Wuxiaworld > A Naive Short-tempered Girl > Chapter 18
Chapter 18


This bastard, it is so obvious that she has found out his bad intention, but he keeps on continuing “to act” as the reason. Her pairs of hand protect in front of her side, she pissed off, glared at him: “Will you stop?”

“Stop? Doesn’t anyone ever told you about once man is provoked to** it hard and difficult to end it?” Furthermore if facing something refresh alike this little thing.

She is being pressed in the office desk, while his hands force to break apart her hands that protect her in front.

She can feel that man burning eyes that keep on looking at her, she could not say out, what kind of embarrassment she felt: “Don’t look! Stop to look!”

“Eh? Little thing, you don’t tell me that, you might get arouse even being looked by me, do you?”

“Not, not like that!” carried away, she tries her best to avoid him.

But at this moment, she feels a strong torrent in her body, response to the man tongue which makes her beet red, he keeps on playing with his tongues in her “sensitive areas”.

“Uh.. Ah…No, Stopped…” Yao Yao almost lost her control, she moves her body a lot, the deep nightmare of two years ago slowly opened up.

She does not want to recall, she really does not want to recall those two years ago bad memories!

“Are you sure that you want to continue?”

“Heh? Bao Bei, can I assume that you are challenging me?” He stopped for while and looked vicious.

Now, Yao Yao little face turned cold, very fiercely she said three words: “Yu Ao Tian!”

In this moment, Yu Ao Tian is stare blankly looking at her, he never expected this little girl would call his name, didn’t she not recognized him? Or this little thing just act stupid before, is she trying to play pig eat tiger? He doubted for while.

Yao Yao pretended to be calmed and laughed: “How’s? Are you afraid? It seems that you are also knows about Yu Ao Tian, this name before? Let me tell you, he… he is my big brother, if you are keep on doing this, be careful he will kill all your family member!!!”

“…..pu (sound of laughing)”

Seeing the man suddenly laughing, Yao Yao stunned for while.

As information, not to mention seeing Yu Ao Tian, the real person in Japan, even to hear his name, people will consider carefully, but why this man suddenly laughed after he heard his name?

“I, let me tell you, I am not kidding, he is the most well-known underworld boss, if he really wanted to kill you, it as easy as stepping an ant, understood?”

So that this little girl only remembered his name but not his face, geezz, he really wants to strangle this little thing!

“Aiyo, as you said he is Japanese underworld boss, but here is China, well, you call him to come and kill me!” He said, Yu Ao Tian eyes showed sinister look, slowly he raised her up.

“No, Don’t.” she panic, her hair which covered her left shoulder fall to backward.

Once again that ugly scar showed up in front of him…

His jet black eyes gradually become gloomy, that sinister expression suddenly disappeared. Just because of this scar, he has been searching her for two years.

And then, this scar is coincidence or….

Turned his back, he left half-naked Yao Yao inside his office room.

“Have you done?” Long Ye who stood outside the room asked with devilish smile. But, Yu Ao Tian expressions even gloomier than before.

“Long Ye, immediately asked people to check and gather all information regarding Yao Yao, more detail is better!!”

Ugh, once he heard, Long Ye expression suddenly becomes so serious. He has feeling that, something complicated will happen soon. “Understand, I will immediately check.”

Two years ago he did not know her name, finally he knew her name, so that it much easier to check all information regarding that scar!!!