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Chapter 23

Her pair of hands being tied

“O? so he was the man, well, this much easier. The evidence, is it inside the mobile phone?” Long Qi is pretending to secure the evidence.

“En, en.” Yao Yao nodded.

“Well, you wait for me.” After he said, he goes faster to Yu Ao Tian in front, snatched the mobile phone from his hand. Hurried he gives it to Yao Yao: “Come, show me the evidence.”

“En.” Her eyes that wet with tears are glaring at Yu Ao Tian who is standing and leaning in door frame.

Bastard man, you keep on continuing showed that arrogant face ah, you will be dead meat later! But as long as she search….”

“He has deleted it!” she didn’t find the evidence.

“cih, there is no way, Yao Yao. I think…”

“It okay manager. Humph. He thought that by deleting it, I won’t able to recover it?” Yao Yao little face coldly emitting anger, glaring at Yu Ao Tian, she walked to one of the computer, looked so skilled in operating it.

Well— Long Qi who stands beside suddenly feels this girl is not as naïve as he thought.

“Ok, it has recovered!” in very short two minutes, Yao Yao smiled confidently, she clicked the play button.

The evidence that has already been deleted, it really recovered just like before, showed up in front of them.

“You, you… how can you do it?” Long Qi dumbstruck, hinting towards Yu Ao Tian who is also amazed with her skill.

His devilish smiles even deeper, he never thought this little thing always bring so many surprises every time they meet.

“I have studied repairing computer during my high school. Well, It is so easy to recover anything.”

Even the elite IT staff of Berson need about five minutes to recover things but this little girl only spent two minutes, Long Qi is really F**k, this girl worked as elevator lady just too waste, no*** what?

“Humph, bastard, now the stolen good has recovered what you want to say?” Yao Yao is held the mobile phone which still playing into Yu Ao Tian in front.

“heh?” he straighten his posture, his pair of hands inserted into his pocket, he just squint his eyes, Yao Yao loftiness manner suddenly weaken.

This man has dominating aura in his surrounded, really scary.

“Man…Manager.” It is still better for her to seek help from others.


“No matter, don’t be afraid. Now the evidence is in our hand, he won’t win over us.” Long Qi encouraged Yao Yao in front. Fiercely said: “Humph, at least you are twenty five or six, aren’t you? But you have done that to 19 years old little girl, are you still human?”


“Yeah, you are not human!” since she has backed up, Yao Yao excited to shout and yell, hiding at Long Qi back. But once Yu Ao Tian glared, she backed down.


“Little girl that hasn’t reached twenty years old is called Hua Li (blossom plum). How can you have heart to do it? Simply to say you are beast.”

“Right, you are a beast!!”

“You see, if you want look then you have the look, about personality trait you have it, but how could you do wretch thing?”

“Yes, you are wretched.”

Every time Long Qi criticized Yu Ao Tian, Yao Yao would follow at his back, but Yu Ao Tian keeps silent, but his face turned darken.

Yao Yao has already been touched with Long Qi sense of justice, she did not expected this manager who has same age with her is someone so righteous.

But the next minutes….

“Do you think this little girl is matched with you? You should let her…stay at my side, this is the right thing!”

“Yeah, you should let her…” ugh.. what situation is it? Yao Yao expression changed stiff, slowly she make distance from Long Qi. With fear she looked at Long Qi who showed sinister smile: “You, both of you… are… compliance?”

Damn! She just not paid attention, that bastard who took her mobile phone was walked out from the manager of security room. Dome…, she tricked again.

“I thought you are good person, could not believe you are cooperate with this bastard. All of you are not more than snake-mouse at one place.

“Aiyo, flat chest, you don’t need to say such awful words, what is snake-mouse at one place, really awful. We are villains collude together only (nefarious ends)” Long Qi laughed, slowly he walked toward her.

He pushed away her finger that pointing at him, whispered: “Oh yeah, let me tell you something, the person that you said lecher manager Long…. He is my biological brother! I …. Am Long Qi!” he said, he eyes showed bad intention, turned to Yu Ao Tian, he waved his hand: “Well, it’s time for you to enjoy your “meal”. I have accomplished the mission. Have good play. Bye Bye.”

Have good play… good play…

Looking at Long Qi who has walked far away, Yao Yao pair of eyes are dim. A chilly wind blowing, at the moment she feels her body trembling, her eyes swept Yu Ao Tian’s back.

The next second…


She wants to run, but his hand is tightly gripped her hair pony tail.

“Ouw.” Suddenly the pain spreading to her body, she finally stay obediently, she stopped moves.

“Bao Bei, just now, have you enough scolded me?”

At back, that man’s voice as cold as death comes, while her face ashen as corpse, when she turned her head, her face meets his face so close: “It was not me. I wasn’t scolding you, it was Manager Long who said you, I just… Just…” ah whatever, there is no use to say anything now, anyway, both of them are compliance. She lowered her head, then she nodding her head as if she is a doll: “satisfied.”

“humph, it sound good, we are equal now, so this is the time you should make me satisfied, isn’t it?” he said, Yu Ao Tian smiled, violently he pulled Yao Yao’s pony tail and walk toward to the inside of office…

“No.. hurt.” No matter how she tried but still she helplessly being brought to inside of office.

Yu Ao Tian loosen his grasped, her body just felt into sofa.

She intended to stand up, but her body is pressed by him, while his other hand loosen his necktie.

“You, what do you want to do?”

“En? You will know soon.” His smile is so scary, he removed his necktie and then he rolled up his sleeves little bit.

“No, Don’t! why are you tie me, let me go!”

At this moment, Yao Yao really looked alike little sheep that prepared to slaughter, her body cannot twist or move, resist, but her hand stay still.

Yu Ao Tian walked to the in front of camera, freely to adjust the camera position to the sofa and turn on the computer screen.

He looked himself at the monitor, seeing a man with dangerous smile, while her panicking with widen eyes: “What do you want to do?”

“Hehehe, Bao Bei, I see you love to take people’s pictures, this is because I want to satisfy your hobby.” He said. Yu Ao Tian embraces her with one hand while the other hand hold the camera: “Come, give me a smile.”

Subconsciously, she avoided the lens.

She made Yu Ao Tian felt little bit unsatisfied, that good looking face showed his sadistic expression: “I asked you to smile, understand?” Yu Ao Tian pinched her small face toward the lens.