Wuxiaworld > A Naive Short-tempered Girl > Chapter 16
Chapter 16

Let’s we play

Walking inside the office room, Yu Ao Tian swept all the stuff in his table, he made Yao Yao to sit there.

She just trying to escape, but her body got pressed immediately. “Let me go! Is PR department hiring crazy people to work in here? They are asking the female staff to make “services”? Don’t they afraid to be found out by the CEO and get fired?”

“Bao Bei, you should know what kind of workers, the male staffs in PR, all of us need to have “practice” so that we able to serve the client better.”

What does he mean?

“Does the CEO agree with this kind of behavior? Geez! It shameless to know that Berson group as one of well-known and big company in China, this company not better that Host/brothel, your CEO even worse, he might not better than Gigolo, a bastard! Host!”

As information, the person she keeps on saying “lewder”, a bastard CEO actually is the person in front of her. Being vituperated by this little brat, Yu Ao Tian expressions suddenly changed darken. “You little thing, I think it better for us to get straight forwardly into the main topic.”

“No, wait. You let me go, please. I know, you, you also have your own difficulty, how about we think another way to solve this problem?”

Looking at her tearing eyes which filled with hope, she hooks Yu Ao Tian’s interest which make him even want to… “ruin” her more!!

“Oh, what kind of solution?”

She takes her time to think of it, Yao Yao stays quiet for moment and then she smiles: “I have an idea! How about we stay here for a while, then you get out and meet your manager, said that we have done “that”, in this way, you do not need to be afraid get punish, it’s also good for me, don’t you think this is the most perfect solution?”

Ha, this little thing really has her own way, but there is no such thing in this world as naïve as she thought, is it?

“En, so that, are you agreed?”

“I am agreed but….”

“but what?”

Yu Ao Tian showed his devilish smile, he takes an initiative to come closer to her ear and….

After he done with his words, Yao Yao’s face and her ears turned to be so red: “No, you can’t, I can’t do it.”

“Aiya, that is not solution. So I just can… do the task which given by Manager Long Qi.”

Seeing the man who stretching out his hand to her direction, Yao Yao panics so the nodding her head: “Wait, wait! I, I, I obey whatever you said!”

At the moment, Yu Ao Tian lewd smiles even more obvious….

“En, en… ah…ah…” inside the office room, it is woman’s XXXXX voice, but the voice really heard “too fake”.

The initially Yu Ao Tian has high expectation for “that”, but after he heard this kind of sound he can’t stand anymore: “Bao Bei, if you make this kind of voice, this won’t work. Manager Long is the veteran for something like this, he will find out that both of us are deceiving him.”

“So, what should we do? I have told you, I could not make that “voice” ah.”

If she really able to produce that voice, that is the real “problem”, because two years ago, Yu Ao Tian had not got to eat her up and if others has done it before, how could he swallows his anger?

“Well, it seems the only way, I should help you.”


Without waiting for her to finish her words, he has embraced her. She looks like a puppet which is sitting at Yu Ao Tian’s legs and facing his hot chest. “ug….”

Her earlobe is sensitive because the man’s tongue is licked her, the sensation of feeling numb suddenly is spreading to her body: “No, don’t.” the man keeps on spreading that hot breath to her earlobe, if he continues, she might go crazy.

“Bao Bei, your voice is right, now. Keeps on continuing…” his tongues is licking her ear sensitive area, while both of his big hand touching her waist, inch by inch closer to her dress….