedly come to humiliate me?” She not understand, she does not understand why this man should act this way, she understands very well, this kind of good-looking man won’t lack women beside him but why he bother to come and tease her? was it because her schemed him? Did it because she wanted to report him?

Facing Yao Yao who showed questioning expression, suddenly Yu Ao Tian devilish expression changed to stern: “Scoundrel? Robber? Oh…” his deep eyes flashed an arrogant light, his lips curved up, smile. He lifts up his body from her and whispered to her ear: “you are still so naïve and innocent, little thing. But because…. I just like naïve, innocent and pure little thing like you so I can dirty you, slut! Did like it? It does not matter, there will be a day when you come and beg me to dirty you!” loosen her hands…

She landed heavily in sofa.

Yu Ao Tian untie her hand which tied with his necktie, he turned and took out a CD from the computer and threw it to her body.

“Bao Bei, bring it to home and careful admired it, admired yourself that***, can’t say for sure, perhaps you may fall in love with this kind of pleasure!” He said, and then he goes out…

“Hiks…hiks…” after she left the company, Yao Yao is crying while walking in the side of street, the moonlight that illuminated her petit body showed how thin she is.

Shouldn’t cry, shouldn’t cry! Or else when go home, Mom would find out!

The extraordinary shame and humiliation that she had experienced just now is indefinable lump in her heart. She tried to bury and forget it but it is so difficult to do. She afraid when she arrived at home Mom will worry, she just can unstop to hypnotize herself to forget that terrible and scary nightmare as quickly as she could, just like two years ago.

“Hey, little chick.” At the street side there are few of scoundrels called her.

Yao Yao acted as if she did not hear them, she walked faster.

“Hei, little chick, who are bullied you? Tell big brothers so we could help you.” they are blocking her path.

“Little chick, we are talking to you, are you mute?” They said.

One of the men with blonde hair lifted her chin: “Heh? See just like I said before, this chick looked not bad.”

“He he, see she looks even cuter when she cried.”

“Let go!” Yao Yao stopped her tears, hot away that scoundrel hand.

“Aiyo, little sister is so fierce, this few big brother are worried you, why you are so fierce? Let’s go with us, this few big brothers will make you happy, at the moment you won’t cry anymore.” After said, two men are holding at her right and left shoulder.