Wuxiaworld > A Naive Short-tempered Girl > Chapter 11
Chapter 11

Inside the elevator ….

This time finally she clearly heard what he intending to, while looking at that man expression….

Deadmeat! Dome!

He is not a nice man as she thought, he is a man who wear elegant well-make western suit who is actually hunger wolf, in this such isolated place, finally he revealed his true nature, doesn’t he?

Yao Yao panics wanting to escape, but once she is trying to stand up, she is being pulled back by Yu Ao Tian: “Bao Bei (Babe), this is an isolated place, where can you escape?” he uses little bit strength to push her down, she alike kite that fall down into Yu Ao Tian’s embraces, face to face.

His has big strength!

When looking that flawless face closer, the masculine cologne that he uses, hard for her not to fall for him, but because her fear, her petit body trembling slightly.

“If you not speak anything, may I assume that you are agreed? You really are open-minded girl.”

His sinister appearance, his demonic words, at this moment this man gives Yao Yao familiar feeling and also sense as if she ever met this man before in somewhere. “No, I don’t agree, you don’t talk nonsense!”

“Heh? Still, you really are give positive response. Now… let me try your “smell”.

The man has an intoxicating voice which echoing in her ear. Without waiting for her response, at the next seconds, he has pressed down his lips into her lips. “Ug…”

Her small hands is trying hard to push forward that man chest but her strength is not enough, his strong kissed penetrating into her soft lips as if able to melt her.

Sticking his lips into her as cold as ice cream lips, the man feeling unsatisfied, his tongue strongly pushed into her mouth, aggressively pry to open her white teeth.

“Ng, Ng….” in intermittent of Yao Yao’s voice resisting to open her mouth, gradually her tears has fall down and wet her eyes.

His tongue is not stopping but even become fierce, flirting, stirring, the sweet taste filled the man’s mouth.

That petit body is trembling to resist his “fierce” but no matter how hard she tries, she can’t. The man is still being so aggressively but slowly he gets arouse and make him even more possessive.

His big hands restless, slowly moves to her chest and…

Yao Yao is panic her eyes widen covered with fear, this man is obviously obtaining an elegant appearance, graceful aura, but how could he do such dirty and impolite things? The most important, this is company, doesn’t he afraid to be fired?

Tears streaming from her eyes edge, she unstoppable to move her petit body to resist that man aggressiveness but still he succeed.

His big hands succeed to get down into her shirt until the low end. A trace of chilling sensation is coming, Yao Yao body suddenly quivering.


Don’t, I don’t want to recall two years ago nightmares which I suppressed from my memory!!!

“Ug,….” All her voice that intending to beg are swallowed by the man, the last only the moans voice could be heard, if this little sheep is making “meh” “baa” voices, it only will make the man become more aggressive to bully her.

His big hands are stroking into her white and soft skin, Yao Yao heart seems to be stopped, to withstand that man movement which makes her chest burning hot and gradually lost her power…

At this moment, a pair of Yu Ao Tian eyes opened, exposing his sinister and disappointed expression. He enjoys playing with this little sheep who is struggling in his embraces before but suddenly she changed a like death fish, then it better for him to play with others common coquettishly bi**h who used to send themselves to him!


Suddenly the phone ringing, once again Yao Yao sees there is a hope and once again she is struggle as the first response, Yu Ao Tian is more aggressive to end this by give her strong kiss.

“Hu, Hu, Hu” strong hot breath, she raised her hand: “You have crossed the line!!! Bastard!!!”

She wants to slap his good looking face with her full power strength…