Wuxiaworld > A Naive Short-tempered Girl > Chapter 10
Chapter 10

Have you ever tried XX inside elevator?

Her eyes moisten when she sees the man in front of her, once she felt there is contact between that man and her, she lower her head, while her hand busying to press button no.1

When the elevator moves, Yu Ao Tian slowly raised his head, looking directly to the surveillance camera….

Control Room.

“Aiyoooo, Ao Tian seriously knew it, clearly I have shut the surveillance camera’s light, still be found out by him, really not interesting. I shut, I really shut down. Big brother, please don’t glared at me? I am afraid.” In front of computer screen, Long Qi is helplessly glanced Yu Ao Tian who looked at him through the surveillance camera in his monitor screen, shut down the monitor system.

“Cih, cannot see your “show”, I go to watch my blue film, at least the vigorous teacher might show better than your woman who will be **,” He showed his devilish smiled, he takes out one DVD from his drawer and played it in his computer….

Inside the elevator.

After he ensures the surveillance camera and monitor being shut down, Yu Ao Tian warmly smile at Yao Yao’s back: “What is your name?”

“Ah?” Yao Yao whom seem lost in her thought, suddenly turned her back, rigid: “Mr, are you talking with me?”

“Ah, here is no other person than us?”

Exclude the ghosts. “My name is Luo Yao…Yao!”

“Deng” when she said one of her last name, suddenly the elevator stopped. Yao Yao panic, her eyes opened widen: “What is happen?”

“Aiya, it seems the elevator is broken.”

Looking at that man who showed helplessly expression, Yao Yao frowned, her luck could not be as bad as this, she only reported her own name why suddenly the elevator broken? Does her name is making such big destruction?

“What should we do? We should immediately called people to help.”

Called people to help? That won’t do. How could he let this little thing easily to escape once again? “There’s no need, perhaps there will be someone come to help, let’s we have “rest” in here.”

“En, Well, just wait.” Both of they are sitting by leaning at elevator wall.

“Are you Yao Yao? How old are you this year?”

“19 years old.”

“Oh, you are just 19 years old. No wonder you looks so young.” After he done with his words, he showed his evil expression.

“On your first day, how could you able to guess that we are come from PR department?”

Cold sweat! Can she say that their appearances are suitable to work in PR department? “I am just lucky, yeah just lucky.”

“Oh, so that’s it. Your luck is quite good, Yao Yao!”

After she being praised by the man, Yao Yao feels little bit embarrassed, she guessed that he might someone warm and also friendly: “Hehe, this is my job.”

Because she is too happy she not aware that, the person is slowly by slowly get closer to her, Yu Ao Tian is….

“Oh yeah, Yao Yao.”

Raised her head, looked into his direction, she discovered the man is almost sit side by side with her, subconsciously something under the body moves: “What, What happened?”

“Have you been ever tried to do** inside the elevator?”

Ah? What? What has he said….

Impossible, how could someone who has an elegant demeanor and graceful aura able to say such thing? She must be heard mistaken. “You, what did you said, Mr?”

“Didn’t you understand? Well, let me repeat once again…”


At the moment, Yu Ao Tian is silent, finally he strips his nice guy mask, he gets back to his true nature that domineering and devilish aura: “I want to ** with you in elevator!”