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Chapter 9

Once again “Eats her up”

Two years ago, he has ordered his branch subordinates in Japan to search this little thing, but within that two years there was no news about her, never thought, after two years this little thing has made movement to work in his company. Ah, this has arranged by fate.

Two years ago, she has escaped from his hands, two years later, he won’t let this little sheep to escape from him again— he will eat her up until not left the bones!!!

“What do you mean by first day of working? So don’t tell me and make excuse that the first day working is allowed to make mistake? Let me tell you, who is your manager, I will…”

“I will praise (talk good things) about you to your manager.”

Seeing how Yu Ao Tian reaction, Long Qi, the person who words being cut seems to be dumbfounded, what happen to Ao Tian? Due to his character, he won’t allow such useless person to work at Berson, but why he reacts in… different way?!

“Mr, so do you mean that I am not make mistake?” Yao Yao raised her head, looked closely to Yu Ao Tian, her moist pair of eyes filled with gratitude.

He smiled warmly: “En, not wrong, please continued to have good work.” He stretched his hands and patting her shoulder, he turned his body and talked to Han Li Shang’s direction and others: “Arrived, let’s we out from elevator.”


After they left the elevator, Long Qi felt curious, looking at the 41th floor number that displayed in elevator: “Why that flat chest brought us to 41th floor, what department it is?”

Not to mention why Long Qi curious, the others also want to know the reason. At this time, Han Li Shang expressionless opened his mouth, said: “PR department.”

“Haha?” Long Ye who is silent suddenly burst into laughing.

“Long Ye, why are you laughing?”

“Aiya, aiya. Did you guys know, that elevator lady to be sure is that stupid girl who mistaken Ao Tian as Host, two years ago. Now, she is… mistakenly thought Ao Tian is PR department staff, hahaha…

The Puzzling statement, at this time Long Qi finally understood why Yu Ao Tian suddenly changed his mood toward that elevator lady: “It seems that Ao Tian image as “soft-rice”1] man would never disappear from that girl heart.”

“Ha ha…” inside the quiet corridor, suddenly the loud laughter is echoing.

Still looked at Yu Ao Tian’s face, it has been black to somewhat point: “Long Qi, before the work time ended, you make an announcement, starting from today onward there is no one allow to use this elevator!”


“Others…” he showed cold smiled, his glossy lips curled up with devilish smile: “Once you see me get into the elevator, shut down all of the surveillance cameras.”

Woah, it seems there would be “good show” waiting. Long Qi smiles with high expectation, hurried raised his hand and with powerful voice said: “OK!”


It almost the time for work off, the elevator is still in first floor and no movement, Yao Yao keeps on looking her watch: “Doesn’t Berson working hour ended at 5PM? They must be exhausted…” her body leaning at one of the elevator’s wall, boring and stare blankly.

“ding” at this time, the elevator moves. Yao Yao raised her head and looked at the display number: “41th floor?”


“I will praise (talk good things) about you to your manager.”

“Please to have good work.”

That man has intoxicating voice, an elegant and beautiful face is filling at her mind now, recalled those situations that happen this morning, she helplessly smiles, little bit shy and her cheeks turned red.

Never thought that the PR staffs in Berson are so good looking, they have great style of communication way, filling with demeanor aura. Does not know who will get in the elevator, will it be he or not?

The elevator moved to 41th floor, when the elevator door opened.

Yao Yao’s eyes are reflecting Yu Ao Tian silhouette. it really him!


1] 软 Ruan 饭 Fan : soft rice means man who like and live by depended on woman.


When Yu Ao Tian in happy mood he will call Luo Yao Yao : Bao Bei (Babe, Baby)

When Yu Ao Tian in bad mood he will call Luo Yao Yao : You, Little Thing

When Yu Ao Tian in mischievous mood he will call Luo Yao Yao : My little sheep

Long Qi like to call Yao Yao : Flat Chest

Han Li Shang called Yao Yao as “Woman”

Long Ye called Yao Yao as Meng Li

Feng Chen Yi called Yao Yao as My beloved