Wuxiaworld > A Naive Short-tempered Girl > Chapter 20
Chapter 20

Help, who’s dare

“Hump. You little thing, I have coaxed with you so long, but you dare to defame me.” he said, Yu Ao Tian slowly moves to her waist and got her mobile phone which still recording, her eyes showed fear.

Dome, how could this man have such strong and good sight?

“Coax? Who needs you coaxed with me! Give back my mobile phone.” Yao Yao jumping to take her phone, but because the man is taller than her, no matter how tall she jumps and bounces, she couldn’t reach his hand.

“Little thing, no, now I should call you little vixen, it seems I have underestimated on you.”

“This is what you force me to do.”

“Oh? So let me ask you, whom will you give this recording to? Will it be manager Long?”

“I won’t give the recording to him, both of you are ally.” To be true, she still does not know to whom that recording she will give to, she hasn’t thought about it. She rolled her eyes: “I will give it to the Berson’s CEO, I just not believe he won’t do anything regarding what you do!”

Ugh, from start to the end, this recording will still fall to his hand, then why bother? But, Yu Ao Tian really hates being scheme by others!!!

At this moment, Yao Yao coldly, opened her mouth and bites his arm!

“Huh? You little vixen still dare to bite.” After he said, his cold eyes flashed, suddenly grabbed her long hair.

“Ah!!” Yao Yao who feels hurt, shouting.

“You little thing, this is what you seek for!!”

Glancing at that man cold and merciless eye, she understood that she would get in trouble.

Big one hand…

“Dong” bumping sound, Yao Yao whole body is hit to the elevator wall. “Bastard, bastard…” suddenly tears are streaming from her pair of eyes, she hurried stand up: “You are simply rude rotten egg super bastard.” Once again Yu Ao Tian tears apart to get up.

Just in this time, suddenly the elevator door opened at 46th floor. Yu Ao Tian eyes swept, suddenly in order to stop her, his next…

“You let me…ugh!”

With his domineering aura, his lips stick to her lips. This time, the elevator door opened.

Everyone eyes are caught by the scenes of man and woman kissing, all of them dumbfounded, but when they see who is the male lead, everyone is showed same expression stopped a moment and changed to shock mode.

Yu… CEO Yu?

When they see Yu Ao Tian shoot cold glance, everyone body is trembling…

“No…No…!” Yao Yao who is kissed by force didn’t pay attention to those people reaction toward this strong kissed by this man actually she only feels fear, on the contrary, she non-stop to throw begging sight in order to get help from those people who standing in front of the elevator door.

But those people react in unexpected way, they pretending not to see, awkwardly smiled: “Sorry, really sorry, have… disturbed.” Hurried turned and leaving.

What! Do they blind? Couldn’t they see, I was forced kissed by him? Those people walked further, the elevator door closed. Yao Yao completely lost her hopes.

Right this moment, Yu Ao Tian has stopped his domineering kissed. At the next second, he pressed the power off button of the elevator.

“You, what do you want to do?” to come to an end spontaneously when the elevator stopped, Yao Yao at bad mood.

Yu Ao Tian chuckled, slowly walking toward her and said: “Congratulation you little thing, now you have…succeeded to piss me off!!”

She does not know how dangerous this man is, she also does not know how her ends by pissed him off, but… she is very clear what will be happen next to her…

“No… Don’t, I begging you.. let me off..”