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Chapter 8

Two Years later working at his company

Two years later, Berson group…

“Yao Yao, this elevator is only allowed to used by the company executives, Don’t be slack off, Do you understand?”

“Yes, Manager Zhang.” A girl that dressed neatly in ESL (Elevator Service Lady) uniform is Yao Yao. She gets into the elevator, smiling when she sends off her own department manager.

After she graduated from her senior high in Japan, once she gets back to China, the first thing that she do is applying for job that paid $5000 as elevator service lady that she found in the newspaper. For such big company in China, Berson is one of the high ranked companies in China which afford to pay such generous amount of money.

Of course to be compared it’s pace with Feng’s group is still counted good-paid, but unfortunately….

She won’t go to her Ex-boyfriend’s place in order to sacrifice herself!

Two years ago, after both of them broke up, Feng Chen Yi was asked by his father to come back to China, continued family business, since then both of them never contacted each other. This is best out from the worst for her because she did not need to meet this playboy anymore.

“Hu… this job really not easy.” Although the job itself not that tiring, but still this job require hundred percent focus and concentration because she should takes note into her mind whomever the executives that will use the elevator, she should be first person to press the button to which floor department they belong. This kind of job, for someone like Yao Yao who hardly to remember and recognized people’s face is quite challenging work.

When looking at the time…. “It has been passed working time, would there be anyone come?” exhale the air, she relaxed her body and leaning at the elevator wall.

But exactly at this time… “Ding Dong” the elevator moved. “It has already 10 AM, will there anyone come to work? Who would be? This person is so bold because come such late.”


One Rolls Royce Phantom slowly moved towards Berson Group’s doorway, at this moment there are people who make stand by position and queue in two lines to welcome the person who is coming soon. When the car stopped, all the people bend and lower their head, hold their breath, seem like welcoming someone very important.

Car’s door opened, seeing a man who is wearing black suit and necktie gets down from the car. His body is covered kind of domineering and aggressiveness aura, the atmosphere surrounded the car seems to be suppressed into suffocating feeling.

“CEO Yu.” Everyone in unison to call him and then make 90 degree formal bowed.

Yu Ao Tian brings couple of subordinates, straightly walking inside Berson’s big lobby, stopped in front of the elevator, while the person inside the elevator welcome him and he entered to the elevator, then all of the people finally dare to raise their head.

“Fiuh… CEO Yu always spread that kind of strong and domineering aura, just now it really scared me to death.” among that people there is person spontaneously agreed with that…


At the first floor of elevator, when Yao Yao is waiting inside the elevator she surprised to see four men with one woman get into the elevator…

“How could it be in this world there are so good looking men like them? The woman is extremely beautiful. Moreover the man who stands in front of them, that atmosphere surrounded him is different as if this stage is his. Anyway…

Huff… he looked be familiar, have I ever seen him before at somewhere? Ah, whatever lah. Stretching the hand, when wanted to press the button, suddenly Yao Yao’s face changed to be serious.

Dead, dome….

In her memory, she has never seen these few of people in the organization chart, what should she do? This is her first day working, but she does not want to be scolded. She shed her cold sweat in her forehead, she pressed the elevator button with her trembling hand. Just hope, she made right guess!!!

“Say, today after we get off from the work, we go to HAPPY, should we?” While waiting for the slowly elevator moves, the impatience Long Qi finally opened his mouth, he exposed his devilish smile, tugged at Yu Ao Tian who is standing next to him.


“This kind of matter, usually you are the one who made the decision, how can it be whatever, are you still mortal? Or…”

“Ding Dong” elevator come to it end, Long Qi who intended to make calculation frowned: “Why are we arrived faster than usual?”

Those people who are inside the elevator together looked at the floor number that display in elevator screen….

42th floor, why the elevator stopped at 42th floor?

At this moment, Yu Ao Tian face showed serious expression.

While Long Qi is pissed off and yelling: “Hei, the elevator lady, why are we stopped at 42th floor?”

Am I making a mistake? Don’t they belong to 42th floor department? It’s dome! “I am sorry…I am sorry…all chiefs. Today is my first day working, so that I…. I am sorry, I am sorry.” She continuously to apologize, tilted her head at one side.

In this instant moment, Yu Ao Tian good looking face showed expressionless, an abstruse pair of eyes looked pass through….