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Chapter 5

The Host is actually Yakuza Head?

Yu Ao Tian is Japan strongest underworld Boss of Yu Long group. His reputation is being well-known entire Japan. The government, the businessmen, two of these group are also not dare to offend him, even if he stomps his feet, people are afraid as if the earthquake in Japan will occur.

His fierce, violent are not an ordinary people able to imaging about. Even if there is someone dares to offend him, the result only death, that path, being tortured slowly by slowly until death. For him, the women are only toys, playing for once then being thrown, if pregnant should get rid the baby by abortion, nevertheless, there are still many women that want to sacrifice themselves alike moths fly to flame.

Now, Luo Yao Yao is considered as “sacrifice” her body, uh…uh.. how could she be so stupid to mistaken this underworld emperor as Host? Doesn’t it mean digging herself own grave?

Yu Ao Tian turned to look at his subordinate, a pair of eyes sight piercing sharply, at the moment he has already stood in front of his subordinate, he give a slapped…

“Yu Lao…”

Not to wait until the subordinate stood, Yu Ao Tian directly stepped on him…

Oh My Heaven…

Yu, Yu Ao Tian is treating his own subordinate…. Very merciless, Yao Yao being terrified after saw the scene.


The next day, University of Japan…

“Hey see, faster, isn’t she, the exchange student from China, how disgraced, really make the Chinese lose face.”


Walking around the campus, Luo Yao Yao is helplessly and looked awkward, listened to people who are talking about her, keep walking by lowered her head. Although, she understood her current condition is shameful, but compare to death, this is still better off.

Initially when she was at Host Bar, when Yu Ao Tian is leaving the room, she managed to escape by jumping from the window. But, who’s knew, when she was jumping to escape from second floor balcony, her body only draped around by guilt.

She thought she is doom, but fortunately, there was a good guy who gave her suit to cover her body, so she directly came back to school in that way.

But, because that good guy walked too fast, she wasn’t see the person clearly, and also did not have time to thanks him. Whatever, if fate allowed, one day they would be able to meet, when the time arrived, she would personally thank him.

She faster her steps, heading to the girl dormitory.

“Yao Yao!” The girl who is waiting her in front of the girl’s dormitory is Gong Xiao Man, when she spotted Yao Yao, she flew in front of her: “Did everything Okay, seeing the Host took you out. So that…”

“Xiao Man, don’t blame yourself, I am fine.” She cut Xiao Man’s words, she tried to force herself, showing her best smile.

“Are you really Okay? Those people who brought you…”

“Yao chan!” before Xiao Man done, there is a Japanese girl who cut their conversation.

Yao Yao glancing over her shoulder to see….

Then, she sees not far from her there are pair of man and woman, holding hands and smiles, walking to her direction. At the moment, Yao Yao face turned as cold as ice, her expression filled with deep hatred….