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Chapter 15

I don’t want to give special treatment for Yu Ao Tian

Service Department? Doesn’t it is my department?

Why are females staffs should service the PR department staffs, what the relationship and manger will do with them? Yao Yao gets confused with that two people conversation.

“Service Department, aiyaa, all the female staffs in that department at least in thirties, as you know my preference is those who are in twenties, where should I get my fun, you say?” Long Ye pretended to angry.

Yu Ao Tian pretends as if he apologized: “I am sorry, I am sorry Manager Long, I will help you to find the twenties service department staff.”

Girls at their twenties? Special Service? Do they talk about…

Her heart thumping, Yao Yao little face suddenly turned white pale.

“I have found it Manager Long, there is female staff from service department working as elevator lady. Her name is…Luo Yao Yao.”

Oh My? She won’t be that unfortunate person, right? On the second day she has faced this kind of thing. At the moment she turned her head…

Inside the elevator both of the men are showing their “wolf hunger” appearances, both of them has dangerous hot gleam in their eyes.

Scar…so scary…. “Long, Manager Long, I am only the newbie in here.”

Both of the men looked at each other, Long Ye moved one step to in front: “Ya, so it’s you who is called Luo Yao Yao. Not bad, You Xiao Meng Li (little Lolli), I like.”

Damn, this means she get tricked, “Manager Long, may you consider another person. I don’t understand what you mean by service.” She turned and fiercely glared at Yu Ao Tian.

While he shrugged, hinting as if he is very innocent.

“Consider another person?” Long Ye is pretending to consider something: “Ah,… perhaps, I need to consider changing other person. Your chest is too flat, I don’t like.”

Fiuh…too good…

Even though she was told that she is flat chest and little bit unhappy about it, but compare to do whatsoever which they said “service”, this is better off. She showed relieved expression.

But another second…

“You!” Long Ye turned and pointed to Yu Ao Tian’s direction: “This elevator lady from service department, today I reward her for you, she is yours, you cannot “settle” her, it obviously you don’t have the ability to do your job, immediately get lost from Berson, understand?” after he said, he uses strength push Yao Yao to Yu Ao Tian embraces.

“Manager Long, you asked me to do this, certainly makes thing difficult for me. But, because of job, I will try my best to finish the job.” He said, showing his sinister expression, his big hands are holding her trembling petit body.

Heaven, she means with changing other person is not make herself change to other man ah.

Actually what kind of company this Berson Group? This feels alike escaping from tiger cave and then get into wolf den, she really want to die!

The elevator stopped at 41th floor, Long Ye and Yu Ao Tian hinting each other before get out from the inside of elevator…

“Let me off! Let me off! Yesterday you have promised me, you won’t harass me anymore, will you?”Yao Yao is continuously struggling even being forced by Yu Ao Tian inside the elevator.

He is pretending as if him also helplessly: “Bao Bei, you have heard, I don’t have choice.” He said, he looked alike hold her similar to hold a little kid facing to the PR’s manager department.

At this moment, Long Ye reminds him to “clear up” the battle field, standing in front of the PR department door, he said: “I am expecting to see your performances (show off yourself)”.

“Alright, Manager Long, I won’t make you…disappointed!” he said, both of the men after they looking and hinting each other, their lips lift up.

While Yao Yao looked alike expressionless doll that glanced at Long Ye: “Manager Long…” she looked at his back, waiting and expecting that he will come back and change his mind.

Unfortunately, these two men are acting and putting the show for her, so how could she expect the plan change easily?